Muscle encounters 9 Goddess Heather Clean up

Muscle Encounters 9- Goddess Heather Clean up
By lilguy
Goddess Heather finds her slave didn't clean her house right and punishes him.

Goddess Heather came back from working out a gym for 2 hours. She had a tight
white T shirt, clinging to her tight busty body. The shirt was showing off her
tight abs, showing layers and layers of sculpted muscles. Her blond hair was
cut short showing off her beautiful face and piercing eyes. The sleeves were
short so people could see biceps. Heather had a pair of sneaker on for her
jogging. Her muscle were dripping with sweat

Even at 49 she was still in great shape and wearing tight Gym shirt to show
off her ass. Cleaning in her house she had a slave name Chris, who were f***e
walk around naked, with a leash on. Goddess Heather was tattooed over his ass
as a mark that he her property. She came ready to see a clean house.

She walked in an expect it. Most of it seems clean so far. Her slaved crawled
up her with a news Paper in his mouth and drink tray with drinks on his back.
She grabbed it and walked toward the chair

"Come here Slave" She said

She sat down and put her legs up on his back as she read the paper. She took a
sip of her ice cold drink and put it down on a coffee table. That was when she
notices something.

"Get up" She Said

He stood up.

"Is there a problem Go ... "

She punches him in the gut bringing him to his knees. Goddess Heather grabbed
him by his hair and dragged him to the table for a closer looker. She pointed
to a smudge.


"It's ummm dirty"

She kicked him in the ribs knocking him down. Goddess Heather places a foot on
his neck.

"What is it..Doing on my table..Bitch"

"Please Goddess ... I missed it. It's a big house and only one spot"

Goddess Heater stomped on his gut making hi moaned in I pain. She stomped 3
more times

"Just a spot ... JUST spot ... you little slut. When I saw clean the house,
you clean the house. Your know how lucky you are to be with a big busty,
goddess like me (stomp stomp) you going to sit here, and tell me you miss
(stomp stomp) a spot"

"Sorry ... Goddess" He moaned

Heather straddled him and wrapped her legs tightly around his body. He
screamed as her legs were crushing him. Heather flex, know her huge biceps
intimidated him. She went a pretended to punch. She laughed watching flinch.
She did it again this time getting a centimeter from his waste.

"Maybe if you didn't spend all that time, playing with your dick, and sneaking
pictures of me, my house would be clean" Heather Said

She gripped his hair.

"Sorry ... I was distracted"

"Distracted by WHAT..Slave" She said adding pressure.

"When I clean your clothes, was ... "

"Say it slave"

"Your panties..Had to look at them...and...s.s..Smell them"

" ... ... . You little slut"

She started punching him for real, totally abusing him. He was being beaten

"Lucky for you, slut, I wear something just for this occasion"

She gets up and pulls down her G shorts, revealing a 12 inch cock. She stood
over him and slammed the dildo down in his mouth. Her strong muscled legs
squeezed around his head, threaten to break it like a ripe melon. She shoved
it deep in his face, face fucking him, getting the strapon wet. Her hands
grabbed his hair pulling it. Her slaved gagged on the big dildo. Heather
smiled enjoying the friction. Her strapon had a little strapon on her side of

He could feel it in a back of his throat.

"You better it real wet slut. Otherwise this going to tear that tight little
asshole of yours apart. Look at me ... that's a good boy. Suck..Faster ahhh
yess. You're never going to miss a spot again. Naughty slave, think you can
just come in my house, check out my muscles and not doing any work" Heather

She pulled the dildo out. She grabbed him by the hair and dragged him to the
room. She pushed him down on the bed and grabbed his hips. She teases his
asshole with the head of the strapon cock.

"Look at your asshole pucker up slave, you much really want this. Don't worry,
going to give you all 12 inches, of my thick fat cock" Heather Said

She plunge the strapon deep in his ass making him scream in pain. The thick
dildo spread his ass cheeks, forcing it deep against his prostate. The slave
screamed with a mixture of intense pain and pleasure.

"MERCY" He Cried

"Mercy? Mercy?....there is No mercy slave. Don't try to pull away. Take, my
cock your ass slut" She laughed.

She grabbed him by his arm, keeping him from pulling away. She slapped his
hard leaving huge marks as she dug deep. Heather grinded in his ass, getting a
nice motion. Her entire dildo disappears in his ass. She dug her nails into
her ass. Heather put her whole weight into it. Her sweat dripped down her
muscles as she was really getting into it.

The dildo was sliding in and out with ease now, but no less painful. She felt
herself about to cum. Heather put her head back as she came.

"Ohhhh I think your ass came little slut. And your little cock made a little
spooze on the bed whore. You must really LOVE getting pounded" Heather Said

His legs went limp and his arms collapsed. He was nothing more then a little
fuck toy as she plunges deep in. An hour passed as she left. She flipped him
on his back and got on the bed. She made her slave clean her off. She pushed
his body off the bed. Unable to move from the intense fucking, he laid.
Heather spit on him.

"When you can move your legs, clean that mess, and make me some dinner slut"
Heather Said

She walked out leaving him on the ground.

The End

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