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Alter Girl Fantasy

I wrote this in answer to hk55's blog ( ) who asked what our fantasies were. Here is mine. It sounds really fucking crazy now that I read it, but I suppose it is true.

I would like to make love on an alter in a candle-lit cathedral when the moon is full. I want the pews filled with the faithful, clad in black, on their knees praying for my forgiveness as they watch me sin. I want the wives to cry as they feel the bulge in their husbands' pants grow with my every moan, even as their own bl**d quickens as they try to stay off fingering themselves right there in front of God, as I am doing.

When my lover is done, I would like to offer myself up as penance to the precession in any way they would have me.

Posted by lilith10 2 years ago
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2 years ago
2 years ago
You'd sure have a big following ;-)

Amen to that!
2 years ago
2 years ago
LOL, I love it!!! I'll be at the front!
2 years ago
Oh i simply love this!
2 years ago
It sounds fucking crazy. At first.
But when you have a look at history and what has been done in and around cathedrals this would be a logical result.