Meeting Adam

I walked across the hotel room towards the door to answer the tentative knock, opening the door I smiled and moved back to let Adam in, he brushed past me and I turned to look at him as I closed the door behind me, from the look on his face I think Adam appreciated the black basque, stockings and killer heels I was wearing especially for him, I moved forward and pushed him against the wall, my lips finding his as we kissed for the first time, starting slowly and soft, quickly to become more urgent and passionate, tongues flicking in each others mouths, I could feel the bulge of his hardening cock through his clothes, pressing against me, I slowly knelt down in front of him, unzipping his jeans, pulling them down and freeing his hard cock from his shorts, I looked up at him as I lent forward to gently lick the tip of his cock, glistening from pre cum already, watching him close his eyes and bite his lip I moved my lips around the head of his cock slowly before sliding my mouth down..all the way down to the base of his cock, feeling the tip hit the back of my throat, loving the moan of pleasure I heard from his mouth, starting to slowly slide my mouth back up his cock, pressing my hot wet tongue against his shaft, my hand on the base holding him still while I tease him with my lips and tongue, rubbing his cock all round my lips, tasting the pre cum, sliding my mouth back down his length, all the time watching his face, suddenly he stops me, holding my face in his hands, he moves away, I stand up to follow him and he asks me to get on the edge of the bed on all fours..I do as he asks, exposing my pussy and ass to him, he rubs his fingers across my soft shaven pussy, already moist from excitement and anticipation, i gasp as he slides one finger inside me slowly, teasing me, then two fingers, pointing them down wards to rub against my g-spot, getting faster and faster, more pressure till I feel my legs start to tremble, I can hear how wet I am as his fingers slide in and out my pussy, juices running down my legs, im moaning louder now, my face pressed into the bed as he fucks me harder and harder with his fingers, suddenly he flips me on to my back, pulls my swollen tits out the top of the basque, sucking hard on each nipple till they are erect, he kneels down on the floor at the edge of the bed, pushing my legs back against my chest telling me he wants to get his face in my pussy as far as he can, I feel his tongue press against my swollen clit and let out a moan from the back of my throat, his fingers slide back inside my pussy as he licks and sucks my clit, it feels amazing, I can feel the pressure of orgasm building up inside me as I put my hand on his hair to push his face down onto my cunt, I feel my whole body tense as I start to cum, waves of sheer pleasure go through my body, moans escape my mouth, he keeps his tongue on my clit and slides a finger in my ass, this sends me over the edge and my whole body spasms as I cum so hard, juices running out my pussy, I hear him lap them up greedily, drinking all my cum..he climbs up over my body and I see his lips and chin glistening, i reach up to kiss him and kiss and lick my cum off his face, I can feel the tip of his hard cock against the entrance to my soaking wet pussy, probing softly against me, I ask him to fuck me, I tell him I need him to fuck me, I need his cock inside my pussy, he enters me, the feel of his rock hard cock is amazing inside my sensitive cunt, still contracting from my orgasm, he starts to build up speed, pushing himself inside me as deep as he can, my legs on his shoulders as he pounds at my pussy, a****listic sounds coming from both our mouths as he fucks me harder and harder and deeper, I tell him I want his cum, want it on my face, at this the excitement is too much and he pulls out and leans towards my face, hot spurts of cum hit my cheeks and chin as I move my mouth over his cock as he is still cumming swallowing the rest of it, licking him clean, I reach up with my fingers to wipe of the cum on my face and lick my fingers clean one by one as we both lie back on the bed.
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4 years ago
Fantatic I just want to explode

4 years ago
excellent story
4 years ago
fucking hell i nearly cum then
4 years ago
like it a lot. is my favourite thing to do to a woman and you describe it well. very hot and horny. nice one.
4 years ago
Yet another great story! Mmm...I wish I was Adam...
4 years ago
Awesome ;-) xx
4 years ago
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