Mary Jane sets a trap

Mary Jane sets a trap (humiliation version)
By lilguy
Mary Jane finds out Black cat sl**ping with Peter and sets a trap for a catfight

Author note- This was a commission I did for someone else
Felica (aka Black Cat) sleeked through the roof tops in a skin tight catsuit. It was tight and leather hugging natrualy and tightly to her body. It had little mini pockets to hide all her gear. The pants hugged to her butt showing the crack off her ass. The pants were deep into her butt showing her plumps cheeks slapping together as she walked. Her legs were thick and athletic which made her run and mile in a short amount of time or crush someone with a killer scissors. She loved her legs, love having it wrapped around a man was she rode his cock, watching the thrill in his face as her legs crushed around him. She loved the hint of fear knowing her legs could crush his ribs. Her calves were big 30 inches and long due to her being 6.4 without out heals. She wore 12 inch heels making her tower over most men. The heals had a sharp end that could cut glass. She was walking toward a building and cut open the roof window with her heals. She drop down smoothly as a cat landing on the table. The occupant was asl**p. Not that she was afraid of them
“Time to play” She smirked pulling out her claws. She had on gloves with the fingers cut out showing red finger nails that were sharp as diamons
Her top was zipped down with her huge over G size breast oozing out like water. They were thick and firm showing tiny little viens if you looked closely. They were full of warm breast milk to the point he nipples would leaked staining her shirt.Her white hair flowed in the wind. A big smile went across her juicy red lips. The lipstick she was wearing was bl**d red. Her face was that of a goddess. She went to a safe and quickly picked the lock. She saw a dimond bracelet with a cat symbol. She quickly pocketed. She got a text on her phone and pulled it out it. It said “ Spidey..the wife out of town meet me at my aparemtn and we can have some fun”
“Mmmmmmm nice…been a long I while sense I had a good roll in the hay” Black Cat thought. Her and Peter been having an affair a while now. When Mary Jane went to sweedin for a photo shoot Black Cat took advantage moving in and seduceing
“Freeze bitch” A woken up owner of the house said pointing the gun. Without a second thought Black Cat did a roundhouse kick and knocked him out.
She put on the dimond necklace and went out of the window, climbing up the ceilings. She knew the city like the back of her hand. She knew every nook and cranny where she could due death defying leaps on pure instinct. With her luck powers she wasn’t affraird of death. She could feel the city heart beat, hear the horns beat and smell the steam through the vent. She felt like she was above normal man or women, hearing everyone live their normal lives. She took what she wanted and didn’t play by the rule. That why she loved other people men. She love knowing Mary Jane thought she was hot. After all she was a super model but compared to Black Cat she was a plain Jane. Plain Jane was a thing she loved calling him. She love knowing she could bring Black Cat to more climaxes then he ever could.
She ran fast moving from roof to roof and record speed. She ran across the phone wires with cat like skill walking easily as a normal person would walk across the sidewalk. She slide down the poles and catapulted off it to land on and firescape. Her claws dug into the walls letting her climb up. She notice Peter Window was open and went into her pocket and pulled out some perfume and sprayed it. She grabbed a her whip and hook into a building swinging down from it and into her window. She moved to the air like a fish in water. She leaped in the door and hear music play and saw rose pedals on the bed
“Really For me” Black Cat Said “You Shouldn’t have Peter”
Suddenly someone hit her upside the head with vase knocking her down. Mary Jane stood over her, in a short skirt with fishnet stocks and black panties showing off her long legs, and smooth tanned skin. Her breast were huge but not as big as Black Cat, not as muscles but she had a tight little body, stand 6.1. She had on heals with her toes out showing painted toe nails. Her hair was firey red and down her necks. She had a sexy super model look wearing a leather Vest,button up but with a few buttons loose. She head on pearls around her neck showing her slender neck. She had on two brass knuckles.
“Were expecting someone else slut” Mary Jane Said kicking her in the ribs. “I found out you been fucking Peter you peirce of trash. So I set up a little trap for him while he off plant with The Fantastic Four”
Mary Jane grabbed her by her hair and slammed a knee into her face. She grabbed her necklace and tore it off
“Nice necklace bitch…guess you don’t mind if I take it. After all you took things that Don’t belong to you” Mary jane Said wrapping the necklace around her neck and choking her. Black Cat had been taken by surprise and let to put up a fight. Mary Jane had come prepare. She was wearing those brass knuckles that was working her ribs. She slowly unzipped her shirt “Look at those nasty bag of fat. So proud of your tits. But they just make easy target”
Mary Jane was punching her tits, leaving bruise. Black cat nipples were pink and rock hard as always. She punched them making milk fly from her nipples. Black Cat slammed her elbow into ribs making her fall back and bit. She grabbed the necklace with her nails and cut it sending peicece of it all over. Black Cat Got up and grabbed Mary Jane hair and slammed her into the mirror breaking it
“Little bitch you much of lost your mind “ Black Cat Said “I am stronger and meaner then you ever been”
She grabbed her from behind and pulled on the button making her buttons fly out. She showed a silky black bra with Mary Jane tits pushed against. The Bra made her tits squeezed together. Black Cat grabbed her tits digging her nails in draw bl**d. She was lifting her up from the ground
“Oh a PUSH Bra. Someone TRYING to be a big girl. But your going to need more to make those pimples you call tits look like mind.” She said whispering his ear and then licking his neck “Can you feel my breast pressing up against your back this what a real woman looks like. This is what REAL breast feel like. That why your husband likes putting his cock between my tits, and fucking my tits sensless, spraying all his cum over by tits. Right on the bed you sl**p on bitch”
Mary Jane tried to break out but Black cat had a tight grip. She slammed her body into the mirror again till it broke
“Ahhhhhhhh fuck you”
“You know was with Peter when he was with Gwen. That little bitch caught me sl**ping with him. But soon taught her place. ****d he with a Strapon. Let her Date Peter just as long as she ate my Pussy well and let me fuck him without complaint. Really don’t want to be a housewife. Just want to be a night girl. Maybe we can work out a relationship like that” Black Cat said slipping her hand down her skirt feeling Mary Jane’s wet pussy “You just got to learn who boss”
Mary Jane dug a heel into her Foot making Black Cat scream. She slammed a elbow into her face and drew bl**d from her lip. Black Cat tasted her bl**d
“You little red head bitch” Black Cat Said and punched her in the stomach. She slapped her sending her down on the bed. Black Cat ran up the wall and flipped off slamming and elbow down on her breaking the legs off the bed. She colassped on top of her was punching her with left and rights to the face.
Her shirt was still zipped open. Black Cat took off her shirt tossing it across the bed. Her arms were huge showing cut biceps and Six pack abs. Mary was fit herself showing tight biceps but not as big. Mary was more of a fintest model with a nice tone body from working out in the Gym. Black cat though was leading toward She Hulk territory. Her punches were like sledge hammers. Her punches made Mary Jane breast jiggle oozing out breast milk
“You stupid bitch” Black Cat grabbing a handful of hair, and ripping on peicie of red. She slapped her across the face leaving bruises arocss her face. She still had her gloves and mask on and was digging her nails into her nipples
Black Cat had her hand around her neck choking the life out of her. Mary grabbed a picture from the desk and slammed it over her head. She pushed her off. Black Cat was kicked into the dresser. She grabbed Mary Jane Leg dragging her. Mary Jane grabbed some hair spray and got her in the eyes. She got up and tackled her into the desk breaking in sending piece of wood all over the place. She was working her ribs and tits. She still had on the brass knuckles. She knew Black Cat was more skilled but she had to stike hard and fast and use ever advan
“Luckyly I have big targets” Mary Jane Said working her tits with punches hitting them like boxing bags. She grabbed her by the hair and slammed her against the book case. The vase from the book case was dropped down cracking all over the floor sending books everywhere “You think you’re the only bitch I had to fight for my Man. Dealt with sluts like you before, Silver Sable, Vesper, all whores. Your not even close to them your, just a spoiled rich bitch”
Black Cat slapped her and grabbed her. She kicked her through the door and into the kitchen. Black Cat walked over to her and saw her crawl across the floor. She grabbed her pulling her skit off and tossing it across the floor. She grabbed her by her bra strap and lifted her up slamming her on the ground. She pulled it the bra off and wrapped it around Mary neck choking her. Her claws came out and gripped her panties and tore off her. Mary Was naked, exposed accept for her heels. Her pussy was shaven for aceept for a patch of red hair
“You made a BIG mistake fire crotch” Black Cat Said digging her nails into her pussy. Mary Screamed as grabbed her and slammed her on table. Her hand came down on her ass spanking her. Her ass jiggled making her ass red “Take that you little (SPANK SPANK) red head bitch. Litteraly beating you like a red head step c***d whore”
Black Cat grabbed few plates and broke it over her head. Mary Jane breast were pressed into the table dripping milk down. A strem of milk flowed off he table. She grabbed her by the hair and tossed against the referetor. Black Cat cracked her nipples and did a punch. Mary Jane dropped down avoiding the punch. The punched hit the freezer. Cat screamed in pain. Mary Jane kicked her heel breaking and sent her down on the through the table. May Jane pulled down her pants tearing it off.
“Just as I though no panties whore” Mary Jane Said punches her pussy. Black cat screamed. She rolled over her and started punching Mary Jane
The two girls rolled on the kitchen floor trading punches and grabbing hair. They were pulling each other hair and twisting each other nipples. They got up. Black cat slammed her into the wall. There tits slammed into each other, their nipples pressed against each other dripping milk. Black Cat nipples were harder pressing into her nipples, fucking Mary Jane’s nipples with her hard nipples. Black cat pushed Mary Jane nipples into her breast making milk and bl**d flow. Her lips were an inch from her’s. Both women bodies were stuck together with sweat. Black Cat licked the tears off her face as she fucked her nipples enjoying her pain
“Arrgggggggggg Goodddd” Mary Screamed
“Ahhh does that hurt little wifey” Black Cat laughed “You actually tried to tit fight ME…little girl. When you kissed your husband did you smell my pussy”
“Fuck you” Mary cried getting slammed into the wall
“All stick and stone Mary…PLAIN JANE. Going to crush those little tits like the pimples they out. Going to popped then and then fucked you husband over your broken body” Black Cat Said rubbing he pussy against her. Mary could feel her wentesst. Her pussy was dripping into
Mary headbutted her sending her back. She grabbed a pot that was hung up and hit her in head sending her back. She grabbed Black Cat by the hair and pushed her over the bar. She slammed the pot across her ass making her ass jiggle red
“Ahhhh Fuck” Black Cat cried as she was slamming the pot against her ass. She grabbed another pot and slammed it against the back of her head. She was slamming her ass with each cheeks using the pots as if she was playing drums
“Come here bitch…not done with you let” Mary Jane Said pulling hair hitting her face with the pot. She grabbed a bottle of wine that was hanging down. She popped the cork and drank some of it down. She cracked it across her head breaking the class making wine all over her body. Her pussy was rubbing against her ass, feeling her wet pussy dripped on his ass.
“Come bitch you like that whore” She Said slamming her pussy against her. She had the pot in the other hand hitting her “You now smell like the d***ken whore you are”
She grabbed her hair grinding her pussy against her ass. Mary Jane moane as she reaching climax. She screamed out as she started to cum. Her pussy against her ass. Black cat was red face with embarrassment as the pot came down on her head.
“Damm that was fun whore…think me and you going to have a lot of fun your piece of trash” Mary Jane Said looking at her pot that was now bent. She grabbed another one “Going to ruin that pretty face of yours”
She grabbed another bottle of wine and went to hit her again but this time, she moved out of the way making the bottle break against ground. Black Cat elbowed her out knocking her back. She grabbed her by the hair and slammed her into the wall making a dent. Mary Jane was staggered. She grabbed Mary Jane by the neck and choke slammed her to the ground. She lited her up again and stretch her out with one arm. Black Cat flexed her arm showing her big biceps
“You thought you can actually fight THIS” Black Cat Said making her biceps bounch “You messing with a true amazon princess. Your skinny models are the same. So easily broken”
She tossed her in the air making her hit the celing and brought her down hard. Black Cat picked her up and held her into the a bear hug. Her huge breast pressing into her. Mary Jane screamed in pain as her strong arms wrapped around her and her muscles flexed. Black Cat laughed.
“How does it feel to know your going to die bitch. Going to fuck Peter over your grave site you stupiit whore you should of NEVER mess with your betters. I am a GODDESS..AND YOU JUST A DUMB whore” Black Cat Said as her arms squeezed tightly. She heard a rib snapped
“Arrrgggg God dammit get off me” Mary Jane screamed trying to budge her arms but she couldn’t
“You cant get out of this. Faught Thunder Gods…symboits..your actually think you can beat me you little red head slut. Going to fucking destroy you. Going to **** you and tossed your body into the river. They won’t see you ever again. People going to say WHAT EVER HAPPEN TO MARY JANE. Of course I will pretend to help look for you..consoling Peter all the way”
“Damm you…you cruel bitch” Mary Jane cried, tears of pain down her eyes
“Well you wanted this bitch. You bit off more then you can chew” Black Cat Said. She smotherier her with her breast making it hard to breath “Come let the last bit of life leave your body you dumb slut. Ahhhhhhhh poor Mary…actually thought she could fight with the big girls
Mary struggled and her arms went limp. She was hanging there being close to death. She thought this was the end but then Black Cat stopped
“You know Don’t think I am going to let you off that easy. Your going to die slow.”
She body slammed her down on the ground and kicked her in the face. Black Cat took off Mary Jane brass knuckles and put it on.. She grabbed the bottle of wine and took a long sipped and poured the wine on her body letting it dripped down
“Hope you don’t mind if I have a sipped
Black Cat slammed her foot down on her stomach and flexed both arms. She squeezed her tits together with her hands and licked her lips. Sweat was glistening off her breast dripping droplets of sweat down her body. Her muscles oozed with power showing her sculpted frame
“Look at this body do you think you really compare” She Said stomping on her “What nothing to say Red. Comes look at these legs, these great breast, this firm PLUMP ass that every man want to fuck. This pussy glistens with power
She slammed her ass down on her face smothering Mary Jane with her ass. She could barely breath.
“Going to smother you to death whore” Black Cat Said
She laughed as Mary Jane struggle to pushed her off. Her legs were wrapped tightly around her neck and squeezed. She bounce up and down
“Ahhhh does baby want to get up…come on nod if you do” Black Cat laughed taking her time. She would lift up enough to punch her with the brass knuckles “Should I kill you here. Under my ass. No..I think I try my pussy”
She slammed her pussy into her face making her feel her wentest. She grind against her. When she tried to bite Black Cat dugged her nails into her pussy
“Don’t you DARE BITE bitch…almost there. You know I am squirte slut” Black Cat Said grinding. Her body was drench with sweat as she was coming close to climax “Smell my wet pussy whore”
The scent of her pussy filled her nostrils. Mary Jane was enrage. Black Cat started to cum soaking her face with her juices. She laughed wickedly and got up. She dragged Mary by her took the kitchen. She got out a glass.
“Think I will have some WARM MILK” She Said. She got Mary from behind and squeezed her breast. Mary cried as Black Cat cruely milked her bruise breast letting milk flow from her nipples into the glass. Black Cat then slammed Mary head on the counter. She rolled the milk around in the glass “Cheers”
She grabbed the glass of milk and drank down the sweet necter enjoying the taste. She wiped the milk off her lips and broke the glass over her head. She lifted her head up and slapped her with her her tits knocking her into the living room
“You know what I hate most about you goodie goodies. IT that you’re a liability. Always getting k**napped…by the villans..and use as leverage. You think you bitchs would learn how to fight. But no you always need a man to rescue you. But aint no one here to save you now small fry” Felica Said her big white hair cover her tits “Its just you and me”
She motion her over. Mary grabbed a vase and tossed it at her. Felica kicked it laughing as she walked toward her. She ran and kicked Mary in the chest knocking her down
“Little kick I lean from Iron fist” Felica Said. Mary tried to punch her but she caught it and did a couple of punches in the ribs “Anoter counter I learn from task Master when we did a Job together”
Mary tried to for for a kick to the pussy but Black Cat caught it and flipped her over. She did a kicked to her back as she was falling. Black Cat picked her up and tossed her over the couch flipping her over. She was getting up but Felica kicked through the glass coffe table. She dragged her by her legs.
“Come on little Mary…come and get me” Felica Said motion her over. Playing with her “Come girly you can do better then that can’t you”
Mary went for a couple of kicks but was tired and weaken. It slowed her down. Felica blocked them and caught her with a punch to the leg. She slammed her to the wall and as on her punches her with solid punches to the ribs tits and face. She twisted her nipple. Mary took a swing but Felicha caught it and spun her around. She had her in a headlock
“Could snap your neck now Mary you know that” Felica Said “Learn how to break everybone in the the human body”
“Damm you…your white hair Whore…Peter would never love you”
“He might not…if you were in the way…but I can fix that” Felica laughed. She dragged her to the mirror and flexed her arm “Look at yourself Mary,,,,my tits and body are fantastic. My muscles are sculpted by the gods. Your cute…but that as far as you go cute. I am gorgeous goddess. Your NO match for me you skinny little slut. Mary PLAIN JANE that are you”
Mary face was turning blue. Her arms were limp
“Grow tired of this game Bitch…Going to end you” Felicia Said
Mary dugged her nails into Felica pussy make her scream in pain. She broke the hole and she slammed and elbow to her neck slamming her body into the mirror
“Arrrrrggg you bitch” Felicia but before she could react Mary grabbed the the lamp and cracked it over her head. Mary Ran to the Bathroom
Felicah was getting up wiping her self off. She saw Mary running to the Bathroom and went after
“You think you can hide whore. Know this apparement as good as you” Felica Said
She kicked the Bathroom door
“Where are you…you little slut” Felica Said
She saw her shadow behind the curtain and pulled it down. She saw Mary with her hand behind her back.
“GOT YOU” Felica Said. But was surprise when she saw Mary was wearing her husband webshoot. She blinded Felica with them and slammed her into the wall. She wrapped the Showed Cutrain around her and tossed into the bath rub and begand stomping.
She had hid Peter Spare Webshooter around the house knowing that Felica was coming. She begand stomping her
“LIKE THAT that” Mary Said
She picked Felica and slammed her into the shower. It hit the show nob and spreayed water down the wet bodies. Mary was hitting her with blow after blow
“You may of learn from Martai Artist. But I learn from Iron Man and Nick Furty to ALLWAYS be prepared” Mary Said
Felica was ripping the web fluids off her face screaming “You cheating bitch”
“No fighting fair in a cat fight honey” Mary Said bitch slapping her. She grabbed her by her hair and tossed her face in the toilet drowing her. Fleicha struggled as the water “I made sure to pee in it…expecting to come”
Felicha grabbed the flushed and flushed it. She pushed Mary off her. But Mary still had the web shoot and shot it at her wrist get around her wrist, making it stick together. Felicha got up only to have her hit with a kick to the face. She grabbed her by the tits dragging a screaming Felica out of the bathroom and into the hallway. Felicia staggered trying to break through the webshooters. Mary went into the towel cabinet and pulled out a caddle prod she had hidden. She shocked her making her scream and her breast jiggle
“What no smack talk to say” Mary Said walk up in triumpth cumming her her breast and rubbing her self She started punching her “See bitch…you got the booty…but you don’t got to shake. All that body and you don’t know how to use it. Your all strength and no brains. You Know what I hate about you baddies (punch punch) you all like given long winded speeches (punch punch). Never take the hero down when you could. I knew you may have me at some point (punch punch) but you wouldn’t close the deal cause yoru cock..all your villans are. (punch punch kick). Your power make you cock..arrogant..makes you think your you make mistakes. That when a girl like me cataplize on every little mistake you make you white haired freak”
She shocked her again this time aiming it at her pussy and turning it on full blast. She screamed in pain as the caddle prod cause her to climax. Pussy juice flowed all over the floor splashing everwhere. Mary Jane laughed rubbing it all over her body
“Fuck you” Felicia Said with hate in her eyes
“No FUCK YOU” Mary Jane Said knocking her out with a roundhouse kick
Felica awoke with her wrist tied together with webbing as well as her ankles. She strunggled to get out. She screamed and found that a ball gag was in her mouth and a blindfold was over her head. She had some water splash into her face. She took the blindfold off of her face. Some water splash on her face. She heard picture snapped
“Wakie Wakie” Mary Jane Said. She took off the blind fold and step back. Black Cat Gasp as she saw Mary Jane naked dripping with sweat wearing a 12 inch strapon. She was lubing it up, making the strapon glisten. It was wide as a coke can “Tried to find something that big enough for your whore of a pussy..but couldn’t find a Tree on short notice. So I guess this monster would do”
Felica screamed through the gag but it was deep in. She screamed for help
“Oh no where here to save you slut. Its just you or me” She Said getting up. She got on the bed and started to ease the strapon in “Pretty tight for a slut. Wonder if It will fit. Hope it doesn’t. Like my bitches to bleed when I fucked then”
She pushed it in and out of her pussy. Felica tits were bounching up and down as Mary cruely fucked it. It was easing in bit by bit as she increas the speed of it, stretching out her pussy. Felica cried out in pain as she was slamming into her. With one mighty thrust she slammed it all the way in making her scream. She grabbed hold of Felica ass and gave a tight squeezed. She was pulling it all the way out and then thrust it fully in hitting her pussy walls. Felica tried to struggle but was slapped by Mary Jane. The red headed vixens was showing no mercy. He long red hair was wavey in the air and her tits slapping together. She was getting into the thrust bringing herself to climax by the friction. She felt Felica Pusys tighten as she pushed it in and twirling it around. Her pussy was sucking in Felicia strapon as she fucked her wild. She felt Felica pussy
“Look like little slut ready to cum” Mary Jane laughe viciously. She had her hand wrapped around her neck choking her “Cum for me you little bitch”
She spat on her face as she was fucking her to the beat in her head. The strapon was splitting her in two. Mary Jane was sursprinsily skilled with a Strapon..having the teach some fellow super models a lesson when she was on tour. She knew where to hit it to cause the most pleasure and pain. She watch hypnoticly as Felica tits bounce. Her face was starting to blush as sweat was dripping down her tits like rivers down a moutin. She moan thrusting her body up as a multiple climax hit her body. Mary Jane smiled as she saw her climax hit her body. She was slamming in faster watching the pussy juices gushed out over the bed soaking it.
“Look at me when fucking little white haired bitch” She Said grabbing her hair and twisting it. She looked deep into her eyes and licked her face “Why your crying though a bitch like you could take this”
She put her face down and started to suck Felica tits roughly. Felica started crying as milk flowed in Mary Jane mouth. The milk was flowing down her lungs as she felt the warmest take over her body. She was grinding letting the balls grind in
“Think your about to cum again bitch…think your going to cry” Mary Jane Said gargilong the milk. She grabbed the tit and started milking them one at the time. She was stroking each tit pulling on them one and the time. She was getting a nice motion to it making the milk spray out with each pull of ther tits “Wow you really are a fucking cow”
She slapped her tits with the hard slapped bruising it making milk fly out with each slapped. Her nipples were getting black and blue as she pulled. She gave a back hand to her face leaving a big bruise across half her face. She slapped her on the other cheek hard drawing bl**d
“Look at yourself whore” Mary Jane said pointing to the mirror “Look how weak and bruise you are. You so proud of your tits but your tits looked like bruise g**** now”
She punched her hard into her nipples making milk splash. Felica was filled with pain and humiliation. Despite herself she was close to cumming. Her toes curled and her knees were getting weak. Mary Jane slammed into Felica with total abaondon. Felica started to get scared she was completely at her mercy. She tried to break through the webbing but it only made her wrist more bruise. Everytime she tried she was slapped again. Mary Jane twisted her nipples making her scream through the gag. Spit was dripping down her cheeks. Her hand wrapped around her neck and squeezed tightly. Her breast heaved as she tried to get her off her but Mary Jane was on her tightly. He ankles were wrapped tightly together where she couldn’t use her powerfull legs to get out
“Remember when you said you could kill me bitch. Well look like the shoe is on the other foot isn’t it bitch. All those powers, skills and strength but still your beaten down like a dirty slut that you are. I am super model. All magazines around the world. While your just a white haired trailer trailer trash theif. A no good crook. No one going to miss you if I make your disappear whore. They will just think your robbed the wrong place. Your life is over” Mary Jane said scoling her
Her eyes were rolling in the back of her head as she was choking
“Damm girl can fuck that tight pussy of yours all day. May do it. May make you my little slave. You fucking whore” Mary Jane said pulling out a camera taping Felica expression. She spat down on her face as she grinded it in. She was twisted her strapon in like drill. She pressed a button on a strapon and it started to vibrate with the sound of a lawn mower. Felica screamed out starting to cum. Climax rang through her whole body “Holy Shit that’s a fucking gusher”
The Cum from her pussy splash every where. She pulled out the strapon and looked at her gaping wide pussy. She slipped her fist into her cunt making her screamed. Her fist was easing in and soon she had part of her arm
“Damm it swallowing my whole arm…its like a fucking horses mouth your dumb whore” Mary Jane screamed with mercy “Knew you super girls were are dirty sluts deep down inside. You just need someone to let it out of you”
She was twisting her fist in and out, feeling the inside of Felica pussy as it tighten around her and then got looser. She knew just how to do. She to learn pressure points from hanging around some of the martial arts super heroes. She working her finger in..hitting the pressure points on the inside of her pussy. Electra moaned. Mary Jane hit the right spot as Felica body shook like it was being electrocuted. Her pussy gushed against splashing all over Mary Janes face
“Mmmmmm” Mary Said showing her sticky fingers. She started licking and sucking her fingers. She then wiped them on Felica face “Bet that asshole real tight now”
Felica eyes went with fear. Mary Jane went into the other room and came out with a electric razor and a 16 inch strapon, thick, black vienty. It was even wider then the other one
“But First Got to pretty you up” Mary Jane Said. She turn Mary on her back and starts shaving her head. Felica Screamed but Mary held you down “See how hot you think you are without your hair”
Now Felica was even more scared. Mary made her look in the mirror as all her hair was being shaved off. Mary started to hum as she did it. Gobs of hair hit the ground as Mary slammed her head down punching her as she shaved her head. She added some shaving cream to make sure it was to the skin.
“Mmmmmm nice and look Proffesor X” Mary Said making her look at herself. Felica was now bald “Need another touch”
Mary Jane took out some lipstick and wrote around her head “Slut”. She grabbed the Strapon she used before and took out the ball gag. She put the dildo from the strapon in her mouth, shoving it down her throat making her suck on her own juices. She wrapped some tape around it so it would stick. Mary Flash some pictures standing in front of her. She took lipstick and then wrote the words “Whore” across her chest and then a bullseye on the top of bald head. This was because Mary Jane said men knew where to cum. She made her look at herself. Tears rolled down Felica eyes messing up her make up. Her eyes was bruises and she had spit running down her face. Her lip was bruised by the beaten that Mary Jane was giving her. Her tits were black and blue and dripping milk
“Don’t think Spidey will like you very much now. Maybe, you shouldn’t have mess with my man whore” Mary Jane Said. “In fact I don’t think much people would like you. Although If I make the price cheap enough pretty sure I can pimp you out. Maybe to some people your robbed before or wrong in the past. Maybe other women who husbands you fucked over the years. Bet it a lot. A whore like you get around doesn’t he. You know your not the first slut I did this to. The first slut was this secretary name Betty Brant. Fucked her up real bad she had to leave town”
Mary showed her a picture Of Betty Brant tied up with a pig mask on. Mary Jane was fucking her from behind with a double Dildo Strapon. Another Picture had Betty Brant being hung upside down by her legs as Mary Jane hit her with a paddle. Betty as was sore and bruises.
“The girl cant visit new York without licking my pussy. That a Rule I gave her..If she doesn’t I beat her ass even worst. The next slut…Was this Cop Carlie Cooper. I captured her with her own handcuffs and fucked her with nightsick..tazed her pretty bad too” Mary Jane showing her a picture of a Broken Carlie naked and crying on the ground
The dildo in Felica mouth was making her throating sore. Mary stood in front of her stroking the strapon making it glisten. It look huge. The strapon head was as big as a door knob and shaped like a mushroom. It looked vicious. She slapped her hard with the strapon leaving brusies
“This going to split that ass wide open whore…get ready”
“Please no more” She mumbled
“Sorry Cant understand you with that cock in your mouth. Don’t speak whore. Going to assume you want me to fuck you hard. Well as long as you asked nicely” Mary Jane
She pushed the strapon it violently fucking her. Her ass spread wide open as she thrust in deeply into her asshole. The strapon fills like a still rod as it in inch by inch
“Don’t seem to want to go in…don’t worry..I will f***e it IN bitch” Mary Jane said grabbing Felica tits “ohhhhhhhh Yea
Felica screamed as a foot of the Strapon was in her ass. She was bleeding a bit as she was violently fucked by Mary Jane. Mary screamed as she started to cum
“Got Damm fucking your ass is fun” She Said “Want to hear your scream bitch. Want to hear it as I drive this dildo deep in your gut you dumb whore”
She pulled the ball gag out and let out a scream. Mary had made sure the walls was nice padded for sound before she set up this fight
“Please I leave him alone..I never come in your house again” Felicaia
“To Late for that sugar…Your getting your ass split open” Mary Jane Said as she thrust it all the way in
“Ahhhhhhhhh that more like. Knew a slut like you could take it. Don’t you passed out on me. I ripped these little fun bags off if you do” Mary Said thrusting in and out. Droplets of sweat flew off Mary Tits was she fucked her. Her nipples dripping Milk on her back. Mary grabbed her own tits and started sucking them teasing the milk out
She grabbed a rope and wrapped it around her neck. Mary Pulled out as she fucked her. Felica was choking. She went into her drawer and pulled out some smoke. She started to light it up and put it in her mouth and started puffing. She blew the smoke in the air grinding the strapon in and out. Her ass started to make loud sploosh noises as Mary made it wider slamming tightly in. She blew smoke rings in the air enjoying the look off her strapon being buried in Felica tight little ass. Although it was becoming less tighter as time went on
“Giddy up” Mary laughed. She slapped her ass hard leaving a bruise “Shit needed this smoke. Peter don’t normaly like me smoking these. Better put it out”
She put it out on her ass making her cry out in pain. She passed out but Mary grabbed the rope choking her. She slapped her in the back off her bald head and spit on the bullseyes
“Better wake up where going to be at this all night”
The next Day
Felica was found tied up on top of the roof of the Daily bugel with the words “Slut” Tattoed on her chest. And on her stomach written in magic marker “This what happen to sluts who fucked with other people men”
Felica was terrified to press charges. But this wasn’t the last strike Mary had toward Felicia

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