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My mom was a career woman. She had been married several times and they never worked because her job came first. She was also a beautiful sexual woman. she had huge tits and a great ass. The last guy she married was a young man twenty years her junior. He was handsome and a sex freak. I could hear them fucking all the time. Even when I was around he would lift her shirt and suck her tit or reach inside her pants and finger her pussy. Mom laughed as she loved the attention from this young guy. One night we were all watching a movie and he had his hand in mom's pants and was fingering her and she was quietly moaning and he then put her hand down his pants and she began to jerk his cock. After a short time she pulled her hand out and licked his cum from her palm. He then pulled his hand out and pushed two fingers in her mouth and told her to suck her pussy juice off them. He then pulled her up and started to the bedroom with her as he was pulling her shirt over her head exposing her huge tits. I could hear them fucking for hours after that.

But mom got a job in Europe and told him she would be gone for several months and she was leaving me home for him to take care of me. He did take care of me. It took him just two nights before he began to put his hand up my shirt and feel my tits. Or down my pants and finger my pussy. One night he grabbed me and kissed me tonguing my mouth. He then began to remove my clothes till he had me naked. He kissed and sucked my tits as his hand fingered my pussy. Then he pushed me to my back and licked my pussy and sucked my clit. I had my first orgasm that night. It seemed he licked and kissed my pussy for a very long time.

Then he stripped naked and layed beside me. He began to kiss me tonguing me more as he took my hand and told me to touch and rub his big hard cock. I gripped his cock and rubbed it feeling the massive size. He then kissed me and fingered my pussy as I rubbed his cock. I then felt two fingers go inside my hole. He kissed me deep and fucked my hole making me cum hard. He then told me "Look at my big cock. I want you to lick and kiss it before I teach you to suck it for me." Then he pushed my face to his cock and I did kiss it and then licked it. I loved the soft feel of it. He then lifted his cock and told me "Kiss my balls. Lick them. Suck one in your mouth. Then you will suck my cock." I kissed and licked the big round balls and sucked one into my mouth. I heard him moan as he pushed my face tight to his balls. He said "Suck hard. Roll your tongue over it. Yes, suck me baby." I sucked him for a while before he then pulled me to his hard cock. "Open wide and take my cock. Suck it hard. Breathe from your nose so I can get my cock in deep." I did as he said and opened wide as he pushed his cock in my mouth and I began to suck him hard. He then held my head and begn to fuck my mouth with that big cock. He moaned "Suck me baby. That's a girl. Suck that cock hard." Just then I felt a big ooze of cum fill my mouth and I could do nothing but swallow.

He then pulled me to him and kissed me. "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue." As I did that he licked his cum off my tongue. He hugged me and told me "Baby girl, you sucked my cock so good. Soon I can get every inch down your throat. You are going to be the best cock sucker." He then pulled me to him and began to rub my ass. "I can't wait to fuck you. Then we will fuck like I fucked your mom. Now spread your legs while I explore that tight ass of yours. Then I am going to push my cock in that virgin cunt of yours. I want to fuck your cunt all night." He then rubbed my ass cheeks running a finger down my crack. He found my bud and began to circle it. He rubbed it quite a while and I liked how it felt just as he pushed a finger in my ass. He went slow and soon had the whole finger in me and began to finger fuck me. It was between erotic and painful. As his finger invaded my ass he began to kiss me and talk to me. "Your ass is so tight. Some day I am going to put my cock in it. Then I can fuck your mouth, your cunt and your ass. Oh baby, my cock is going to love your body. We are going to fuck day and night." Then his other hand went to my pussy and soon he was finger fucking my ass and my cunt till he had me cumming faster and faster. He replied "Yes, you love fucking don't you? Now spread your legs so I can get my cock in that cunt."

In an instant he was on top of me with his cock aimed at my fuck hole. He pushed the tip of his cock in and said "Yes, you have a nice tight cunt for my big cock. Now hold your breath as I push in then fuck you hard." He then pushed his cock in my tight hole. I screamed from the pain but once he was in I liked the feel. He pulled my legs around his waist and then began to go in and out of my tight hole. After a few minutes he had his cock buried in my hole and began to fuck me harder and harder. As he fucked me he kissed me and his hands pulled and pinched my hard nipples. He was ramming my hole deep and hard and squeezing my tits. He had great stamina and fucked me for a long long time before he filled me with cum. He left his cock in me as he whispered "you are such a hot fuck. You have a tight cunt and great ass and nice big tits. I am going to keep my cock in you and fuck you till you can't walk." Then he began fucking me again. His cock went in and out of my cunt fucking deep and hard. We were like two nymphos and fucked the rest of the afternoon.

We went to the kitchen to get and a drink and a sandwich and fucked twice more. Once on the table and once on the counter. We took a shower and fucked in there. We fucked on the couch, the chair, the floor and even the swing in the back yard. My cunt was raw from his big cock in me constantly. When we went to the store or the mall we fucked in the parking lot. Sometimes we pulled over and fucked in the car. I even sucked his cock as he drove or he would finger fuck me. At home we stayed naked so we could lick and suck each other constantly. I seldom cooked without his cock in me or his fingers fucking me. We never made it thru dinner without me jerking or sucking his cock till he could cum.

Part 2 cumming soon.

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1 year ago
Great story and waiting for second part
2 years ago
Great story!!
2 years ago
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2 years ago
Great story ,,, waiting for second part
2 years ago
super hot
2 years ago
Loved it and yes I want to read more love ya honey
2 years ago
love this one!!
2 years ago
Can't wait for part 2! Great story
2 years ago
Sounds like fun.
2 years ago
hot story, cant wait for part 2