Nicole Savage no Safe word

Nicole Savage in why we have Safe word
By lilguy
A man makes a foolish mistake when describing what type of session he wants.

Carl was a black man who always had a fantasy of being dominated by a dominate
muscle bound woman. He didn't want it to be just a play fantasy, but he wanted
it to be real and have a bit of danger to it. He search out websites and
magazines and found a beautiful red head woman name Nicole Savage. He watches
clips and tapes of her for months. She did a lot of domination and hardcore
videos clips. Nicole would do things like muscle worship and strapons. She had
one video where she beat the guy to death. It was fake of course but thought
of that much power turn her on. Carl liked how easy he could crush a man.

She was an Amazon in modern times. Her body was a fit and tight body with big
breast and lovely face. Every bit of her body was made to please and not a bit
of fat accept for a nice tight butt and breast. She had a beauty mark above
her lip and piercing blue eyes. Her biceps popped with extreme f***e and her
legs were filled with muscles lines and definition. Nicole seem cut from
marble. She was also a foreign beauty with an accent. Carl found that exotic.
He heard she did sessions so he called her up.

"Hello is t ... this ... Goddess Nicole"



"Speak up I am very busy"

Her voice was stern and sultry. It turns him on and made him nervous.

"I like a session. But I want something different." Carl said "Can I get

She laughs

"Depends on what you want. Do you want me to smother you, dominate you, beat
you, or make your kiss my feet and muscles? What do you want? Speak boy.

"I want all of that. I want to be ... beaten up. But I want no Safe words. I
want to worship you and you to break me."

"Really ... sound interesting. This is not a UNIQUE request. Sometimes I get
this from FOOLISH little men that don't know there pain threshold. Some always
try to back out."

"I won't. I will pay you triple the price. Just as long as you don't stop till
you're done. No matter what I say. Just don't stop your domination. Want a
night of it."

"Find. But you have to sign a waiver"

Then he smiled. He knew Nicole was strong. But he didn't think she could hurt
him that bad. He figured they might always a way to fight his way out of it."

"Yes I will. Can it be a surprise when it happens? I can leave my keys under
my welcome mat."

"I shall send you the papers and you mail it back. There will be no backing
out little man. Understand?"


"Good this going to be fun for me more then it is for you ... a LOT more" She

20 Days Later

He sign the Waiver and sent the check and hasn't really heard from her. She
said she was out of town. He walked to his door after coming home from work.
Carl looked under the carpet and the key was still there. He sighed and opens
the door. He put down the keys and locked the door and switch on the lights.
Nothing cut on. He walked into the house and saw something moved.

It startled him. A light cut on from a small lamp on a coffee table. There she
was sitting on his chair in nothing but a long leather coat. She had a
cigarette in her left hand and was smoking it. Shadows cast over her body
making ever muscles stick out. He could spot her left breast out of the
Jacket. Her nipple seems rock hard and sharp as a knife. Her lips sucked on
the cigarette seductively and she had a stern look in her eyes. Her lipstick
was bl**d red.

"Take off your clothes." She said calmly

"You scared the shit out of me. How you get in here."

She put the cigarette out and got up. She walked over to him shaking her hips
and dropped the coat as she walked. She was naked showing off a nicely shaved
pussy. She was up to her muscle show weight. Ever muscled popped as she
walked. She punched him hard in the gut, making him lose his air out of her

She walked over and kneeled down in front of him. She grabbed his head up a
bit by grabbing his hair. He was face to face with her dripping wet pussy. His
cock was rock hard at the sight of it. Nicole rubbed Carl face

"Poor LITTLE baby, Did Nicole Hurt you? Be a good boy then and take your
clothes off and we can play." She said with mocked concern

She pulled off her shirt tearing it to pieces. He kicked her in the ribs as
she kicked him over. Nicole grabbed his shoes dragging him across the room.

"Please let me get my barrens" He said still coughing from the punch.

She grabbed his pants and socks off next showing his tighten whites with a big
erection sticking out. She laughed.

"Mmmmm someone happy to see me Slave." She said

She tore that off and tossed it across the room. Nicole grabbed him up and
tossed him against the wall. She grabbed his neck and gave it a tight
squeezed. He gasps as her hand slid down his chest caressing it

"You like that"

"Yes" He said

"You got a nice hardon?"


She grabbed it, stroking his cock

"Big and hard?"


She squeezed his balls tight.

"I didn't give your permission to get a hard on..DID I!!"

She punches him in the gut again and dragged him by his hair.

"Please TIME OUT!!" He cried

"No time out, No mercy. This is what you ask for and it no going back. By
signing that contract slave, it means I can do anything without fear of the
law. I LOVE giving men PAIN. This is vacation for me. Plus you seem to enjoy

She was dragging him across the room by his hair as he struggled. She grabbed
his cock and it still seems rock hard. She twisted his arm to stop him
struggling. He was tossed through a coffee table near his couch. While he was
down she went over and grabbed a bag she had by a chair and placed it near
him. Nicole calmly places a foot on his crotch and rubbed it. She let him get
the whole view of her body as she flexes her arms in triumph. He could see
that the wetness in her crotch was getting wetter as time went on. She was
glistening with sweat from her excitement. Her muscles seem to glisten.

"Ahhh cant get up Slave ... .Poor little slave. Let me come down there and
play with you."

She got on top of him and became punching him senseless. The punches came at
him like a price fighter and he had no defense against it. His body was bruise
as she straddled him squeezing her legs around his ribs.

"Your bleeding ... POOR by" She said "Let me wipe that off for you."

She smothered him with his breast and hit his face back and forth with her
boobs. She held him down with ease squeezing his hand with a painful f***e. He
was a mess. Carl couldn't breath

"Please mercy!!"

"Shhhhhh Shhhhhhh. Just started." She said

She added pressure to the tight squeezed she had on his ribs. He started
tapping the floor with his hand to say he tapped out but she ignores it. She
ran her fingerers through her hair and put her arms over her head posing. Her
left hand then went down as her other hand started massaging her breast. Her
pussy juice was dripping on him. He could smell her scent.

She smiled adding more pressure. Tears were down his eyes. She went into her
bag and pulled out a ball gag. She put it in his mouth.

"Wouldn't want your neighbors ruining our fun." Nicole said

She spotted a magazine that was on the now Broken Coffee Table. It was a
muscle girl magazine called "Hard Bodz". She started flipping through the
pages as pain shot through his body. She heard a rib crack and she just
smiled. She grabbed a cigarette and lit it. She blew the smoke in the air as
he screamed in pain. The ball was muffling it well.

"Mmmmmm can do this all day" She said.

She laid the magazine on the floor and started rubbing herself as she read.
She let out a moan and added more pressure. Her fingers dived inside her. Soon
with in 5 minutes she brought herself to climax. Another ribbed cracked.

Nicole got up and put him up. He tried to swing at her but she just caught him
in the gut again while the cigarette was still in her mouth. She grabbed him
and bent his back over her knee. He screamed in pain as her stretch his back.
She did that move for a few.

"Bet this wasn't what you expected no. That why they use Safe words" She

She dragged him across the house and began punching him all over. She tried
out several moves on him. The Camel Clutch was painful. It everyone he begged
through his gag for mercy but she pretend not to understand. She did a leg
lock that nearly broke him. He had broken bones and bruises all over his body.
Hour in he was dragged in front of a mirror holding him up.

"LOOOK at your SELF YOUR LITTLE SLAVE ... Look how weak and pathetic you ...

He nods.

"Taking this gag off, if you scream, I will KILL you UNDERSTAND"

He nods

She takes it off as she flexed her arm

"Who your goddess?"


She laughs

"Of course I am. In fact sense I am so nice I am going to let you take a nap."
She said

She put him in a sl**per hold. She watch him struggled to no avail. She smiled
adding pressure.

"Could kill you with ease slave; kill you with my BARE hands ... but no. Think
I might keep you." She laughs. "Shhhhhhh sl**p ... is a good boy"

His arms soon went limp and then his legs. He dropped into sl**p. Nicole went
into her bag and pulled out camera. Nicole looked back at him. She laughed and
took picture of her conquest. She set the camera on the table and on a timer.
She took pictures of her posing with his broken body. When he awoke she was
wearing a 13 inch strap on

She sat on the chair and motions him to crawl over. He could barely walk now.

"SUCK IT BITCH ... OH YEA like that ... maybe if you nice, I let you suck my
pussy. Mmmmm get it nice and wet cause it going in your ass"

She made him suck till he gags. She laughed

"Stupid BITCH" She said

When she was satisfied she dragged him into his bed room and put him on the
bed. She grabbed his hair and started ass r****g him in his room. Her dildo
slammed deep inside him. It hit his prostate as she stroked his cock. Pain
filled his body but also intense pleasure. It didn't take to long till he felt
it something cumming

"Like it DON'T you slut?"


"Cum for me SLUT..cum!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... .I AM CUMMING!!!"

"Yes you BITCH!!!"

He came with what seem like a male multiple climax. He lay on the bed
exhausted. But Nicole wasn't. She continued to slam him without mercy.

She played with her slave for 3 hours. She beat him, whips him, choked him,
made her eat her out to multiple climaxes, and anything she could think off.
At the end she laid in her arms being carried

"Goodbye slut"

She slammed him and cracked him over her knee. She spit on his face as she got

"I will call an ambulance. They will pick you up soon. I suggest you make up a
story slave"

She spit on him as she walked out.


Week later

He was in the hospital with a few broken ribs and legs and arms. His face was
bruises up and he had 2 blacks' eyes.

"You be happy to know." The doctor said "You should heal. On top of that we
got a new volunteer nurse"

Nicole walked in wearing a nurse outfit. Nicole made a shhhh sound motion and
then a knife across the neck motion with her finger.

"She will be here all night. Sure she takes good care of you." The Doctor

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