First time with a co-worker

Many years ago i used to work in a factory packing product in boxes. It was a pretty boring job and an 8 hour day seemed to drag on forever. There really wasn't much to look forward to there but i stayed because it paid the bills and left me with beer money every week. All that changed on the day they hired Nikki. You see i worked with a few older gentlemen and a couple of married women that werent really much to look at and in walks this beautiful blonde. She was a tiny little girl that was probably just a little over 5' tall, hiding under her white uniform top there appeared to be a couple of little bumps on her chest that i assumed were nothing more than the padding in her bra and as our supervisor explained the job to her on the conveyor in front of the one i was working on i noticed that she wore a brightly colored thong that was slightly visible through her white uniform pants. Over the next couple of weeks i got to know Nikki as she was occationally positioned next to me and we would chat as we worked. On the days when the supervisor had her work on the other conveyor i had the best view in the place. She always wore brightly colored bras and panties that were visible through her white uniform. I think i spent most of my time at work with a semi hard-on from either working next to her or from staring at her beautiful ass when she wasnt working next to me. One day while we were on break we were talking in the break room and she mentioned having a boyfriend. What a disappointment. I had been trying to get the nerve to ask her out and hearing she had a boyfriend was a real downer. We continued to talk daily at work but my hopes of getting some of that sweet ass were gone. One Friday night during one of our break time talks she asked what my plans were for the evening after our shift was over. I told her i was going to meet a couple of my buddies at the bar and have a few beers. Oooh a couple of beers sounds good she said. Why dont you come along i asked? No she replied I dont really like the bar scene. Well.... do you want me to pick up a six pack so we can have a couple before you have to go home? My heart skipped a beat when she said "sure... that sounds good". I couldnt believe she said had just said yes. "Pick you up by your car after we change?" I asked.. "Yep" she said. The rest of our shift was a blur. I couldnt believe she was really going with me and i had a real hard time paying attention to my job. Finally the clock hit 10 pm and as i headed to the locker room to shower and change i glanced over toward the ladies room and saw Nikki heading in. She gave me a little smile as she walked through the door and disappeared. As i hurried through my shower i wondered what the even had in store for me. Once i got to my car i started it and pulled across the lot to where Nikki had parked. I pulled in to the spot next to her car and waited. After a couple of minute i saw her walking across the lot. I almost had a heart attack when i saw her in my head lights. She was wearing a little white mini skirt and a tight top that fit her just right. Her beautiful blonde hair flowed in the breeze as she walked closer. Damn she was hot! Nikki tossed her work clothes into her car and jumped in with me. She blushed when i told her how beautiful she looked. "Thanks" she said. We drove down to the corner store and i hurried in and grabbed a 12 pack before we headed to a little spot down by the river where i fish sometimes. Its pretty remote there so i knew we wouldnt get interupted. I opened a beer for both of us and we began to sip on them as we talked. Conversation came so easy with her. The time sped by and the beers when down smooth. At one point she was talking and i must have been staring at her because she suddenly stopped mid sentence and asked why i was looking at her that way. I chuckled and said sorry but she is just really beautiful. She smiled, said thanks and leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. When she pulled away i leaned over into her seat and kissed her on the lips. She didn't resist my advance so as we kissed i slid over into her seat with her. My hand rubbed up and down her back but eventually came to rest on her perfect ass. As i squeezed it she let out little moans and began to kiss me hungrily. I began to work my hand under her skirt and was soon palming the part of her ass cheek that was left uncovered by her thong. She had a round little ass but i was amazed at how firm and muscular it was. Suddenly she pulled away. I thought she had changed her mind about what was happening but was quickly relieved when she threw a leg over me so she was straddling me and pulled the lever on the side of the seat so it leaned back. As she sat looking down at me my hands went to her breasts. I could feel her hard nipples through the thin fabric. There was no padding in there just firm little titties with tiny nipples that were rock hard. They must have been very sensitive too because when i pinched them lightly and rolled them between my fingers she moaned and began to rock her hips back and forth on my hard cock. She then pulled her top off and i unhooked the latch on the front of her bra and slipped it off her shoulders. She had these perfect, pink nipples that just begged to be sucked on. I leaned in and ran my tongue over one then the other. Her moans were now getting louder. I sucked one of Nikki's nipples into my mouth and alternated flicking my tongue over it and nibbling on it lightly as my hands went back to her ass. I had one of her cheeks in one hand and my other hand moved down her crack to the crotch of her panties. They were soaking wet from the juices flowing out of her pussy. My cock was beginning to hurt from being confined in my shorts so i gently slid Nikki down my legs slightly so i could unzip them and slide my shorts and briefs down over my butt. I then settled back in to the seat and pulled her back onto my lap so the wet spot in her panties was right on my dick. I held her ass and began to slide her little body back and forth so her crotch slid up and down the length of my hard cock. She began to move on her own and my mouth went back to her titties. Nikki's mouth was open and her eyes were glazed over.... low moans and groans of pleasure escaped her mouth. I eased my hand over her perfect ass to the crotch of her panties again. She was even wetter than before. I wrapped my finger around the thin string of her thong and pulled it to the side so her bare pussy came in contact with my hard-on. I held her panties to the side and moved my hand to my raging boner. "Oh my god put it in me...hurry i need to feel it in me" Nikki said "Please i need to cum so bad" I gripped my shaft and raised it up so it was up across her pussy and between her ass cheeks. Nikki slid up and down the shaft a couple of times then tipped her hips so the opening of her pussy was right on the swollen head of my dick. In one quick motion she lined it up and dropped right down taking all of me into her wetness at once. She leaned back putting her hands on the dash behind her and rode me hard and fast. She was screaming "yes...yes...yes fuck me hard.....make me cum". The sight of my fat cock disappearing into her bald little pussy was incredible. I moved a hand between us so my thumb could rub the button sticking out of the wet folds of her pussy and the other hand began to pinch and pull her hard nipples. I began to match Nikki's motions. She was screaming loudly as I thrust into her. Our bodies slapped together as we fucked faster and faster. Her head was tipped back and her eyes were closed tightly. "Oh yeah thats it" she said i could feel her pussy gripping my cock as she began to cum. That was all i could take. I could feel my cock erupting inside her as we came together. Our love juices ran down over my balls onto my seat as she ground her pussy onto my squirting member. She laid on my chest as we came down from our powerful orgasms. Once her breathing returned to normal I brushed her hair out of her face and kissed her forehead. She looked up at me and smiled sweetly. Nikki drifted off to sl**p in my arms soon after. As i lay there watching her sl**p i wondered what tomorrow would bring and if we would ever have another night together like this. I guess we'll have to wait and see won't we.......
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3 years ago
I use to clean a ups warehouse,while working there I fucked the manager of the cleaning service that they had the contract with. She had me drop by her office one day and one thing led to another. She bent over her desk and let me fuck her from behind and shoot off in her mature pussy. That was the only co-worker fling I've ever had. A few weeks later I quit. Loved your story.
3 years ago
Great. Hope there is more
3 years ago
very good, hope there is more.
3 years ago
Very good,,hope for more