Muscle Encounters 5- Bunny Glamazon

Muscle encounters 5 - Bunny Glamazon
By lilguy
Man is a slave to a giantess of a woman

Jeff called Bunny's Houseboy. He was a man she met on the net, young, black
and completely devoted to the tall Amazon. Bunny was 6.3 with blond hair and
beautiful face. Her breast was huge and show was her long legs that she loves
to show off. She worked out and had nice biceps.

He had felt like a c***d in her arms and Bunny had treated him like one ever
sense he showed up. She would carry him in her arms and baby him. He was a sex
slave to serves her needs and commands. He was slave to her will and she could
intimidate him anytime she liked. If he was to get out of line she would be
happy to put him over her knee and spanked him until tears ran down his eyes.
Bunny taught him in oral and made her eat her out ever day until his climax.
One some days she made love to him with her large body until he passed out in
multiple orgasms

He had made Bunny here dinner and was in the bed with his collar on. A little
tattoo above his ass said "Property of Bunny". He looked outside when he heard
her motorcycle and went down starts. Bunny came out look wonderful. She had on
leather pants and heels. She also had a leather vest a bra showing off her
muscles stomach and perfect round globes. Her perfume filed his nostrils.
Smelt like roses. She pointed to her feet and his kissed it, licking her heels

She grabbed him by the neck and hosted him up with ease. He was over her
shoulder as she carried him into the room. She put her feet up out a legs rest
by the dinner table and poured her self some wine and took her food. He was
place down

"Take off my shoes c***d" She said

He crawled over and removes her shoes slowly. She had on Silk shots and big
toes. She wiggled them.

"Smell them boy, nice and sweaty" She said taking a sip of wine

He smelt them as she stuffed them in his mouth making his gag a bit. She put
it in and out having him and kisses and massages her feet. Her tongue curled
near the center of her feet massaging the entire ache. She moaned a bit lying
back as he massages each toy worshiping her feet

"Remove my socks boy" She said

He removes her socks showing bare feet and nicely painted toenails. Her feet
seem big, almost the size of his head. He licked between the toes.

"That a good lil baby. Lick mommy feet slave, lick it real good. You like that
don't you"

"Yes mistress, it so wonderful" He said

"I was walking them all day, good to have a lil boy to lick them for me.
Worked up quite a sweat. Takes those toes in. Don't gag to must that it faster
boy faster" She said

She was enjoying some of her food as he went to working. She start unbuttons
her pants and played with her self. It was a lot of finger food.

"Yes mmmmmmm" She said finger her self

She grabbed him by his hair and pulled her pants of. His face was stuffed in
her wet pussy. She was being smothering as her licked all around, sucking on
her pussy lips

"Yea sucks it baby, suck it yessss nice and deep, and show mommy what I taught
you. Yes higher shit right there"

He licked ever last drop of her pussy. He licks till his tongue was soared as
her stuff him in occasionally giving him time to breath. Her sucked on her
clit humming and gagging. She smiled down at him as he looked at her with his
big brown eyes like a puppy

"That it good boy, licks it"

"Yes mistress"

"Ohhhhhhh yesss, take ever drop. Cumming my boy"

She came on him, soaking her face. She made him keep licking making mini
climax. She poured herself some wine and closes her legs so he was f***e to
take ever dropped. The smell of her pussy filled his nostrils.

"Your pussy taste so good Bunny, want the juice all over me" She said

"Well that wills what you will get slave, now lick it, lick and choke on my

She laughed as he licked and sucked her. She fucked his face slamming it in
making sure she soaked him as she came. Time passed and she finishes her food.
She had cum 3 times. She had passed out from lack of air. She lifted his head
up. A necklace of pussy juice connected his mouth to her cunt. She smiled and
took some smelling salts from her pocket and woke him up. She took off her
vest and bra showing her perfect nipples. Her body glistens with sweat. She
poured the last glass of wine from the bottle and pushes him down with her

Her foot went on his crotch making him moan. She held him down pressing her
weight on him; teasing his mouth with her foot and making him lick. She would
switch feet, sometime using both on his cock to stroke it. He was rock hard.
She laughed keeping him on the edge of climax. She knew she could make him cum
when ever she wanted and as many time as she wanted. But she wanted to

"Ohhhh Bunny Ohhhh" He screamed

"What the matter little boy, can't even handle a girls feet. How do you expect
to handle a woman like me if you moan and carry on like that" She teased

"I C..c..cant"

She laughed

"Good boy, know your limits little one. For I am goddess and you are a little
boy. It is like riding a mouton, or wild Bull. That not to say I won't enjoy
watching your body shake as I bang your senseless and make you scream my name
over again. Sure can have beef when ever I want but your lucky Bunny has a
sweet tooth for little chocolate candy like yourself" Bunny laughed

She place foot near his neck

"You know I could crush your head like a melon from this position when ever I
want don't you"

"Y ... yes goddess"

"Stutter tsk tsk, that a bad habit, may have to spank that out of you soon.
Maybe after I fuck your little body silly. All sex too much tearing up. Here
let me give you something to suck on"

She place a foot his mouth and finish off his wine. She rubbed her heel into
his dick up and down until he exploded. His body shook.

"Lick my foot clean pet"

He licked her foot clean, every last dropped. With a gentle rub of her foot,
he was hard again

"Now it time to get rough"

She lifted him up carrying him

"Suck my breast pet" She said

She walked upstairs enjoying his suckling sound as she took her time walking.
He knew he was in for a ride. She ran his finger through his hair

"Remember last time I got really rough you weren't able to walk for a week.
Going to be rougher today" She said

She took him insider her and wrapped his legs around her. She shoved his face
against her breast smothering him. Her pussy clench around his cock. It was
milking him as she slammed him against the wall. He screams with pleasure
trying to hold on. She laughed

"Like that little man, like that"

"Yessss, oh your to much, cant take it"

"I know little boy but that wont stops me" She laughed

His body was filled with multiple climaxes as his arms went limp. She fucked
him like a rag doll, showing no mercy. She grabbed his ass fingering it as she
fucked him

"Love you Goddess Bunny" He screamed

"I know pet"

"Ohhhhhhhh shit cumming again" He said

When she was done with the wall there was dent in it. Her body was dripping
with sweat and passion

"You made me cum little boy, but not done with you let"

His body was wrecked and she rode him to heaven. She put her arms by her waist
and slapped him

"Look at your goddess" She said

She looked like a giantess from this position. She gave him another slap.

"I worship you"

She laughed

"And so you should pet, and so you should"

He passed out after 2 hours of fucking. She woke him up and grabbed by his
hair. She pulled him to her cunt

"Don't think you're going to sl**p YET without cleaning this up boy"

"Yes mistress"

"That a good pet (patting his head) very good"

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