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As Lily's lover, I've had a long interest in her and written many stories for her with a deep desire to see them realised. After months of discussion and dreaming about gang ****, the moment had arrived. Weeks of planning, sifting the many interested men, weeding out the weird and the fantasists until we got the ones I wanted. Lily trusts me and knew I would deliver what she wanted.

I emailed her location and instructions. Lily wanted to be used like a whore...she turned up as instructed with no bra, no knickers, boots, tight top and short skirt, stockings. We men waited liked caged a****ls ready to pounce when she knocked at the door. Pussy wet and throbbing and short of breath in anticipation, Lily briefly hesitated before knocking. The door was ajar, she hesitantly moved in calling her lover's name.

As she passed the door into the dark hallway, a man from behind the door grabbed her from behind, wrapping his hand around her mouth, Lily could feel his naked body pressed against her, his thick semi erect cock push between her butt cheeks unable to move held tight by the man behind her. Lily's pussy gushed a little pee, her nervous excitement peaking. Two more guys approached her naked, big swinging semi erect cocks like pendulums between their legs moving in for the kill pressing against each of her legs, Lily looked around the room for her lover for reassurance as the three now hard cocks rubbed against her body.

Lily was gushing juice by now, streams running down both legs. Trapped and on the cusp of cumming with the three hung men attached to her, I appeared from bathroom, smiled, cupped her head and as the guy from behind released her mouth I kissed her passionately on the lips, Lily gasped and came instantly, her legs buckling under the intense wave of pleasure surging through her body, I could see the whore in her eyes, whispered 'shhhhh' in her ear then nodded to the two guys holding her from the front.

They lifted her, parting her legs then pushed her down on the guy stood behind her, impaling her on his huge shaft. Lily sank deep, her soaked pussy easily accommodating his meat before contracting hard around the shaft. The men fucked her on his cock, pushing her down hard on the cock inside her. Lily screamed with pleasure, a big cock inside her and two more rubbing all over the front of her body soaking her in precum. As confidence grew the other guys took turns coming up to Lily, wanking their cocks in front of her. The guy inside her pulled her down to the floor. Now kneeling and riding his cock, Lily took turns sucking on the other eager cocks in the room, rubbing their precum on her tits and gagging on each deep thrust of meat down her throat.

Lily came repeatedly over the guy's cock then suddenly arched her back as he shot his hot seed deep in her pussy. This was too much for 2 of the younger guys and they shot their loads over her tits and face as she milked the big dick inside her dry, her hands rubbing the young sperm into her body....she was now a whore.

The two guys holding her from the front then lifted off and f***ed her into the dog position and spit roast the slut hard. I could see sperm oozing from her cunt as he fucked her harder and deeper before going balls deep to deposit more hot cum inside my whore. In perfect timing, rare in such encounters, the guy deep-throating shot his cum into her stomach making her gag hard as he did so, sperm gushing from her ruined mouth. Lily was being pumped full of cum at both ends at the same time; I looked straight in her eyes and could see she was in heaven.

What she thought was the last two, climbed over her, flipped her over and double penetrated her, one from under, the other over. Two big thick cocks now plowed the remains of her pussy and tight arsehole. Lily screamed at the pain of her being filled by two men, me and a youngster at the same time...cum pouring from her sore cunt, creating a puddle of semen between her legs as we pushed deep in unison. The youngster in her ass came first and hard, filling her with his young hot seed. He withdrew closely followed by a torrent of cum as I plowed her cunt she groaned loudly as my cock emptied in her. As she milked me dry, she said 'I love being a whore cum dump' thinking it was almost over.

As the guys surrounded her covering her vision so she could clean each of their cocks with her mouth, I went back to the bathroom to produce the tenth man. He had waited patiently for an hour and a half while Lily was demolished by the other guys and me. I told them to hold her down and part her legs. As she looked up, she saw a tall slender black guy, no older than 20 approach. He stood at the end of the bed stroking his monster as she looked down between her legs, OMG it was at least 13 inches long and 7 inches in girth with matching huge balls...a freak on such a slim man.

He released his veiny glistening black stick and it sprung up, slapping his stomach. He moved over the top of held down Lily and buried it deep inside her. Lily came over and over as his thick monster black shaft pushed at her stomach and insides, pressured by his massive rod. The sight of seeing this freakish cock pound her started the guys wanking around her. The crescendo was building...suddenly the black lad unloaded in her she screamed - another almost intolerable orgasm as gallons of black seed entered her for what seemed an age...he came and came. Amazed we watched and wanked over Lily as he carried on fucking her, his shaft turned white with his own thick sperm as he pushed deep, hitting her cervix.

Lily screamed for him to cum in her again, gripping his butt pulling his massive cock inside. Lily felt his body stiffen again, his cocked swelled inside her, he stopped balls deep then she felt the hot pulse of his throbbing cock as it pumped another pint of seed inside her, she let out a long groan as each spurt of semen entered her....with some of the guys randomly cumming over her body in sheer joy for what they had just witnessed.

Lily lay there for a few minutes, sperm oozing from her cunt as I thanked the guys as they dressed and left. The rest of the day belonged to me and my lover, Lily. I made love to her over and over, recounting what had happened earlier as I did so, keeping her cumming throughout the day. I am number one...the pied piper...I love making things happen for my cum dump whore....and my lover

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2 years ago
All I can say is very lucky slut! great imagination
4 years ago
Proves that trust and love can bring things to a height we only normaly dream off

4 years ago
Great storie
4 years ago
excellent wonderfully erotic
4 years ago
I didnt write this one, a close friend did, its his fantasy for me...x
4 years ago
lilly,you've a very slutty mind ;)
4 years ago
Please leave a comment if you enjoyed it ;) xx
4 years ago
great story to jill to!
4 years ago
very hot
4 years ago
cheers x
4 years ago
Excellent story, enjoyed it!