simpsons Edna knows best part 2

art had told Mrs. Krabapple all she needed to know about Marge. After she pumped him for Info of course. That night she told Bart to wait in a closet with a Camera and told him cues on when to turn it on. And she invited Marge over for some tea

she put some wine in the tea and soon Marge got plenty tipsy. Marge big blue hair was coming down a bit and she was slurring some words. Some cleavage was showing out of her dress and she spilt some wine showing an outline of her bra. Krapbobbal thought it was time to kick thing into 3rd gear.

"How about a friendly game of cards, with some money on the line" She said

"Ooo I really shouldn't gamble" Marge said "Homey wouldn't like it"

"Come of live wild, will start out with some pennies and then we move up" Krabapple said

1 Hour Later

Marge was broke and out of money.

"Come on one more hand (hick)" Marge said

"Hmmm don't have any money but I do like that dress" Krabapple said

"Find you can have it afterwards…"

"No want it on the line now; it only makes thing more fun"

Marge looked at her hand. She had a good one. Little did Marge know Krabapple had been cheating like crazy? Marge nodded. Marge put down her cards showing a killer Hand. Krabapple showed and even better one

"Opps off with the dress"

"But I…"

"Come a deal a deal, I will Help you" Krabapple said

She took off Marge's dress for her sliding her hand down and touching her chest. Marge moaned at Krabapple touch as she took off the one piece revealing a Bra and Panties. Marge tossed it aside

"Come on a few more hands Marge Cant lose them all" Krabapple said

Bart took the cue his old teacher gave him when she pulled on her ear and turn the camera on. Another hand was played but this time she Let Marge win.

"To make us Even Take off my dress down to MY Bra and panties" Kradapple said

she took off her dress showing a perfect cougar body. Each undergarment was two sizes to small holding in her cleavage.

They played another

"Oppsie you WIN again Marge" Krabapple said

She got up in front of Marge and with an evil smile took off her Bra. Marge eyes went wide.

"You keep in shape" Marge said a bit nervous

"3 years of hitting the Gym Margie" Kradapple said "Pretty hot yourself"

"No not really, I just old me"

"Come now everyone in my class thought you were a MILF"

"What's that"

"Mother I like to fuck"

"Gasp, Oh not me"

"Oh yes you"

Marge blushed. Another hand was played

"Next hand for it all your money back and my panties"

They showed their cards

"I Lose again, guess you got your money and my panties" Edna said

She dropped her panties showing a dripping wet pussy.

"Guess you got me, now what will you do with me"

Marge got up

"Better go" Marge said nervously

Edna Krabapple backed her into the wall. She slipped her hand down in her panties and kissed her. Homer never touches her like this. Marge tried to push her away but Linda held her hands against the wall. Marge resisted for a bit but then stopped as her arms went limp

"Lips so soft, better that slob of a Husband never kissed you like this"

"Ohhh" Marge moaned "Never been touch like that"

"Well I am a teacher, got to teach you everything"

Marge bit her lip as Linda nibbled on her neck and plunge deeper and deeper

"Ohhh Cumming, cumming" Marge moaned

Linda pulled out a sticky finger and smelt it. She sucked it and rubbed it across Marge lips.

"Tasty" Linda said

she took off Marge tops revealing plump and juicy breast and tore her panties. Linda started to suck her breast.

"OH MRS KRODOPPLE" Marge screamed

She pushed Marge on the table.

"Almost taste good as your son" Edna said

"What" Marge Said?

"Come out and put the Camera on the other table Bart" Ms Krabapple said

Bart walked out. Marge was shocked. Bart was stark naked and he wasn't the little boy she remembered. He still had a boyish face but clearly grew into a man. His cock was rock hard and bigger then his Dad. It was dripping pre cum

Edna pushes Bart on the table. She started to suck his cock. Marge was shocked that she was getting turn on. Linda made sure Bart watch her finger her mom. The site made him harder as his entire cock disappeared in his mouth. The taste of mother and son was exciting. She had plan this time for months and everything was coming together. She took turns on each person licking and sucking each. Marge came first soaking her mouth. Marge body was hit with a multiple Climax as Linda sucked her clit as she stroked Bart. She felt Bart getting ready to burst. She devoured his cock

"Ahh Corumba" Bart screamed

she came in Edna's's mouth. Linda gargled. She brought them up and kissed Marge letting her taste a mixture of cum. Then she kissed Bart letting him taste the same. She brought Mom and Son lips together and had them kiss. Linda grabbed the Camera

"That's it" Linda said

She dragged them into the Bed room. Linda took a seat.

"Want you to Ride his cock, Marge" Linda said

"But that's my son"

"You want your pussy licked again" Linda asks

"Well, I…"

"Come on mom, Already been in there ounce" Bart said

Marge was surprise her son was still Hard. Marge nodded and Bart lay down. Marge took him inside her as Bart gripped his ass as she rode him up and down.

"Yes that's it, Grab his hair Marge, and Grind him. Control him. Slapped her ass Bart" Linda said fingering herself

"Bout to cum" Bart said

"Now. Hold it; a Gentleman let the girl come first" Marge scolded

Marge took his whole cock till the balls slapped her ass. She rode it faster and faster Cumming on his cock. Linda plunge her fingers in making herself cum

"Want that load your ass" Edna Kradapple said

Marge was ready for it. It hurt at first but she took it all the way in, squeezing his ass.

"Ohhhhh" Bart screamed

He shot his load deep in her asshole overflowing it.

"Damm that was good show"

Bart was knocked out. Marge got up as Edna got something from the closet. The teacher snapped on a strap on.

"Time for the ADULTS to play" Marge said

Edna parted Marge legs and saw sight of a dripping wet pussy. She gave Marge a kiss and pushed it deep in. Edna stared pushing her rubber cock in and out getting a motion.

"Ladies always know how to hit the right spots" Edna Said

"Ohhhhhh my" Marge said biting her lip

Edna pushed it deeper causing Marge to moaned. Marge was soon screaming with pleasure.

"Oh never got so much in" Marge screamed

"What can I say..I'm a good teacher" Edna Said

Marge pussy lips were stretch as Edna pushed it in at a faster. She grinded her hips just right grabbing hold of Marges ass. Marge wrapped her legs around her and got hit with a multiple climax. Marge never had sex this good. Homer was a good man with a big cock..but he wasn't exactly a tactician in bed. Edna breast pressed against Marge as pleasure filled their bodies.

3 Hours Later

The 2 Simpson's Laid knocked out on the Bed as Kradapple smoked a cigarette.

"That was fun" Linda said

She looked a picture of a now Teenage Lisa Simpson

"But I am NOT done let" Edna smirked
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cant wait for next instalment .....hurry hurry hurry