M Dream

My Dream

The dim light from the flickering candles creates a passionate atmosphere in the room. I am mesmerized as I study each and every inch of Nina’s naked body before me. Sitting with my legs apart and knees raised, the mirror is filled with a reflection of my journey with her, and the amber glow of candlelight accentuates a woman dressed in sun kissed skin. My eyes pour over the long toned legs—legs that can walk away from men who dared to love her; and thighs powerful enough to hold a body close yet tender enough to feel the slightest touch of my wandering hands. I poke the roundness of my hips remembering the feel of strong hands placed upon them earlier as they guided me to climax. My fingers trace the curvature of my breasts then cup each one, gently rubbing my nipples with my thumbs exciting them into hardness.
The face peering back at me is blushing, a natural face with no make-up to hide the freckles dancing in the candle light, cheeks covered in a light pink veil and lips full and moist. Nervously, I begin to twirl my long dark hair between my fingers; my body heat warms the lotion upon my skin, filling the air with the scent of springtime.
I feel her hands upon me, slender fingers snake slowly along my shoulders as she sits behind me, her legs lock around my hips holding me close. I feel her large firm breasts pressing against my back while she places sweet loving kisses along my neck. The weight of her legs upon mine f***es them open even more revealing my naked pussy to the mirror before us.
Her fingers lock into mine. She places our hands upon my damp skin and skillful guides them around my body, exploring myself all over again, through her touch, exciting my senses, daring me to enter her world of sensual desire and ecstasy.
Our eyes meet in the mirror, I become unusually shy as I read her beautiful eyes—eyes that speak volumes of passion, I drop my gaze and close my eyes. When I hear her sweet thoughts whispered in my ear, I relax and allow our journey to continue.
Our hands slide my breasts, caressing them and pushing them together, I remember the feeling of her lips upon my breasts only hours before, my nipples harden and stand with anticipation, slowly she slides my hands off my breasts, downward along my stomach, resting them on my thighs. Releasing her grip, she slides one finger along my wetness while raising my chin with her other hand thereby encouraging me to watch in the mirror. Her fingers part my lips and open me wide, tenderly she runs her finger up and down my opening, lubricating the area with my juices, her gentleness tickles a little but she is quite firm when her touch reaches my clit.
Filled with excitement I watch and feel myself getting wetter with each stroke of her fingers. Unable to stand it any longer I push her finger inside me, they slide in easily as I moan, riding on the edge of an orgasm, I try and fight the feeling... wanting this moment to last forever. As I watch her slide another finger inside me, she bites along my neck and I am overcome with desire for her, she knows the exact spot to touch and the perfect amount of pressure needed to bring me to a shattering climax.
She continues to kiss me softly along my neck and shoulder until my body relaxes in her embrace.
As she moves her body away from mine, I realize just how much she was supporting me. Trying to catch my breath I lie back onto the floor. Filled with happiness I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of her fingers sweeping over my breasts and stomach, lulling me to sl**p.
I wake to find her sl**ping beside me, I partially sit up and look at her, I look intently at her dreaming face, my eyes make their way downward watching her gentle breathing, I am in awe of her beauty and acutely aware of just how much I desire her.
Carefully I crawl between her legs and part her thighs, burying my face in her sweetness and wake her with the gently licking and thrusting of my tongue, her legs wrap around me squeezing me tighter with each lick and suck.
Placing my hands on the soles of her feet I push her bended legs towards her chest, raising her hips off the ground in the process, holding her steady I gain access to her full delight and lick from her engorged clit right down to her toned cheeks. Pacing my movements by her moans I start to slide my tongue deep inside her. She wiggles so much I can’t hold her feet any longer; I let her go and using both my hands to pleasure her beautiful open pussy as I kiss her thighs.
She passes me her favorite toy, an energetic purple shaft that flutters in my grip. I take the vibrator and bathe it inside my own pussy covering it with my juices making it well lubricated for her pleasure. A few delightful pushes in and out of me and I am dripping wet, my hands shake with excitement as I gently slide it just inside her pink circle. Teasing her a little I take it out and push it just inside again, her hips rise because she wants the buzzing sensation deep inside her. I penetrate her deeper and faster as I watch her hips and ass rise as she captivated by the ride.
The hum of the vibrator is overpowered by the moans and gentle screams of a woman who is in ecstasy, who has given herself to lust. The excitement of her pleasure prompts me to rub my clit and feel my own wetness, I remove the vibe from her opening and place it on her clit, rubbing and circling until I find the right place to make her moan louder and louder. My own finger, now sufficiently slick with my own juices, cautiously circles her puckered little arse, then slowly slides inside.
My tongue flicks between her ass and her pussy and my face is coated with her cream and scent as a reward. Overcome with excitement and stimulation, I lose tempo as I feel another orgasm trying to surge through me. Her wicked uncontrolled moaning, the aroma of sex, and the taste of her sweet cum makes it harder for me to focus. Lifting my face, I discard the vibe and work her sweetness with my fingers, savoring that moment right before her climax; I bury my fingers deep inside her while my thumb spurs her clit.
I feel her muscles tighten as her body sings my name, my tongue joins my fingers to bring her orgasm to an urgent bucking and screaming orgasm, her sweet cum flowing form her in a river which I eagerly drink, savoring in her fragrant nectar, I soothe her swollen flower with my tender licking.
When her breathing becomes serene, I kiss her field of dreams one last time and lie down next to her radiant body. She leans in and we share our lust as our lips touch ever so lightly. Placing one hand on her face and the other on her breast, I kiss her harder, our lips part and I lay my head upon her ample breast. She strokes my hair as I suckle her and drift back into sl**p.

Linda X

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3 years ago
very good writting
3 years ago
even better the second and third time!!
3 years ago
wow, very hot, thanks
3 years ago
Beautifully erotic, exquisitely written x