Muscle encounters 8 Debra D Andrea

uscle Encounters 8- Debra D Andrea goes to a Hotel
By lilguy
Debra teaches a pervert a lesson

Story base on a girl from here.

Harold was a motel owner in a run down motel on the freeway. It had several
rooms, a pool and cable TV. The run down hotel match a run down man. Harold
was a skinny black man well into his 30's. He hadn't done to much working out
in his life. His only weight lifting was lifting up a remote to watch TV. He
stood about 5.6 and had a sleazy way about. It was an odd feeling people got
that he oozed pervert. Like someone you would find fucking your mother Apple
pie when you weren't looking. They were mostly right. The hotel did ok sense
it wasn't many places to stay on this highway. Still he was pretty bored with
this Job. Nothing really happen of importance

The only excitement he got was when an attractive lady came in. He would
always give her room 46 due to the fact, that this had a hole in the room
where he could watch them in the shower. He stayed in room 45.

Debra D Andrea was a female bodybuilder and dominatrix who toured the world,
winning awards and doing sessions for years. Sometime between towns she would
stop by a motel. She stood 5.7 of solid muscle. Ever part of her body was cut
to perfection. Her ass was nice a tight and legs long and thick. Her breasts
were big like two cantaloupes, nice and firm. Her hair was long and black and
she had an exotic look about her. She almost looked like a Greek warrior
woman, firm let feminine. Her toes were showing through blue sandals. It
showed off her beautiful feet and the toes were painted to match the sandals.

Debra had 2 session tonight. One was a rich guy who like being dresses up like
a girl and slapped around. She would dominate him and overpower him. She
slapped him silly till he was punch d***k. His face was red from the time she
slapped. He seems to get off at being called a wimp. Debra made him eat her
out. He did it for an hour while she told him what a weak little slut he was.
She finishes it off with body worship and a sl**per hold.

She left him there knocked out in his house. He was passed out, bruises,
covered in her juice and big smile on his face. The other little wimp was
black male who she slapped around, a little slut boy that she made him smell
her ass. He worshiped every part of her body. Debra had him oil her down so
her body was glisten. Her pussy were shaved showed he could smell ever bit of
her glorious pussy. She stripped him naked as her scissor and slapped him.
Debra face fucked him till he passed out.

She smiled slapping him awake. Debra had him jerk off as her scissored his
weak body. He came on himself. She sent him out of the room totally spent.
Debra now had a suitcase full of cash. She was dress in skin tight leather
pants that hugged to her butt and a belly shirt. The belly shirt showed off
her abs that was flat like steal. The belly shirt was tight and purple
colored. It had little sparkles on it. Her arms were cut from working out. Her
nails were grown long and painted blue. Her eye shadow matches the color of
the nails. Her lipstick was scarlet red. Her eyes were perching. A duffel bag
was d****d over her back like it was nothing. It carried all her weights.

Harold practically drooled when he saw her.

"Can I help you with those bags" He said

He grabbed them and the weight of it almost broke his arm. It dropped. Debra
smiled as she grabbed the duffel bag with ease.

"Do you have a room" Debra asked

"Yes Room 46" He said

Debra walked to the room as Harold stared at her butt.

"Damm that look tight" Harold whispered to himself

Debra got into the room and put her bag down.

"You seem tried. You should lay down, take a shower perhaps" Harold said

"I do that. I think I like to be alone and relax now" She said

"Ok good"

Harold went into the other room. The room had hand lotions and wipes all
ready. He removes his clothes and waited till he heard the sounds of the
shower. Debra was in the other room and lay down in the bed. She kicked her
feet up and started to rub them. They ached badly. She normally had some wimpy
manboy rubbed them but right now she was alone.

"Maybe a shower would be nice" she thought to herself.

In the other room, Harold heard the shower go on. Harold got his lotion and
peaked through. He got an eye level of a shaven pussy. Her pussy lips were
thick and her clit was bit bigger then most girls, but all seem nice and
tight. Nothing hung done; it was like a sculpted flower. Her legs were a
perfect specimen of hills and valet of muscle, long roads and curves of
muscled showed off the muscle definition of her smooth white skin. She let the
soap wash down as she rubbed her self. She pushed her self against the wall,
rubbing the soap on abs. The abs was beyond something you could bounce a penny
off of. It looked like cannonballs couldn't disturb it. It was a perfect six
pack, almost like it was drawn on. Her skin seems nice and smooth on top of
the muscle. Harold just wanted to lick it.

Her tits defied gravity. They were perfectly firm large globes. Debra had many
of men stared at her. She rubbed them with one hand and she started to rub her
clit. She was pinching and sucking her nipples that seem sharp as knives.
Harold eyes widen as he started to rubbed herself. The water made her hair go
down her shoulder. She turns around to get her back moaning as her finger
parted her pussy lips and played with her clit. Her back was smooth, perfect
muscle. Harold could almost see the layers of muscle as her shoulder blades
moved with her moaning. Her strong shoulders were dripping soapy water down to
her back, down to her perfect flat ass. Not a singe piece of unneeded fat near
her. She started fingering herself faster and faster. Harold cock was harder
then it ever been. He started rubbing himself faster and faster. Precum
already dripped down his cock. He lotion his cock up as he stroke. Debra
meanwhile was fingering herself faster and faster.

"Damm" He said

"Ohhhhhhh" Debra let out.

Debra played with her ass, fingering herself from both sides as she heard a
moan. She turns and notices a hole in the wall, with the eye poking through.
She was shocked at first but played it cool. Debra had a plan for him. She
continued rubbing herself as she bent over. Her got a view of her ass and
parted her cheeks.

Harold bit his lip as his stroke faster and faster.

Debra spread her ass cheeks.

"Damm, I need to get one of my toys" Debra said to herself loud enough for him
to hear.

"Fuck. Got to get my Camera" Harold said

Suddenly the door was slammed open with a f***e that ripped the locks. Debra
was standing there dripping wet, her muscle glistening in the sun. Debra moved
like a cheetah and slammed him against the wall. Her punches were like
hammers. 6 connected to his stomach. Her hand squeezed his neck and started
punching him senseless as he was held against the wall.

He was tossed hard enough he went through a table. Her fist came down like a
hammer knocking him up. He was awaked with a few slaps and punches.

"Aint done with let" She said.

She held him done and grabbed his face, she slammed her pussy in his face.


He was being smothered. She took him out so he could breath. More punches

"Lick it"

She rode him face slamming him down.

"Now higher, lower...Right there you slut, right there" Debra said

Debra moaned as his tongue came around desperate to not tick off the savage
woman. She rode his face like it was one of her sex toys. She gave him just
enough air to not pass out. Debra moaned as she started to cum. Debra came
hard grabbing his hair and twisting it

"Ohhhh shit keeps licking." She ordered

He tasted her warm clit. Despite his fear and pain he remained hard. Debra
made him give her 3 more orgasms. When he passed out she would punch him
awake. Debra showed no mercy putting her whole weight into fucking his face,
slamming the back of his head into the floor. Her legs squeezed around him
like a vice. She saw the camera and cut it on. Debra smiled for the camera and
flexed as she face fucked him

Hours passed from this abuse. Debra got up. A necklace of pussy juice from his
mouth to her pussy connected them and broke. His face was covered in pussy
juices. His mouth was dripping with it. Debra smirked and slammed her foot on
his crotch twisting it. He screamed as she flexed both her arms, showing off
her huge biceps

"Pussy" She said.

She grabbed him up by the hair and walked him to a mirror. He looked like a
mess, and she looked like an Amazon. His body looked broken

"LOOK at yourself, think you can ever have a woman like this. ANSWER me" She


"That's right slut" Debra said

She slammed him on the bed and held his arms down. She took his cock and put
it inside her. It felt amazing.

"Your better not cum"

She rode him taking control, grinding and slamming down on him. His body
lifted with her every thrust. He didn't last long. He came with an amazing


Darkness came to him. He woke up with a syringe.

"Gave you a shot of Viagra, should keep you harder for longer" She said

His cock felt 15 inches bigger" She said

She rode him, but this time she choked him. She laughed as his face turn
purple and her tits bounce in the air. The bl**d rush to his cock. She would
squeeze then release, enough to keep him alive. Debra felt the cock hit her
walls and she screamed to a intense multiple climax. She wasn't done

She rode him some more, His mind was stuck in intense unbearable ecstasy. But
he couldn't stop her. Debra came to more time. Her hand squeezed on his neck
and he finally came. He came more then he thought he could, gobs of cum as she
rode him faster and faster making him cum again and again. The Viagra not
letting him go soft. He begged for mercy but Debra would have none. She just
brought herself to climax after climax crushing his hands with hers

Soon he lost track of time, and how many times they came. His legs couldn't
move, and neither did his arms. He was just a sex doll to be ridden. He passed

When he awoke he was in her room

"Thought you never wake up." Well your cock not working right now." She said

She then went into her bag and snapped on a 16 inch strap on. She lubed it up

"Mind is though" Debra laughed

"Please noooooooo" He cried weakly

Debra bent him over, and fucked him hard. She slammed into his prostate,
fucking him with her Amazon might. She pulled on his hair as she bent him over
the bed. He cried out for Mercy when he started to cum

"You little bitch, you CAME, now I will stop being gentle"

The Next Day

Debra was got dress and had packed her suit case. Harold was on the ground
beaten and bruises all over.

"I called an ambulance. Also called the cops with a tip about your tape. Found
your collection in your room. Saw all those women you secretly tape slut. I
left them by your room. I kept the ones we made though" Debra smiled

"Much say, I give this hotel 5 stars, for the in room entertainment" Debra

Then she got in her car and drove away.

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