Step dad part 2

I woke up one morning with my step dad playing with my pussy and sucking my tits. He told me "Get up baby. We are going for a ride. I have a fun day planned for my little nymph. And don't get dressed. I want you naked." I got up and followed him to the drive way where a limo was parked and the driver had the door open waiting for us. The driver stared at my naked body. My step dad laughed and smacked my ass as I got in the back of the car. The limo was large with bench seats that looked almost like a bed. My step dad then began to kiss me and feel my body. With his tongue deep in my throat he felt my tits and down to my pussy. He pushed two fingers into my love hole and began fucking me. His mouth then went to my tits and he began sucking and nibbling my nipples. At once he stripped naked and his big hard cock bounced out. I loved his monster cock and his great stamina. He then laid on his back and told me to straddle his face and rub my pussy across his mouth as he stuck his tongue in me. I was face fucking him as he pushed his tongue deep in my cunt and sucking my cum out.

His hand grabbed my ass and pulled my pussy tight to his face. As his tongue fucked my cunt his fingers found my ass hole and began to finger me. As he finger fucked me his mouth went to my clit and sucked hard. I was covering his face with cum. He was licking and sucking and swallowing my cum. All this time the driver could see us in his mirror. This excited me alot knowing I was putting on a show for the driver.

Then my step dad pushed me down to his cock. He demanded "Suck my cock and take it deep right down to my balls." I took his big cock in my mouth and licked and sucked the hard rod. He then grabbed my head and held me tight with the cock all the way in my mouth. "Suck my cock hard. Show me how good you can take that cock. Suck baby, suck your step daddy." I sucked him deep and hard as he held my head tight to his pelvis. His long cock rested in my throat and soon I felt his cum shoot and I began swallowing all of the large oozing juice. He then pulled me to his mouth and said "Stick out your tongue. I want to taste my cum on you." He then licked my tongue tasting his cum then kissed me hard tonguing my mouth.

He then told me "get on your hands and knees. Put that sexy ass up in the air and spread your ass cheeks. Daddy is going to lick you then fuck you." With my ass in the air he began to kiss my cheeks. He then took light bites and worked his way to my ass hole. His finger circled the hole and then pushed into my bud. He then licked my bud and watched his finger go inside. He switched between a finger and a tongue till he had two fingers in me. As his fingers fucked my ass his other hand spanked me. He whispered to me "You like that ass spanked don't you nymph? You also love to be finger fucked in the ass. Today I am going to see how many fingers you will love in that ass. He then spit on my ass hole and inserted a third finger. He said to me "Your ass looks so good with my fingers in it. Does it feel good?" I nodded "Yes." he laughed and told me "Now you get one more." Then he added a fourth finger. "Now my little sex c***d you get four fingers in that hot cunt of yours. Then the fucking of both holes." He then pushed four fingers into my cunt and began to fuck me hard. As he pushed his fingers deep in both holes he would literally raise me off the seat. My holes were stretched wide open and he was fucking me hard.

He then pulled his fingers from my ass and replaced them with his cock. In one swift movement he buried his cock in my ass. He moaned in my ear "I love fucking your tight ass. I am going to fuck both holes hard and deep till I hear you scream. I love stretching both holes beyond the limit." He then began pounding both my holes hard and rough and the limo driver watched every movement he made. He then pulled his fingers from my cunt and pushed them in my mouth. "Suck your juice from my fingers. Taste your cum. As soon as I fill your ass with cum you can lick my cock and taste your ass on my cock." He then began fucking me hard and soon filled my ass with cum. He grabbed my face and asked me "Did you like that baby? Do you like my cum in your sweet ass? You just like daddy to fuck you over and over. Now get down here and lick my cock clean." He pushed me up against the seat and shoved his cock in my mouth and I began licking and sucking him till his cock was clean and his balls.

As the driver watched me suck my step dad's cock my step father pushed his cock in all the way. He wanted to give the driver a show. He pushed the cock in and out of my mouth. Then he pulled it out and lifted his cock and told me to suck his balls. "Yes, take that ball all the way in your mouth. Suck it hard. Now do the other. Put your finger in my ass as you suck." I took turns sucking each ball as I finger fucked his ass. He loved his ass fingered. As I sucked his balls and fingered his ass he jerked his cock. "Yes baby. Daddy loves how you can suck my balls and fuck my ass. Now more fingers." I then added two more fingers and really fucked his ass. He yelled "Four fingers. Make me cum." I then rammed four fingers in his ass and fucked him hard as I sucked his balls deep in my mouth. He was jerking his cock fast and hard as I fucked him. I then pulled my thumb in and had my whole fist in his ass. He was screaaming "Do it harder. Harder." and I fucked his ass with my fist. Then he screamed as he shot cum into his hand. He told me "Baby, that was so good. You are such a fucking freak. Now lick this cum from my hand."

I got him cleaned up and then shoved a butt plug in his stretched ass. I pulled him to my tit and said "Suck me as you rest a minute. Enjoy my big nipples. Suck me hard daddy." As he sucked my tits, I took the twine and bound his cock tight. Then I bound his balls and tied the twine to his butt plug. I played with his cock and balls before I took his cock and shoved it deep into my cunt. I told him "Now fuck me daddy. Push that cock into my wet cunt as I push on this butt plug and pull on your balls. You will be able to fuck a long long time as I have you bound so tight you can not cum. So start fucking me hard and deep." As he fucked me his cock felt so good as it was bound tight and I would push on the butt plug plunging it deep in his ass. One time I smacked it hard and heard him yell. "Daddy, you fuck like a freak. Do you like that plug in your ass? When I am done with your cock, I am going to tie the twine around your leg and keep that plugg in you. Now fuck me hard." I let my step dad fuck me for two hours before I tied the plugg to his leg. I kept him bound and played with his cock and balls till I was ready to fuck him again. We rode all day and fucked more times then we could count. But daddy told me "Baby, You are a sex freak. I can't get enough of you."
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so hot my screen sizzles!
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Whooohooo!! Hot Hot!!
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Fucking hot got my cock dripping
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nice xxx