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R*** Films on Xhamster

*****Note. The video in question has since been deleted.******

I wrote the following to a user concerning an upload of a movie depicting a woman being ****d. I asked him to remove it, he replied that he did not feel the movie promoted **** and so would keep it up. To his credit, the uploader was at least very courteous with me, and by writing this I am not trying to attack him personally... yet. I'll admit, this is not my best argumentative writing skills at work, but it's what I produced. There is SO much more to say, but I'm just too tired. I tried to focus more upon how the film can be harmful, not how disgusting the film itself is. I could complain all day about how terrible the things in the film are, but I wanted to focus more upon how the film itself can become dangerous.

I'm putting it in my blog so that other users can judge for themselves whether this kind of content should be allowed on xhamster. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am pretty accepting of just about everything. But ****, whether it is "simulated" or not, is not something I feel should be on this site. I think that by having it on this site, the behavior gets promoted in some people's minds, and that is something that, as a community, we should strive to prevent. There is nothing fucking arousing about being ****d. I reported it, but nothing has happened as of yet.

Anyway, here's a link to the disgusting movie:

And here is my very polite, very contained reply:

Thank you for your reply. I suppose I'll begin by clarifying that I am not accusing you or the people who enjoy extreme videos like this of being r****ts or necessarily supporting ****. As I've said, I understand the desire to be used, dominated, controlled, and things of that nature. As a primarily sexually submissive woman, I do have fantasies about rough sex. Personally, I don’t have fantasies about being abused or humiliated, though being tied up, having my body manipulated by a powerful, dominating man, being blind-folded... I do enjoy the thought of that type of “rough” sex. And though I do not have fantasies about actually being f***ed into doing things, I understand that some women are aroused by that, and I respect that.

A person’s fantasy life is something I consider nearly sacred. The things we do in our own heads, sexual or otherwise, are motivated by myriad of reasons. Sometimes those reasons are direct, yet many times they are not. We find ourselves daydreaming about strange things sometimes without a clue as to how that particular thought or notion got into our head, yet some part of our psyche put it there, and probably for good reason. Our fantasies serve to solve problems we may not readily see; they resolve conflicts which may have previously gone unsettled.

Sexual fantasies are no different. In fact I believe that much of the arousal we feel while involving ourselves in certain sexual fantasies is not so much sexual in nature, but because the fantasy has provided some sort of relief. Power/control conflicts are a classic example, as are the Oedipus/Electra complexes. We resolve all of these very complicated issues through fantasy, often u*********sly, and many times those fantasies end up being sexual in nature. Therefore, I normally encourage people’s fantasies, as I view them as part of the psyche’s healing/understanding process.

But this video which offended is not a mere fantasy. True, it is presented in the form of a woman having a fantasy, but that by no means makes it a fantasy! A fantasy remains in a person’s head. When it is acted out, it becomes a reality. So when we watch this “fantasy” unfold in this movie, it does not change the fact that there is a woman on screen, getting tackled, getting put into a bag (for Christ’s sake... a fucking bag!), slapped, hit, humiliated, and then gang ****d. What is conveniently being labeled a “fantasy” here is really a porn movie depicting the brutal **** of woman. The film tries to justify it by saying that it is a “fantasy,” which, by virtue of being acted out, it is not. The second defense is that “the woman wanted it.” Again, extreme things happen in our fantasies sometimes, but no human being would ever wish to be ****d and treated like the woman in the movie.

Yet none of this really matters, I suppose, considering we are talking about a simulated event. It was only a movie. The actress got paid to do it and did it willingly. So we know that this woman didn’t actually get ****d. And I suppose that, by my own argument, everyone watching this and getting off to it is entitled to whatever ****/domination/sadistic little fantasy the movie initiates in their mind.

But it really isn’t that simple. This movie isn’t just an aid for a **** fantasy, as if that wasn’t potentially bad enough. By taking this brutal and disgusting act and putting it on film, it really does legitimize the act in many viewers’ minds. It sends the message that, because the video was produced in the first place (especially with the aid of a willing actress) what is depicted must be condonable on some level. The fact that the **** is released as a porn video, i.e., as a movie intended to produce arousal, inflates the issue. What is depicted is not only condonable behavior, it is now to be considered something by which to become aroused. When the movie is then offered upon a site like xhamster, and as comments praising the video come rolling in, a sense of community truly is established, as people begin to bond and congregate around what is being depicted in this movie. And let’s remember what is being depicted is the brutal violation of a woman.

So this is mainly about context. The terrible thing depicted in this film is produced and released as a porn, meaning the **** we watch is meant to be viewed as arousing. The movie takes something that is evil and horrible and switches it into something arousing in the viewers minds... it takes a woman’s ****, and says to the viewer “this is arousing.” When the video gets distributed, that is to say, when this movie about a woman being brutalized gets downloaded, and commented upon, and discussed, then it just becomes another genre of porn. The viewers get desensitized because, hey, if everyone else likes it, it must be okay. If xhamster allows it, it must be okay. If an actress agrees to its depiction, it must be okay. And what is it again that is okay?: Getting aroused by watching a woman being f***ed into a plastic fucking bag, where she is then brutalized and gang ****d. That is what is being made to seem ok.

So just to sum up, I don’t care what your fantasies are. I don’t care what disgusting things you think about. It’s your right to think them. But fantasies that are concerned with harming others should never be realized. Nor should they be promoted, because many people cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality, especially when sex is involved. As a community based around porn and sexual arousal, xhamster is the worst possible place for the release of a film like this because, by virtue of being on xhamster, the film is being promoted as something which is sexually arousing. And judging from the comments under the film, your viewers do find it quite arousing. They have either chosen to overlook the brutality against the actress altogether, or they find what is being done to her sexually appealing. Judging from the comments, most of the viewers like the **** itself. To me that is disturbing and I don’t feel the xhamster community should allow this liking of **** to become normal.

Posted by lilith10 2 years ago
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1 year ago
really, it's quite simple in the simplest form... if you're considering r***, think about getting r**** you assholes. thanks for the posting
1 year ago

Really don't agree with Freud on most of his theories, as he believed that all women were closet masochists and secretly longed to be r***d...This is pretty common knowledge for most, but I feel that it still deserves mention here......Seems like guy just used psychology to validate the male ego, imo.

Jung is were ITs at, though
1 year ago
I have not seen this video, and finally I do not want: your comment that comes from the heart and guts is enough eloquent iamginer violent images ....

But strangely, what you wrote me brings to mind a series of pictures in which I responded on my blog. Strong reaction on my part that I had earned some violent exchanges from some users of the site ....

I agree with you: A fantasy must remain sometimes a mere fantasy, or should happen, the pleasure must be shared

I say and write this, yet another on my profile where I post photos much harder, I always wonder if the pleasure is truly shared and if I give the image of women do not go too far and does not contribute precisely these excesses that we sometimes see on the site ....
2 years ago
This is one of many reasons why I hate the promotion of rape on xhamster:
2 years ago

most adults know how to seperate fantasy from reality. i dont think we need users like lilith10 to regulate and determine what is acceptable for tha rest of us. i dont know why this bitch is power tripping but i would hate to see ya hop on tha bandwagon. oh well.

just porn, no bullshit.
2 years ago
I dont see role play as a problem, in some ways it helps relationships.
However some one who gets turned on by rape RP may one day decided to try it for real!!!
Now im a guy thats likes porn after all thats why im here but some of the vids,comments make me laugh!!!
I actually have respect for women who appear in porn vids and do not consider them "Whores" "Sluts" and what ever !
I suppose the twats that call women that are here cos they are single lol
Anyway stand tall girl :)
2 years ago
Wow, some very very serious subject matter in here, but I agree with you completely.

Context is EVERYTHING in a movie. And as you said, the context is what dictates whether something is presented as a willing fantasy, or just as some kind of abuse/snuff film.
2 years ago
fucking awesome!!! its cool cuz i laugh at myself too. women are usually grossed out and disgusted by me but they still give that pussy up. i could give a fuck less what a bitch thinks becuz im hitting and quitting anyways. bang that pussy and asshole and send em back home sore as fuck. tha bitch will hate herself for fucking me but tha next day they will be calling back begging to be hate fucked all over again. thats life.
2 years ago
And most of the women you've ever encountered have probably been laughing at you. I know I have.
2 years ago
lmfao at all you whiny bitches.
2 years ago
I have had a lot of sick twisted dirty thoughts in my life. But rape is not one of them. I was nearly raped once. I was one of the lucky ones. There so many people that are not lucky. The experience changed me forever. Someone that I see that may or may not be creepy. Well I automatically label him as creepy. I know that's not fair but I need to protect myself. There nothing fucking sexy about rape.
2 years ago
I agree with sanyo about labelling of vids too - sometimes I hesitate to favourite a video because of the way it has been labelled even though the content of the video may not reflect the title it has been given - a side issue, but I thought I'd mention it.
2 years ago
I am a kinkster and like a lot of different types of pornography that explore sexual fantasies and various flavors of erotic fun. I, however, loath pornography that depicts or exploits violence. I'm not going to watch the video described above, but I have seen others that are forays into fantasies of violence instead of fantasies of sex.

I totally agree that xHamster is the worst place for videos like this because the community of users on this site can seem to justify the titilation of seeing people harmed in violent, dehumanizing ways.
2 years ago
Rape seen as a fantasy is wrong,and some morons will see it the wrong way !!
You only have to look at how some users label the vids they upload..."Slut taking a huge cock"..i mean come on.
Said it before yo many twats here :/
2 years ago
I wish I could be as eloquent as you have been, but I support fully everything you have said in this post.
2 years ago
I totally agree and couldn't have said it better myself. I was trying to debate the issue diplomatically by not focusing on how egregious the content of the video itself was. It was sick. But I figured if I was to bring this user around to my point of view, it would be best to take a less aggressive approach in condemning it. But, yeah, I agree with you. These "rape" films serve only to further dehumanize women (and men) to mere sex objects. Porn in general does this, but these rape films are just too much. Thank you so much for you comment and support.
2 years ago
Calling it a "rape fantasy" seems to downplay part of what rape really is, a hate crime that takes away the victim's humanity. But whether it's called a "rape fantasy" or "brutal gangbang," the consequences for the actresses involved are never depicted or even discussed: abuse and/or addiction to pain medication, trips to the hospital for vaginal/anal tearing or bruising, & post-traumatic stress disorder.

There's nothing to stop anyone from watching or even enjoying these films, but anyone who does must remember that a piece of their own humanity is at stake.