Muscle Encounters 3- Meeting Rhonda Lee

Muscle encounters 3-Meeting Rhonda lee
By lilguy
Man meets Rhonda Lee and sex happens of course.

I was staying at a near by hotel for a comic convention one day. I rode there
alone to stay for 3 days. It was night time and the crickets were chirping. I
had to get my box of stuff out of my car.

I struggled with the box. It had all my clothes, food, and items. The box was
extra heavy sense I tended to over packed.

"Need some help" A sultry voice said

I turn around. I saw her. She looked gorgeous, like some super hero from a
comic book. She was had black hair with blond streak in it. Her face was
beautiful; it made her look Greek or lationo. Her eyebrows were down in a long
manor and painted. She smelt of expensive perfume. Her eyes were deep and
exotic. The mystery girl had on an armless latex vest with black bra and Daisy
Duke Jeans. She wore boots. Her arms were like rambos and her abs looks like
solid steal. Her breasts were perfect, nice and big and easy to grab on. She
looked like she could break me in half.

I was down on the ground look up at her sexy Olympic gymnast legs.

"Here let me help you with that" She said

She lifted it up with ease.

"Where you room" She asked

"Over there" I said

I told her my name.

"My name is Rhonda Lee" She said

I got a view of her tight ass that looks like it could crush a walnut in two.
She shooked it as she carried the box.. Rhonda places it down.

"Thanks" I said

"Don't mention it ... So what bring you here"

"Here for the convention"

"Me to, Posing for pictures for artist"

I had trouble not looking down her breast.

"You're pointing" She said


She pointed down to my erection

"Oh ... man ... sorry"

Nothing to be sorry about" She said

She shut the door and smiled. She smiled. Her body seems to have a red glow
under her skin. She pushed me down and started taking my clothes off. My shoes
were kicked off. I can't believe this was happening.

She tossed her vest showing off her arms. She let her muscles flex and bouncy.
She gave me a little wink as she did it. With that she undid her Bra and slide
out of her daisy duke and boots showing perfectly painted toe nails. She gave
it a little squeezer her b**st as she place a foot on her cock. She rubbed me
with her foot as she fingered herself through her wet panties. She laughed as
she knew I was about to cum. She stops her foot job just before it looked like
I was shooting my load.

"Not so fast" She said

Her foot was rubbing up and down my balls and shaft and pressing deep into her
with her strength. She parted her thick and fat pussy lips through her
panties. Her bellybutton was pierce with a diamond ear ring. She gave her abs
a nice slapped. It was no fat at all. She took her foot off and turns around
giving me a view off her ass.

"Don't touch yourself" She commanded "Those hands only use on me"

She pulled her panties down showing a perfect ass. She winked and smiled
evilly at me.

"Going to give to give you the ride of your life. You may not be able to walk
afterward honey. Going to so you how a real Amazon feels. Trust me I better
then any comic book your read"

She took off her bra and turn around showing two perfect globes. She flexed
her right arm and kissed her biceps and then the other. I wanted so bad to
touch her right now. Rhonda squeezed her breast together and began to sucked

"You want this baby" She said

Little droplets of sweat were dripping down her breast. She went into my bag
and saw some baby oil. She spread it all over her. She got on top of me and
put her as in my face.

"Lick it. Lick them both" She said

I started licking her hole and pussy. Taking time with both. My tongue went
deep in her asshole as she pressed against me. She moaned as she bucked her
ass deep into my face smothering me. Her hands worked up and down my shaft
getting oiled up while playing with my balls

It felt in heaven as she kept me on the edge. My cock was butter into her
hands. She grabbed my cock and put it between her tits. It let out a loud
moaned but was smothered by her. I licked for dear life as her tits squeezed
my cock milking it. She slurped up the pre cum from the top of my head and
slowly teases her tongue around my cock head. The sensation was driving me

"Lick that cunt babe..deeper. Deeper..That it" She said

Her tongue flicked faster and faster around my head, making me get near
climaxing and then stopping and starting again. Her legs were wrapped hard
around my face as she slurped it taking it all in slowly. My face was filled
with ass as I licked her tight hole. My finger slid across her clit.

Rhonda licked her fingered and jammed a finger in my ass. She started finger
fucking me fast and hard as she sucked me.

"Cummming baby" She said

Her wetness covered my face. I licked it clean and focused on her clit as she
came. Three fingers were deep in my ass when she finally let me cum. She
slurped down and pulled out. It shot my jizz all over her

"Keep sucking my clit. Got to get your ready for round two" She said

I munched on her clit as she rubbed and stroked my cock. She smiled backed and
put her pussy in my face she was fingering me back to life. She put her head
backed and squeezed my hands and her body shook cumming again. My cock became

"We have lifted off" She said

She took me inside her and held my hands down. It was rock hard. Rhonda breast
bobbed up and down as her tight pussy muscles milked me without mercy. She
knew when to bring me to climax and when to send me back. She was in complete
control over my body. My body lifted up and down as she rode me.

"Shit fuck, hitting my clit, right all my G spot..ohhhh fuck cumming" She

She held me down to muffled my moans with her hands. She grabbed my hair and
had me looked at her as she rode me faster. I came, my whole body shooked. Her
pussy muscled kept me hard.

"Oh Rhonda" I moaned

"Ohh goddess Rhonda"

"Oh Goddess Rhonda" I moaned

She kept a hand slightly around my neck and gave me a little squeeze the next
time I came. It was intense and 10 times greater then normal. I lost tracked
of how many times I came that night. She tossed me around like a rag doll. We
fucked in multiple positions and had I licked her clean after each time from
in and out.

I lay on the bed afterward. She took my cell and got my number from it. I was
beat. She smirked and put on her clothes. She went into her wallet

"Not to bad for a comic book geek" She laughed

She tossed me some one dollar bills

"Go buy your self some pokemon cards k**s. May see you around..if your lucky"

With that she walked out the door.

The end

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