Hianna michaels Catches a peeping tom part 2

Gianna Michaels catches a peepin 2
by *lilguy31

Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom 2
By lilguy lilguy4174@yahoo.com
Cuckold, femdom, tease and denial fun follows

Ted was down in Gianna basement. It been 2 months sense he got caught peeping on Gianna and he haven't cum. He was chain up and stripped naked. He had two black eyes and bruised all over his body. Gianna had left him a little bowl to eat out and weaken him. He had to hear her making love to some well hung guy upstairs all night and day

He heard the footstep of her high heals. Gianna was wearing a pair of 6 inch heals and some fishnet stocking. Her panties were black and lacey. As she walked down the steps her could see her thick ass jiggle. Ted always thought she had a nice thick ass namely for a white girl. It was a perfect ass you could grab on and look nice and tight. Gianna had smooth creamy skin. She wore a tight black bra as she walked down. Her breast were huge, barely be held in by the bra that was 2 size to small. Her hair was pitch black and she had exotic blue eyes. Her eyebrow were long and black and she had a wild smirk in her eyes of a woman he been roughly fucked. She had been drinking and was a bit tipsy. She looked down at Ted like he was a bug.

"Hello slut" She Said

She bent over showing her cleavage. He found that it was gobs of cum between her tits, making her tits glisten. She ran her finger down on chest, taking a gob of cum. She put it inches from his mouth and gave it a suck.

"Little Gift from one of my boyfriend. Big thick cock mother fucker. Not a loser like you Nothing better then tit fucking a real man while laughing at what a LOSER you are"

She pushed her tits in her face

"Clean it faggot"

Ted knew if he didn't do as told he be punish. Also he would do anything to be this close to her breast. He was f***e the lick the gobs of cum from her cleavage. She was smothering him making it hard to breath.

She stood up and smiled. She looked at her tits.

"You did a good Job. You should be very proud fag" She Said

She gave him a hard slap on the face. Gianna took her bra off showing her rock hard nipples that look like it could cut glass. She grabbed his hair and licked his tears from his face. Gianna took his cock in her hand started stroking it. His cock was rock hard, and throbbing. She squeezed his cock and fists his cock. Her tits were pressed against him. He felt himself about to cum. She stopped squeezing his balls. She bit his ear.

"No you don't faggot…your not cumming"

He whimpered, which resulted in another hard slap, sending him on the ground. A fist hit his gut knocking the wind out of him.

"Kiss my feet" She Said

He did as told licking between her toes. Gianna kicked him.

"Enough…your enjoying it to much" She Said

She walked in front of him turning around. She gave her big ass a jiggle and slowly removes her underwear. She tossed it in his face. Gianna smirked and grabbed his food bowl. She stood bent down shaking her ass. She squeezed her cheeks, and she saw her asshole was filled with cum. She squeezed it out a stream of cum came out of her ass.

She turn around showing her pussy filled with cum. She bent back, placing her hand on the ground and finger herself with the other. Her pussy was shaved and dripping wet. She parted her pussy lips with her finger showing pink. Gianna started to finger herself

"Open wide slut"

She plunge her hand in her clit and rubbed her sweet spot. Ginna squired a long stream of cum on his face.

"Oh Shit that was good"

Gianna was now dripping with sweat and pushed the bowl over.

"Drink" She commanded

Ted slurped it out, crying while he did.

"Please…just let me cum ounce"


She grabbed his hair and lifted him up a bit. She spit in his face before shoving his face in the bowl. She stood him up and began stroking again. This time faster and harder.

"What you doing down there" A female Voice Said

Down came a tall woman, with huge tits, a shapely body and smooth skin. She was white, blond, and tall with big blue eyes. Her hair was big, tits were big, ass was big, and her personality was big. Her name was Flower Tucci. She walked down starked naked accept for a 12 inch strap on that seem to be soaked with pussy juice. A droplet of pussy juice dripped down the head of the thick black strap on.

She walked down and grabbed Gianna by the hair. Gianna grabbed her ass giving it a tight squeeze and slapped with the other hand. The two women kissed, wrestling their tongues deep in each other mouths. Gianna got her hand between her cheeks, fingering her asshole. The two women breast was squeezed into each other, mashing into one another.

The broke away, making a necklace of spit between their mouths

"Still dealing with this little shit" Flower smirked

"Just love teasing him" Gianna said "He my little hobby"

Flower turns her around, and squeezed Gianni's tits. She gave them a big squeezing, massaging them round and round together.

"Bet you wish this was you" Flower said kissing her neck

Gianna licked her lips and took the strap on. She slipped it in her pussy, splitting her pussy lips.

"Show him how to handle a pussy" Gianna teased

Flower was slamming it deep inside her, as Gianna backed up against her, feeling her up. Flower kissed her, sucking on her tongue as the dildo was going in and out faster and faster. Flower knew where to go, bringing her to the edge and stopping. Both girls fucked it perfect precession.

"Fuck my pussy baby, Want to those balls to slap my ass red" Gianna moaned

"Ohhhh Fuck she tight" Flower Said looking at you "Damm I bet you love fucking this…oh wait you never had"

They both flipped him the middle finger as the fucked. Gianna pussy juiced was dripping down the cock. They both had big smirks on their face and started to laugh.

"Oh Look he crying" Flower Laugh

"Told you he was pathetic"

"Can see why you like teasing this geek"

She grabbed Gianna arms and slammed it harder, stretching her arms back. She grabbed Gianna hair and said...

"Look closely loser. Here something you probably won't see. A face of a woman when she cums after a hardcore fucking" Flower Said

"Ohhhhhh shiiiiitttttttttt fuck…..fuuuuuuuuuuck me" Gianna Said

Her pussy was soaked with juiced. She let out a scream as she came, dripping down Flower's Strap on. She kept slamming it deep inside her. Gianna face blushed as bodies stuck together with each other sweat. She was brought to climax after climax as the head of the dildo hit her pussy walls

Flower pulled it out, and Gianna dropped to her knees and licked the juiced clean off.

Flower spit on him, followed by Gianna hawking a spit on him. They laughed giving him 4 middle fingers to look at it

Flower grabbed him by his hair and made him look at her. She pointed to Gianna.

"See that….that's perfection" Flower Said

Gianna laughed and did a little turn showing off her ass. She bent over.

"Where Porn STARS! We don't fuck little losers like you in real life. We fuck REAL men with monster cocks that tear our pussies apart. Real men that can bring us to climax after climax till our mother fucks legs gave out. Men that will slam us against the wall. We fuck Shaft..Not Urkel, you little fuck. Brad Pitt…not pee Wee herman nerd. These TITS only get cummed all my studs and MILLONARES" Flower Said

"Cant believe the little nerd, tried to peep at me" Gianna said

"Please I am sorry" He Said

Flower slapped him hard

"Shut up worm. That dick is OURS, and we decided if it cums or not. Your going to be our WHORE"

Flower punched him making him screamed in pain. She tossed him down on the ground. She spit on him again

"Lets go..We got real men to fuck" Flower Said

"When we come back…believe that tight ass of your getting FUCKED…by our little toys..where going to ride your ass rotten…you wont be able to shit for weeks…where going to DESTROY you" Gianna Said

She put her arm around Flower and they kissed as they walked upstairs.

The End

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This even hurt me just to read it thasnks