Eve Super desires 3- She Hulk

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Eve Super Desires 3
She Hulk
Scarlett witch was shown on camera bruises, with two black eyes. She was sucking on a woman’s pussy, Eve’s in fact. A Villain who owns a website called EVE SUPER DESIRES. It was an underground Website controlled by a met human name Eve. She dominated Super heroes and Villains unlike, beating them and r****g them. Even with the warnings, she manages to track down and ****d ever hero or villain she said she would. She came out of nowhere, using her amazing strength to break people, and totally humiliate them. The CIA describes her as a brilliant sociopath who is sexual deprave beyond limits. Despite the clear illegibility of this website it was the most watch and downloaded website in the world. They money she made was put into private account all over the world. She had secret safety deposit boxes, stock, and gold, in case one of her hidden accounts was shut down. She seems to be unstoppable. The website had live video feeds, records videos and a lot of pictures. It was up for 2 years, and no one had been able to stop her.
“Look up at me…I want to see those tears at that cum drench face” Eve Said
Scarlet looked up, her face glaze with pussy juice. Eve smiled down and started to cum. letting the camera squirting pussy juices hit her face. Eve knows the audience love to see pussy squirting and she was a champ at it. She loved her job...she already had more money then she needed but she wanted to dominate more.
“Say...I am Whore…of SUPER EVE!!!”
“I am a whore of Super Eve” Scarlet cried
She slapped her and stomped on her face knocking her out. Eve stood in front of the camera naked. She was beautiful and gothic. Her nose was pieces and she had a couple of piecing on her ears. Her hair was short and she wore dark eye shadow. She had very dark eyes, with a coldness of them. People where there for her pleasure, to be fucked senseless and totally dominated. Eve was 6.2 of solid muscles sculpted from steal. Her ass was thick and jiggled as she walked nice and firm. Her back muscles were thick showing layers and layers. The muscles showed cut muscle definition like a long row of roads going into each other. Her back had a tattoo of a cross on it, very well painted and sculpted. She had an exotic Nordic beauty and was very attractive with thick lips with red lipstick. Her muscles were huge, 20 inches biceps and thick long legs and muscle calves. Her breasts were G’s and her nipples pieces. She had the word tattoo “Dead” over her breast, and on her stomach the word “Life”. Her breast was nice and firm and stuck out in pride. Her body lightly tanned and her nipples rock hard sticking out 2 inches. Her pussy was totally shaved, and she was dripping wet. Her nails were long and painted black. She had a gothic look about her, ends of her hair slight burnt, and having a piecing through her right eye brow. Her body fit and tone stand there with her fist clench. Her teeth were white, and were full cheeks full. Her abs were thick...Six pack very tough. She loved showing off her muscles and the power that came with it to crush people. She had a bit of bl**d dripping down her tits from beating up her opponent. She also had some cum dripping down her lips. She oozed sex.
“Know you sick fucks probably busted your nut to this in 10 seconds. You’re probably jerking your cocks knowing you’re not man enough to fuck me or woman enough. Just like this little bitch right here” Eve Said in a sultry voice
She spat on Scarlet Witch
“Well your lucky day, a new video coming in a week. I made a poll of who I am going to **** next, and She Hulk won by a mile. So watch your back you BIG GREEN WHORE. You either come to meet meeting me at dungeons location I putting on this website...or I Track your ass down” Eve Said
She Hulk was not one to back from a challenge. She got tired of this Eve person attacking her friends. She called her out to meet the next day, instead of a week. Eve oblige. They met at location in the mountains were her dungeons were hidden underneath, one of Eve many hide outs. Eve stood there naked, dripping with sweat and smoking a cigar.
“Surprise you pretty ass showed up” Eve Said
She Hulk stood dress in her She Hulk outfit, the purple and white outfit showing off her tall body, and sexy curves. A smile cross her green lipstick
“That nakedness suppose to intimidate me” She Hulk Said
She Hulk slipped out of her outfit revealing a tone body, a 7.2 she was stunning with flowing green hair. Her muscles weren’t as thick as Eve, but she was pretty muscled. 12 inch abs, 26 inch calves, broad shoulder with six packs abs. Her body was green and her nipples dark green. Her breasts were huge, like two overinflated basketballs that bounce up and down with pride. She had deep emerald eyes and super model face. She was oozing sex and power. She clenches her fist. Eve set up Video camera robots floating around them show she could give ever angle...focusing on She Hulk nice rump. She Hulk pussy lips were nice and juicy and leaking a strong scent
“Well Ms Superhero...ready” Eve Said
“Always Ready”
She Hulk stomped hard on the ground shake the ground and causing and earth quake. Eve was knocked off the ground. She Hulk ran at her and grabbed her by her legs when she was in the air. She slammed her down like a rug, creating a huge dent, and continued slamming Eve Down back and forth. Each time the sound could be heard for miles. The f***e of it sending tremors to the ground as She Hulk showed no mercy.
“This is for all my friends you **** (slam SLAM…SLAM SLAM!!) You crazy bitch” She Hulk Said
She tossed her in the air and sent a flying kick to Eve spine. Eve was knocking into a mountain sending miles of rock falling on her. She Hulk smirked and ran her finger through her hair as she looked at the rubble
“Puny little villain” She Hulk Said
She Hulk was walking away when she rumble. Eve slammed out of the mountains and grabbed She Hulk from behind. She had her in a bear hug making her scream in pain. Her nails dugged into She Hulk breast drawing bl**d as her scratch. Eve big breast was pressing into She Hulk spine. She was adding pressure threaten to break her ribs in two
“It aint over let” Eve Said
She back Suplex She Hulk into the ground and began stomping her. Her stomping sound like thunder in the sky
“Fucking bitch…bout to cut you down to size and where your pussy likes a glove” Eve Said
She stomped hard on She Hulk stomach making her scream in pain. She twisted her foot in her gut making her gasp. Eve stood over her fingering herself. Her pussy juices leaked out.
“Take a good look at this cunt baby, you’re going to be eating it for hours you dumb green slut…the taste going to be on your lips afterward for all. So when you eat all you taste is my cunt...remind you of who bitch you are” Eve Said
Her foot rises against stomping on She Hulk, face twisting her big foot in her face.
“You made a big mistake thinking you could challenge me whore. Going to go extra hard on you that...set an example” Eve Said
Eve slammed her foot down and She Hulk rolled out the way tripping her. She got on top of Eve and started punching her hard in the face sending shock waves with the f***e
“You talk too much bitch” She Hulk Said
She slammed her fist down together like a hammer on Eve. She squeezed her strong legs around Eve squeezing the life out of her while working her tits and face.
“Where your smug talk now whore” She Hulk Said
She went to punch again but Eve caught it and started punching back hard. She gripped She Hulk tits, scratching her breast and making her scream. She reverses the hold getting on top of She Hulk. She punch her breast like two speed boxing bags, bruising them
“Shame I have to beat just nice tits, going to be looking like prune when I am done” She Said
She punch harder drawing bl**d
“Get your ass up” Eve Said
She grabbed She Hulk by the hair and slammed her knee into her face. She got her up again and slammed a fist into her stomach
“Shit does that hurt little bitch” Eve laughed
She Hulk elbowed her in the stomach and caught her with a right hook. Eve didn’t fall down she hit back with a punch off her own, punches making the rock crumble around them. They were trading blows standing up
“Is that all you got bitch” She Hulk Said
“I am not the one bleeding” Eve Said
She Hulk caught her with a right. Eve smiled. She caught She Hulk next punch
“Nice hit...here mind” Eve Said
She punch hard a few times in the face hitting with hits harder then she been hit in her life, drawing bl**d. She Hulk was taken back by her strength. Her punches against Eve weren’t doing nearly as much damage. Eve then head butted She Hulk down to the ground. She stood up over She Hulk and flexed her muscles. She made her biceps bounce showing the veins and strength off her.
“Face it bitch stronger and tougher then you ever could be” She Said
She Hulk got up and punches her again across the face. It knocked her back again but didn’t make Eve dropped. She caught She Hulk in the ribs making her scream in pain and then caught her with a right hook.
“Care to try it again BITCH” Eve Said
“Damm you to hell”
She kicked went to attack again with a kick. She Hulk caught her foot.
“Kung Fu shot won’t work on me” Eve Said
She slammed her hard down on her legs making her scream in pain. With her leg spread, Eve punched She Hulk in the pussy sending pain through her body making her fall. She stood over She Hulk and use pec control to make her breast bounce one at time.
“Didn’t even break a sweat” Eve Said
“Damm you..YOU BITCH” She Hulk Said
This time she tackled her. She lifted Eve up off the ground and slammed her hard through miles of rock down into Eve’s secret hide hideout below. There she saw all type of sex toys, chains, and cells, as well as a big bed room. She Hulk stomped on her stomach making Eve scream in pain
“Lets see what we got here here”
She grabbed a chain and wrapped it around Eve’s neck choking her and dragging her to the center of the room. She began punching Eve face
“Am I tough enough for (punch punch) now bitch?”
She grabbed the chair around her neck and slammed Eve into the walls around, making huge dents.
“How about now” She Hulk said squeezing Eve tits, drawing some bl**d
She kneed Eve into her spine
“Anything else to say” She Hulk Said
“When I am done with you going to **** your bitch cousin Hulk” She Said.
She Hulk swung her and in the air around and around, till she let go slamming her through several metal walls. Eve was getting up. She Hulk ran and kicked her in the head like a foot ball knocking her back. She started punching her against the wall making the room crumble around them. Light flickered on and off with each punch as she made the ceiling lights fall on them
“No one messes with the sensational she Hulk” She Hulk Said
She gave her a loud slapped across the face
“Hope your Camera catching all this” She Hulk Said looking at the camera. She Grabbed Eve hair and made her face the camera. She was pounding her down. She slammed Eve face first to the ground and stomped on the back of her head
She Hulk winked at the camera and flexed her arms, making her breast bounce. She stomped on the back of Eve’s head repeatedly. She Hulk was dripping with sweat, her breast glistening, her pussy soaking wet from the power.
“Come here”
She Hulk grabbed her by the hair and was slamming elbows down. Eve caught her in the stomach with a few punches, breaking her hold. She continued the pound with vicious combo of punches getting close, making up for She Hulk reach
“That it”
She grabbed She Hulk hair head butted her. She kicked her knee cap bring her to the floor and began pounding. She was on her knees, Eve pussy in her face.
“Look at me whore” Eve Said
She began punch her repeatedly, drawing bl**d and bruising her eyes
“Is that all you GOT little green slut”
She slammed her down on her back and straddles her. Her legs squeezed around her as she punches her senseless. She Hulk couldn’t pry her legs.
“Bet it surprising see someone stronger then you. I ****d Thor you dumb whore…your no match FOR ME!!!”
She squeezed her legs making She Hulk scream
“Ahhhhhhhh does that hurt”
“Aarrrrrggg my ribs” She Hulk Scream
“Ahhhhhhhhh poor little baby (punch punch) did I hurt little baby She Hulk Ribs (punch punch) don’t worry you got a few spare ones (snap) opps there goes another one (punch punch) don’t you try to cover up my punches you dumb whore” Eve Said
Eve punches came down with a speed of lighting beating her senseless. She squeezed on her breast hard, making a popping sound on She Hulk tits.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa” She Hulk screamed
“Ahhhhhh your tits don’t look so impressive now..Look like two bruise g****s” Eve Said
She was punching her again and again bl**d splattering on her tits
“Ohhhhhh fuck yea…ripping you apart making me soooooooo wet” She Said
She continued the assault for 5 minutes, leaving She Hulk bruises and battered. She stood over She Hulk and slammed he foot down on her pussy. She turns around showing off her back muscles and big cross tattoo. Eve made her ass cheeks, and her cheeks slapped together as she smiled wickedly back at She Hulk
“You pussy not looking so good now either. The lips are own swollen from my stomping” Eve Smirked “And going to stomp your tits, like crushing g****, making wine”
“Aaaarrggg stop”
“Look at my back you wimp...Look at my back muscle...my THICK ass, my glorious legs, that could crush your bones like old paper. LOOK AT A GODDESS” Eve Said
She Hulk was scared never facing someone so strong. She had punched her as hard as she could and it did very little affect to her. Any bruises were healing up faster. Her body glistens and she had a scary look in her eye. She was looking at She Hulk like a piece of meat. She kicked She Hulk in the face while grinding her foot deep in her pussy. She stomped again and again spreading her legs. She made sure the camera got the look of her flexing. Eve smiled to the camera...aware of her audience. She was growing millions of hits by the minute, and licked her bicep.
“Get up you little wimp” Eve Said
She grabbed her by the hair and slammed her face into her knee repeatedly. Eve was in total control. She lifted, She Hulk up over her head holding her broken body. She slammed her over her knee, making a loud crack
“Ohhhhhhh fuck” She Hulk screamed in pain. She could barely move
Eve took her time walking around her. She kneeled down and began punching her again for 5 minutes straight not saying a word. She never felt just pain
“Please no more”
“What was that?”
“You win” She cried
“Ahhh thank...You say that like you have a choice to surrender” Eve Said continue to punching “Your NOTHING...say it”
“I’m nothing” She cried “Mercy”
“Mercy MERCY” Eve Said angry “You don’t get mercy”
She started cruelly working her ribs punching her again and again making bone break. She grabbed her into a headlock and held her face to the camera. She slowly licked She Hulk tears.
“You scared?”
“Yes” She Hulk cried
“While you scared...because you know I can crush you” Eve said licking her ear.
“Why because I am stronger…tougher…hotter”
“Yes…please just let me go”
“Never BITCh…your mind. The only question reather you will live another day”
She pushed her on the ground and stood over her. She was dripping wet making droplets of pussy juice dripped on her face. She parted her pussy lips showing her clitorious.
“Like that baby...Nice and thick” Eve Said “Want you to suck...do I get Job and I may not snap your fucking neck like a twig”
“Yes Eve”
She stomped on her
“Yes Goddess Eve”
She straddled his face
“Listen bitch…going to tell you this ounce...and won’t mention it again. When I pull your hair this way…you suck...When I pull it this way you lick. When I tap this side of your head, you lick faster, when I tap this side you slow down. Now LICK…yesss…higher…right there….mmmmmmmmmmm your fast learning”
Eve smiled as he soaked pussy dripped down She Hulk face. She Hulk whimpered as she was f***e to suck her pussy. The smell went through her nostril...it was a strong scent.
“That it..RIGHT THERE…right there…lick..left…Right…THAT IT BITCH”
She squeezed her legs around her threaten to crush her head like a melon. The floating camera came down getting a close look at She Hulk face and took a picture
“Fuck YESSSS...”
A mechanical ball floated in the air
“Computer show me my web hits”
The ball showed a holographic image of a number
“Damm THAT’S A RECORD…you just made me another fortune. Camera Zoom in on my face. That it. Want everyone to know THIS is what happens to bitches that cross me. Villain, hero, Alien, president or King…you ALL BOW to me. You’re all cocks for me to suck and fuck. You’re all pussies for me to ram, asses for me to fist, and fuck with my strap on. Your all just tongue to suck my pussy” She Said
She flexed her arms showing her huge biceps as she rode She Hulk face
“Take this little BITCH right here…probably though she had a change…but she doesn’t isn’t that right SHE HULK!!!”
“Yes Goddess Eve” She Hulk cried
“Now she laying down sucking on my cunt likes a good little bitch. FASTER whore…yea that it...about to cum in that pretty little face of your”
Eve put her head back and had a multiple climax. She slammed her fist into the ground, making dent in the hard metal. She started gushing out of her pussy, splashing her face with thick pussy juices. Her pussy juices filled her mouth and went down She Hulk’s throat
“Fuuccckk..Yessss shiiit”
Eve body was dripping with sweat as she felt another climax coming on
“Right…right there...don’t you DARE STOP LICKING YOUR WORHTLESS CUNT” She Said
She closed her legs around smothering her with her pussy. She was slamming her pussy against She Hulk face, slamming her up and down. She grinds back and fourth
“You know I am known for my squirting on my website. The way my pussy gushes. Guys love it. I was killed a woman like that. Came so much I overflowed her lungs with my pussy. Held her nose so she could breath. She drown on my Juices”
Eve bit her lower lip grinding faster and faster against her.
“That it...hit my sweet spot” Eve Said
She came again shaking her entire body, her face blushed. She came so hard; the pussy juices came out of She Hulk’s nose, making her gag on her pussy
“That it cunt…KEEP SUCKING” She Said
She zoomed in on her breast snapping photos from above with her little computer ball that was floating in the air. She hooked it up so the camera could read her though going everywhere.
“Doesn’t my pussy taste beautiful” She Said
“Yes Goddess”
Eve laughed watching her humiliation. She let came again coating her. She squeezed She Hulk pussy making her scream
“Ahhhh are you tongue getting tired”
She rode her face for a good half an hour making her face soaked, switching from licking her ass hole, to her face.
“Damm that was good” She Said “Stick your tongue deep in my hole…that it smell it you worthless whore”
“Yes Goddess”
“Quit your whining” Eve Said slapping her
She got up and dragged She Hulk by the hair and held her to the camera. Her ounce proud breast hunger down bruises like two deflated balloons
“Well audience should I give her MERCY”
She saw the holographic image showing the online voting...the no mercy have it.
“That was your adoring fans you spent so much time saving” Eve Said
She punched her down and walked across the room
“Don’t you dare fucking move cunt” Eve Said
She Hulk was whimpering on the ground as Eve went through her sex toys. She got out a strap on that had nanrpobes hook to it, so Eve could feel ever thrust like it was her own. It glowed and spark with electricity. It stood 16 inch long and 5 inches thick
“Ready to have your little pussy ****d whore”
“Please Mistress not that”
She kicked her in the face
“Quit your fucking whining”
She flipped her over a table and tied her arm down. She eases it in, parting her pussy lips. She Hulk moaned as Eve then slammed it in
“ARRRRRRRRRRGGGG……noooooooo fuck”
She grabbed She Hulk hair
“Say Hi...To the Camera…Tell her what a little slut you are”
“Ohhh fuck…fuck..I am little slut”
“Look straight it and tell the world EVE owns this pussy”
She thrust the strap on in, letting the rubber balls hit her. She Hulk screamed in pain practically feeling it in her gut
“Ohhhhhhh Fcukkkk…Eve owns my pussy..EVE owns my pussy..Goddess Eve owns my pussy” She Cried
Eve laughed giving her ass a slap
“That it...your pussy much be hungry look how much of my cock your taking little piggy. Oink for me piggy oink”
“Oink Oink” She Hulk said humiliated
“God you’re fucking pathetic...don’t you got any shame”
“No Goddess” She cried
Eve let out a sultry laughed, her body dripping with sweat. Her heavy breast slapped together and she ****d She Hulk. She Hulk body shook as she was hit with a multiple climax
“You came you little whore” Eve Said
She pulled it all away out accept for the head so people could see the lengthy and girth and all the pussy juices on it, and then slammed it all the way in. Eve put her arms above head and just slammed it in.
“Ohhhh Yea that it. Damm got my cock deep in this bitches gut. She loved it. Love the way those big tits pressed against the table. Those tears run down your eyes. I bet no one ever fucked you this hard…DIDN’T they slut. I am going own every superhero I could find your dumb ass bitch. Going to **** you all your fucking wimp”
“Ohhhh God it hurts” She Hulk cried
“Suspose to do...Think the slut about to cum again” Eve said pulling her hair “Aren’t you slut”
“Yessss…………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhiiiit” She Hulk cried
“Yea don’t you try to hide from this cock? Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck” Eve screamed as she came. She was grinding against her, letting the strap on hit her like a battering ram
The rubber balls slammed against her, leaving bruises. She turns on the electricity of the strap on making her scream
“All does that HURT...10,000 volts bitches. Kill most people but still will just hurt you...all be it very baby...take it bitch…TAKE IT all”
She Hulk was screaming totally helpless. She came more then she every came before having a climax that lasted 5 minutes wrecking her body. Her pussy juiced dripped on the floor. Eve Came smashing into her, holding her rubber cocks inside her as her heavy tits
“Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK…you worthless cunt”
Eve snapped her fingered and orders her robot to get her some cigar and smoke. The Robot use a teleported to teleport a beer on table with a cigar
“Damm beating bitches sure makes me thirst”
She drank the Beer all the way down, a 40 oz of it. Eve wiped her lips and order up another one, getting hazy
“Fuck yesss” She Said down bottle after bottle, as She Hulk came under her. She lit a cigar and flipped her fingers to the camera
She lit her cigar and blew smoked in the air
“Tell me bitch do you regret coming here”
“Because I am no match for you”
“You know what I think cunt. You wanted to get ****d. That why you came here. That why you tried to fought me. Because you’re certainly didn’t think you were a match for me. I am stronger, tougher, better fighter, and a better fuck then you ever could be. HOTTER as well. I am the ones in everyone fuck dreams and their nightmares...that they all want to ride. Think all your superheroes and villains come here because you want to be ****. So use to being in power you wants to be taken control. You want to be degraded. That is why your pussy squirts so much. Me I am not like that…ALWAYS want to be dominate…aint a submissive bone in my body” She Said
She put her hair and put the cigar out on her ass.
“Fuck…You just made me bust a nut you dumb bitch” Eve Said
She Hulk whimpered. She continued the assault for 15 more minutes making She Hulk legs limp. She pulled put and put it deep into She Hulk ass. She Hulk gritted her teeth and started to scream. She watches the dildo disappeared in her ass, using She Hulk’s pussy juice as lube
“Well look at that bitch…you took the whole thing good job”
“Fuuuuuuuuuuuck it hurts so much” She Hulk Said
She was slamming her while she was drinking a beer, and then Eve poured the beer on her breast so it glistens as she fucked She Hulk. The audience was going crazy, watching Eve tits glisten. The pictures snapped photos
“Thanks babe...going to use all the money I got from r****g you to make new bases, to **** new bitches, as well as new weapons”
“Please can’t move” She Hulk cried
“Don’t you past out on me you dumb slut”
She grabbed her hair and slammed it in. She Hulk started to cum again just as Eve climax. Sweat was dripping down Eve back making her tattoo glisten. The Camera turns to show her ass. She kept pulling it all the way in and then shoved it deep. She Hulk breast was pressed against the table. She never came so much time or be handling so roughly. Her ass had Eve’s hand prints on her ass as she was spanking her leaving huge marks. She ass was bruises as she continued to Spank She Hulk ass making her cry. Her asshole was bruise black and blue. She was getting a steady beat. She had the robot sphere that floated over her play Death metal music, blaring through the base. She Hulk lost track of time thinking then would never end. She uses ever muscle to fuck her Hulk rough enjoying the ecstasy. Eve came and came enjoying r****g her
“Think I may tattoo that ass so everyone knows you’re my bitch. You better not get it laser off cause if you I will fucking kill”
And Hour passed. She pulled out and untied her
“Suck your ass Juice off my cock whore” Eve Said taking a drag of a cigar.
She was on her knees sucking the juices off the strap on. She Hulk gagged, her cheeks getting red and throat getting bruise. She had a camera zoomed in on She Hulk face.
“Tell the world who you belong to” Eve Said
“Goddess Eve”
“And what would you advise any bitches who I am tracking down to do” Eve Said
“Just surrender” She Hulk cried broken
“Hear that bitches” Eve Said turning to the camera and pointing to her “This little bitch the great sensational She Hulk couldn’t stop me. Now what you think I will do to you. Would just **** this bitch for a day, but she tried to act tough. So going to **** her for WEEKS STRAIGHT...then I am going to cripple her and drop her bitch ass in the trash...to heal up…so every now and then I will do it to her all over again”
She slammed it down her throat harder
“This ass and pussy mind…doesn’t want ANYONE else fucking it…UNDERSTOOD”
“Yes Goddess Eve”
“If I catch them fucking you going to **** and kill you both”
“Yes Goddess Eve”
She slapped her
“Suck my rubber balls bitch. You’re never going to be safe from me. You will never know when I come to your place and fucked that pussy raw.”
She meekly sucked them
“That it…your a whore...such a worthless little whore
Eve smiled slapping her. She grabbed a tattoo needle and bent her over. She Hulk scream in pain as Eve wrote the name of her website on her ass.
“Just made me a BILLION whores” Eve laughed
She tossed her down
“Fucking whore” She Said and spat on her.

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