Beatdown by a porn Star lisa Ann

Beat Down by a Porn star- Lisa Ann
By lilguy
Man inherits a porn studio and gets shown who really boss.

When porn King Dick Slamming (not his god given name) will was revealed it surprise everyone. Dick Slamming had died of a heart attack during a weeklong, orgy/coke party the like that would make Charlie Sheen Blush. He was at the ripe age of 60 and was a legend. His studio was known for excess, and despite being popular tended to have money problem due to it spending. When he partied he REALLY parties, with fountains filled with expensive wines and Yachts. When he died, it was revealed the entire porn studio had been given to his uptight, penny pending nephew. It was to his Nephew James surprise as well. James wasn’t planning to run a porn studio. He was happy sitting home, watching kung fu movies and collecting cool ninja weapons. But there was a method to Dick madness. One, Dick had several X wives who he hated and didn’t want to get a dime. Second James was a cheap bastard and thus wouldn’t blow the money on d**gs and women. And third he thought the k** needed to get laid. The first two was working out. The studio was making money, due to cutting some cost. If James had to run a porn studio it would least make money. But it ticked a lot of the girls off because sometimes his penny pushing went too far. For one he made all the girls pay for their par the budgets of the movie
James was at a dojo he rented. It was one of his few luxuries. He fancied himself a karate expert and master of several other martial arts. He was slim skinny black due with a pony tail and a hairless chest. He was pretty young as well. He was alone in a blue robe.
“What is the meaning of this” A female voice said
Todd turns around and saw a beautiful sight. She was a legendary porn star Lisa Ann, the hottest Milf in porn. Even won a dildo shape prize to show it. Something he sure would be in a Smithsonian. Lisa Ann stood in tight Jeans hugging her ass that was tight and thick enough to get a good grabbed on. The girl oozed sex out of ever pour. The Jeans were tight and she had on running shoe, pink. The pants were worn low show a bit of ass cracked and his pink G string. She had a tight red shirt showing off her Double D breast that stretches the shirt. Her skin was radiant. She had been one of the porn stars he followed and saw cum splashed on those tits many a time as she gave a man cock a wonderful tit Job. He always loved milf and older women and watch all her movies jerking off to her constantly. James always thought she seem smart and cool.
He really loves her Sarah Palin character, the haughty bitch with a love for cock she stood 5.2 and had juicy lips with pink lipstick and lip gloss. He nails were painted red and her body was smooth and fit. She wore glasses, wire brim very sophisticated showing off her brown eyes. Her hair was cut do a medium length. James knew he may run into one of his crushes, but he was determining to keep it cool. And not let his dick run his business. He also was trying not to stare at her breast. A task he was failing. Her notices her deep eye shadow and fancy eye lashes. She had a nice bit of blush on her cheeks showing out her lips for the color contrast. The dark eye shadow matches her dark hair well. She was very sophis**ted showing an air of grace.
“What this hotel bill and drink being charge to me. I was out there promoting the movie you jerk. Got hotels to sign on and show it in their pay per view. I tried to call your secretary and they said you were in a meeting, only to find you doing Karate. I was trying to get you for hours.”
“First off” He Said “It pronounced Kara-TAY. Lot of newbie’s thinks it’s not. Also this a meeting, for I need to cleanse my mind here, and get one with my Chi so I can focused on the business. Second miss…no one said you had to get a five star hotel and order the expensive wine. I am sure our clients would be happy with a nice Heineken...and stake at Sizzlers. Now I don’t have time to teach you economics, something that may be over your head. So please”
“Sizzler…I fucking made you a million dollar Deal. Hey don’t you turn your back on me”
He grabbed him and he quickly turns and pushed her hand away. He went for a swing on reflex and she block
“Miss is you insane. Never grabbed a highly trained martial artist from behind” He Said “With one strike I could’ve of killed you without knowing...that how heighten my Kara-tay is. “
“Please k** could eat you alive, if I wasn’t afraid of choking on your skinny bones”
“Pardon...but clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about. I am younger, faster and more in shape then you”
She laughed and it got him mad
“If you weren’t a lady, I show you how good I am”
“Oh really sounds like a challenge k**” She said
A smirk cross her lips as she said she walked around him shaking hip, rubbing her hand across his chest
“How about a challenge, person to get a knock, submission, or ring 3 times wins. If I give me my money plus a 20 percent raise” She Said
“And what in it for me” He Said
She smirked and cupped her tits. She pushed them against him and grabbed his ass giving it a tight squeeze and then a slapped
“You get to fuck these tits you were looking at for so long” She Said
She took off her shirt showing her huge breast. The bra was skimpy, and lace. Her body was nicely tanned showing off her huge breast that seems to glisten with sweat. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. She turns around and kicks off her shoes
“Come on k** I know you want this. I know you dreamed about this. Your uncle told me you had all my pictures. I bet you jacked off your tiny cock for days thinking about me. Whimpering how much you want me” She Said
She slowly took down her pants showing off her G string. She pointed in the air stretching her arms and gave her ass slapped making it jiggle. His cock was rock hard as she shook her hips making her ass cheeks slapped.
“Are you scared” She Said
He wasn’t going to be push around. This was time to make it clear who boss.
“All right miss, you got a deal” He said clenching his fist and making a stance
“All right k**...comes at me” She Said
He took a swing and did a Judo Chop. She blocked it and grabbed his arm and flipped him over. She grabbed his wrist twisting it making him scream in pain. She laughed twisting her foot against his neck. She stood over her breast glistening. She had a smug smile across her face. She had dated some UFC fighters and martial artist and learns some tricks. Not to mention she had to fight some crazy porn stars before
“Ahhh did that hurt little baby” She Said
He tried to get out but couldn’t he was screaming in pain.
“Come your not trying. Guess you don’t want to fuck these tits. Going to hurt my feelings” She Said
She let him go. He got up. He straightens himself out.
“Ok you got me by surprise. But that is over” She Said
He did few types of quick kicks which she easily dodge. She moved toward him and did some chops to his chest and open palm strikes that made some big bruises. He gasps for air as she did a side kick knocking him into the wall. She growled and slammed her tits. She brought him down smothering him with her breast, as she slapped him back and forth with her tits. He couldn’t breathe.
“Mmmmmm think you like that. Get a little hard on aren’t you. And I do mean little” She Said
She slipped his hand down his pants and grabbed his cock. She held his hands against the wall
“Such soft hand, but such a hard cock. Though kung fu master suppose to be strong. You weight as much as a bag of feathers” She Said
She tossed him on the ground and slowly circles around him. He was getting up
“Night time”
She did a round house kick knocking him out. She stood over him and got a glass of water. A big black eye was on his face. She poured the water on his face to wake him up. Her body was dripping with sweat showing her smooth creamy legs. She rubbed her hand down her body and rubbed grabbed her panties. She pushed the panties deep into her pussy like a string showing her wetness, and dripping pussy lips.
“That 1 win for me.Kicking your ass made a girl wet. Come on boy don’t give up. Let this sweet wet pussy be your goal” She Said
She licked her lips pushing her fingers deep in her pussy. He was still groggy. She hovered over him and rubbed her fingers across his lips and let him taste the wetness. She walked away.
“Mmm guess you don’t want to play” She Said
He got up. She smirked as she heard him rubbing. He ran to go for flying kick. She dodges and kicked him in the back. She waiting till he turns around.
“Kicking a girl in the back where your honor. Look like you much not want this body.” She said
She laughed at him blocking his shots. She grabbed his arm twisting it and gave him a few slaps across the face completely overpower. The slaps were hard and fast leaving bruises. She flipped him on his back and went to the floor. She put his legs around him in scissors hold. Her thick legs were crushing his rib and she twisted his arm. She held him there with ease running her hands through her hair. She winked at him making her tits bounce with some pec control. Lisa put hand under her bra and squeezed her tits, bringing them together. He tried to part his legs but couldn’t. She took off her bra and pulled her nipples. She grabbed her tits and started sucking knowing he couldn’t grab them.
“Shame you much not want these big tits due to the bad fight you’re putting up. Look at you. I actually have to hold back not to break ever rib in your body. Shame think a tough, young black man like this would want to fuck these big white tits. But instead of Lexington Steal, I am getting Wayne Brady. On second thought Wayne Brady doesn’t scream like a woman”
Tears were running down his face as he tapped out.
“Are you banging your hand to a beat or you wanted to tap out?” She Said
“So you want to submit”
“Say. Say Yes QUEEN LISA ANN...I submit”
“Yes Queen Lisa Ann I Submit”
“LOUDER” She laughed.
“Yes Queen Lisa ANN I SUBMIT”

She let go
“Good boy. But got to want you k** now I am going to get rough.” She Said.
She took off his robe tossing it aside. She pulled off his pants as she dragged him. She tore off his underwear and grabbed his cock. She dragged him by it
“ win” He Said
“No k** more round. It only fair that I give you a chance.” She Said
She put him on his back and placed her foot feeling his hard on. She pulled off her panties showing the wetness. Her pussy was completely shaved showing thick pussy lips. She squeezed her under wear like a sponge making the droplets of cum dripped from the sponge.
“To show you what your fight for. Get up you wimp before I drag your ass up” Lisa Ann Said
He gripped his ribs and got up. James came at her with everything he had. But she just laughed as she dodge and block most of his attacks. She waited for him to move in closes to take away the advantage of his reach and slammed her knee in into his ribs with a high kick. She boxed his ears and did some close jabs. She fist slammed into her stomach taking his breath away. He staged and she followed it with rights and lefts leaving bruises all over his body. He was about to fall but she grabbed him holding him up. His chest pressed into his chest as she held him in a bear hug. Her breast pushed out crushing his chest as he screamed in surrender. Lisa Ann pushed him back, her breast jiggling as she moved. She dodges a swing by him and followed it with an upper cut. She stepped back and then ran with a flying kick into his chest slamming him into the wall. She was working his ribs against the wall with rabid punches. She took a round house punched to his right cheek and then his left. He was nailed against the wall like a harpoon was in him. She grabbed his balls squeezing him making him screamed. She planted a soft kissed on him. Her soft lips pressed against his and he practically melted in her arms. She was stroking his cock against the wall shoving her tongue into his mouth. She played with his cock stroking it up and down. His cock was the hardest it ever been. He felt her hard nipples against her body. His toes curled and his whimpered. He started to cum. His cock sprayed, sending gobs of cum everywhere. She continued to stroke it while it was still sensitive from cumming for over a minute. She held him there as he was unable to push her off her. Lisa smiled and turns around licking her now sticky hand. Her ass was perfect as she walked away. She spun around and gave him a round house kick knocking him out.
She woke him again. She grabbed him by his hair and dragged
“Think it time we discuss how our working relationship going to be” She Said
He could hardly move. She took a chair and put him over her knee.
“Going to spank the black off little tart” She said
Her hand slapped his ass. He screamed in pain as she was spanking him. He cried out in pain as he hand was cuming down like bolts of lightning. He cried out as she was spanking her cheeks making them bounce. Her hand came down long and hard as he cried like a baby.
“Ohhh quit your crying little man. Think I am going to take more than a 20 percent raise.” She Said
“Please anything you want. Waaaa” He cried
“Unruly young fucks like you need a good spanking every now and then. You’re going to learn manners. You’re going to learn where porn STARS. You work for US young man. Think you’re not tough enough to run some of the dirtier parts of a business or handle the girls. I broke you in a few minutes”
“I am sorry. I will be good.” He cried
“In fact might be a new boss around here young man. You’re going to be here to serve the ladies. After all, a good worker is a happy worker.”
She continued the assault for 20 minutes. He lay broken. She stood up and pushed him on his back. She spread her pussy lips and showed the wetness.
“See this spot little man” She Said
She sat on his face.
“Want you to lick it. Lick it right there. Mmmmmmm Ahhh yess. That’s a good boy. Faster, slower…now. Don’t rush it. Deeper. Now suck right there. Higher. Mmmmm. Think I am going to like working at your place” She Said
Her pussy scent filled his nostrils as she gripped her legs around him riding his face hard. She bounces up and down on his face with great joy. She grabbed his hair, grinding into him and telling him where to go. She orders when to lick and when to suck. He soon learns to follow her moans. She gripped his balls hard when he was doing it wrong. Lisa Ann was using him as a dildo. Her glasses were getting fogged up as she moans with pleasure. Sweat dripped down her perfect body
“Yes suck it. Suck it right there slut. Ahhhhhhhhhh Yesss.” She said
Her body shook like it was being shocked. She came all over his face with a huge climax.
“Good boy, do those 3 more times and you can crawl out of here” Lisa Ann Said
2 Years Later
The studio had grown into the most profitable porn studio in history. This was due to girls getting a huge percentage of the profits from their video. This got all the top women to come there and work at the movies. James was basically just an accountant and assistant for the ladies with Lisa Ann running things. They gave him a little bit of the profit. More money the boy would have saw anyway if they did it they did it his uncle’s old way. It was to keep him room and boarded so he be at the girls beck and call. He was basically their slave. He was boss in name only. The girls would have parties using strapon’s on him and humiliating him. He soon grew to secretly love being a wimp slave. He didn’t question them anymore. Plus any disobedience would give him a beating. Most of the girls like to be trained in fighting by the top martial arts. They all heard Lisa story and loved the power of it.
Lisa Ann sat in her penthouse office getting her pussy eaten out by him as she looked the awards. She was enjoying the good life. A woman came in the door.
“We need the BOSS. A Gang bang scene is over, we need to little slut in for clean up” The Woman said
She said boss with finger quotes. Lisa Ann snapped her fingers. He knew he would have to use his tongue to clean it up
“Ahhh it’s good to be Queen” Lisa Said putting her feet on the desk.

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