my boss starting our affair by IM chat (actual cha

Ken: LV
Lily: hey
Ken: what ya doing?
Lily: watchin' nick at nite
Ken: alone?
Lily: yeah but Matt just got off work
Ken: he coming over?
Lily: i think so
Lily: he may stop for a cocktail first
Ken: i see ...
Lily: what are you up to?
Ken: wish i could say what i'm thinking ...
Lily: what's that
Ken: do you ever think?
Lily: huh?
Ken: i want u..
Lily: lol
Ken: good thing it
Ken: 's
Ken: d***k talk
Lily: yeah
Lily: did you have one too many pops tonite
Ken: maybe
Lily: or many too many
Ken: is it bad to want u?
Lily: no
Ken: do you want to be with me?
Lily: in my wildest fantasies
Ken: wildest'?'
Lily: oh geez - now i've got a d***k-dialing friend calling -- were you all out together tonight?
Ken: how about just great sex
Lily: that's always good too
Ken: you alone?
Lily: yeah
Ken: we could play
Lily: no - you should go to sl**p
Lily: matt is coming over
Lily: i'll see you tomorrow
Ken: yes ... but
Ken: we could... ...
Lily: could, but won't
Ken: and we've both thought about
Ken: it
Lily: thinking is one thing
Lily: better left to just thinking
Ken: bending you over is another ...
Lily: lol
Lily: go to sl**p
Ken: is it bad that i want to fuck you
Lily: yes
Ken: am i wrong that you want the same?
Lily ... not the issue
Ken: answer the question
Lily: gotosl**p
Ken: no
Ken: answer me
Lily: no...
Ken: no, you don't ....
Ken: or you won't answer....
Lily:, i'm not answering
Ken: well i'll tell you i think of bending you over all the time
Ken: you were wearing a long skirt the other day
Lily: some of my new clothes
Ken: i wanted to pick it up and fuck you somewhere in the office
Lily: ...we were alone in the server room
Lily: i thought about it
Ken: what did you think about?
Lily: your hand going up my leg from underneath my skirt while we were alone
Ken: were you wearing underwear?
Lily: maybe
Ken: were you?
Lily: maybe
Ken: i said answer me Lily
Ken: i'm ordering you
Lily: no i was not Ken
Ken: i didn't think so
Ken: you know several of us were talking about it
Lily: about what?
Ken: whether or not you were wearing panties that day
Lily: yourek**dingright
Ken: nope
Ken: is that bad
Lily: yes...
Ken: is it bad i want to fuck you
Lily: andtelleverybody???
Ken: maybe
Lily: what do you mean maybe
Ken: how do you like it?
Ken: i know you're a wild girl...
Lily: i can be wild
Ken: do you want to fuck your boss?
Lily: yes
Ken: you think about it don't you
Lily: yes better left to just thinking
Ken: no Lily
Ken: better left to my hand up your skirt
Lily: matt is coming here soon
Ken: i don't care
Ken: do you want to fuck me?
Lily: yes
Ken: what about your boyfriend
Lily: whataboutyourwife
Ken: haha
Ken: i'm thinking of a meeting in the morning -- 15th floor conference room
Lily: areyouserious?
Ken: is it bad i want to fuck you there
Lily: yes
Ken: we've both thought about it?
Lily: yes........
Ken: i want to know all about you sexually Lily
Lily: you're my boss
Ken: i'll really be Lily
Lily: be what
Ken: your boss Lily
Ken: so how about a meeting on 15 tomorrow?
Lily: that sounds good
Ken: facing sears tower Lily
Lily: iwasthinkingthat
Ken: i know you're a wild girl Lily
Ken: you need to wear a skirt
Lily: i was just thinking that
Ken: my cock just got hard thinking about it
Lily: hmmmm,i'mpicturingthat
Ken: do you want to play with me?
Lily: i'mthinkingit
Ken: i imagine ... you like to go down
Ken: Lily
Lily: i do...
Ken: i can tell :)))
Lily: you can tell?
Ken: Lily I thought it when i hired you. Look you are totally qualified. But I was fixated ... on your mouth Lily
Lily: what...
Ken: i must say ... u have the best mouth ,,, i've ever seen
Lily: ...i'm ...gladyou...enjoyit...
Ken: you seem like you enjoy giving it. you have a blazing sexual aura surrounding you
Lily: ilovegivingit
Lily: did you really think that when you interviewed me ken?
Ken: Lily i wanted to jump over the desk and skull fuck you if you know what that means
Lily: ido
Ken: mmmmmmmmm
Ken: does that sound like something you would like
Lily: y
Ken: y as in yes. or why?
Lily: yes
Ken: meeting 9:30 15th floor conf room C
Lily: yes.
Ken: topic is skull fucking you Lily
Lily: infrontoftheSearsTower
Ken: yes!
Lily: boss me
Ken: you're going to come in and suck my dick
Lily: yessir
Ken: i'm giong to open the blinds Lily
Lily: I was thinking of them open ........
Ken: you little slut you
Lily: icanbeslutty
Ken: like your face in the window slutty?
Lily: yesssssssssssssssssssss
Ken: youre face against the window Lily
Lily: yesssssssss
Ken: press you against the window Lily only the glass holding you alive Lily
Ken: with those breasts out
Ken: i can't wait to see
Lily: iwantyoutosee
Ken: i have plans for you Lily
Lily: i've always served you
Ken: you will serve me
Lily: omg matt is at my gate
Lily: i just buzzed him in
Ken: is that pussy swollen?
Lily: wetandswollen
Ken: i am going to ram you tomorrow Lily!
Lily: okaytomorrow
Lily: hejustwalkedin
Lily: bye
Ken: i want to do filthy things to you right now
Ken: signed off at 12:32:15 a.m.
Ken: signed on at 12:33:25 a.m.
Ken: hey Lily i'm concerned about the server capacity
Ken: let's meet at 9:30 am to discuss
Ken: ping me when you get this please. thanks.
Ken: signed off at 12:43:17 a.m.
Ken: signed on at 12:47:05 a.m.
Ken: you there?
Ken: are you fucking your boyfriend
Ken: i want you to tell me everything you were thinking while you were getting him off tonight Lily
Ken: if you were thinking about me
Ken: signed off at 12:51:36 a.m.
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14 days ago
Awesome to see the evolution of that chat. Fantastic! Thank you for posting it!
17 days ago
I think you were a nawty girl and fucked him silly♡
4 months ago
Fantastic. I love hot chats! This got me hard.
4 months ago
Very erotic. And did you two do anything about it?
6 months ago
hot stuff
7 months ago
Love the story...any updates?
8 months ago
wow, very hot!
8 months ago
9 months ago
Good stuff!
10 months ago
Wow, what happened after that. I want to know everything
11 months ago
Lily...we need an update
11 months ago
So what happened after this conversation? Hmm? I think everyone wants to know.
1 year ago
Okay that's a very hot post my dear. What's going on with the sequel mmmmm ?
1 year ago
That was fucking hot ... my cock is so hard right now
1 year ago
Love it.
But like most i really want to know more now.
1 year ago
Love this. You should post a follow up, kind of minutes of the meeting.
1 year ago
Fantastic - very, very real and very hot
1 year ago
mmm I want to watch
1 year ago
I enjoy reading posts like these. Very voyeuristic, reading someone else's conversation. Thanks for sharing this.
1 year ago
More please!
1 year ago
Incredible post!!!
1 year ago
Things that make you think "Hmmmm" Now I am going to have this story in my head at work tomorrow! lol
1 year ago
You gonna post what happened a work the next day?
1 year ago
Ken thinks like me. Lol. I love to have sex where I may be seen.
1 year ago
wow, one of the coolest way I met to convey literary smut! kudos :)
1 year ago
Erotic indeed
1 year ago
Great story...
thanks for sharing!
1 year ago
Cool as story...I would like to be Ken!
1 year ago
Very arousing. Did you "meet"? I would bet you did. The mind reels.
1 year ago