First and amazing experience with two men 2 days a

I still can't believe what I just experienced 2 days ago..I still feel my clit extremely sensitive and I can not stop thinking about it..
I am a 43 years old married woman, having an affair at this moment with a 39 years old man. I could be probably judge as a bad wife for cheating my husband, but I like to think that I am not..for reasons that I don't think is relevant at this moment to say why I am cheating, what I can't wait to share is my amazing story about two days ago.
I always hear that I look very good; latin woman, 5'0, 106 pounds, long black hair, athletic look ( I work as a physical trainer)..My lover is a handsome white bodybuilder, wich I am very attracted to, he turns me on inmensely.

My lover and I have been meeting for almost one month, and in our conversations about fantasies and stuff..he said we could try with another man, someone who he wanted to lick my pussy after he comes inside of me.
A few days past by, and he told me he found somebody! I still don't know where, but he did it! God..I still WOW!!!.
This guy (wich I am going to call him Mr Z) was a tall, white, handsome 45 years old man; grey hair, in a good shape, beautiful blue eyes and great smile.

My guy and I drove to an hotel around 11 am two days ago, we started right away with me sucking him..something he really loves..licking his balls, he licked my pussy for a bit. Then he just put me on my knees and started fucking me real hard, calling me his dirty slut (something I asked him to do it)...playing, you know. Around 1 pm, he called Mr Z and this guy showed up around 1 30 pm, my guy didn't let me to put my clothes on, he just open the door and Mr Z just came in.
My guy took his pants off and kept fucking me but me on a missionary, I was feeling so aakward and shy!, so I said hello Mr Z and smile! ehehe..what else could I do!?. Then this guy took his shirt off, approach to the bed and started licking and sucking my breast, saying how beautiful I was...those things..then the whole party started:
Mr Z started sucking and licking my breast while my guy was fucking me real hard, then he layed down and made me sit on him; I started moving all around and Mr Z pushed me against my lover and he sticked his tongue inside my ass...that was soooooo good, he licked and fucked my ass with his tongue, with my guy very deep inside and fucking me really hard.
We all went insane boyfriend made Mr Z and I do a 69, me sucking deep his cock and he had that tongue getting inside my ass and pussy; then my boyfriend put his cock inside my pussy and Mr Z licking and sucking my clit like crazy, just wonderful!
I must say that both guys are very well guy is incredible thick, and Mr Z is 10 inches long..I am a lucky woman!

We moved around; my boyfriend stand up in the bed and I started sucking his cock, while I sat on Mr Z cock for a very deep fuck..we all were already soaked wet sweating, terrific..My boyfriend loves me to suck his balls and the space between his ass and balls, a lot of licking there..just delicious.
Then my boyfriend went behind me while I was on top of Mr Z fucking like crazy; and my boyfriend asked if I could handle both cocks inside my pussy, I said let's try! so he started sticking it little by little...then I thought I was going to die with pleasure..both were fucking me very hard, we all were almost screaming and sweating...Mr Z came first, then my guy..both inside of me.After they come, I layed down and Mr Z went to his knees and started licking my pussy, but I mean REAL LICKING..fucked my pussy with his tongue..he ate everything! such a big turn on..
So unbeliveable..we all were hard and wet when he finished, so we did it again :D

We did the same thing and more three times, with lots of licking from him; my boyfriend came once inside my mouth..they both fucked me at same time the three times..having those 2 cocks inside me is besides hot and pleasurable, absolutely morbose, incredibly exciting.
It was the best sex I have ever had..we were planning on doing it again today, but my guy had a problem at home so we could not do it.
But we definitely are planning on repeating with Mr Z next far I want a lot of times with my 2 new guys!!! :D

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4 years ago
Lovely story, got me going...
4 years ago
very nice story! loved it
4 years ago
Lovely story
4 years ago
so very hottttttttt........i would like to read more
4 years ago
Visually very erotic, and saucy
4 years ago
very hot and sexy and so naughty a real turn on