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Her master opened the hotel room door and Kate felt her heart beat faster...this was it....no going back, she watched her master look her over and smile at her as he pulled her inside...she had dressed simply...no one seeing her walk through the hotel would have ever guessed what she had planned that day, her hair was pinned up, her dress simple, with a belt round her waist, accentuating her curves, the ones her msater was going to lick and suck and fuck for the rest of the day.

Her master pushed her against the wall as he shut the door, one hand in her hair, one hand on her face...he kissed her, passionately, hard and deep, Kate felt her pussy moisten and she let out a small groan. Her master moved his hands down her body on to her hips and pulled her into him, she felt his hard cock against her...lust and desire spread through her leaving her pussy tingling, Kate felt her dress being pushed over her hips and her master ordered her to pull her panties to one side, doing as she was told Kate watched in fascination as her master knelt down and she felt his tongue lick her clit..teasing...oh fuck, her pussy moistened more...his tongue darted across her clit again and again...just lightly..just teasing her...she felt his hand pull her panties slowly down her legs and heard him exclaim over the wetness she had caused already. Kates master pulled her towards the mirror and told her to bend over the dressing table...she felt him pull her legs apart and bury his face right in her cunt...his tongue flicking her clit and darting inside her....Kate opened her eyes and looked at her flushed face in the mirror...fuck this felt good, really good, her master licked and sucked her clit, lapping up all the juice as it ran out her pussy, Kates breath started to get deeper and she felt her legs quiver, her master just held on to her tighter, he knew what he was doing, he knew she was getting close and he wasnt going to let her move an inch...fuck...Kate felt the orgasm build up inside her...she was going to cum so hard...she tried to relax her body to let it just run through her...oh god, oh god, her master licked her clit now, hard and slow and she came with a loud groan and her body started to convulse with the ecstacy, her master still carried on licking, then she felt his tongue enter her wet cunt, heard him licking it all out of her. Opening her eyes Kate looked in the mirror to see her master watching her face, he grinned, they still hadnt spoken, not a word had passed between them...he continued watching her as she felt his hard cock slide inside her pussy, omg, that felt so good, Kate had needed to feel this for so long...he pulled her up to him, and pulled her dress over her head, taking off her bra, she watched in the mirror as he cupped her breasts, squeezing her nipples, she lifted up her hands and unpinned her hair.....her master pushed her back down and started to fuck her deep...hard long strokes...his hand on the back of her neck.....

Her masters cock felt so good, sliding in and out of her soaking cunt, the pressure of his hand on the back of her neck, the other hand squeezing her breast...her breath was getting deeper and she groaned loudly every time his cock fully entered her, his balls slapping against her as he got faster, and harder, and deeper.....she felt her masters hand move from her breast, still holding her down with his other hand, Kate screamed as her master pushed his finger inside her ass...FUCK! as he fucked her cunt with his cock he fucked her ass with his finger...Kate was panting now...she didnt know how much more she could take...but god it felt so good....suddenly her master pulled out of her pussy...he pulled her up and turned her round....Kates legs were like jelly, he pushed her back on to the dresser, lifting her legs up, holding them wide, she watched as he spat on her asshole...Kate was mesmerised....their eyes locked for a brief moment....Kate felt the tip of her masters cock push against her ass...she held her breath....he pushed again...stretching her open, Kate let out a moan..oh fuck! her master continued to push..gently inching his hard cock in to her ass...god that felt good...her master looked up and as he looked her in the eyes he slid his cock the whole way in as Kate groaned at the feeling of his rock solid cock stretching her asshole so wide, he began to move slowly in and out of her.....

Kate watched as her master fucked her asshole...watching his body as he moved his cock inside her slowly...her master began to fuck her a little harder and a little faster, Kates breathing got deeper and louder as he began to plow into her, his hands on her legs pushing them wide, her master watching his cock fucking his slave whores ass hole, she felt his cock swell and harden even more and he fucked her harder and faster, Kate let out a scream as she felt her masters seed pump into her ass, once, twice, three times...oh my god...it just kept on spurting into her, her body began to shake with the f***e of him cumming inside her, her master pulled out but kept her legs up, spread wide, he leant over her body and kissed her hard, pushing his tongue inside her mouth, Kates body was still shaking from the f***e of him fucking and cumming in her ass, her master stood up and then bent between Kates legs as he let her legs drop a little, she felt his cum start to run out her ass and gasped as her master bent his head to lick it up as it ran down her leg, she felt his tongue run up her leg and into her ass where he started to lap up the cum as it dripped out, Kate felt his tongue licking and probing inside her, god that felt so horny...Kates master stood up and leaning back over her began to kiss her again, hard, his cum soaked tongue probing her mouth....
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8 months ago
aww so sweet x ty :)
4 years ago
superb story writing ,wonder if real mmm x
4 years ago
very good well written
4 years ago
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4 years ago
Very good!
4 years ago
very good story very horny
5 years ago
You have got to bottle this i came and came my pantiers are socking wet.
5 years ago
Good read!