BBWSuperstar XXX dominates

Porn star beat down- bbwsuperstarxxx
BBW beats up guy who a lies about running a porn studio.

Author Note- Like the rest I don’t own the character of superstar XXX. This is a fanfic. I no way do I suggest this woman behaves this way in real life or she would be arrested for various face smashing crimes

Steven was a skinny upper class black male. He was slim and a bit of a weakling but he always like to act tough and go after tough girls. Mostly he struck out and ended up watching porn. He normally liked the big girls. He loved the smell of a big ass in his face, and watching those thick black girl asses bounce up and down. There was nothing like it. It was nothing more better then seeing a big thick ass oiled up in his face. The smell of the ass was always intoxicating to him, the feel of it against his cheeks. And fucking that ass that pussy doggy style...was nothing sweeter. So he spent most of his time looking at big booty sites. One was A woman was the biggest ass he ever sees. She was a sexy black woman with thick lips that could suck a man dry in second and thick 70 inch ass. Her ass had stars tattoos and the words Superstar on her ass. Her skin was brownish dark and she had exotic eyes. Her ounce seen her ride a guy to tears. Her tits were huge with flowers tattoo on one of her breast with the world “Star” over it. She mostly dealt with big dick, thuggish mother fuckers. Steven wasn’t one of those but he had a plan. He had been masturbating to her, and wondering what it would be like to be inside that booty. He went on her website and saw that she sometimes did appearances
So Steven made some business cards that said he was a porn producer. He also brought website domain names to make up the cover story. He sent out request for her to be one of the first women on his sites. He sent pictures of other big women posing he found on the internet, doctor them to give them different backgrounds and say it was taken by him. He got a special cell phone where the calls would go directly to that. It went a week without a call till he had a ring on the door.
“Ummm Monstercock studios” He Said
“Yo…hey is this Steven”
“Yes..who this”
“This is Superstar. You sent me a message about doing a video and photo shoot” She Said
His heard stopped. His hands were shaking. He imagines her thick lips being right against the foe, lips that could be blowing him to nirvana.
“Well in town for a week was thinking of rolling by. What time”
“Sure anytime”
“You got my price right”
“Yea..Yea sure”
“You aint one of them weird creepy mother fuckers are you” She said with a sultry laugh
“Naaa baby. I am cool….got plenty of hot woman up in here, big girls skinny girls” He said in fake Billy Dee Williams voice
“Oh really..Sure you can handle all of this. You know its 70 inches of ass. You don’t mind big girls do you. Cause I big and wild” She Said
“Naaaw baby it’s all good” He said “The Question is can you handle this 12 inches”
“Mmm like to heard that, what time can I come by”
He nearly was going to faint
“Is tonight good”
“Yea baby be right over”
She hung up. He took a big gulp and got ready. He put on some sweat pants, with holes cut off in the pockets. Her set up the camera room and his tools. He put fake photography awards on his walls. Then he waited. The doorbell rang. He open and there she was. She looked beautiful, thick lips, red lipstick, and long red nails. She was wearing tight jeans, down low showing a bit of a crack off her ass. She had on sandals showing off her beautiful painted red. Her coat was blue denim match her pants and she had a tight red shirt underneath that showed off some cleavage.
“Hey baby, is this the place”
“Yea come on in...Left some cold beer out there if you want it” He Said helping her with her pocket book
“Mmmm nice place” She said taking some beer. She bent down to grab some ass showing him her big ass. He put his hands in his pockets and started rubbing himself, through the hole in his pocket. He was rock hard. She turns and he quickly pulled his hand out.
“You can start anytime you’re ready” He Said
“ take a lot of pictures of women”
“Yea... ok get by the light. Want you to pour some baby oil…o...on your ass” He Said
“Sure thing sugar” She Said
She took off her pants showing off her plunge black cheeks. It was pounds and pounds of ass. She bent over pouring some oil.
“Is this enough” She Said
“Some more” She Said
“Ahhh yea that it” He said snapping the picture “T…take off your top”
She did as told showing off her plump tits. She started to suckle on them. She sucked on her fat nipple pulling her nipples with her mouth. She squeezed her breast together oiling them up.
“Turn around” He Said
She did as told spreading her ass cheeks. She put her hand between her big ass cheeks showing off her ass hole. He was rubbing himself.
“Ummm can...can you make it clap” He Said
She moved her ass clapping her cheeks together.
“Ohhh fuck that’s it”
“What you doing “She turns “Motherfucker are you beating off”
“I ummm”
“Ohhh fuck this…is your ass even a professional photographer...or just some pervert”
“I s…sorry”
“You’re going to be”
She move fast and slapped him. The slap was hard. He tried to fight back but she was on top him, crushing with her heavy weight. She tore his shirt, ripping it and tossing it aside. Her slaps soon brought tears down his eyes
“Punk ass bitching was my god dam time (slap slap) where you think you going (slap slap) could be fucking some big dick mother fucker...But dealing (slap slap) with your punk ass (slap slap) going to get some enjoyment out of you. Come here” She Said
“Get your punk ass up…come on showed you mind how about you show me yours” She Said
She picked him up the hair and punches him in the gut. He fails to the ground. She pulled off his pants, and rest of his clothes and kicked him on his back. She stood over him showing her wide ass. She spread her cheeks
“You want to see ass here it is” She Said
Then she slammed it down on him. It was crushing him as she was bouncing up and down. His entire head was buried into pounds and pounds of ass flesh as she put her entire weight on top of him. She was bouncing up and down. She stood up over the daze man, and did a little dance shaking her ass cheeks. She gave her playful slap, before slamming down on his ribs. He tried to crawl away as she got up but she grabbed his legs dragging him.
“Come on where you going thought you liked this ass” She Said
She did a running leap and slammed her ass cheeks on his face, riding him up and down.
“You take in that entire ass…come on...smell it. Put your nose into it. Damm can feel your bitch ass tears all over my ass cheeks you punk ass bitch” BBW said
She squeezed his balls and pulled them.
“Do it”
He did as told
“Get your tongue in there just how I like it...yea right in the crack you punk ass bitch. Lick that ass hole like a lollpop. Shit that’s good. Least you’re good for something. Didn’t know what your punk ass was thinking, thinking you could handle ALL of this ass” She Said jiggling
She lifted up her ass gain and spread her ass cheeks.
“What couldn’t hear you under, there, you had something to say” She asked
He was about to speak but she slammed it down again.
“Shut the fuck up...punk ass bitch” She Said
She started stroking his cock. She spit on her hand and stroked him, moving up and down hard.
“Look at this small dick…no wonder you got to trick bitches to see them naked” She Said
“Please…cant breath” He begged
“Don’t care you can’t breathe” She said stroking “Don’t care what you…what THE FUCK…mother fucker did you just cum”
“Please I could help it, your hands or so soft, and your ass is so great” He Said
She got up and spat on his face.
“Fucking bitch. My hands soft hu?”
She grabbed him by his hair and slapped. She started slapping him leaving huge marks. He body was being tossed around the room as she would stomp him, twisting her foot into his balls. She would lift him and slapped him back down again. Tears were running down his eyes as he tried to cowardly walk away.
“Don’t you try to block me” She Said “(Slap slap) dumb punk ass bitch (Slap slap)? You fucking sissy. Get over her, you skinny little bitch. Ahhh you going to pay for that (slap slap)” She Said punches him hard in the stomach “Give me your car keys bitch. That car going to be a bitch tax. Going to sale it as price for viewing this ass, where you keep you money”
“In the cookie Jar in the kitchen” He Said
She dragged him by the ear, like a small c***d, ass jiggling as she walked. She grabbed some cash.
“Please I was saving it for…”
“What was that?”
“Take it”
“Take it goddess BBW”
“That what I thought bitch” She Said punching him against taking his air away.
She dragged him into the room and put the money and car keys in her pocket book. He was pushed on her back. She stood over him and parted her pussy lips. Her pussy was soaked and started dripping on him. He was intoxicated by the smell of her. She dropped down on his face.
“Suck it….yea right there…lick. Lick it higher baby” She Said soaking his face with her pussy “Right the left you dumb fuck. Yea right there. Don’t stop”
She grabbed her bag and pig out a cigarette. She started smoking it while she rode his face, letting the smoke leave her thick juicy lips. She grabbed a small bottle of booze from her bag.
“Bet you wish these lips were wrapped around your dick. Forget it. Only real ballers…get a blow job for me. And you punk ass don’t have any paper (taking a sip of booze)” She Said “That it baby...right there lick...suck it like it the sweetest thing on earth. Suck it like it a sweet black berry. That it. See that part coming out...Getting hard….suck it…sucks it you little fuck”
He started licking and sucking like a man who starving. She grabbed his head as her juices flowed. He moaned as he was getting hard sucking this goddess’s pussy but also humiliated and scared. He had no doubt she could tear them in half.
“OHHHHHH shit…lower….right there…keep licking don’t care if your tongue break off” She said
She grabbed her thick legs around him, riding his face up and down. She squeezed her big gigantic breast sucking on her nipples.
“Damm FUCCCCK….cumming”
Her pussy squirted soaking his face.
“Mmmm yea…baby I didn’t say stop. I didn’t say stop. Yea you are going to be down there for a while. Nothing like having a sweet bitch to clean me out. Think I am going to use this room. Maybe make some movies with some big dick mother fuckers, and have you clean me out when the cum you punk ass bitch. Ahhh you’re crying...shut up and keep licking. Don’t want to see you stopping”
She took a swig of her booze finishing off. She tossed it aside and smoked her cigarette. She put her head back putting her back into it. When she wanted him to lick faster, she squeezed his balls. When she wanted him to slow down she slapped him, training him to lick. She grabbed his head to show him, and told him she grabbed his ear when she wants him to change from sucking to licking. Soon his lungs was filled with his Juices
“OHHHH SHIIIIIT CUMMING AGAIN” She Said “Yea clean up those entire juices bitch…clean my pussy squirts”
2 Hours Later
She was riding a totally broken. She was talking on the phone.
“Yea just downtown. Some little punk as bitch tried mack on me. Showed up to a photo shoot only to find this fuck jerking off. Whooped his ass and now have him as my slave. Don’t believe me. Let me turn this camera on”
She hovered over him
“Open your mouth slut” She said holding the camera phone on him “Don’t you dare closes it”
A hot stream of piss came out and enters his mouth. She let some hit his face and eyes. He didn’t dare close his mouth.
“Don’t swallow it shit…in fact gargle it”
He did as told. She had the phone on speaker and heard female laughed.
“Swallow it” Superstar Said
He did as told and she kicked him knocking him out.
“Think I got plans for this bitch”

Year Later
Superstar wheeled him out in his wheel chair. He was naked
“Time to go on set movie star” Superstar said laughing “This is your 6th movie…in my top sailing series Captain Trampoline”
“Yes Goddess Superstar” He said meekly
She put a mask on him and cape and dragged him from his chair. He was tossed on a mattress on a the floor and tied up
“LADIES!!!” Superstar Said
A couple of bbw porn stars were line up. One took a running leaped and slammed herself ass first on top of him. Another leap from a ladder onto his face.
“Ohh shit this going to win me another reward” Superstar Said “And thank goodness bitches like you work for free”

The End

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