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To: You Know Who You Are

To my sweet stalker who spends so much life trying to ensnare me. I am the innocence you lost a long time ago. Every night that sees my spirit uncontained, let your own stagnant soul burn in its endless pursuit of naivety. You. Will. Never. Have. Me.

Listen as my spirit soars to heights you can only hope to glimpse while cowering in nostalgic fantasy.

When the evening sky ascends
up over the Hollywood Hills
So, too, does the spirit of my youth
In my veins, the girl on the boulevard
dancing in her car, and into the street
without a care
Takes ahold of me, into the night
on Sunset,
Speeding, rolling, freaking, into the light
neon spirits echoing
Shattering the night away in the eternal youth
of girlhood.
Reflecting kindred souls
Reverberating, bending, raging
Through the backlit streets
Where the lost City of Angels
Sees Innocence devouring Innocence
Again and Again.

When the evening sun descends
On the prowl, now, unbound in L.A.
My bl**d runs hot
yet soft
In my veins. That careless girl of the street
Kat, dancing to the beat onto the boulevard
In total freedom
Together, with prancing feet.
Skyline above and Hell below
Praying, sinning, saving in through dark
alleyways I’m swaying
Fucking the light away in the eternal spring
that is my womanhood
Scented, sweet spirit
Of purity decaying, fraying, flaying
Through the Virgin rebirths
Of the Womb of Lilith
Finding Innocence ravaging innocence
Again and again.

Posted by lilith10 2 years ago
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1 year ago
You know, I've had this picture taken from your blog as my phones background for the last 9 months.
1 year ago
Thank you. Together with the music in the link enclosed and the picture of a busy L.A. night, I hoped to convey a sense of an unbounded spirit, unchained and free. I was free when I was a girl, but learned to put on the veneer during my career. When I retired, I regained that sense of freedom I once possessed in my heart. The first part of that poem reflects my late teens and early twenties; the second part shows my newly-found liberation. Same streets, many of the same hangouts, but all toward the same end of living life and pushing boundaries. I hope that came through, as that was one of my first attempts at poetry : )
1 year ago
I think your the best writer I have come across on all my time here at xhanster I like your thought process and the clear way you express yourself also you deal with other absolutes well if the mother church of Rome was a absolute but I am a Jew so what do I know?, you know history and the human heart, I wonder what you did to get the insight you have other than your taste in sex art history and being able to think out side the norm, you still make me nervious probaly cause even though you are indifferent to me and my thinking about the order of things and I do see your reasoning and I well be studing you as one of my favorite thinker though I am not sure yer what I aggree and don't agree on. This was a find seeing your page, as I live for stuff like this . If I did anything like this it would comeout self indullgent you have some reason behide this. Very good stuff. and it was a reaction to your world for the most part? Like to know.
2 years ago
Hmmm,looking for a red and white striped arse in all that!
2 years ago
COULD be ; )
2 years ago
Is that pic a "where's lilith" puzzle???
2 years ago
OK,I heard "innocence devouring innocence" as the young and inexperienced coming together in the quest to 'find out'. The trade of mutual innocence for knowledge and experience.
2 years ago
Run. Run. Run.

2 years ago
I live to be chased, but never found.
2 years ago
The world, dare I say the universe is dissatisfaction with the world is part of the perfection.

This moment perishes as the next moment is born...
Only fleetingly mourn yesterdays passing lest it rob you of today's joy.

Innocence is the price for wisdom.
2 years ago
We be AnonyMooooose!

We are sorry if our karma runs over his dogma!

We have learned that you need not believe in somethang to have it affect you!

We are stymied reading your poem & know in our heart of hearts that we have no idea what we are talking about!
2 years ago
I don't believe in karma, The meek will never inheriet the earth, My politeness and generousity is alway miss understood.
Nice post wish it was true to life.
There is no such thing as a perfect world
2 years ago
2 years ago
I guess what I mean by "innocence devouring innocence" is that life is an endless string of fresh (innocent) moments which are really only connected together in death, or in the past. It is the "death" of each one of those moments, the loss of each moment's innocent beginning, that gives rise to our spirit.

Our spirit is the decay of one state of our soul to the next over time. I guess like Karma, but our spirit also creates an imprint upon our consciousness that directs our choices for the future, so it can be said to be a part of our future too.

At night, I come alive. That is to say, the part of my spirit that has not experienced decay, the innocent part that remains in my head, my imagination, my discernment of the possibilities that lay before me... is very active. Like cars lights flowing through the city, my mind just lights up and begins to flow at night, even as my spirit burns and flows through my soul. And it feels like pure freedom.

The "stalker" I first directed this writing to has a very stagnant spirit, I think. Each moment for him is the same. He is dead before his time because his future spirit is exactly the same as his past one. I just wanted him to know that I am the freedom and movement that he lost. He can never be naive, so he can never really experience the death of innocence, which is life.

So he watches, envies, stalks, and hates those of us who dare to be naive. He tries to emulate us, but he doesn't understand how our souls can burn so bright and he longs to have the experience himself. He never will. His spirit is over.

Mine is just getting started.
2 years ago
"I offered up my innocence,
I was repaid with scorn.
'Come in',she said,
'I'll give you shelter from the storm'"

The only 'innocence' quote I know plus some of the sweetest words I will ever hear.
2 years ago
Death is our future from birth! lol

This path, which makes each of us,

can become decent, if while we walk,

realize something, not great things,

a family, children, help their friends, be honest!

Those who on the contrary, in their lives,

only do harm to others, do not make their life with dignity!

I do not want to kill them, they put to death anyone! lol

But life can be lived in different ways and

Life can be worth living or unworthy!
2 years ago
They should all just DIE! Lol! Thank you hon.
2 years ago
Fine words, written by a woman is not only beautiful but also

positive, intelligent and very sweet :)

Who bothers a person so kind and good to everyone

simply do not deserve to live!
2 years ago
Just Perfect..
2 years ago

I am there if you need
all you need to is ask
2 years ago
Lol @

Makes everyone think they know what they are talking about.

2 years ago
"the exposure of innocence
is a lie"