Bastard in The Making

Kathy is still a very attractive woman even at the age of forty. Dirty blond hair, blue eyes, milky white skin, 5’3” and 145 pounds with a big beautiful ass that could make a man drive up a telephone poll. Kathy had been married twice, both ended in bitter divorces. Now living in her parent’s home, both dead, she has no boyfriends or any prospects. She is a shy woman that to her own frustration, always waits for the man to make the first move. This makes meeting men difficult for her. Consequently she has had not intimate contact in two long years. Kathy is a highly passionate woman with strong subservient tendencies. She has a strong desire to be dominated by her man, even allowing her previous husbands to tie her up and take her by f***e. Fact is she longed to be a dominant man’s love slave again.

On this particular day Kathy has the day off from work because she was expecting a new refrigerator to be delivered. She was told to expect them around eleven and since it was only ten she decided that she had time to shower and primp before they came. Wouldn’t you know it there was a knock on the door at 10:15? Scrambling she jumped out of the shower and into her robe. Not a robe you answered the door in but it is what she had and she did not want to let them get away. As soon as she got the door she knew it was a mistake. Through the chest high window was a big very scary looking Puerto Rican or Mexican man. Kathy grew up Woodbury, Connecticut, a very affluent, lily white community. Having little experience with people of color they frightened her. This man was not only dark but had scary looking jailhouse tattoos. He was around thirty, about six foot, jet-black hair and a very muscular physics. She would not have opened the door if he did not have the proper uniform which was unbuttoned to mid chest exposing a few of his many tats.

Tentatively she opened the door. He greeted her and to her surprise spoke in a very articulate manner. Confirming he had the right address he called to his partner to prepare the delivery. Turning back to Kathy he stared at her scanning her chest admiring the dark outline of her nipples showing through the sheer robe. The silk robe was low cut in the chest and high cut in the thighs. He drank in her exposed soft milky white skin and it was obvious to Kathy that he liked what he saw. She felt her nipples become erect and her could feel her pussy pinging her for attention. Standing there he strained to see through the fabric to her pink nipples erect with excitement and wondered whether she shaved her pussy or not. He preferred the latter. His partner yelled out, “hey you going to help me or not!”

As he left the house Kathy could hardly catch her breath. He was really scary but somehow very sexy. She felt fear yet she was drawn to his raw a****l like masculinity and it filled her with extreme sexual desire. Jose grew up in the streets of Hartford. A tough k**, a gang member since he was 13 he had served four years in prison for severely beating a rival gang member. He really needed this job as he was trying to get his life together. Fucking with this white bitch was the last thing he needed.

Jose and his partner completed the transfer of appliance and Frank; the other man was showing her the controls. Jose was sitting at the table filling out the paperwork. Kathy did probably the bravest (possibly the stupidest) thing of her life. While Frank was explaining the controls at the bottom of the fridge Kathy bent over directly from the waste, no knees to listen to Frank knowing she was exposing her freshly bathed pussy to Jose. His cock jumped in his pants at the sight of that mix of blond and Red haired vagina. Finishing with his lessons Frank left for the truck. Jose asked Kathy to sit down to complete the paperwork. Standing behind her explaining where to sign he could see down her open robe all the way to her beautiful erect pink nipples. He took a chance and laid his hand on her right shoulder. Kathy confirmed his suspicions by tilting her head down and rubbing her cheek on his hand!

Jose said he would be back in a minute to collect the paperwork and when outside to talk to Frank. She heard the truck running and though she lost him. Then he was there helping himself in the door. She turned to him and in one motion he grabbed her robe between her breasts and pulled it down exposing her bare chest to him while locking her arms at her sides. Looking directly into her eyes he bent down and kissed her roughly. She kissed him back driving her tongue deep into his mouth. He then grabbed the back of her head and pulled her to his nipples telling her to bit them hard. Kathy breathed in deeply to catch his aroma. She liked the way he smelled, sweaty but not dirty just very manly. Picking her up, he laid her on the kitchen table and tore the robe open. Taking a moment to drink her with his eyes Jose sucked and nibbled on her tits. He then moved down to her pussy and surprising to Kathy made love to the entire area with his lips. Jose kissed her thighs, running his tongue down to her anus and then straight up her vagina lips to her swollen clitoris slowly and patently making oral love to her driving her to have a wonderful orgasm.

Desperately wanting to suck his cock, she did not have a chance. Jose needed pussy and needed it now jamming his 8-inch cock into her. “No, no! I could get pregnant” she screamed. His unexpected reply was “GOOD”! Oh my god, he’s going to impregnate me! I’m going to bare his love c***d. Instead of fighting Kathy opened her legs wider than she ever thought possible. “Yes, fuck me you prick! Make me carry your c***d she screamed, make me yours, leave me your bastard”! Jose was totally carried away now, focused only on driving his seed deep into her womb. Loosing all control Jose fired spurt after spurt of cum into her while both staring into each other’s eyes connecting on the most primal level. Finally he slipped out and moved back. She rose off the table and attacked his pelvic area diving to her knees and wrapping her arms around his ass pulling his still hard cock down her throat and swallowing what remained of his seed.

The woman suck his cock like it was her last meal of earth and to her great delight he started to grow again. She could feel the head expanding in her throat and was determined not to let go. Jose’s prison time taught him to enjoy rough sex. Grabbing her by the hair he pulled her to him pounding her face with a****l like passion. He clamped down on the sides of her head and walked stepping over body and dragging her by the head into the bedroom mouth still attached to his cock. Still on the floor and her head resting on the side of the bed he pounded her relentlessly. With just his toes on the floor and his hands on the bed he drove his full weight behind his cock to violate her throat. Kathy started to gag. She had long since mastered the art of deep throat but this was too much for her and she gagged like she was choking to death. Her brutal lover showed no sign of caring if she lived or died as long as he got his pleasure.

Wondering if he would ever let her breath again suddenly he pulled back. Kathy found herself moving forward following the retreating cock not wanting to give up her hard earned hot liquid prize. Jose pushed her back and slapped her face. You will do what I tell you bitch and no more of less he shouted. Stunned she just stared wide-eyed at him with a tears flowing down her cheeks. Now, get on the bed and put your arms behind your back he commanded. Scared as she was she complied immediately. Jose ripped a pillowcase up and tied her hands up tightly behind her back. Moving to the other side of the bed he grabbed her hair and shoved his cock down her throat again. He was only interested in the lubrication her mouth had to offer as he moved back to the other side and lined up on her asshole. He was used to rough anal sex with his she bitches from prison and learned to like it. Her pussy was extremely pleasant but he learned to love ass fucking and wanted hers.

With no regard to her comfort, he pushed deeply into her ass with one motion. Kathy’s eyes crossed and all the breath left her body. With no pause he rammed her ass like a jackhammer. He really enjoyed the feel of her soft milk white skin and watching her ample shapely ass move with his f***e. The she boys had hard muscular asses very unlike a real woman. Kathy moved with him the best she could but he was much to fast for her. Finally she buried her head in the mattress and stuck her ass as high into the air as possible totally succumbing to the assault. Jose’s entire body stiffened in climatic spasms as his cum boiled at the tip of his cock. Quickly pulling out he rammed himself back into her pussy in another attempt to inseminate his new found bitch. Kathy knew what he was up to and contracted to pull his seed deeper and deeper into her womb. Screaming the entire time, “impregnate me, please give me your cum, I want to have your bastard c***d, please, please, please” the woman begged.

Jose collapsed onto the bed. Kathy cuddled up to him in post-climatic bliss. She had never felt as warm or complete as a woman. She heard the truck approaching and without a word Jose put his clothes on and left making it very clear to Kathy that if a c***d came from this union she alone would bear the responsibility.

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2 years ago
The end result is great; the way to get there was demeaning and unnecessarily brutal. However, I do respect the writer's opinions.