Gianna michaels catches a peeping tom 5

Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom 5
By lilguy
wimpy humiliated cuckold man tries to stand up for himself

Author note- this is a Fanfiction..base on my own warp femdomy fantasies of Gianna a porn star. Note she probably doesn't behave like this in real life and if she did she probably be serving a long Jail sentence and be f***e to seek help from several mental health professionals. Not this has humiliation, female physically overpowering people, cuckolding, slapping, spitting, strapon and other stuff. Some of it tongue in cheek.

Hotel, in Brazil

The hotel was a luxurious place deep in the hills of the country side. There people could bask in the sun in the man maid oasis of drinks and water. The hotel was called Wet for its pool and hot tubs, whirlpools that gave a view of the country side and city below. It also got it name for the drinks and wild parties that were there. The pools were set up that it looks like it was a waterfall that was going over the mountains. The city reflected off the water, to make it look like your were swimming in the city.

Gianna was there for sex expo where she would advertise her website. She brought her little cuckold chastity slave Ted with her as her assistant. She found his submissiveness and sniveling cowardace made him a great assistant. For one she didn't have to pay him, she would do any demeaning thing she asks; third he wasn't man enough to try to fuck her. He was just a tongue and something to take notes. Catching him peeping on her has worked out for her. She namely found it funny, explaining his chastity belt in airport security

Gianna got out of the pool dripping wet. She had on tight two piece pink outfit. Her boobs were oozing out of her top. They were big, but nice soft and plump. She loved her breast, the way the jiggle just right like two bouncing balls. Like she had some puppeteers walking with her all day, but it was all real. Her body had nice curves and a thick ass that drove a lot black men wild. Real black men Gianna would say to Ted, and not wimps like him. She had an on G string that seems to act your floss for her thick cheeks. The water dripped down making her glisten in the sun. A smile cross her rosy red lips, making a wicked smirked. Her eyes were exotic, a mixture of maybe Asian, Spanish. Ted could never quite figure it out. He would Google it but his computer privileges were limited by her. She didn't want him touching himself and cumming. She told him he had lost the right to nut the moment he was caught master bating to her. She was a bit tipsy giving her wild powerful and dirty look. She was nasty but gorgeous. The girls next door mixed with the town harlot. A wild porn star that would suck a guy off and make them melts in her mouth, mixed with a dominatrix. Her hair hung down her chest, and she walk slowly out, knowing all eyes were on her. That tattoo on the back of shoulder brought even more attention to her.

She watches Ted sitting alone, with his eyes fixed on her. She had made him get "Property of Gianna" tattooed in tramp stamp position. He was wearing tight swim trunks with his cock rock hard. She had made him use a penis pump to get it thicker and longer then the small size it was before. It was no DON JONSON still, but not micro either. His cock was raging, longing for a day she let him burst. His body was slim due to the diet regimen she kept him on. When she was walking toward him she looked down on him like he was a worm.

"Got my drink pussy" Gianna Said

He held her ice cold drink and an umbrella over it so the ice wouldn't melt. She looked up at him like a puppy to his master She walked over to him and grabbed it and drank it down. Her ass was close to the face as she turns. He cock was about to tear through his pants. She admires some of the glistening and well built men. She wonders if it was any candidate for a good time. She finishes her drink and then spat on him.

"Fucking bitch. Quite looking at my Ass"

"Sorry Mistress" He said meekly

He looked at her hoping she least let him oil her down again. He enjoyed feeling her breast and watching them glisten under the oil. She handed him and empty glass.

"Get me another glass loser" Gianna Said

He did as told. While he walked back he saw her talking to a well buffed Mexican man that he was later learn name was Rico. She smiled at him as they were feeling each other up. Gianna put her hand down a man pants, biting her lower lip she looked at him with lust in her eyes and kissed him. Rico cock was huge and look like it was made of Latin steal.

"Hey Faggot…want to see what a real dick looks like" Gianna Said

She grabbed Rico cock and stroked it.

"Look at..Like a big mushroom. Nice and Dark. Not like your little worm" Gianna Said

Both Rico and Gianna laughed

"He just sits there and take it" Rico Asked

"Bitch does what ever I tell him. k** has no balls" Gianna laughed "You believe caught him peeping on me. Kicked his ass, and he been my lapdog ever sense. Isn't that right"



"Yes Mistress"

"Good Girl" Gianna Said "Hey Rico…how about me and you go to my place and have some real fun. Have slut boys make us some drinks"

Gianna stood up and kiss Rico. Her huge breast was pressed against his chest. He grabbed handful of her thick ass and gave it a slap. Gianna moaned getting wet as she felt his muscles

"Sure thing baby…you're fucking wild" Rico Said

"More wild then you think" Gianna laughed


Ted stood naked, with his wrist and legs tied with tears running down his face. He was on the bed. Gianna was on her knees her breast waving back and fourth over him as Rico fucked Gianna from behind. She moaned licking her lips as Rico thick cock slammed into him, with a rhythm that came from a skill of being a dancer and athlete. She lost in the passion, hearing the sounds of his balls slapping her ass. He did long and slow thrust, slowly building up speed and tempo as her pussy got wetter. Ted could she the ecstasy in her eyes and closed his. Gianna slapped him

"Don't you close your eyes wimp" Gianna Said

She was looking down at Ted with wild eyes. She grabbed him neck and gave a squeezed.

"Look at my eyes bitch…sees the pleasure that a real man gives me" Gianna Said "Open your mouth"

She squeezed his cheeks opening his mouth. She spat him his mouth and then on his face. Gianna laughed widely licking his tears. Two more slaps hit his face

"Fuck me Rico…fuck me HARDER….shit going to cum" Gianna Said

Rico slapped her ass as he slammed harder. She felt a climax coming. Her face blushed. Her body started to shake as a long climax filled her body.

"Oh FUUUUUUUUUUUCKED" Gianna screamed

She came on his cock, dripping pussy juiced down his long shaft. She put her lips closer to Ted.

"Want to kiss me little man, want to feel these soft juicy lips against me little man. Want to feel my tongue deep in your mouth" She Said

She got close to the face show he could see the gleam of her lips stick and lip gloss. She gave playful bites over it. Her lips got close to his. He could feel her breath against her face.

"Well forget it…that not going to happen now slut. Cause you're a little pussy. You're a little wimp sissy boy...who FUCK in the ass with my strapon…you will never please an ass as thick and sexy as thick your little fuck" Gianna Said and then laughed.

She spat on him. She moaned back as Rico pulled her hair bringing her to another climaxed. She gripped her tits making him moan. Gianna felt his cock pulsating inside her ready to cum

"Fuck my mouth...cum down my throat…wants to taste every drop" Gianna Moaned

Rico stood up on the bed. Gianna grabbed his cock and started sucking his cock while straddling ted. She licked his shaft, making spit dripped down it. She could taste her juices on in and then started sucking it... She took his whole shaft.

"Ohhhhh shit" Rico screamed

He started to cum in her mouth. His cum was overflowing from her mouth as he was fucking her mouth. He smiled. Gianna smiled, letting the cum drip down her lips. She grabbed Ted by the hair and kissed him making his swallow it. She spat the cum on him

"Faggot" Gianna Said and laughed wildly

She gave him a slapped on the face. She untied

"Make me some Dinner Slut. Me and Rico going to take a shower and have a little fun. Don't you dare wipe your face" Gianna Said


Ted was in the kitchen, grumbling that Rico was making sweet love to Gianna and it wasn't. Not that if Rico wasn't there, Ted would be doing. He knew that logical. That didn't mean he couldn't be pissed. He was a black guy. He was the one that suppose to be doing the cuckolding. Maybe while posing for the Camera and flexing a bicep American Psycho style. Maybe while Gianna screaming "Oh no Ted...your cock to massive…it to big for my little pussy. Please I am no match for your pure Superfly like manliness. But no one of that shit happen so far. His porn dreams were turning into a porn nightmare. Now Rico was macking on his dream girl.

Rico stood in the corner eating an apple. He was getting dress.

"You know she liked you" Rico Said

"Yea and it shows" He Said Sarcastically

"She just wants you to stand up to her. Trust me...even the most dominant woman want a man to take her, show her who boss. He was telling me how much he respects her more if you stood up to her. That it be a surprise. She just don't think you will"


"Yea. Listen…we guys got to stick together. Anyway bout to go"

Rico left. Ted washes his face. Was the cum off his face. Ted got ready and pumped himself up. He drank a little beer to get a buzz. Gianna came out nude, drinking some beer. She had a glow of a woman that just finish having mind blowing sex.

"Where my food slut" She Said


He slapped the beer out of your head

"Have you lost your mind you little whore" Gianna Said

"More Sane then I ever been. Things going to change around her. You're going to treat me with respect" He said pointing at her.

She grabbed his finger and twisted it back. He screamed as Gianna slammed a fist in his gut taking his breath away. He Gasp as a right hook took him down. He tried to fight back but Gianna held his arm down slapping him senseless.

"Who ( SLAP SLAP SLAP) the fuck (SLAP SLAP SLAP) you think your talking to (SLAP SLAP) you little bitch. Come here don't you fucking cover your face (SLAP SLAP)…you just make it worst..don't cover your face (Slap slap) little fucking wimp. Getting your ass kicked by a girl. Have you ever actually won a fight (Slap slap slap slap) fucking sissy. That why you never fuck a pussy (slap slap) like this you fucking cry baby wuss" Gianna scolded

She twisted his nipples and spat on him giving him punches to the ribs... He tried to push her away. But she grabbed his wrist and slapped him. She laughed

"Oh my fucking god…is this how you fight. You're just a pussy. You fight like a 12 year old girl" She Said

"S…s…sorry…. I never (sniff sniff ) I 'm sorry..stop"

She gave him punches to the ribs. She changes her slaps to back hand coming down at furious speeds. Ted hair was grabbed and brought to his feet. She dragged him to the bed room and flipped him over the bed. Gianna went into her cabinet and put on a 15 inch strapon and started lube it. The black strapon glisten with the lube and look terrifying to Ted. Ted knew she was adept at using it and could bring him to his knees. She grabbed him by the hair and pushed the dildo deep in his ass with out mercy. It screamed as the strapon widen his ass and pressed against his prostate

"Don't you ever..try…to stand…up for you ineligible rights again.

She pulled his hair and gave his ass a slapped

"You how your tiny little asshole taking it. You're a real fucking slut. Know some producers who would love a little tart with those skills. Maybe put you in some lesbians films..You can past for a chick. Your cock small enough you little sissy. Feel this. This what a cock should feel like. Nice, thick and fat. This is how you fuck a woman..Nice, rough fast with smooth stroke. Not cumming it a couple of second. Not cumming because you're getting your little sissy ass ****d"

"Owwww Please Rico told me you want me to stand up to you"

"While he was clearly wrong your little sissy. I keep you around cause you're a wimpy little pussy licker that I can abuse. If want cock..I go to a REAL man"

She whispered in his ear.

"And not a little sissy slut likes you. Someone I can laugh at. Someone that amuse me and what a little slut you are. Think I been too nice. Think you having been pulling your weight around here. While that will change. Going to trick you out your little slut. Consider this your ass training whore. Look at you getting hard from it CUM SLUT" She screamed

He lost track of time. Minutes seem like hours. He laid there as she pulled out, finish

"You're two worthless to live" Gianna Said

She grabbed out a small gun from her cabinet and brought him to his knees. She pointed it at him pulling his hair.


She pulled the trigger, and it turn out to be a lighter. Gianna laughed. Rico came out applauding. He open the closet to show it been a hidden camera.

"Had one in the kitchen to." Gianna said

"Can't believe he fail for that speech I gave." Rico laughed.

"Now where going to fuck again. If you don't finish making our dinner by the time we finish I will break every bone in your body" Gianna Said

He whimpered crawling away.

"Bitch" Gianna Said."Now Rico where were we?"

The End
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