Muscle Encounters 7- Bunny Glamazon

Muscle Encounter 7 - Bunny Glamazon
By lilguy
Bunny does some ageplay

I had been Bunny Baby boy ever sense she rescue me from a car crash and nurse
me back to health she treated me like her k** ever sense. She love age play
and made you think you were a k**. She even dresses my room like a k**'s room
with a race car bed. I was her baby true and true and worship. My Jobs was to
eat her pussy, lick her feet and eat her ass whenever she like. I run her
batch, massage her feet and do what she tells me to do. She could make me cum
with just a touch over and over and she came like a wave on my face

I was black male in my 20's now. I never wore clothes in the house at Bunny
order and now had a tattoo that said "property of Bunny Glamazon" on my ass.
She also made me wear a color and use a penis pump to get her right size. I
lay in my bed holding my Teddy and sucking my thumb. I heard the noise of
coming in. I was so excited. She opens the door and gave a big smiled

Bunny stood tower over me. I lay in the bed. She wore her leather pants
wrapping around her tight big ass and some heels. She just came back from
shopping. Her shirt was tight and pink number and she wore a leather Jacket.
The shirt was tight showing off her might cleavage. Bunny lifted me up cupping
my ass. I wrapped my legs around her and she gave me a big kiss. She slipped a
gloved finger in my buttcheecks and fondled me. I hugged against her mighty
breast as her kiss made my legs go limp.

"How my little bitty boy doing"


"Ahhhh so weak. I forget how weak my wittle baby is. Last time nearly put you
in the hospital when we made love. Forget that you're a weak little baby who
can't take Bunny adult pussy" She said

She gave me another kiss and slipped a tongue into my mouth exploring me

"You just my cute little pussy licker, that the only way you can match cute
BUNNY. But love seeing your little body squirm and cry as I bang you is

"Yes Aunt Bunny" She said

She started kissing me all over.

She laid me down on the bed.

"Oh OH guess who here" Bunny said


"The tickle MONSTER" Bunny smirked

"No not that"

She held me down tickling me

"hahahahah stop no, please hahahaha"

"Here he is here he is" She said

She held me down kissing and tickling me.

"Only one way to stop it" She said

She unzipped her pants and pulled them down. She had a pink pair of panties
dripping wet showing her big clit. The lips were nice and pink. Bunny pulled
them off and straddles my face putting her weight on me.

"You got to lick ms kitty" She said

I started to lick and suck her clit. It wrapped my lips around her clit and
sucked. My tongue flicked around it while it was inside my mouth back and
fourth back and fourth. I tried to get ever spot licking around like a
tornado. I knew Aunt Bunny liked it wet so added a lot of salvia and tease the
lips. Bunny slammed down on me as enjoyed the licking. My face was soon
soaking. I love ever drop off it. I happy slurped it up

"Yes that it RIGHT THERE my darling baby RIGHT THERE" She said

She stuffs me in the bed riding as she came.


My mouth was filled with her pussy juices.

"2 more time baby 2 more times"

She wrapped her legs around my head occasionly lifting it up to breath. My
whole body seem engulf and could feel her ass on my chest

"You love eating my pussy don't your pet"

"Yes Auntie your pussy taste wonderful"

"Remember the first time I made love to my baby. You cried in my arms as I
pump your dry, I knew then I would keep you forever and ever"

She looked down my eyes were filled with love. I felt so safe under her
licking her. She came again this time a multiple. She grabbed my hair lifting
her self up and down on my clit.

"Yesss, love seeing your cute black face drench" She said

She rode me deeper

"Yesssssssssssssssss cumming AGAIN YESSSS"

She came this time drenching me

"Lick ever drop. Lick fast, can get another smaller one right there ...
YESSSSSSSS MMMMMMM that's good pet" She said

She got up leaving me imbedded in the bed. She looked in the garbage bin and
saw something. It was a tissue


"I don't know"

She grabbed me by the hair and brought me to my knees. She lifted me my chin
up with one finger and looked at me with her deep blue eyes

"Going to ask only ounce. What is this" She said

"A tissue"


She slap me hard

"What type of tissue?"

"Tissue with cum on it, I am sorry just I was thinking about you and it just
happen. I couldn't help but touch you"

"I told you not to cum unless I am here DIDN'T I"

"Yes I (sniff) sorry (Sniff) (Whimper)" I moaned shaking like a leaf

"Little boy, can't control your urges just like a LITTLE BABY. Well boy this
is for your own good, you know what AUNTIE got to do right" She said


She sat down beside me. She gave me a hug

"This for your own goodie sweetie. Your little mind is young and little still
got to be reminded who boss. Crawl over on my knee"

I crawled over her knee and lay down. My ass was sticking up. She played with
my ass teasing my whole. She took off her gloves and pinch.

"This is NOT going to hurt me more then it hurt you pet"


She slapped me on the ass leaving a mark. Then another came leaving another
red mark. I whimper and screamed out in pain. It started coming down like a
storm. Despite myself I was hard. Bunny could make me cum just by having my
dick in her calves as she spanked me. Pain shot through me as she spanked me
and tears ran down my eyes

"This is what (SPANK SPAN) BABIES get (SPANK SPANK) when they don't follow
(SPANK SPANK) orders (SPANK SPANK). Really young man, I put a roof over your
head, gives you hugs and kiss, buy you toys, dildos to play with, give you all
the pussy you can eat And (SPANK SPANK) still you disobey (SPANK SPAN). See I
have to remind baby his place you SERVE ME (Spank spank).

"Yes mistress"


"Waaaaaaaaa" I cried

"Crying wont help now young man (SPANK SPANK) you had this coming for a LONG
time (Spank spank) but when I am done you will be prim and proper ... .ohhhhh
did you just cume between my LEGS. These new Leather pants FILTHY BOY (spank

She grabbed my head and pulled it down making me lick the pants clean and went
back to spanking me like a wild woman

"See I got to spank you a bit harder (SPANK SPANK) YOU NAUGHTY little baby"

Half and Hour Later

She stood me up. Tears ran down my eyes. She lifted my chin up

"Have we learn our lesson" She said

"Y..yes AUNTIE" She said

"Give Auntie a Hug" She said

I gave her a hug. She held me in her arms

"Shhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhh just cry your little eyes out. You go to be a good boy
for now on"

"Yes Auntie"

She gave me a big kiss and started rubbing me. She stroked me

"Let get all that NASTY little jizz out shall we hmmm"

I moaned out in pleasure as she soon had me cum.

"Ooooo Look ahhh that sweet cum ... so backed up. No wonder you keep touching
yourself. No excuse though nasty little boy" She said

She made me suck her fingers

Bunny went into her bag and pulled out a bottle. The bag had other thing like
whips, paddles, strapons and toys I am sure will be use on me. She also had
plenty of clothes. She put the bottle in my mouth and had me suck as I was
rock to sl**p

"sl**p tight baby" She said

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