Mistress T racial domination

Mistress T’s Black slave
By lilguy
Mistress T goes to dinner with her slave

Be Warn- Racial domination, racial slurs

Inspired by

Mistress T was sitting at a dinner table in Paris Drinking a coffee. Her pants were tight and leather and she had on a pink shirt that showed off her body and a leather coat to balance out the color. Mistress T was in sandals today and she had her toes painted nice and pink. She was a very beautiful woman, think with blond hair that she sometime wore long. She was white with smooth skin.

It was a day time outside and she was buttering her toast.

She had her slave boy Tyrone. He a cute man, obedient, kissed her feet and was a nice little toilet slave. Lately he been uppity and ignore her orders in public.

“Tyrone passed me the butter.”

“Ok Here”

She gave him a cold state

“How do you answer me” She said

He was quiet for a moment looking around at the people walking passed.


She slapped him across the face. She grabbed him by his hair.

“You think you can disobey me because where in public nigger. You know how lucky you are to be with a beautiful white goddess like me. To be in my prescience, to be near my beautiful blond hair and white skin” She Said

“No I…”


“Kiss my feet nigger” She said

He got on his knees and kisses her feet. She took a sip of her coffee

“Lick the bottom of the sandals…wants everyone to know what a filthy pathetic black slut you are. That’s it..been walking all day, it’s a lot of grime down there”

He started licking the dirt of her sandals.

“Sorry you might be disappointed…they don’t serve watermelon or fried chicken here boy. Lick the toes now. There nice and sweaty”

He was embarrassed to lick her feet as people walked by but he knew not to disappoint his mistress. She drank her coffee and then took out a thin cigarette. She put it between her slender fingers.

“Pardon me waitress. Do you have a light?”

The waitress walked over and laughed as she saw what Tyrone was doing.

“With pleasure” The woman said

“Like me pet” Mistress T said

“He very cute”

“I know, his skin nice and smooth but surprisingly enough his dick rather on the small side” Mistress T smirked

“Although my mother would never let me bring home a black guy” The woman said

“What if he on the leash…This nigger unlike other knows his place, but he good a little overly excited and much be whooped. In fact after today his masturbation privilege will be taken away for months. He won’t cum for a very long time…he will me tease and slapped around like the filthy little savage he is. If you want I can give you my number and help you trained him. I offer that service”

“I would love to” The woman said

Mistress T wrote her number on a napkin

“Anything you want” The waitress said taking it.

“Just some fruit, this boy can eat my scraps” Mistress T said

People walked by and took pictures with their cell phone and camera while the humiliated man degraded himself some more. She finishes her drink and ate her food. She had him react like an ashtray. Mistress T got up and walked her boy ho

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Love it, thanks!!