Week in Cajun

Week in Cajun
By lilguy l
Bbw Cajun returns to humiliated the X wife of the lover she stole

Author note- This was a story I ask to do by someone. Base on this lady
http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/1609985/collection_of_bbw_cajun_1.html- I never actully met, her all events are fictional
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Week in Cajun
Caj had moved into Tom’s new home where she reigns as butt Queen and Dom. She had redecorated the place taking down pictures of Jane that she could find and replacing it with portraits of her, or her and Tom. Most of the pictures showed off her ass and body. When you enter the house there was some big marble steps that went upstairs. On that wall was a black and white Photo of Caj in a G string bikini from behind, no Bra. She was looking back in the picture with a big smile. Tom was in a picture to but it was hard to see because she was sitting on his face in the picture and he was buried under her ass. Caj liked that it was the first thing he seen.
Of course Jane hasn’t given up. She refuses to sign the divorce paper, opting to stay in the house as his official wife. Jane thought he could win him over and take that might butt queen out. After all Tom was her love slave ounce, in love with her ass. He would be again. Jane figured she was in much better shape, smarter, more sophisticated and been with Tom longer. Plus to her Caj was pure trash, she would beat this upstart soon enough and have Tom as her own. She plan to tossed Caj out naked on her ass and see her break. Tom had wanted to marry Caj but he wanted to win the divorce. There was a lot of money and property on the line so they had to play it cool. Jane would be his wife among the public is concern until they could build up a case for divorce. Tom told Caj all she had to do was be patient; Jane would grow tired of this little game and leave in humiliation. He said it was only so many much humiliation that this woman could take. Caj like the idea. She would get to humiliated Jane some more by fucking her X husband in front of them and she could keep all the fortune when they win the divorce. There were some rules of course. No permanent wounds on Jane. Seeing Jane are blacked eyes, and destroyed would only help Jane win the divorce. Humiliation was on the table, or any beatings that didn’t leave a mark. So spankings and slaps could be used. She could rough her up a bit. Jane knows she could be arrogant and taunt her hoping to get Caj too slipped up and leave a mark. But she feared pushing it far after a vicious spanking was done to her. Caj was get at not leaving a mark and brought Jane to tears. This made it so Caj could order Jane around making her eat her pussy after Tom’s had came into. Most session ended with tears from Jane as Caj fucked her husband in front of him. She wore a necklace of wedding rings from husbands she took over the years, with Jane’s wedding ring in the center. She even sometimes made Jane where a Bell likes a cow. She would milk Jane’s tits
“Where the milk” Caj would laughed “Been pulling on their sore things for hours and nothing coming out even as a cow you’re useless
So that was their new life. At worked Caj was her official secretary who lived with them with Jane as the housewife, very few people knowing that Caj ruled the house. Although some people at work could easily be two and two together if they choose. They heard the love making in the office. But they didn’t know the fully depravity of the three way relationship. They may not come arm to arm but they certainly don’t keep it just professional. Caj normally come into the office strutting her stuff, where skimpy outfits to show off her giant ass and ciliate. People in the office are always shocked by her lewdness. But lot of the men secretly turns on by it, masturbating to her when they get home. They dream of stuffing their face in that ass, watching them squash them. Caj knows it watching their erection pop up and some men nervously going to the bathroom after they had meeting to the office. She like the scent her as and pussy give out, always wet, always ready to go. So walks around to say “That right…this is the Ass that your boss adores. This is the Ass that controls him and all of you dream of fucking it, but none of you would last a second with me”. Jane does doesn’t bother to go to work anymore. Jane didn’t want the people at work to see her pathetic eyes, and Caj smug smile heading her way. It would be to humiliating. She just stays at home and lives the boring life of a housewife, while Caj and Tom toured the world, fucking like rabbits. Jane can relax in the house but it not easy, when they come home during the weekend and evenings. She wanted to stay in the bed room but wasn’t allowed in the king size bed. So they gave her a twin size bed next to the king size. If she didn’t want to see them fucked she would have to stay downstairs and watch TV till they fall asl**p or wake up early to avoid them.
One night was especially cruel. The lights were out in the room which gave Jane the cue that they were asl**p. Jane made herself a drink, vodka taking a glass down, it burn. sl**p was her refuge. Jane walked upstairs and saw her. Caj was lying in bed in the center of it with her huge ass on display. She was relaxed on some white pillows with her pink panties off lying on the bed. Her huge tits pressed against the bed showing her back. She had a silk top. She was relaxing after a good fucking they. Jane’s husband is sl**ping between her butt cheeks. His face was deep in her butt cheeks. Her seem to be in heaven. He had a huge smile. Caj was happy to, with a huge smile on her face glowing with pride. It was a sight Jane often saw as she wept. Over her foot was a pearl necklace that matches well against her light skin so full of life. She was dripping with wet from a night of love making and had red in her cheeks from a healthy blow Job given. Her eyes were blue as ocean and her fiery red hair hung down her neck but stopped there. Her hair was full and fluffy and the white sheets made her body stand out. The smell of sex and ass was in the room. Tom was asl**p but his cock was rock hard dripping cum on the ground. Caj had light red lipstick on her full lips with a mixed of pink on it. Jane hated those lips because he had seen it wrapped around her husband’s cock so many times. Jane wanted to attack her right then and there but she knew to do so would only have her given a vicious beating. She was no match physically for Caj despite her best efforts. Caj was stronger and a better fighter then she was. The sounds awoke Caj, who whispered soft enough for Jane to hear but not for her husband to be awake by.
“Look at him…in pure Joy. How he adore my ass. He has the best pillow in the house. He loves putting his head between these glorious cheeks. His tongue licked my ass crack from top to bottom. He doesn’t care if he just came he so adores it. The man loves the smell of my ass, pushing her fingers into the butt cheeks and pulling it out to smell it. Just a dirty little ass slave. I don’t mind. I love having him do it, knowing it adds and incease your humiliation. He sucks on it like a baby sucks the bottle. He looks for dents of ciliate and fat. I have plenty he, sucks and licks it all day, putting his little nose deep into his crack. I will make sure you see this site every day when you walk it. I will make sure you awake to the sight of his face into my ass” Caj purred “Look he rock hard right now. Even when he asl**p. I think I would suck the boy off when I awake. Your husband does like a good morning blow job. My record is 10 seconds of sucking before he exploded in my mouth, awarding me with that hot jizz of his, coating my lungs. Not that I don’t like getting sucked as well as sucking. His tongue is always eager on every part of me”
Jane put her head in the pillow and pretended now to hear her. She didn’t face Caj but looked away. Caj laughed.
“I know you can hear me bitch. Shut your eyes all you want. Think you can still hear him sucking my asshole while you in the bed down there. I hear you turn up the TV every time we make love. But you know the TV wont drown out our Love making. You can see the ceiling shake as we fucked in the room over you, as I ride his huge cock like a champ. Now do turn off the lights before you go asl**p slut” Caj laughed
The next Day, Jane was sitting in the garden by the pool watching Tom swim. Tom had on some tight swim underwear blue. Jane was showing off her body trying to get her man attention. Jane was wearing a skimpy bra that pushed up against her big tits, pushing them together. Her breasts were oozing from her bra. She had on a tight G string showing off her camel toe. Her underwear was dripping wet. There were roses behind her.
“Hello Love…like the view” She Said
“You look great” Tom Said
Jane smiled and was about say “Why thank you” But he smile soon turn to a frown when he saw he wasn’t talking to her. Someone was behind him. It was Caj coming from the woods where a stripe shirt that was white and blue. She had on light blue shirts showing off her creamy legs, shaking together and hanging some fat down. She was making a noise of a heavy elephant as she was going through the trees.
“Listen to the wall of elephants” Jane said drinking her 5th glass of white wine. The sun was beaming down on that. She drank it down letting the affect hitting her head. She was a bit buzz and slurring a bit of her words “They should put a beeper on you that beeps show they know when your backing up show they know when you’re coming”
“Yes queen of fat” Tom Said in awe checking out her body. He thought about her body and how glorious it was. He thought about how her ass was taking up the whole garden. He quickly got a hard on
“Hi Lover” She Said wearing a long black and white stripe blanket over her shoulders. She dropped down and turns around showing a side view of her ass “I decided to go for a walk, to work out my nice ass”
“It’s a wonderful ass…don’t lose an inch of fat” He Said drooling “It wonderful”
“You really think so dear” She Said turning around slowly so he could view her whole body. She put out her legs rubbing her legs. She squeezed the fat between her fingers as she spread her leg showing her hips, shaking it. Her fat legs slapped together making a large sound “Let me see your cock. Want to see what I am doing with you”
Tom got out of the pool and pulled down his pants showing his big cock and heavy balls. His balls was big and his cock fully erected
“Mmmmm all for me” Caj Said as she walked on the leaves that had failed out in the woods. She had on white socks. She lifted up her shirt showing her hard nipples. Her big breast was hanging down. She did a sideways view and gave a wicked smile at him. Her hair was worn short that day as letting her ass and belly jiggle for him
“Look at those saggy pancake…how could he get a hard on from that” Jane thought
“Is that so” Caj said happily. She turns around and pulled off her shirt showing off her tits. She grabbed one of her big tits and slowly started to suck it “Your husband seems to like it. In fact he had his dick between them just the other day. She did d a sideways view again bending over and sticking out her ass seductively. She d****d the blanket over the tree. “I like that we have a garden so close to the House. Tom likes to take me out her and bend me over to this split in a tree and fuck me silly. TI sure doe’s love dropping his cock down my big rump and plowing me for hours on end. He has plenty to hang out Jane. He can grab my tits, let juicy legs or my belly. Unlike you, you skinny rich bitch. Oh wait your not even rich anymore I have most of your money and soon I will have your house. I never let him stop till he fills me all the way with his cum. I think some of cum still dried up over on the leaves”
Caj turns around and shows of her blue shorts bending over to give him a peak of her legs. If he looked closely he could see up the shorts
“Do you like my blue shorts Hubby, I brought it just for you” She Said licking her lips showing how deep her mouth could go. She pushed her fingers down her mouth and then he hand showing both of them just how much they could deep throat.”
She put her leg up on the tree and grabbed her ass getting a handful of ass flesh. She pulled down her shorts a bit so he could get a bit of his crack
“He doesn’t fuck me right away though. I let him slide his cock between my cheeks real quick, letting him shooting his load, spraying between my butt cheeks. I can then you the cum as lube and pushed his fat cock into my ass. Most men cocks I just swallow up with my ass, but he the only one who can come close to filling me up. Her blue and white shirt was still all but lifted over her tits so he could see how hard her nipples were. She grabbed her ass slipping her arm down “I like for him to fuck me right there. Hard to find the hole with all this ass flesh in the way. Let him poke around till it slips in”
“Wouldn’t you like something firm? Something that doesn’t sag over you, like two big rolls of Fat” Jane Said
Tom didn’t even pay attention to her. The frustration was building in Jane. None of her plans were working. Here some was in a tight outfit and he wasn’t even pay attention. This was madness. She knew she was attractive. Jane saw how men looked at her. But right now Caj had Tom wrapped around her fat finger
She pulled down her shorts and tossed it at Tom. Tom caught it. It was like a big blanket that it smelt feeling the warmest of it. She now had on blue G string that was up her ass.
“You turn on by that honey. You sure you have some sweet Jizz left in there for me. After all you just came a half an hour ago. I sucked you dry”
“There always more for you” Tom Said
“Who has the biggest and widest ass you ever seen” She Said
“You do my Ass Queen” He said removing his shorts and tossing them aside.
Jane could see Caj new wedding ring shine as she shook back and forth making her ass cheeks slapped together. She slapped both hands on her ass giving a jiggle as the sweat slash off with ever slapped. Tom was started to stroke his cock. Caj turn around and grabbed her panties pushing them through her pussy lips, making them soaked. Her pussy hair was red and thick. She smiled letting the smell flow to his nostrils.
“You know you love the smell of this, don’t you Tom. You love putting your nose in it” Caj Said
“If I can make that into perfume I would. I want to bath in your juices, have it soaked into my skin from head to toe” Tom Said. His cock was fully erect, 12 inches long. He stroked it making the cock head nice and thick, like a big purple helmet. Caj slowly pulled off her panties and held them in the air. She ringed it out like a sponge letting her juices dripped down. She put it over her head and sucked in the juices “This how wet you got me Tom”
She was naked with her thick pussy lips. She turned around and parted her ass cheeks. She had to get a good gripped due to the size of your ass.
“Tossed that whore to the ground” Caj demanded
“Don’t you dare” Jane Said. But Tom was controlled like a Zombie. Caj grabbed Jane by the hair and pulled her close to her ass as Caj bent over the tree
“Fuck me Tom…fuck my pussy hard” She Said I” want you to pound me. I want you to grabbed my 70 inches of ass, as I squeeze every drop from you
Caj know she could have him whenever she wants. She knew he was in desperate love for big fat ass, drooling over the seats. She loved the way her fatty legs and ciliate would shake like jello making and almost hypnotic dance for him. The smell of her was amazing. Jane was disgusted by her. How could he loved this big ass slut, how could he like the fact that dripped down Caj body like water. Her sweat body dripped sweat down her making her body glistens, making every inch of fat glisten. But love it Tom did. He worship her ass like a holy alter, wanted to have his hand in it and his cock in it at all time. Caj pussy was soaked dripping a puddle on the ground. It seem like Caj was always wet and ready to go for him. Tom did as told pushing his cock in her. Her warm pussy was very inviting. Jane was f***e to watch the cock go in and out of Caj
“Look how hard he is you dumb slut” Caj Said grabbing Jane hair and making her looking directly at it “Lick his cock as it goes in and out of my pussy. I want you to taste the creamy juices out of it”
Jane felt f***e to do as told. Jane slurped on his cock, licking up and down her shaft, sliding her tongue down his balls. She sucked his balls, tasting the juices that hit Tom nuts. She tasted to mixture of Toms sweat and Caj warn juices.
“That enough you greedy bitch. Put it back in me” Caj Said moving his hands to her tits. She pushed back against him and flipped Jane the middle finger. He molded her tits together, giving a good grabbed “Ohhhh fuck it’s like a harpoon inside me”
She kept her hand on Jane hair making her watched as Tom fucked her. Both of them dripping with sweat as they fucked against the tree. Caj body started too blushed as she screamed out into a multiple climax. She bit her lip grinding against him. Caj closed her eyes as he felt his thick cock insider him pulsating again her like a vibrator. She grinding and pressed her back into her muscle chest. She grabbed hold of the tree for balance enjoying the good heavy fucking she was getting. With them both standing up she was able to clench her ass cheeks moving his body with her. He trusted and they pulled doing a little battle that Caj would surely wind. Her ass cheeks wrapped his cock like a bun, squeezing it tightly to get all of the juices out of it
“Well making yourself useful Jane and suck his balls” Caj Said
Fear was in Jane eyes as Caj grabbed him, tear ran down his her makeup. She started to suck his balls affair to disobey. The confidence and bravado left Caj face as she was f***e to lick and suck his balls
“Make sure you get all my juices off your bitch. Now lick my pussy as he fucks me…ohhhhhhhh yesss…that feels good” Caj Said. Jane was f***e to lick her hated rival pussy. Her tongue was going in and out going up and down her pussy lips while licking Tom’s cock as it was pushed in and out of Cajun’s pussy.
Jane watch all 12 inches disappear in and out of Caj at a record pace. She heard the sounds of his balls slapped against her like a boat against the dock. Caj screamed out. Her screams of pleasured echoed through the forest Caj started to cum moaning, squirting pussy juice from her pussy and down on Jane face
“Cum inside me lover” Caj Said “Don’t you dare pull it out. I want every drop of you inside me. I want you to fill me up from head to toe” Caj Said pushing back against him. Her red hair was flicking back and forth on his chest as she stuck her tongue out and licks her lips
Tom could see the fear in Jane eyes and the humiliation. She put her arm out as to say “Help me” but it fail on depth ears. Caj slapped her arm away and grabbed her hair again
“Look at it slut...LOOK at the cock that was ounce yours. That once in your pussy...but now all mind to keep forever” She Said
Caj ass cheeks clenching made his cock much more sensitive. He grabbed on to her hips for dear laugh as his balls slammed into her. Both of their bodies were stuck together with sweat, as Tom nibbled on his neck
“Ohhhhhhhh Fuck” He screamed as he started to cum. Jane was still licking taste both Caj juices and Tom’s juice mixed together.
Caj had tom pull out and Caj looked down at his wife who was weeping on the ground. She spread her legs. Some cum was caught in the rolls of fat. She showed off her pussy lips and the big cream pie of cum that was now dripping from her snatch
“Look at your ounce smug X wife, most of the fight been beaten out of her” Caj Said and slapped Jane across the face with an open palm not to leave bruising. She spread her pussy showing how wet and filled her is “You’re going to clean out my snatch. Clean out the juice I kept especially for you. Because you know I didn’t wash my ass or pussy all day. Your husband came gallons into me all day, filling me up. I been carrying around this load of spunk sense the morning and you’re going to clean it all out you bitch”
Jane reluctantly did as told licking her rival’s pussy. Caj pussy was soaked and hair and Jane had to get deep in there. Caj grabbed her hair pushing it in
“Lick every drop slut. Get deep in there and lick all the white golden cream from me” Caj Said putting her head back slamming her pussy into his face. She was grinding back and forth as her husband watch. She wrapped her legs around her face violently fucking his face. Caj licked her lips enjoying the feeling of her licking her pussy
Jane was pushing her tongue deep in, twisting her tongue in like a twister. She was drinking from her pussy tasting the droplets of cum that was dripping from her pussy. The smell was strong as the fat legs were clamping on her making it hard to breath. Her tongue parted Caj pussy lips as it pushed it. Jane found her sweet spot as she was going back and forth, the tongue pushing against her G spot teasing it with the tip of her tongue. She tried to pull out but Caj grabbed her hair and keeping it there. She only let her up when she was passed out from the lack of air. Caj pulled Jane’s hair to make her lick and suck faster. Tom watches this, watch these two big women fight. Jane ass was firm bouncing up and down as she sucked her long black hair hanging down her back. Caj looked like a fertility goddess as she stood up and pride. She looked at Tom.
“Get this pussy extra wet just for you. Luckily this bitch is here to lick it all day” Caj Said. She pulled Caj face out and made her look at her husband hard cock “Look at him slut (slap slap). He had just come and still he rock hard for my body. Still he wants to fuck me hard and empty load after load in my pussy. How many times have you came in me lover”
“6 at least my love” He Said
“You hear that bitch” Caj said spitting on her. She gave him a few little slaps “Yea wrapped your lips around that clit and just keep sucking. Grab my ass slut, feel the ass that took your husband and now riding him every day. The ass that took so many husbands beside you
Caj squeezed her breast as Jane gave her oral. She was f***e to grab Caj magnificent booty. She had to use both hands as she started to suck. She pushed her face in as she was rubbing his face back and forth in Cajun pussy. Her tongue was licking against the walls of her pussy, tasting the sweet nectar that dripped down her.
“Higher…higher…bitch. Lower right there. Taste it a bit...suck it. To the left…right there you dumb fuck right there and suck it” Caj Said
Caj body started to shake as her cum. Sweat glisten from her fat, dripping down making her body soak. The sun was beaming down making her whole body glisten. Jane was f***e to suck every bit of her juice as she was slamming into her. She was f***e to have the juices flow down her lungs making it. She pushed Jane down and made her lay on her back.
“Get ready to have all of me” Cah Said stepping back a 20 feet. Jane was too weak to fight back or move. She saw what was coming
“No not that” Jane cried
But it was to Later. Caj was already running toward her. She leaped in the air and brought all her weight down on her, flatten her face with her pussy. She was slamming up and down smashing her face with her pussy, wrapping her legs around her. She was crushing her with all her weight, pushing down on her as Jane was f***e to suck her clit. Jane was fucking her with her mouth
“What no smart words to say, no back talk. I guess it is hard to speak with tons of weight. Wrapped your lips around me. Suck it…faster while I stuff my clit in your mouth you dumb slut. Ohhhhhhhhh Yesssss OHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSS. Keep it right there. Oh god your about to make me explode. I am about to gush like a geyser on you” Caj moaned. She started to cum coating Jane’s face with her juices. The creams were dripping in her mouth.
Caj grabbed the ground. Tom was jerking close to cum. Caj smiled and told him to bring that cock over. She grabbed his cock feeling that full 12 inches in her hand. It felt like she holding a steal rode. She bounces up and down on her face. She wrapped her lips around his cock making him moan as her fat lips suck the cum out of his cock like a cream filled donut. She eased his cock down her throat using her long tongue as a slide. Caj pinch his ass, needling the ass cheeks with her fingers. She was working the cock in and out as she played with his asshole. He put his head back and closes his eyes he enjoyed to blow job from her. Her lips were extra soft sucking him eagerly and with great passion. Caj was a wild lover maker, the best he ever seen.
“You’re amazing...love seeing your fat d****d over my X wife face. Your ass is amazing…the Queen of size. You much are crushing her” Tom Said
“This is me holding back” Caj Said licking his shaft. Jane couldn’t hear them talking with Caj fat legs wrapped around her head, blocking her ears. Her legs were extra sweaty and soaking his face. She was grinding against him as she was deep throating him faster as she squeezed his balls “I ounce met this bitch in college who boyfriend I was fucking. Some bitch that wouldn’t let me in her sorority. She was the head of the sorority. So me and my chunk friends fucked their entire boyfriend and taped it. I showed it to the slut and me and my girlfriend dragged her out naked from her house and use her as a trampoline. All my girls took turn crushing her and leaping on her crushing the skinny bitch. She was f***e to lick our ass and pussies to climax. The girl was soaked with our juices. We made her walk home naked covered in our spunk. The girl left college the next day”
“Ohhhhhhhh God your so cruel” Tom Said cumming. He shot is load down her throat. Caj moaned licking her lips swallowing the cum. She let a stream of piss in Jane mouth
“Drink up slut” Caj laughed. She stood over Jane beaten body and stomped on her belly “Well that enough for today. Come on Tom lets go to OUR bedroom and fuck”
She put her arms around Jane and walked away. Jane had learned it was a bad idea to try to dress sexy around Caj; it would lead to disaster, because Caj would beat her in any challenge. It was normally end in humiliation by Caj. But Jane couldn’t help it. She had a super model and pin up body and thus like to flaunt it. She loved wearing slacks and showing off her firm ass and thick legs. Her slacks were long and black and she had a white shirt with the buttons unbutton to show off her ample cleavage and smooth tone skin. Her hair was fluffy and black. She lay on the couch with the legs spread. Jane could see Tom eyes on her ass and she loved it. She knew making Caj Jealous was a risk but Jane didn’t care. She loves seeing the anger in her eyes. She loved making the big whale jealous seeing; her fat cheeks turn red with anger. But if Caj feels jealous, that does not mean she feels inferior, no: she is obviously comfortable with her body and much more, very proud of it, and she exudes confidence. Yes her ass is huge and wide and her tight black slacks did little to hide how fast it is, but however, when she wears slacks, she is much more exciting than her rival and Tom, as usually, is totally crazy of her big ass and the ex-wife, as usually, is totally no-match. She love making the comparison with her and destroy Jane in the process. So to show her superiority, Caj wore a similar outfit that really showed off her body and made sure to be in the room Jane was in
“Hello Honey did you miss me” Caj Said to Tom. She made a grand entrance her sexy voice echoing through the room
Caj was wearing some black slacks and yellow shirt showing off her body. Tom walked up to her and put his arms around her. He grabbed her ass feeling the dimples in them. He slipped her hand down her pants and started to squeeze her ass. Her hand rubbed around her ass giving it a tight squeezed. Jane looked at her hateful rival
“Made sure you don’t get any chicken grease touching her ass. It probably smells like Yard. I can’t believe you can handle the smell of her stanky ass near you.” Jane Said and not like this. Jane pulled down her pants showing her rump rear
“Oh is she still here. I barely notice the worthless slut in this room anymore” Caj Said nonchalantly pushing her hand down Tom’s pants and stroking his cock “I use to get mad at your words Jane. I use to get mad when you call me fat. She used to parade around shaking her little ass, showing off her tits and calling me a big mare. But I see now...that’s that is a compliment because Tom loved every bit of my cock don’t Tom. You love squeezing my big rump. I bet you wish you could have your arms around my ass all day, live between my buttocks. I could use you as a seat every day and you would never grow tired of it wouldn’t you me ass love.”
“Ohhhhhhh Yes my big Butt Queen. You’re making me so hard. Feel how thick my cock. I am ready to explode next to you. I adore your wide ass it perfect. I want to put it on a mantle and worship it day and night really” He Said
“Ohhhhhhhh You do” Caj said in mock shock. “So lets me make sure I got this straight...you prefer my thick magnificent ass over her’s”
“Ohhhhhhhhh Yes. I think about you all day and night, when I am at work and when I. You completely own me. I want no one else but you” He Said
Suddenly she took his hand out of her pants and backed away. She took off her shirt showing a white outfit, with white shirt under her tits. Her tits were exposed showing her hard nipples. She cupped her breast showing off her body.
“Like these baby” She Said pulling them up and sucking her nipple. Her large devoured her nipples making her spit make her tits glisten. She squeezed showing the redness underneath. She was pressing her tits together making them get pushed out. “I want your dethrone wife to see my big tits, to cry as they see me seduce her” She Said. S
He walked up to him and slides her tits against him. Tom was in dress pants that were brown and a suit and tie. Caj slipped off the coat part of his suit and tossed it on the ground. She grabbed his tie and pulled him to her
“Come here tiger” She Said and kissed him. She kept an eye on Jane the whole time. Caj started to undo his belt and wrapped it around him to pull them close. She pushed him against the wall and spun around with the bell around them both. The belt couldn’t reach around her and he had to grab part of it. She pressed his ass against him pushing him against the wall as she spent over. She looked at Jane and gave her a wink. Despite herself Jane couldn’t look away. This cow had her husband against the wall. All her weight as her 70 inches of ass was pressed into him grinding back and forth. He was crushed against the wall and loving it. “You like that ass. Bet you never had an ass like this. Nothing this great. They use to call me the Dragon Slayer in College. Because no matter how big a cock was I could break it down with ease making their cocks melt in my ass.”
“Fuck god..Jane please let me fucked it” He Said
“Don’t cum in your pants just let” Caj said turning around. She pulled off her shirt and made her buttons popped off flying around. She rubbed her body against him. Caj had him kick off her shoes and socks as she kissed him. She let his pants dropped to the ground and saw his hard on in pants. She dropped down and sucked his cock through his pants, pulling on it. Her knee was pressed into his cock as she gave his face along and slow lick
“Fuckk” He Said. Some pre cum was making a stain in his pants. She grabbed his underwear and tore it, ripping it apart. She tossed it aside and pushed her ass against him grinding against him. His cock was between her ass cheeks sliding up and down. “Ohh shiiiiiitt”
“Mmmm it even bigger. Its about 14 inches now. Thick and pulsating” Caj Said
“Ohhh Fuck” He screamed as she started to cum. The cum was shooting out his dick and down each ass cheeks. It dripped down her ass into the nice fold
“Ahhhhhhhh shit all that cum for me” She said grabbing his cock and pulling out. She turns around and kissed him so Jane could see the creamed dripped down her ass cheeks. She got behind him and stroking his cock till it was hard again. She made sure Jane see it “Let he see that thick Cock”
She was stroking his cock hard and fast as she nibbled on his ear. Both of them were sweaty as he was jerking him off. She was leaving hickies all over his neck. She whispered in his ear “Come on shoot that load in front of your whore Wife”
“Fuck Caj…your hands are so skilled” He said feeling her tits into his back. She gripped his balls and squeezed her fingers into her his taint. He moaned as she was rubbing his cock up and down. She was twisting his cock back and fourth
He laid his cock against him and started to cum. She laughed at and how far the stream of cum came it hit his wife face.
“You dirty little scoundrel” Caj Said
Caj also had another outfit under her arsenal. One day Tom came home from worked to see Caj sitting on the couch in brown slacks and white Bra that was wore up to her tits, but now all the way showing cleavage the dripped down. She had on a black necklace. Jane was naked in a dog collar washing the floor. There was a blue blanket over it. She pressed a button and the couch turns out in to the bed. There were small white pillows. Her shoes were on. They were black showing off her toes. They were painted bright red. So were her nails
“Oh HI hubby Dear…just though I let the bitch clean up. I lit some scented candle and chilled some wine. There some steaks at the kitchen table as well”
“Ohhhhhhhh God you look good” He Said
“Do I…oh your just a charmer” She Said turning around putting her ass out shaking it back and forth. She grabbed the edge of the couch shaking her hips. She looked back and gave a seductive looked back at them. She got on her side showing off her the fullest off her ass. She gave it a big slap
“Take off those clothes…and show me” Caj Said. He took off her clothes showing his rock hard cock and muscles body. Caj took a sipped of wine and walked over to him. She walked by Jane and poured some of the wine
“You missed a spot” She Said kissing him “But don’t be in such a rush. First I am going to give you a little shows my dirty slut. Got to give you a little show first”
She got back on the couch and pulled down her pants a bit showing the crack of ass a bit. She snapped off her bra and tossed it toward him. He could see her little butterfly tattoo on her back. She shook her body laughing. She kicked off her shoes and pulled down her arms. She smiled getting on her side show her thick ass got in the air. She pulled off her pants showing her whole naked body.
“Going to fuck you…going to FUCK you till you past out” She Said. She grabbed his hand and tossed him on the couch. She straddled him and was riding his cock up and down. She looked back at her “This is how you FUCK a cock Jane...Maybe if you learn this he wouldn’t have left you” She laughed. He grabbed her ass screaming with pleasure
She bent down and made him suck her tits. She held his hand down grinding back and forth. His cock was being pushed deep into her pussy.
“LOOK AT me Jane…look at his cock getting buried into my snatch” She Said. She was slapping Tom with her heavy tits taking control. He screamed that he loved her. The scented smell of the candle mixed well with the smell of their sex. She grabbed a remote and turn up the radio. The radio was hook to the IPOD and played a Salsa music playlist, as she w as grinding to him matching to the music “Yea baby you LOVE the way I dance don’t you. The way my big full body shakes”
Caj climax against him filling his cock grow in her. She was moving his body up and down as she rode him threatening to break the bed. She barked at Jane to keep scrubbing the floor. She took the bottle of wine and started drinking it. She poured it down. The wine burns her throat. The wine was mixed with g**** and cherry
“Ohhh Fuck” He screamed. He started to cum inside her as she was grinding up and down. His cock was filling his pussy as his cock was pulsating
“Ohhhhhhh Fuck you nasty slut” Caj Said kissing him “You nasty little ass worship slut”
She grabbed his neck and squeeze
“This cock belongs to me DOESN’T it” Caj Said
“Yes everything belong to you...my money...my house…my body...my mind. I love your pussy and ass, your lips. I am your slave”
“And that the way I love it” She Said
The week a long round humiliation began
The first day Jane was sitting in the Kitchen ready to make some breakfast when Cajun came walking in, with. She could hear Tom and Caj have a sex session 3 hours straight. Tom was a bit of a screamer when it came to Caj. He would empty his load in that huge cottage cheese ass of her, and Caj would soak it up like a sponge. At times it go overfilled, she would make Jane clean it out. She would make sure Jane would hear every second of love making they made. Caj would make him call her queen and talk about her ass being superior to Jane. Jane was looking at her with daggers in her eyes as Caj walked in now what seem like the small Kitchen. Tom cock was still in her ass. She had used her ass muscles to clench his cock and drag him around. His arms were around Caj
“Your pardons your X husband coming in like this. After a long night of love making with me the poor boy has trouble walking…isn’t that right my dear” Caj Said
“Your totally wore me out goddess” He Saying lying on her back naked dripping with sweat. Her red under where was pulled down to make sure his cock could slipped nicely in. She got a beer from the freeze
“I guess I be kind” She Said with a pout “And give you a few minutes rest”
She let him out of her ass and made him get the seat. Her huge ass seems to be feeling the room. She was wearing a short red skirt that was high up her ass showing the crack off her ass and all the little dents into her ass. Her ass was smooth and soft, flowing around like smooth milk. Her skin seems to be glowing…with reds in her Caucasian skin. The skirt matches her fiery red hair that was covering her face. Her shirt was tightly barely holding in massive breast. The shirt was short sleeve showing off her shirt. It was two sizes to small and had red and white stripes over it showing off her body. Tom was naked, with his cock fully erect. Pussy juice was still dripping from his cock. He was rock hard and thick and vienty. His face and cock had the smell of her ass juices on him. He had his scent dripped into his skin show the world knew who he belong. Jane use to have her scent on him. Use to have her pussy juice dripped on his face. He was his Trophy, his cock was he award. Now it belongs to Caj, with Caj pussy juice all over his face dripping on his lips. He could barely move. Caj gave a smug smile knowing how much she wore a man out. Her deep blue eye stared at them as slowly licked her lips. She took the bottle of beer and put it in her ass cheeks popping the top off before swigging down the beer. The beer went empty and she tossed it hitting it the waste basket
“d***ken whore” Jane Said
“You’re fantastic”
“Thank you lover” Caj Said ignoring Jane “I I do try to keep my ass muscles nice and trained unlike a certain soon to be poor whore
She lay against the table cabinets that kept the silverware with her hands on the table. She was in a part of the room that connected in the V. She smiled showing off her sandals. She had red sandals with toes with red nail polish. Her lips were bright red lipstick and her finger nails were painted a lighter red. From this pose she could see her thick things thighs that wrapped around his head so many times riding up and down. The skirt was up show he could see just a peak off her pussy. Her thick pussy lips were dripping down his legs. She had on pearl ear rings
“Wow that is fantastic” He Said
“Ohhh what the matter Jane…you seem grumpy…didn’t have your wheaties today. Don’t worry I grabbed a dog bowl and get you a nice snack…But first I figure I give you a little show” Caj Said lifting her arms up. She took her shirt off showing her huge tits and big nipples. She grabbed her nipple and started sucking the nipple
“Only thing you going to be eating is crow when I take my Husband back and you back to the white trash home you came from” Jane thought to herself. But she only growled at her showing anger “You actually like those Saggy tits”
“Well answer her do you” Caj said grabbing her tits and sucking them. Her spit dripped down greedily down her breast. Tom stared stroking his cock. Pre cum was already dripping from his cock coating it. Her huge legs was pressing together “Well I think I got your answer. Look how thick his cock is. He cum in 3 times today, then one time on my tits. Look you can see the droplets of his cum on my tits still. But he still gets hard near me. You know sometime I don’t let him wash his face. I want people to know how much he loved my pussy. Plus he likes having my smell doing that”
She bent over showing him her huge ass. Her skirt was still on with the skirt looking like it was painted on. Sweat was running down her back showing off her ass cheeks. Her ass cheeks slapped together as she was making it bounce up and down. She rubbed her thick chunky legs together. She pushed her ass out looking straight ahead.
“You remember the first time you touch this ass Tom you were in high heaven. We fucked on and on off. You wife thought she could challenge this…but she was quickly showed I am her superior...being f***e to watch us fuck. Despite your wife humiliate you coated by chunky hills with liquid...snow and the bitch licked every drop. I don’t know how much humiliation the poor girl can take. It clear that the girl has no shame” Caj Said
“Fat whale I am standing around so I can take my throne back and end this madness loving this cottage cheese ass” Jane Though but Tom was thinking “Goddess”
Caj stood up swaying her ass back and forth. She took off her sandals and put on she high heel pumps red. She crosses her legs together
“Look all that flat oozing out from her legs…all that nasty celluate” Jane Popped up
“And your Hubby...loves to have his cock against. Oh wait MY hubby. Sometimes I forget” Caj laughed showing off the sex butterfly tattoo on her ass.
Cajun wrapped her arms around her chest covering her beautiful breast. She cupped them pushing them up. She smooched her breast together showing him her back. She slowly licked her lips. She turns around so he could see a sideways look off her ass putting out her ass giving it a slapped. She grabbed a peach from the table and wrapped her lips around it letting the juices dripped down her chest. She ate
“Eat up pig” Jane said with anger
“Temper Temper…Don’t want another spanking” Cajun purred. She put her on her foot up doing and sexy little curtsy “Your X man love my feet to. He loves to kiss and massage it and lick the little toes. Don’t you my love”
“Yes, you smell so good. Your are true perfection” Tom Said with love in his eyes. He was stroking his cock close to cum. Caj could tell
“Not let…stop Jerking right there. Want to save that cum for me” She said as she pulled down her underwear show a bit of her ass crack. Her panties were like a big blanket. She tossed it on Tom’s face “Take a good smell know you love it”
“My God” He said smelling it
“My God show some shame” Jane Said
“Ohhhh he well beyond that” Caj said rubbing her cheeks. She shook her ass standing in the kitchen grinding back and forth. “Look at your X husband licking his lips at the thought of smelling my ass. He adores. He craves it like a thirst man craves water. My ass is God to him now
Caj spread her legs showing bits of her hairy pussy. Caj loved the smell that it captured. Her leg was on the table as she started to fingering herself. Caj laughed as she saw Jane red face with rage. Tom was about to grabbed his cock.Caj shook her finger
“NOT yet…you don’t want to get spank do you Tommy” She Said
“No Goddess” He said but his cock was aching. It was so hard it hurt. It felt heavy like it weighed like a bare bell. His cum was ready to burst.
“Then be a good boy and wait” Caj said. She walked to the refrigerator showing off her plump ass. She grabbed some beer and drank one and then grabbed some milk. She pointed to the ground for Tom to crawl over
“Time for your breakfaster” She Said. She poured the milk down her butt cheeks and let it flow down her ass. He put his face in her ass cheeks and started picking up, slurring from her might ass.
“Get every drop…don’t want any milk on this beautiful butt. Although I hear milk is good for the skin” She Said
She pushed her face deeper as she started drinking some of her beer. She notice Jane
“Ohhh think our little slut wants some to” She Said. “Crawl over”
Jane hesitated
“Now Now…can’t bruise you but we both know there plenty of pain I can do that does involve bruises” She Said
She crawled over. Caj poured milk down her chest, letting the milk go down her belly. Jane was f***e to kissed and lick, slurping around her Belly button. Tears of humiliation were running down her face. She uses to be on top of the world, rich and powerful. Now she was kissing this sluts belly. Caj pushed Jane head down and poured more milk
“Lick my cunt” Caj Said “Think there some of your X husbands cum still in there. Lick it up bitch. Nice and strong licks. My scent is pretty powerful isn’t it? It what attracted your husband to me so long ago. Ounce a man got my scent they are. Get deep in their”
Caj moaned as both people licked her, Caj current husband and Jane her Rival it was intoxicating. Jane had been f***e to lick her pussy many times, trained with spankings and whip. By survival Jane had learn to lick her pussy just right. Tom was a good little ass licker due to lover of Caj body. Jane grabbed Caj black hair making her taste deeper. Jane had a nice patch of red pussy hair as she was grinding back and forth against both of them.
“Milk does a body good” Caj Said grinding against him. Tom squeezed her ass, cellulite slipping through his fingers like water. She pushed him against the wall gridding her ass into him. She wrapped her legs around his face as she was pushing. Caj put her head back and was licking her lips
“Damm you bitch” Jane muttered under her breath. Her long tongue was pushing into her pussy. The milk was flowing into her mouth as she licked back and forth tasting her pussy walls. She was slamming her pussy and ass back and forth.
“Ohhhh Fuck” Caj moaned as she started to cum against him. Her warm pussy juice sprayed in Jane’s face “That it lick it up all little girl”
Caj took Jane face out her pussy and stood back and kicked her down with her feet. Jane was coughing, pussy juice dripping from her mouth. Caj cum had filled up Jane’s young. Caj stood with pride with his ass deep into Tom’s face. She stood over Caj
“Take a good look bitch…it a view you’re going to get use to as long as you stay in here” Ca Said. She helped Tom up and stroked his cock over her giving him a deep kissed. Their tongue twisting into each other as she stroked his cock “Isn’t that right my lover”
“Yes Goddess Cajun”
“Cum for me lover…cum on this bitches face” She Said
She was stroking his cock faster. Her hands were expectedly stroking his cock, knowing just how to bringing him to most pleasure. She nibbled on his neck and felt his cock pulsate in her hand. It erupted sending a long stream of cum down on his wife face and body
“Fantastic” She Said pushing her tongue in. She cupped his ass. “Let go to our bedroom. We can eat out later at a nice restaurant”
The next Day Caj was walking with a towel around her waist, after swimming in the Olympic size pool. The towel was yellow and blue stripes and she loved the way it made her ass even bigger. Jane couldn’t believe that whale was swimming in her Olympic size pool. To her, Tom being in love with that whale was pure madness. Caj motion tom over as she looked back shaking her rump.
“Come on Love” She Said grabbing him by his massive cock. Making it oozed as she walked. A smile went across her rub red lips as she felt his cock. She took of the towel and had a fruit cocktail drink, extra sugar. She gave him a sloppy kissed before wrapping the towel around him and bringing him to her belly. His cock pressed against him. She felt his hard on against her belly “Mmmmmmmmm Your ready to pop aren’t you”
“Ohh fuck yess Caj” He Said
She was rubbing her belly up and down feeling against his fat. She grabbed his ass slipping her a finger in his asshole. She looked at her rival and winked. Tom moaned as he started to cum against her belly.
“Mmmmmmm someone made a mess. Don’t worry the pool will clean that off” She Said. Then she pushed him in the pool. She gave a big dive splashing water out. Cah couldn’t keep her hands off him always being the top in the relationship “Damm your cock is huge”
She pushed him against the wall of the pool and stroked his cock. Her tongue was twisting into his mouth like a snake
“Think you plain Jane X wife Jealous. He never got your cock to be 16 inches. And she never could do what I could do” Caj Said
She told Tom to lie down on the ground by the pool with his legs hanging down from the pool. She swallowed his cock hungrily with complete ease. Her cheeks got red as she sucked his entire 16 inches in her mouth
“Ohhhhhhh fuck” He cried with her spit dripping down his shaft. She was moving up and down making loud sucks. Jane had never been able to take his entire cock in her mouth and here this woman was doing in expert skill. She even made room for the balls”
She spread his legs slipping a finger in her his ass. He let out a louder moan. Her tongue was gliding up and down his shaft. She squeezed his balls, twisting it making him moan. She licked the top of his cock head.
“Ohhhh God going to burst” Tom Said. Her tongue slightly teased him and she went down to suck his balls rolling around in her his mouth. She was stroking it, fisting him hard. Her fingers were twisting in and out of his asshole pushing deep into his prostate
“You like that baby...me milking that little prostate. I know all your sweet spots now” Caj Said. She put his cocks between her tits and started moving up and down. Water was splashing out of the pool as she was giving him a fantastic tit fucking. He grabbed the floor moaning in ecstasy as her lips wrapped around his cock head.
“Ohhhhhhhh Gooood” He cried as he started to cum. Cum was cumming down her tits coating it. It pulsates into her tits. She rubbed his cock head against her nipples letting it shoot out.
She licked the cum off him sucking him some more till she exploded in his mouth. Caj brought him down into the pool and kissed him with her cum drench mouth. She looked at Jane the whole time as they made out. She was squeezing her balls, pushing her big tits
“Who do you belong to lover” She Said
“You Caj…you always you” He said as she nibbled on her neck. Jane was enraged but she couldn’t look away. Caj turn around and grabbed his cock pushing it against her ass. The fucked against the pool walls making water splash out
“OHHH fuck” He cried holding on for dear life. He was told to kiss her back as she lay against her. She was in complete control fucking him like a rag doll
“Think we should build a dog house for our house guest” Caj Said swaying her red hair back and forth. She smelt her hair as she grinds against him pulling and stretching his cock. His cock was deep in him as his balls were slamming into her ass. She flattens his balls with her thick ass. She moved her hand down to her its making him feel it “Scream my name”
He screamed his name at the top of his lung. Jane couldn’t stand it anymore. She left off in anger. Caj watch with a huge smirk across her face.
“Look like someone can’t stand the heat” Caj said, just as Tom came clasping against her. Caj moaned as she came. A hug multiple climax hit her body as she grinded against him. “You never could handle at his ass. Don’t blame you. I still adore your cock regardless lover”
Hour passed. Jane was in her room stabbing picture of Caj. Caj walked in still naked. Jane was on the bed as Caj turn around showing her, her thick ass.
“You missed the show” Caj purred. She parted her ass cheeks showing the gobs of cum “I thought I show you the aftermath. Your X hubby still sl**ping it off after king I just gave. He earns his rest. The boy made me cum 5 times today”
“Damm you hateful bitch” Jane Said “I am going…”
“Your going to WHAT” Caj Said
Jane put her face down
“As I thought spoiled rich girl all bark and no bite. No wonder you had to send people to attack me. Well they failed didn’t they? Now your husband enslave to my ass. My darling ass slut who would do anything I ask. He licked the shit off my crack if I so choose. But then I have sluts like you to do that for me. See I won’t lose my husband like your whore. I have him well under controlled. In fact he had his own secretary, a skinny little blond bitch who tried to hit on my man. Who told me about right away he was so in worship me. The poor girl had a crush. So I went to the office and kicked her tiny titted ass. I made her stripped naked and laid her on the desk. Then I sat my big rump on her face new husband fucked my pussy to climax after climax. I could feel her tears again my ass. Not as sweet as yours but quite satisfaction. The final time my husband came tonight I had him pull off and cum on that bitches faces. I dragged her around the office and put her ass over my knee and gave her a property spanking. The poor lass were terrified. I told her to leave town and NEVER been seen again. She didn’t even bother to clean up she was so scare of me. Not a much a bitch as you of course. I took great joy in breaking you. Of all the wedding rings I collected from Bride who house I wrecked still wearing yours as a center pieces. But your husbands were the first one I married though. Even a girl like me have to settle down at one point” Caj Said grabbing Jane hair and spitting on her face She turn around showing her dripping wet pussy lips. The cum was dripping down, down her big flabs of fat in her legs. She showed Jane the wetnest. Her pussy was filled with her husband cum
“Your husband in love, he doesn’t try to hide his devotion. In public he is willing to happily eat my pussy. I let him keep some of my panties in his pocket so he could smell it. When we meet he always like please Caj…please let me smell your ass let me worship it. He begs to make love to it all day. And when I fuck him. He likes please Goddess Cajun you are too much for me. I can’t handle your ass. It’s too much. I of course pretend I don’t hear him and keep grinding into him riding him fucking him till he knees go weak. I climax least a dozen times doing this, feeling his body turn to jelly under me. But his cock always stays hard. I can feel the tears of pleasure on my back.
She grabbed Jane by the hair out of the room and made her look in what ounce was her bedroom. Tom was laid out with a rock hard cock, face covered in pussy juice
“I DID that your whore” Caj Said “My My Jane…your getting wet from me saying all this. Look at yourself your cow your making a puddle on the floor” Caj Said “Now if your excuse me I have to go fucked your X husband. You lay her and do whatever loser like your self do
Caj left shaking her cum drench ass as it weeped. This went on into the day. Often Caj would lie on the hammock with her feet in the air showing her white shoes, and red underwear that went up her butt. Jane wonders if the Hammok would collapse. She mocked say the fat bitch would take the trees down with her. Caj didn’t mind it. She let Jane make her Jokes knowing her husband was her’s. Caj would drink Lemonade she relaxes. Sometimes she would lie on Top all day, pounds and pounds on him using him as a pillow, crushing him into the hammock. Caj laughed as his cock remained hard between her cheeks, getting ready to ooze out at any moment. Tom would oil her back and ass while he said lay in the hammock and enjoyed the good life.
“How about another lemonade” She would say shaking the ice in her glass. Jane was f***e to walk over to her and give her some lemonade
“Your husband is especially hard today. Think he is a nice 13 inches” She would say making the hammock shake
The end of the week she got back from shopping where a red dress. The dress was up around her ass, showing her butt cheeks. It was two sizes to fall and barely fit around her body. It only came halfway down her ass. She walked shaking her big hips with her bags in hand. She had on new white shoes. Tom was in tights. She loved the world to see the hard on he had. Her cum was dripping down his pants making him moan and ache when he was in front of her. He removed his clothes when he was in the house showing off his body. Caj looked back shaking her hips. They went outside by the pool. Her husband walked out with her not taking her eyes off. She had two bags full of stuff and walked slowly through the house. Her lips had some cum from it from blow her in the car. She wiped the cum off her mouth enjoying the taste of a conquered cocked. They had been shopping and touring the mall most of the day. Tom watches her with joy trying on multiple clothes each one tighter than the other. Every time his cock got hard
“How do I look...Do I look like a fashion model” She Said
“Oh Yes’s” Tom Said
“Yea she looks like a model. Someone modeling OLD JELLO” Jane Said out loud finally speaking up. She was disgusted by this. How could her husband cheat on her when the mistress he cheating out 40 times heavier then she was. This was pure madness “Maybe she can model for a LARD company with that greasy and nasty ass that she has. Her ass probably smells like old rotten cheese. A piece of white trash. Why picked her when you have goddess. Look at these tits. Nice and firm from actually working out. My ass is thick, big but now saggy and full of dents like this bitch. Mind if smooth, nice and healthy skin from using the creams. You remember it Tom. The many times you came inside me, stuffing your face deep into my cleavage, sucking on my tits. You loved putting your face in it. Worshiping. Look at my Body Tom. Despite me being older then her, my breast are firmer then her’s. My nipples are much harder then he will ever be
Jane was walking out in a skin tight bikini. Her body was tanned and dripping with sweat. Despite the age her body was firm and thick. The G-string was barely visible going up her ass cheeks. Her legs were nice and thick as she walked. Her toes were painted a lighter red then Caj and so were her toes nails. Her eyes were deep blue and her face that of a fashion model. Her bikini was small in the breast area wrapping tightly around her tits. Showing off her black hair halfway down. She walked in front of Caj showing off her body
“Look Tom. It is like a before and after picture in those diet commercials. With her as a before” Jane Said putting her ass next to her “See before is a the FAT BITCH…After is the perfect fit ass right here, showing what happen when you work out”
She took a chair and used it for balance pushing her ass on it. He was amazed and shocked seeing his wife with that much energy
“Look at the tanning of the skin, a nice Brown hue. Not like that pale bitch you’re with right now Tom. Not like that fat whore.
Caj had enough and walked up to Tom. “Tom Dear does me a favor and grabbed that bitch and brings her to knees”
Tom did as told pushing her to her knees. Caj walked up to her
“You can’t do harm to me” Jane Said
“Oh I can’t bruise you…just have to pull my punches” Caj Said slapping her across the face. “Plus not going to beat you really. Just want you to have a birds eyes view. See I just blew Tom and as you can see his proud cock is pretty flaccid”
She took off her dress and tossed it down showing her naked body. She bent over showing her ass. She parted her ass cheeks showing her deep asshole. She smiled back at him and made her ass cheeks slapped together making his cock grow. His flat cock sprung to life showing it being thick and vein. The cock head was dripping pre cum
“Look how HARD is is now. Just at the sight of my big rump. Look at the thickness. The weights. It filled with cum. LOOK make her look” Caj said putting her ass cheeks inch from Jane Face. Tom grabbed her hair making her look “Get in front of her Tom”
Caj took over and grabbed Jane face. She showed Tom thick cock, making it hard for Caj to get her hand around his cock.
“Mmmmmmm Look at that Cock ooze. Know your HUNGRY for it. Bet you never got it that thick whore. But you never got it that Juice. Just a few strokes and he be read to explodes” Caj Said stroking his cock “Don’t you turn away…I want you to have the whole load
She started to cum. His cock was pulsating sending a stream of cock on Janes face. She let the cum dripped down as she was stroking him. She was twisting his cock and pulling on tightly with his cock. She squeezed her balls pulling it.
“That as close as you’re going to get to this cock whore” She Said
Caj grabbed her to her feet and tossed her on the ground. Caj took a running leap and landing on her holding her down. She looked into her eyes holding down her arms

“FUCK me Tom...Fuck me on your whore of a wife, Fuck me right into my ass” CaJ Said “Fuck me hard. Remember you don’t have to hold back with a woman like me. I am not some wimpy rich girl who will cry and break the first time you fuck her. I can take all of you, all 13 inches of that fat rod of yours. Fuck me baby. Fuck me like a whore.
He didn’t have to be asked twice. Caj could feel the steal of his cock entered in her asshole. He used ever muscles to drive in. Jane could hear the sounds of Caj asshole sucking Tom’s cock in, feeling her up. Jane always had trouble taking in his cock but Caj was taking it like a champ. The sounds of his balls slamming against his ass were ringing through the air. Caj was looking at Jane
“Don’t you turn away…Look into my eyes? Want you to see the look in my face as I feel his cum shoot inside me. Can make him cum whenever I want, but I like it to last. Can you feel it whore...can you feel how wet my pussy is against you. You can can’t you…You feel it dripping. You know I am squirted. Grab my hips Tom Fuck me hard.”
Both their bodies were shaking as she was slamming against Jane. She sat in her face looking back at time enjoying his cock disappear in her ass
“That it fucks…my shit whole tom. Fill my dirty asshole. Fill it up this bitch will clean it” Caj Said “Grab handfuls of my fat. Grind into me...pull it in and out. Long thrust. Your husband quite a good fuck Jane. Of course you knew that…guess that why your married him. Oh shit it feel good ramming me like he trying to knock down a door of a castle. He so strong a thick. I bet it probably broke your skinny ass in half”
“Get off me you fat bitch” Jane Cried “Damm you”
“Ahhh where the fight in you. Thought you were going to show me up with your perfect ass. Turns out your Hubby doesn’t care about your flat worthless ass or your tits. He in love with my shithole. I love with ym thick wet pussy
“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck” Tom screamed dripping with sweat. Jane was trying to push her off her as Tom was grinding into the circle, getting a steady motion. Her asshole felt perfect. He never grew tired of fucking it even though he had trouble keeping the pace with him.
He did long thrust inside her, pulling all the way out and slamming all the way in. His heart was beating faster and faster as he was fucking her. She took his hand and put it on her fiery red hair as he fucked her. She pushed back into him as hard as he fucked her. Her ass was gripping him like a vice pulling him as she moved. She never could get enough of his cock either. She was now dripping with sweat her body sticking to her hater rival as her whole body shook with climax. She could feel that Jane was getting wet despite her humiliating. She drove her fingers deep into Jane’s pussy playing with her G spot. Her fingers were expert skilled pushing and in and out and twirling around. Jane moaned
“Ohhh Little who is about to cum I see. I guess I own both of you sexually. Tom is happy enough to admit aren’t you Tom”
“Oh God yesss” Tom Said. He heard his X wife screamed as her whole body. Jane climax
“You LITTLE bitch….you came all over me. I can feel your pussy juices mixing with mind. It quite sweet. You’re going to have to lick it clean soon”
“Damm you..Damm you fucking Evil whore” Jane Said enrage but still in ecstasy.
“Ohhh Goood about to cum….want you pussy to feel mind. Ooooooo can see your getting wet to” Caj said as she came against her. “Harder Time…FASTER. Fuck me good. Don’t you DARE close your eyes Jane your miserable slut. Look at that Tom she is crying. Your are so weak Jane. Your body is worthless even after it healed from the beating I give you. Did you tell your doctors what happen? Did you tell you got your kick trying to stand up to one of your betters? Did they you tell them how I ruin those tits. How you fingered yourself as you watch me and your husband fucked. Did you tell all those doctors how you ate his cum out of my pussy like a little piggy?
Caj moaned rubbing her pussy against her. Both the women came, their pussy juices mixing together. Her fat legs were crushing Jane. Jane felt all the weight on her as she was jumping up and down on her. His tits were flattening.
“Cum inside me” She Said
Tom put his head back and started to cum. His cock was pulsating as it was slamming inside him. It overflowed in her ass. It clench around him emptying his load for drop after drop. Thiers sweat was dripping down. He pulled out rubbing his thick cock against her ass. Cajun grabbed her by the hair and tossed her to the ground again. Caj hovered over and spread her pussy lips. She started to piss on Jane getting into her mouth and eyes. She slammed her foot down on her stomach and f***es her to swallow the hot piss, filling up her mouth. She walked over to the chair
“Get over here girl…NOW” Caj said
Jane crawled meekly over as Caj bent over. She parted her ass out showing her mounds and mounds of ciliate dripping through her cheeks. Her cum was oozing from her asshole.
“Lick my crack your dumb bitch” Caj Said. Jane started slowly licking her asshole tasting her cum “Tom pushed her face int..This dumb whore can lick deeper than that”
Jane was f***e to twirl around in her tasting it. She smelled her ass as she had trouble breathing. Caj laughed evilly as Tom was pushing her face deep into her ass cracked. Her nose were deep into her butthole and Jane was dripping her pussy juice down
“Fuckk…yess…lick it you dumb whore. Lick the cum out of my asshole. Want you to taste the cum mixed with shit and piss you fucking loser.I had a very big meal bitch, they’re a lot of shit in there eat it up. I want you to taste the fat you love so much Say you’re a loser” Caj Said
“I am loser” Jane cried
“Tears always feel nice against my asshole. Eat my shit you dumb whore. Want you to lick all the brown in there. Don’t lick it till its all clean baby. Smell my asshole you fucking slut” Caj Said as she let out some gas into her nostrils “Smell my fat you fucking loser. Ohhh fuck. She going to make me cum…Let me see that cock of yours Tom”
Tom stood in front of her stroking his cock. The beach chair could fold out. She folded it out lying across it as he grabbed her cock. He was starting to suck his cock making it bigger. The cock grew into his mouth tasting the full length of his cock. His pre cum was dripping from his cock. The cum coated Caj cum as she sucked it
“Give it to me baby…fill me with your hot juice” Caj Said stroking “Still down there Jane. How does it feel to kiss the ass that store your husband and made your homeless? This is great I have both husband and wife as my sex slave. I completely broke you”
“God you’re so good at this. That feels so good. My cock is melting in my mouth. It gets hard every second it in your mouth” He Said as he slammed the cock in her mouth, slamming his balls against her chin. She grabbed his ass squeezing his butt cheeks and digging her nails in
“That because I am very cock hungry” Caj Said “Push your tongue in Jane. Pushed it in me you fucking whore. Keep licking that some shit still left. You have to keep these bitches in control Tom. Give them an inched and they take a mile” Caj said
She pulled his cock rubbing it on her cheeks. Her tongue was twirling up and down his shaft as she was stroking it faster. Her fist squeezed his cock hard pushing out the clock head. Her tongue was twirling around his cock head giving little licks. He tongues slided under the head of cock, just under the hood. It felt amazing as she pressed against her taint. Her thick lips pressed against the balls leaving lipstick. She admire his thick cock looking at the saliva that was soaking it
“You should see the size of this hard on. It’s MAGNIFICENT” Caj Said “Thick and meaty. Bet you never got it this big you whore
She was fisting his cock as she was sucking his balls, rolling it around. Her tongue was slathering his balls making it drench with her spit. She could barely fit his hands around it as she started to gag. It was going down her throat. The huge cock was filling her throat as she expertly worked it, fisting it and sucking it at the same time
“Shiiiit going to cum just from sucking on that cock” Caj Said. Her long red hair was covered his cock as she sucked. She looked up at him with her deep blue eyes. She spread his ass cheeks slipping her fingers deep in him “AHHHFUCK…CUMMING…CUMMING…shit...soaking all over you. “
She started to cum. She felt him ready to blow. He put his head back as she he came deep in her mouth feeling her lungs with hot pulsating cum. It went deep in her and down her stomach. It filled her mouth, dripping out as she sucked his cock. It felt amazing. His cock was being completely control by her like it was an extension of her. She licked her lips and pulled his cock out. It was extra sensitive as she was stroking it. She stood up and gargle her cum. It was dripping from her mouth. She grabbed Jane by the hair and f***es her to open her mouth. She spit the cum in her mouth and laughed.
“Slut” She said slamming her face down on the ground. She left Jane crying and walked up to Tom and hugs him. She whispered in his ear “You know…she thinks her sticking it to me standing around her. But what she doesn’t know I LOVE IT. Love rubbing it in her face, breaking her. Occasionally giving her hope only to crush her. Love watching her degraded. I loved watching the tears go down her face soaking her her. I loved then slapping her smothering her with my ass. The poor woman always thinks she has hope. I love stomping on it, twisting it under my foot and making her cry. I love that she knows where fucking Nothing make me cum harder than having a beaten rival suck out my juices. I want this humiliating dance to last for a while. When she finally defeated...I will be that much sweeter”
“Mmmmm Your evil” He Said
“That why you love be babe” Caj Said and kissed him
The end

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