Mistress T dominates black men

Mistress T brings a new toy

Warning Racial Dominations- White girl dominating black man, with racial slurs
Note this is a fanfic from a clip I saw, not affiliated with anything…just a wild fantasy..no way do I suggest the woman acts this way

Mistress T walked downstairs to her basement. She was wearing tight leather pants that seemed to hugged to her tight ass. She wore heals with the toes showing. Her toes nails were painted pink with flowers on it. A smell of Jasmine perfume, peach shampoo, and sex was in the air. Expensive things for many of her want to be slaves. She had on a pink bra, showing off her cleavage. She had bl**d red lipstick that showed off her eyes.

A wicked smile went pass her beautiful face. Her slave knew this was trouble. Her slave was black and tied to a bed. It been a month sense he came. Mistress T just teases brought him to the edge and didn’t release.

Her hair was blond down to her shoulders. She had a bag in her hands.

“Hello NIGGER. How my little black sex toy” She Said

A ball gag was in his mouth and he couldn’t answer. She slipped on leather gloves and grabbed his cock

“Nice..and thick nigger cock. Shame you never get to properly use it. Its just a fun toy for your lovely mistress. I never let you cum thought. You MY toy..for my pleasure. My little black sex slave. My men I let cum..my real men I let cum. Not for wimy nigger lover boy. Normaly I let these REAL men..fuck my tight pink pussy. Something I know you dream of. But there not here today and your mistress Very horny. I would let you in my cunt but we learn you cant control yourself..you shoot that nasty jizz with in seconds. So what should I do. Well got a plan..want to hear. Well do you NIGGER…good”

She got in her bag and grabbed some tape. She grabbed his cock and bent it between her legs where it was touching his ass. She taped his cock there.

“You wont be needing that.” Mistress T said

She went into her bag and grabbed a 12 inch white skin strapon. She had him wear. She turn around and pulled down her pants showing off her smooth skin and perfect butt. She pulled off her panties and turn around, showing a wet pussy

“Like that nigger” She Said

She took the fake Cock and straddled it.

“Bet it hurts…to have me so close to your cock, but not being able to have me. Don’t worry, I let you hear you favoit word…nigger. I will whisper it in your ear..nigger. Nigger..filitthy nigger. Look the way your eye twinkle…dirty slut..mmm this feels so good in my pussy…so big..so tight. Much bigger then yours. Do you want me to ride you for real..would you like that…well TOUGH” Mistress T said

She spit in his face, riding the dildo faster. Her pussy juices were dripping down the shaft as she put her head back. She moaned and started to cum on the cock. The dildo was spreading her pussy lips as she grinded

“Imagine this TIGHT pussy squeezing around your cock. Around the dirty black cock. Having my goreous white legs wrapped around you, and milked every drop out that dirty black cock. Look at it, Look how deep the dildo goes into my pussy, Look at the wetness. You can smell it cant you nigger, can smell my sweet pink pussy that you will never have. Your crying (laughs) how sad…poor little nigger baby. That’s ok..you never leave, cause I know how much your WORSHIP this white pussy..dont you nigger. So close to my pussy but cant have it. Must be killing you (laughs). Look at your squirm. Mmmm shit…yes yesss…yesssss. Oh that was a good one. That was a multiple climax that time.”

She spits on him again. He unable to wipe it off. She riding it faster now, getting into the motions. She brings herself to one more climax

“Yessssss” Mistress T moans “Look at me ride this superior white cock…my nigger sex slave, by black slut. LOOK AT IT. Do not close your eyes. LOOK AT IT!!!. (Slap) yesss Yesss (slap slap) fucking nigger slave…mmmmmm yesss”

Mistress licks his tears. She laughs rubbing her spit in his face. She pulls it out and stands over her. She let out a stream of piss into his face and laughs. She takes off the strapon and removes his ball gag. She snaps it on herself and straddles his face. She stuffs it in her mouth.

“Suck it nigger, taste my juices, as close as you going to get”

He moans as he licks it clean. She unties him a bit and flips him over.

“Look like you got a little of your pre cum in your ass” She laughs “Now let me take the tape off nice and gently”

She tears it off as hard as she can. His scream in pain. Mistress T grabbed hold of his and shoved the dildo it. She slams it in making him moan.

“Take that white cock in the nigger ass, TAKE IT DEEP!!” She said

She grabs hold of his hair

“Don’t you cry in the pillows. Want to hear your scream you black slut” Mistress T said

She put her back all the way into it. The dildo hit his walls. He was helpless. His arms and legs went numb. The friction cause another climax to wash over the mistress body. She continued for 10 minutes and smile as she saw he passed out. She pulled out and wipe it across his face. Mistress T got dress and tied him back up

“Be seeing you nigger” Mistress T said then cut off the lights

This is not my character but inspired by someone
She can be found at

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