Sarah Palin femdom 3

uthor Note- Decided to make another one of this Sense Sarah Plain Femdom was well received. Note this doesn't show my political views. Did one where a Liberal girl beat someone up to. All in good fun.

Kathy Griffin had recently got into trouble for a skit she did with Levi Johnson. In it she played Sarah Palin and made out with Levi Johnson. It had jokes about Sarah having to write "Food goes into mouth" and "Fire is Hot" on her hand so she wont forget. It was a call back to an incident where she got caught having republican talking points written on her hand.

The republican base was outrage at this. The controversy only made Kathy's book sale rise even higher. She showed on the Daily Show making fun of her and on Real Time with Bill Mare dress as d***ken version of Daugther

To Sara this was a step to far. She was going to confront her ounce and for all. Kathy was suspended to meet David Letter Man at a restaurant. It was going to be to discuss a sitcom or so she was told. Little did Kathy know, David had a run in with Sarah a while back * and was now wrapped around her finger?

(* See for that story)

Kathy arrived and sat down. She was in a short pink dress and pearls.

"Dammit….He Late. I know I say I am on the D list…but when you tell me to come to a restaurant you show up" Kathy Said to herself "Waiter…Waiter…Wine please. Who do I have to blow to get some wine? Or least a Handjob for a Heniken."

She spoke loudly where her voice rang through the air. The waiters started to leave

"Hey…come on it was a JOKE." She Said

Suddenly she heard the doors lock

"Ooooo that aint good" Kathy Said

Suddenly Sarah walked in. She was dress in a leather Jacket, Belly shirt, show off surprisingly tight and tone abs. The shirt was tightly barely holding in her breast. She had the words "mama Grizzly" on it. She had on tight leather clothes, and her glasses. Kathy was pretty sure she wasn't wearing a Bra. A

"What the FUCK is this" Kathy Said

"Going to give you ONE chance to applogize..And be a lady for ounce in your life" Sarah said

Kathy stood up.

"What the Fuck is this..FUCK you…your corn bread, Brain Dead, Quitting, redneck…bitch" Kathy Replied

"Was hoping you Say that"

With that she slapped her sending her to the ground and drawing bl**d from Kathy mouth.

"You HIT me" She Said

"You got that…you City girls are smart. Now get up and fight or I hit you again"

"You Dead Bitch"

Kathy grabbed a bottle and went after her. Sarah grabbed her and twisted her arm. She slammed her head into the table reputedly. Kathy screamed in pain. Sarah put her hands under her shirt and started rubbing her as she nibbled on her neck

"What this…you're wet. You're dripping like a hose. Knew your so called independent liberal sluts are just looking for a strong hand to control them."

"Fuck YOU!!" Kathy Said

"What Witty banter, no wonder you win awards" Sarah Said

She slammed her head again and grabbed her up by the hair.

"You wanted some WINE skank" Sarah Said "Here"

She cracked the bottle over her head breaking it. Kathy was in pain and tossed to the floor. Her clothes were torn off as she slammed her with knees and elbows. Kathy tried to crawl away but Sarah kicked her in the ribs and went for her Bra and Panties. They were torn off with ease. Sarah smirked and poured some wine on her before finish off the bottle herself. She wiped her mouth as she spat on Kathy.

"My Breast" Kathy Said covering herself

"What BREAST whore. Thought you Holly Wood types were free with your bodies. Come on Lets see that FIRE CROTCH" Sarah laughed

Kathy tried to crawl away.

"Cut and running so soon" Sarah Said

She grabbed her by the legs and opens it up. She slammed her boots down on her pussy. Kathy screamed as Sarah cruelly stomped and twisted her foot. She slammed her foot on it, till her pussy was black and blue.

"Where your Jokes NOW funny woman"


"Oh chance to say your sorry is OVER"

She grabbed her up by the hair show she could face her. She gave her a slap.

"What you going to do with me"

"Its simple…going to BREAK every bone in your body" Sarah Said

She slammed a fist into her stomach, making her gasp for air. Sarah circles her like a cheetah, taking off her coat, showing off her strong biceps. She flexed for her.

"Years from working on the Farms on Alaska, gave me this body"

"Yes Meth Farms due to wonder" Kathy Cracked

Sarah kicked her

"There you go with that SASSY mouth of yours again"

She had her foot on her neck.

"Dealt with smart mouth skinny bitches like you all my life. Think there so smart, but crack under pressure. Skinny, waify things….dont know what a REAL woman looks like. Jealous little NERDS"

She took off her shirt, showing off her tits. Her nipples were dark and pointy. Sarah squeezes her breast together in front of Kathy. Her body was nice and tan…very tone.

"This REAL WOMAN looks like. This is why you REALLY hate me. you small tits bitch. I'm the one you liberal bitches want to look like..And your pussy hippy boyfriend wants to fuck. Or want to be **** by"

Sarah pulled down her pants showing a dripping pussy through some panties with symbols

"Fuck…..Confederate Flag Panties…you got to be shitting me" Kathy Said

Sarah slammed her foot on her cunt again

"Called being a PATRIOIT HIPPY" She Said

She tore off her panties and showed a dripping wet pussy. She straddles her face.

"Try to BITE it and I break your arm. Lick…be a little girl…lick. Mmmmmmmmm…higher…higher…left. Mmmmmm nice and fast.

The scent filled her nostrils, as Kathy licked her clits and was f***e to sucking on her pussy lips. Sarah slammed on her face, slamming on the floor.

"Come on lick up..thought you vegans made room for Sushi"

She grabbed a handful of her red hair as she came coating her face.

"Swallow ever drop" She Said

Sarah continued riding her face. Her legs squeezes around her head, threaten to pop her head like a ripe melon. Kathy face was no more then another sex toy for Sarah to ride. After to climax the poor girl mouth was overflowing. A long stream of yellow liquid went into her mouth, making Kathy cough.

Sarah got up and look down at the humiliated Kathy. She picked up by the hair and draggerd her the bar area. She slammed her across the bar, and went behind where she grabbed a bag that she had hidden there. She took some ropes and tied her hands to the bar, connecting the rope across the beer tap.

"What you going to do to me" Kathy whimpered

"What I do best" Saraha Said

Sarah grabbed a two dildo strapon from the bag. Both dildo were black and 12 inch long.

"DRILL BABY DRILL!!!" Sarah laughed

Saraha slammed it full f***e in both holes, stretching them out. The dildo spread her pussy lips long and wide, as the other dildo filled the walls of Kathy asshole. She gripped her hair grinding it in.

"What all the screaming, thought a new York slut like you would be use to this" Sarah Said.

Kathy screamed, despite, the pain Sarah was well skilled at handiling her toy. The toys hit her G spot causing Kathy to scream with pain and pleasure. Then it happen

"What this….you came…you LITTLE WHORE…you came. With what I think is a MULTIPLE climax…you little slut. Guess I have to fuck HARDER WONT I!!!!"

She grinded pushing it and out. Kathy felt both her holes being filled up, but the dildos were going faster now, pushing in easier. Her own wetness was the lube.

"Ohhhhhhhhh shiiiit cumming again" Kathy screamed

"Language…girl…I'm a christen woman" Sarah Laughed

Hour Later

Sarah was dripping with sweat down her tone strong body. She pulled the dildos out and untied Kathy. She grabbed Kathy by the hair and made her suck the dildo clean. Kathy was pushed on the ground.

She straddled her, and wrapped her strong runner legs around Kathy, crushing her ribs. She started punching her repeatedly over and over, laughing all the way.

"Going to have some REAL FUN with you…then me and my friends going to have some fun. Know some ARMY girls who would love to take a crack at you. You get to finally serve your country BITCH"

Hour Later

Kathy was bruise all over, and being put in a Van, driven by a bunch of tough looking army girl

"Sure no one will miss her" A woman Said

Sarah was dress and took a puff of a cigar.

"I cover up. Not to many people will ask about her after all. She on the D list"

The End

The End

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