lil sians lil boobs touched for the first time.

Only a short story for my first experience, as my first experience was very short!Young girls are supposed to be all sweet and innocent, but I doubt many are, I know I yearned for attention in my very early teens and when finally I started growing boobs, I couldn't stop looking at the tiny little swells that were forming and would constantly feel them while laying in bed, even in school, I would sometimes have to run my hand over my blouse to make sure they were still there! When my mum first noticed I was getting boobs, she said we should go in town and get a training bra, although I acted all cool, I was so excited about it. Well I had my first bra and was I proud of my tiny little boobs snug in thier new little traing bra. People started commenting on the fact that I was "growing up" which, although made me blush a little, also pleased me so much. I also noticed my uncle kept looking at me and I was convinced it was because of my boobs, which in truth you could hardly detect. He also kept sitting very close, we had always got on, as he was very funny and great with me and my s****rs, but he would now always sit next to me when he could and was always messing about and tickling me. Then one day, as we sat on the sofa together and everyone else was in another room, he put his arm round me, which wasn't unusual, but he was looking at me differently and was looking down at my boobs for sure. Instead of his usual tickling and messing about, he just started stroking my arm. After a while he started moving his hand up my arm, getting ever closer to my boobs. I just sat there and let him carry on, not knowing if he was after my boobs or not. Then very slowly, as he was stroking my upper arm, he managed to move his hand so that the back of it rested on one of my boobs. Right at that moment I didn't really know what to think or do, so just sat there. It was when he started moving his hand up and down, pretending just to stroke my arm, but at the same time rubbing against my boob, that I knew he was after them for sure. Although a little shocked and still not really knowing what to do, it gave me a feeling I had never had before, I had touched my tiny new boobs, which was quite nice, but for someone else to be touching them, it was a whole different feeling. As he realised I wasn't going to stop him, he got a little more confident and his other arm, which he had round me, started moving closer to my other boob. I just looked up at him for some reason and as I did, he simply looked down at me and moved his hand up and layed it straight onto my boob. I was transfixed and just kept looking up at him and he down to me, as his hand started rubbing my very excited boob. It was a very strange feeling for me, but very nice, I couldn't believe it, I was actually having my boobs touched and it dawned on me that it was making me feel very warm between my legs, I had touched myself down there before, but it felt very different and I realised I was getting wet in my knickers. He moved me so that I was kind of sitting in front of him but facing away and carried on rubbing both of my boobs, I was actually starting to feel very wet, which was making me so horny. I pushed my chest out, I think in an attempt to make them bigger and realised my top was working it's way up, or was he pulling it up? I was now having my belly stroked, thinking is he going to actually put his hand up my top, his hand was cetainly getting higher and I was getting wetter, when all of a sudden someone came in! No panic on his part though, he had moved his hands in no time and it looked just like normal with us sitting together. I couldn't stop thinking about it and when I got home and went to bed, I kept imagining him doing all sorts to me while I stroked my smooth, very wet little pussy, thinking wow Ive had my boobs touched, what will he do next!
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