Muscle Encounters 7- Jazzmon

Muscle Encounters 7- Jazzmon
By lilguy
Jazzmon drives a deadbeat to a parking lot and uses her toy on him

Jazzmon drove her car in the night. The music was blasting. She was wearing a
Leather pants to show of her long black, and sensually legs. She had on a Vest
and black bra. Her vest was sleeves and it showed off her strong muscle

Jazzmon drove to the parking lot and took out a cigar. She rolled around her
fingers, using her long nails to dangle it. She puffed on the cigar for a
minute before going out. The lights were shining out in the car. They were in
front of a closed mall. She smirked and walked out. Jazzmon open a trunk

There was black man in the trunk, naked a beating. He looked scared. Jazzmon
grabbed him out of the car as he struggled

"Get your punk ass out" She said

She punches him 3 times in the gut. Her fist drove into his gut each time.
Tears welted in his eyes and he went to town on him, punch him over and over.

"You think you can stiff me on my money" She said

She grabbed him by the hair and uppercut him. He was saw stars. Jazzmon
slapped him out of the blackness and held him to her. His face was deep into
her breast

"You getting a hard on over this, aren't you wimp" She laughed

"Please don't hurt me" He cried.

She grabbed him by the hair and put him on the roof of her car. She grabbed
her pocket book and started to unzipped her pants.

"Bout to teach your little ass a lesson" She said

She pulled out a 16 inch strap on. She took some lubed out of her pocket book
and stroked the black strap on to make it glisten.

"No" He gasps

"Don't you fucking move bitch, Yea bet that ass real tight" Jazzmon smirked

He struggled but she held him down and started teasing his asshole. The dildo
f***e itself as Jazzomn slammed it home. He moaned. It hurt by part of him was
getting turn out. His cock was rock hard and getting pre cum on the room of
the car.

She grabbed his hair and slapped him hard on the ass. She slapped him again
and again

"Say my name. SAY IT!!" She said

"Jazzmon, Jazzmon"

"Damm this ass is tight. Your taking most of it now boy"

She slammed it home it, slamming against his prostate milking him. She loves
the friction of the Strap on causing herself to cum and she slammed it home.
Her body was dripping sweat now as she fucked him without mercy. Tears ran
down his eyes.

She grabbed his arms and stretches them out. He screamed in pain as the strap
on was still in his ass. She slammed him back down on the car repeatedly
before slamming it in. Jazzmon put her legs up so she can dig deeper.

He tied to pull out but she grabbed his arm twisting it

"Where you going boy, you aint escaping this cock. Tell me you love it"

"I LOVE it" He said

She watches as the cock disappeared in his ass, swallowing it. She slapped him
on the butt and gave in a pinch.

"Ohhh shiiiit" He moaned

"You came, you came you little wimp"

He banged on the car and begged for mercy but Jazzmon showed none. Instead she
grabbed his hair and made him lick up the cum before slamming him back on the
car. He felt humiliated as she drove herself to another orgasm

"Damm you ass much love this" She said "Tearing this shit up"

She slammed harder holding his hand to him. The strap on was like a Jackhammer
going into his ass. Jazzmon ran her long nails across his back and slowly down
to his balls. She gave it a nice squeeze

"Don't even have to use lube anymore"

"Please I pay you your money" He said

"To late for that now boy. Take that dick. TAKE IT!!!"

"please nooo"

"Take it. Don't care if It hit your ribs mother fucker. You are going to take
it all."

Hour later he passed out. She woke him up. He had his legs wrapped around her.
She held him up slamming it down. She smiles spitting him as she rode him. She
looked him in the face as pain and pleasure went through his body. Tears ran
down his eyes

"Little wimp. You BETTER be late with my money again"

"I wont I swear"

He came again. Jazzmon tossed him down and started punching him again until he
passed out.

"Stupid nasty fuck" She said

She woke him up and went back to going inside him.

20 minute later

She dropped his broke body wipe the cock head under his nose. She made him
sucker her clean.

Jazzmon stood over his broken body and kicked it. He lay on the ground as
Jazzmon stomped him with her boots. She laughed and spit in his face. Jazzmon
got in the car.

"I want that money by tomorrow slut" She said

She drove off leaving him naked in the parking lot.

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