Muscle encounters 9 Debra D Andrea

Muscle encounter 8 - Debra D Andrea
By lilguy
Man house sits for a strong woman

Inspired by

Billy was a young black man who recently called in classified ads for someone
looking to housesit. The woman that he was housing sitting was Debra D Andrea.
She was a sexy bodybuilder with black hair who weight 160 pounds. All it was
pure muscle and breast. Her six packs were hard and you could pack a coin off
it. Her legs were strong as an Ox, and she had two huge breasts with nipples
as pointy as knives. She was aggressive and intimidating. He was nervous
around her but she also found her sexy.

He had to hide his erection every time he saw her and spends nights jerking
off thinking about her. What he didn't know is she was also a dominatrix that
went out and had men pay her to dominate and humiliate them. It was a job she
loved. One day she went away. Billy was cleaning up and decided to check
around her computer. He hacked into it out of curiosity. There he saw
something amazing. He saw a file folder in her desktop screen. It said

He clicked it and saw various pictures that made his heart stop. One was of
her naked. She was on top of a man's face making him suck her pussy. She was
flexed both her arms showing off her biceps and a smile of triumph. Sweat was
dripping down her chest and pecs. Another was similar to the first accept she
had her ass on his face. Her back was turn showing off her back muscles. In
another picture she turn her head back and flexed her arm

Another one had the man on the ground bruise and beaten, like he just been 10
rounds with Mike Tyson. She had on Boxing gloves and nothing else with her
foot over his chest. Her right arm was flexed.

A few had her with a strap on. She had a man bent over the table was fucking
him. Other she was riding his mouth while he was tied to the bed. Some had two
men licking her strap on, and another her pussy.

Billy took off her clothes and started masturbating to the pictures. The more
her saw the hornier he got. He looked at some wrestling pictures, where he had
men in scissors holds and other moves. One she had a man in a sl**per hold
while she was calmly eating some bonbons.

He was so into it that he didn't hear someone come in the door. Debra was back
early. She was wearing a gym shirt that showed off her belly and gym shorts
that showed off her legs. She walked upstairs and saw him at the computer
jerking off.

"Having fun?" She said

A chill went up his spine; before he had time to turn around she was on him.
She grabbed him out of his chair. She had him in a headlock from behind. The
bl**d rushed back down to his cock making him even harder. Her struggled but
she had it on tight. His legs kicked trying to get out. She punches him in the
ribs repeatedly.

"IS this what you do when I away, jerk your puny little cock? Hu do you watch
my muscle and imagine you with me wimp"

She punches him harder till tears ran down his eyes. She pulled him to a some
full length mirrors.

"Look at yourself" She said slapping him "Look how weak you are."

"Please sorry"

"Come on jerk it. You were jerking it before, give me a show."

He started jerking his cock as she added pressure to the hold. She slapped him
in the face again and again

"Faster ... faster. Yeaaa little slut."

She flexed her arm as he looked like he was totally helpless in the mirror.
Her body was perfection compared to his and he never felt so weak. His cock
was raging hard she slapped him some more leaving bruises.

"Give me that, can't even jerk your cock right." She said

She grabbed his cock and uses her skilled hand to stroke and mold it. Her
moaned, ready to cum at her strong hand. She gave his balls a twist making his
scream in pain. It stopped him from cumming but she went back to jerking him.

"Cum for me wimp, cum!!"

Billy body shook and he started to cum. He shot it over the mirror. She pushed
him to his knees and made him lick it off. Debra pushed him on his back and
straddled him. Her legs wrapped around him squeezing his ribs. She started
punching his face with lefts and rights.

"Don't try to block it wimp, take it like a man"

A hard punched connected knocking him out. When he woke up Debra was standing
over him naked. Her body glisten with sweat, every muscle seems to pop. Her
pussy was dripping. In her hand was a glass of lemonade. She drank some down.
Billy couldn't even move.

"Bout time you woke up slut."

She straddled his face and squeeze with her long legs.

"lick it, higher HIGHER, lower slut, keep licking, faster FASTER, suck it

She face fucked him with out mercy, making him taste her juice. She grabbed
his hair and twisted. She lifted her pussy up to slap him.

"Keep sucking" She said

She moaned as she told him wear to go. She felt his tongue deep into her clit,
almost making his passed out. She gave his balls a twist to keep him up as she
put her back into in

"Grab my muscle" She ordered

She moaned getting her motion and started to cum. She finishes on his face
making him soaked


He did as told and kept licking her wet pussy. Her clit was big and he wrapped
his lips around the sweet spot sucking it like a penis.

"Suck it slut, don't care if you're tired" She said

2 Hours passed

"Please no more" He begged

His face was drench, his mouth overflowed with her Juice

"DON'T CARE lick." She said

She grabbed his cock jerking it as she rode his face. He moan as his cock
seems like it was puddy in her hands. She slipped her finger in her ass,
finger fucking him while she stroked him Debra buried his face into her clit
as his cock shot load after load. She came with him making his passed out from
lack of air. Debra was on top of him with punches waking him up.

She made him lick her hands clean. She grabbed him up by the hair and held him
to the mirror.


He looked like he been through a war. He was bruised with two black eyes and
bruises cover his body.

"What are you!!!??" Debra asked

"Your bitch."

"Who ownz you."

"You do"

"On your knees"

She watches him in the mirror, giving her head. She flexed her arms in
triumph. A camera was secretly behind the mirror. She grabbed his hair and let
him feel her pecs.. Debra put her head back and moaned. Her body shook as her


She wasn't done let. She tossed him on the bed and slid his cock across her
biceps. Her felt a tingle in him. She took him inside her and held him down.
He was nothing but a fuck toy as she rode him up and down.

He screamed with pleasure. Tears of pleasure ran down his eyes to the point he
was crying. She smiled down at him knowing she owned him. She slapped him
across the face again and again.

"Little slut." She said

They both were brought to multiple climaxes. He passed out under her.

A week later

Debra was at the airport in leather pants and a tight belly shirt. She had on

"Hurry up with my bags slut." She said

He was in crutches carrying her bags by wrapping them around his neck

"Yes Mistress." He said

The end

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