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The Bewilderment of xHamster Males (Working Draft)

The Bewilderment of xHamster Males*

Part I

He's here, he's horny, he has a cock and, of course, he's thinking with the little head (again). He is rather bewildered by the site. Now, if he sticks to the "Just Porn" aspect of it, he'll be fine forever. He'll find an endless supply of great porn in virtually every category an average person might seek, and likely find things he never knew existed. But, if and when he puts his toe into the "social" side of things, he often seems totally lost and this is where he starts knocking down telephone polls.

In trying to overcome... Continue»
Posted by anthony_weston 1 year ago

the devil

love you, I whisper as we lie in bed
Pretending, you are an angel there by my side
Knowing you to be a devil in disguise
Warmth of your body, as I feel you near
Gazing into those deep blue eyes
Liquid pools so deep
Dreamlike slipping under your spell
My heartbeat racing
Gentle and sweet embrace
I hear you whisper your love for me
Feeling kisses both soft and deep
Into your arms, I melt
Hands roam lovingly along my thighs
Drowning in such pleasure
Room spinning starting to sway
Lost in the moment I am blown away
Kisses, so passionate, getting stronger
My skin feels ... Continue»
Posted by scheleman 1 year ago

My Gifs

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Posted by lustydonna 2 years ago

Academy Bridge.

Academy Bridge.

Many people have asked me about the girl on the Academy Bridge. Many others have speculated; woven stories and tales about her. Some say she was my lover, even my wife. Some say she was the wife or a lover of a rich patron of mine. There was even a story that she was the mistress of royalty whose identity was covered up. They wonder what became of her. Some have believed her dead or to have disappeared into exile and reclusion. Some say that perhaps she never existed at a... Continue»
Posted by Mikebasil 1 year ago

A Brief History of Group Sex.

A Brief History of Group Sex according to the artist Blas Gallego.


b]Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Middle Ages

[image]http://www.blasg... Continue»
Posted by Mikebasil 1 year ago

[Story] (Poetry) I Still Long For You

Your presence still haunts my neurotic thoughts and all my nocturnal dreams.
Half a year has gone by since we’ve made love and I still hear your erotic screams.
Your memory is seared in my mind as I remember your beautiful face.
But now I stare at the side of the bed which is now an empty space.

I was your Master and Servant, someone you thought you could tame.
I watched you writhe in pleasured agony, and felt you as you came.
I can feel your juices flowing down as l brought you closer to me.
I can feel your body grinding slowly with unbridled energy.

I hear your cries of passion a... Continue»
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A Little Girl and her Fishing Rod.

A little Girl and her Fishing Rod.

Although I don’t like to bother readers of my blog with too much introspection and personal detail I feel that my latest gallery might need something by way of explanation. On the face of it, it is just a gallery of a lot of very pretty girls in the great outdoors fishing; usually without too much in the way of clothes on. Nothing wrong with that. It has somewhat of a greater significance to me though and one which I hope I can adequately explain without sounding barking mad.

Regular readers of my blogs and stories will have noticed several refe... Continue»
Posted by Mikebasil 2 years ago

[Story] General Jackson's Unlikely Legacy.

Please note that this is not an erotic story but rather a story of Civil War and Civil Rights. Please forgive me if you have come looking for titillation and found it not. This is a different kind of story but an adventure nevertheless.

General Jackson’s Unlikely Legacy.

It would, I suppose, be hard to discern the link between a peaceful English park full of happy revellers in the year 2012 and a tortured bl**dy battlefield in North America in 1861. It would take, in fact, the sort of mind used to connecting up apparently unrelated dots; the sort of mind that... Continue»
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[Story] Queens

This following is an early extract from volume one of my three part saga "Slaves of the Amethyst" . I dedicate it to a lover of games of my acquaintance on xhamster.

Whilst Jennifer and Julie were carousing together on the meadow at Woodman’s Bluff Margaret Wilkinson was sipping a fine hundred year old cognac in a comfortable lounge at Mathom Hall. Lady Mathom was reclining languidly in a chair opposite her, her long dark tresses hanging loose over her shoulders, its glossy sheen reflecting the dancing flames in the fireplace. She wore a simple black silk dressing gown tied at the waist ... Continue»
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Why Guys scare Girls off the xHamster

I think this is one of those things that needs to be said.

Guys on this site, drive Girls off the site. I don't think that Guys do that on purpose, but they do it - not by individual action, but by what they do in mass.

Not even 2 hours after signing up, I was close to tossing it all out, I was stressed out by the Guys, even though hardly anyone had said or done anything bad. It was just the sheer quantity.

I appreciate the interest and getting all the attention and all, but it just got way to much.

While I had just signed up, and was still filling in the profile info, writi... Continue»
Posted by AlyMelny 2 years ago

Lilith: Lady of the Night.

Lilith: Lady of the Night.

One of the joys of xhamster, to my view, is not so much the abundance of erotic material contained within the site (although I’m not complaining about it!) but the opportunity to meet extraordinary people online at the very confluence of their sexuality and imagination. True there are many users on the site whose sole purpose is to stimulate themselves by watching pornography and there’s nothing wrong with that. Then again there are ma... Continue»
Posted by Mikebasil 2 years ago