Buffy Brandon white Goddess 2

Buffy Brandon White Goddess Part 2
By lilguy
Buffy visits a Black church

Warning- Racial domination, strapon, racial slurs by a white woman

Ted was in the church, with a limp. People were in the church celebrating the holidays and giving money. It had been 2 months sense he first ran into the dominant goddess Buffy Brandon. A racist white girl who he accidentally unleash on the world. The church wasn’t completely filled and he decided to light some candles

He didn’t hear someone sneak up behind him as he was in the secluded pray area. A slender female hand went down his pants and gave him a jolt. The smooth finger grabbed hold of his cock.

“Hey nigger” Said a female voice

It was Buffy. She had on a black dress, a very short skirt squeezing against her thick ass. Her athletic legs were shown and glistening for the world to see. Her smooth white skin was being stared at by all the puritan women. Buffy wasn’t a bodybuilder but she was very tone and fit. More of fitness models then anything. Her abs had a six pack and the dress was barely holding in her gigantic breast. You could get peak of some small biceps. She grabbed his neck and held him in a tight grip.

“See all those black bitches, staring at my big white ass. There all jealous cause they know their men would push them out of a car, just for one minute with these creamy white butt. You sure love it. You sniffed it so many times, calling me you white Goddess..You little black slut”

“Please not here” He said

“What you don’t want these people to know you’re a little slut that get off at me calling you a nigger. Do you slut. That you watch us I fuck men of various races, let them take me from behind. leaving you to do…CLEAN UP DUTY. That because of you being just a little BITCH…when we first met it inspired me to enslave multiple black men. That you got you ass kick by a white girl”


Buffy laughed as she stroked him

“Tough boy…can do what I want. Bet some of these men have BIG fat black cocks..Unlike your Wayne Brady ass. Bet they don’t cum so quick….In fact can make you cum right here. Watch boy”

She nibbled his ear. Buffy voice was intoxicating. She looked gorgeous..His dream comes true that turn into a nightmare. A looked in her blue eyes, made him shake. The way she whisk her blond hair, her smile all was a trap to get men and break them. She was amazing in bed and brought the strongest men to tears with her body. No man could handle her. Her hands went expert down his cock. He started to cum. Buffy laughed.

“Lick my hand clean nigger” She Said

He did as told. She pressed against his ass.

“Feel that baby. That’s my new Strapon. Cost me..Well some slave 2000 dollars. It got diamonds surrounding it, and the it cums…this own special liquid I put. From our little jerk off sessions. It 16 inches thick, nigger pounding fury” Buffy Said

“Please people might see”

“Do I look like I care nigger…do I look like a fucking care. Shut the fuck up..or I stripped your ass naked and make you crawl through this church you faggot” She Said

“Sorry Goddess”

She smile and grab a pamphlet

“Let’s see what the discussion is today. Black Empowerment in the community. Boy they be mad if they knew what a sale out you are.”

She saw the Preacher going up to speak. The Preacher. Was a handsome older man in his 40’s? His wife was also attractive name Gloria. The daughter was 18 year old name Jasmine. In the background was a movie screen playing religious imagery. Buffy took Ted by the hand and walked toward the bathroom. She opens a door to a one person bathroom and dragged him in while the singing began. She pushed him on the ground

“Take your clothes off” She ordered

He did as told

“Look at you trembling like a little fag” She smirked

She turns around

“Kiss my ass BOY!!”

He puckered up. She pushed him against the wall smothered him, laughing the whole time.

“Stick your brown nose in my sweet whole nigger” She Said

He was standing to lose ass as her soft butt cheeks pressed against him. Buffy pulled down her skirt pulling out rubber cock. She turns around and shoved it in his mouth.

“Suck it whore…suck it deep” She Said

The church music was drawing out his scream. Buffy looked down smugly as he sucked with tears running down his eyes, gagging at the lengthy.

“Keep sucking, this going in your ass later” She Said

Buffy watch as he struggled to take inch by inch.

“Get up nigger” She Said

He got up and she turns him around. He put his hand on the sink as she took off her belt stretch; it quickly put it around his neck. She slammed the dildo deep in his ass making him moaned

“Take it you nigger fag” She said

She slammed him, choking him and then stopping when he was closing to passing out and starting again. The cock slammed into him without mercy stretching his ass. Her huge tits bounced up and down as she reamed him

“Like this white cock in your jungle ass don’t you nigger” Buffy Said “Take it, take it all the way in your nasty slut. What would they think out side, me fucking that tight little hole…shit you’re making a mess, maybe I made it to big. Really tearing you apart. Think I split you in to. You wont be able to shit right for weeks oh well MISTAKES happen” Buffy laughed

She licked his tears.

“You know I could kill you right now nigger, and it nothing you could do to stop me. Look at your knees buckle…your all mind. Controlled by your sweet white goddess. My beautiful blond hair, my deep blue eyes, my smooth white skin, my gorgeous breast and nice ass. You love it nigger. Building myself off the cash of little koons like you. Almost got the money for a big one, nice mansion, few slaves that I broke in. With my white friends there to enjoy. You wouldn’t believe how many RICH..And high ranking nigger boys I got in my stable, blackmailing. It’s wonderful. Nice secluded place where all of your chain, collared and naked. Men and women. You can tend my filed and my pink wet pussy. Tell me nigger do you love me…nod if you do”

He nodded without lie despite his disgust. She laughed

“Well I don’t love you. I OWN you..You’re a pet…a sweet, cherish pet but a Pet none the less. Of course you will be getting neutered, see to that today, don’t want any chocolate babies. And that cock will have to be bigger got tools for that. Little scrawny to work the filed, you can be my house nigger. After all I knew a Human toilet, and butt wipe. Don’t you fucking squirm away, take this whole toy” She said

She grabbed his cock and started stroking it. His body convulses as she tighten to belt around his neck, and slammed it in. She nibbled his neck leaving hickeies. A huge intense climax went through his entire body as all the bl**d rush to his cock, and the dildo hit the wall of his prostate. It seems to last for 5 minutes. Stream and stream of cum flowed everywhere.

“Lick the wall CLEAN” She Said

She shoved his face in making it licked it clean. She tossed him on the ground. He heard scream in gasp.

“Just in time. I replace a tape in the little films they had on that stage secretly. Little surprise…put you fucking clothes on”

He got dress with people in the crowed cursing at the preacher and his f****y. The preacher was screaming for someone to shut off the screen.

On the screen was Buffy, she domino mask..But Ted could tell it was her. She was holding the preacher Daughter by the hair. She was on her knees dripping naked, with whips marks on her back. She was sucking Buffy strapon. The mother was tied to the wall in the background

“Suck it nigger..Suck your mother juices off this cock” Buffy laughed on screen

The people were shocked

“Think your Dad thirsty” Buffy said on screen

She walked over to another part of the room where the Dad was tied up naked, with a huge erection. He had two black eyes and bruises all over his body. Ted knew Buffy could be a tough fighter. She f***ed his mouth open and pissed in it. A long stream of pissed went down his mouth

“Get on your knees and LOOK in the screen and tell me what you are”

“I am nigger..who belong to a white goddess” He said totally broken

“Good boy…thanks for the money from the collection..brought a new wardrobe with it” Buffy laughed on screen.

“Please just don’t tell anyone about this...that I was broken” He said

“Of course not..What type of cruel bitch you think I am”

The place erupted in shock and anger. Buffy took Ted by the hand outside

“For now on its only ONE thing your worship ME!!!” Buffy Said “Understand nigger”

“Yes Goddess Buffy”

“Good don’t want to have this conversation EVER again” Buffy scolded “I deal with those broken slaves later, but come we got some shopping to do…The Preacher was VERY generous”

The End

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