My lovely room mate.

When the recession hit I had to make some tuff decisions about how I could save money, where I could cut corners. I decided one of the best things to do was bring in a room mate. I put a lot of thought into it and tried different places trying to get someone I thought I could get along with. Newspapers, internet sites, word of mouth and then one day it just happened.

I was on the bus when this lovely little blonde who wore a nurse’s uniform clamored on. A cup of coffee in one hand, a medical text in the other and a bagel clenched between her teeth.

Before she could sit the bus driver jerked forward and she landed in my lap her face mere inches from my crotch. Her face reddened as she tried to get up. I laughed and told her it was okay, not to worry.

Finally on her feet she sat in the seat next to me and apologized once she removed the teeth marked bagel away from her mouth. I could see her lovely pink lips and even white teeth.

Small talk turned into a friendship. Until one day she moved in with me. We got along wonderfully. She wasn't a morning person so I would wake in the morning and make her coffee.

One day I decided to bring it to her as I was headed past her room to the shower. As I closed in on her room I heard her talk. As I got closer I heard her say my name. I leaned in placing my ear on the door and realized she was masturbating.

I can't lye it really turned me on listening to her through the door. She was talking dirty to herself whispering my name. Until at last she moaned, and with a grunt she climaxed. It was extremely hot knowing she thought of me while she touched herself. I hadn't thought of her this way until now. Then my mind wondered to her body and I couldn't stop thinking of her.

I went past her bedroom to the bathroom, showered and returned where I found her standing the kitchen archway with a smile on her face. "Good morning," she said. I smiled and made polite conversation. My thoughts detectable distracted

I dressed quickly and left in a hurry. At work I couldn't stop thinking about what I had heard. Finally unable to take it much longer I went to the restroom and fingered myself till I came. Not being able to satiate my lust with just a quick cum session I had to return to my desk not fully satisfied.

The thong I had on put pressure on my clit, the stockings I had on pressed against my thigh, my skirt gentle slide across my ass and legs as I walked to file room to make copies. My nipples hurt from being fully erect.

I was consumed with the idea of what she tasted like. At the end of my 8 hour shift I got on the bus for the long ride home.

A man whom I had seen before got on the bus and asked if he could sit next to me. Riding the bus everyday He often would sit close to me watching me when he didn’t think I noticed. He was a big black man. Virile and tall.

Every time the bus doors would open I would catch a whiff of his cologne, damn he smelt good. He was dark with darting black eyes, long eye lashes, a shaved head and a nicely trimmed goatee. We talked, but I couldn’t stop thinking naughty thoughts, my mind filled with pictures of him and my room mate.

I was up against the wall, him pressed into me, His voice mesmerizing me. It softly pulsed over and into me filling me with even more desire. I looked at his lush lips and pink tongue and every once in awhile he'd do that Morris Chestnut bottom lip bite and my breath would catch in my chest. He must have sensed I was aroused because he adjusted himself in the set next to me and I felt him fully pressed into me, I saw the bulge in his pants I wanted to fuck him. My lust fully taking over me.

When the bus came to my stop he let me up and I caught a glimpse in the window and saw my ass was close to his face as he made a lil nip towards it.

Descending the bus steps I looked over my shoulder and saw him staring back at me. A look of desire on his face that truly drove me crazy. I waved and walked the two blocks to my house.

There she was on the couch asl**p. A book in her lap her glasses slightly skewed. I walked over to her, sat my ass on the glass coffee table my legs slightly open in front of her. I removed her glasses and she stirred. She was a little startled then she looked up into my face and I could tell she knew what I was thinking. I slide down to the floor and leaned forward till my lips were on hers. In a frenzy of taking each others clothes off we kissed with lust. Her hands inside my shirt, buttons clattered to the floor, her other hand sneaking up my skirt to find my dripping pussy. She kissed my neck, and I moaned, I felt her lips touch my fevered skin, my neck on fire, my breast sore from groping. I came on her fingers and she pushed me gently backwards onto the glass coffee table, my bare ass on the smooth surface she opened my thighs and I felt her kiss my inner thigh, her hand under me exposing me even more.

Propping my ass up for full inspection.

She circled my clit with her hot tongue, sucked on my clit and put two fingers deep inside me. While she slaved my cunt I pinched my nipples and looked over my pert reddened nipples at her face buried in my bush. She was moaning and I felt it rise inside me. She planted a hand on my stomach, holding me in place. I came with her pinching my clit with her teeth.

Rocking beneath her I came with a f***e so powerful I began to scream her name. When I finished I rose up and removed my clothing. All I had on standing in front of her was a black garter, sheer black stockings and my black heels that clasped around the ankles. I lifter her and kissed my juices off her lips. I pulled her t-shirt up and over her head. Her large breasts were perky, perfectly happy to see me.

I kissed her, rolled her large brown nipples between my thumb and finger, she sighed. "I want you," she said.

"Tell me again," I whispered. As she began to say the words I slid my hand between her thighs and cupped her pussy with my hand; while my other grab a handful of hair and pulled her head backwards to expose her neck. I could see the vein in her neck throb. Her pulse quickening beneath my lips, I trailed down to her breast where I caressed and slobbered on her nipples. Once I had sufficient amount of glistening spit on them I blew a gentle breeze and I watched as her nipples responded by jerking and hardening even more. She moaned as her pussy ground into my fingers.

I lowered myself to my knees my face up against her blond hairs. I parted her pussy lips with my tongue and found her clit. Her legs began to shake as I made her climax. Falling back against the couch I lifted her legs in the air.

Once her pussy was fully exposed to me I started smacking her clit with my fingers, juice on her inner thighs, running down to her ass crack. I looked at her face and into her eyes, took my fingers into my mouth. Her blue eyes darked."Fuck me she said” I always like being told what to do so I responded with eagerness that surprised her.

"Fuck me she began to scream, fuck me bitch, fuck me. OH, yes she said, fuck my pussy with your fingers. I'm gonna cum baby. I'm gonnnnnna cum, yes. Yes don't stop, yes."

And she came. Rocked hard by an orgasm that made the history records. Not being told to stop I continued, her screaming “yes yes yes,” until she started to moved away from me. Her juice covering my entire face. I buried my face entirely in her pussy, her clit on my nose, my tongue inside her. I rubbed my face around and she started to moan “stop, my god stop, oh fuck, stop baby, please.” She begged.

Her body fighting me, I wrapped my arms around her legs forcing her into position. Her legs squeezing on my head. “Stop, fuck stop.” I tasted her again as she came and I finally released her.

After shocks shuttered through her and I watched her face. Her eyes closed, her hands covering her breasts, breath escaping from her lungs in lil moans and grunts. I could see her pussy clench closed and open as her orgasm racked her body and subsided. I leaned forward between her thighs.

I could feel her pussy hair nestled next to mine and I kissed her. She licked her pussy juice off my lips, our nipples rubbing up against each other. Both
full aroused by each others lust. I pressed up against her.


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2 years ago
sexy girl-girl wild-roomie fun story.
3 years ago
That was great
3 years ago
very hot story
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very nice and made me Horny , I am gonna EXPLODE
3 years ago
A beautiful, well-written story; I look forward to reading more of it. 5 Xs. Thank you for sharing this talent with us.

3 years ago
it could be a nice movie clip perhaps ... :)
3 years ago
Great story