big Tex dominates blacks

Big Tex
By lilguy
A black man gets pulled over by a racist amazon cop

Author Note- This was a commission work I was paid to do. Warning racial humiliation, of black man at a hands of a woman.
It was 5 Am and Jeff was driving down the street in the state of Texas. He was in a black sports car with a mean engine. It wasn’t what he normally drove but he read in book driving a car with a big engine gave you a sense of authority. He needed that. Jeff was in Sales. He was young boyish handsome black male that was moving up fast. He did this by having a organize life; some say he had a stick up his ass. But fuck them he thought. While they spent all their times in college having sex with random bimbos and getting high he was hitting the books. Now who was laughing, he was when he had power over them. Some say he was a bit of a snob but he didn’t care. He earns his place on top and he earns the right to be snobby. After all it not like he didn’t have to kiss ass to get on top. It was high time he had his ass kissed. If he got quick tempered that only because he had to work to the bone. Now people were going to recognize him. This made a lot of people dislike him because he could get cranky and snapped at people. He got spit in his food from many a waiter that he ticked off. He was stagnated because he didn’t know how to mingle with some of the hard drinking good old boys. He didn’t know how to play that game. The people above him reminded him of the Jocks in high school. The car was the way to break out of that mold. Even his out of work life was straight. He was a slim man, clean shaven and wore suits. He ate pretty much the same meals every week each organize day per day. He wore glasses and he was always perfectly groomed. He didn’t drink smoke, or eat carbs. He considered himself gentlemen.
He was on his way to a business meeting out of town and couldn’t get a flight. So he decided to arrive there in style. He figured eyes would be on him when he came in this hot muscle car. The roads were empty, and he couldn’t see anything for miles. He smiled thinking this the perfect time to kick up the speed. He wasn’t one then throw caution to the wind, but fucked it, he just got this car and wanted to feel some Speed. The car roared and his whole body was vibrating. He smiled, the biggest smile he had in a while and pushed down on the car kicking up dirt. He could see the hot Texas beaming down on him as he drove.
“Damm” He Said
Suddenly he heard sirens and cursed at himself. Some cop was hiding behind a billboard. He pulled over. He couldn’t in the windows of the cop car. He figured he have to run into some fat overweight red neck cop. He put on his seat belt quickly and went to his wallet. He looked down to get his ID. He heard footsteps to the car
“(looking down at his wallet) Listen I know I was speeding but the road was pretty empty, and I was a rush to a meeting” He said
He turned and saw a stunning beauty. She stood, 6.6 with long legs. She looked like she worked out. She has d the legs of a gymnast. His hair was bl**d red, big with long locks. She wore shades; under those shades were deep blue eyes. Not that you could see it, because the sun shine off them making a blinding glare. Her face looked somewhat like Farah Fawcett in her prime. Her breast was huge showing off some cleavage. She looked like she was hiding two giant overinflated beach balls. They were pillow and bouncing and laughed in gravity face. Her lips were juicy and she had on red lipstick. Her body was stacked. She looked like her bench. She had some nice biceps that could intimidate most men but balance if off with beauty. She was more cut fitness model then full blown bodybuilder. Her ass was thick stuffed into some tight pants with some thick calves. She had some stars tattoos on her left breast.
“You thinking having a meeting mean you can ignore the law” She said in a thick accent.
“What guess your business to big, that you ignore our speed limits by driving the fancy car of yours?”
“Now listen here…”
“Don’t raise your voice at me sir”
He was getting pissed
“Not raising my voice. Just that I was on my way to a meeting that could bring a lot of jobs to this state and...”
“Well I guess I should thank you then for speeding” She Said
“No I…”
She put her hand by the window. She dwarfs his. Her nails were painted with red white and blue colors.
“Get out the car sir”
“Is that neckwear”
“Boy I don’t like to ask twice” She Said
What the hell she meant boy. He stood out the car and was face to face with her breast. They seem bigger then he head. He could smell some exotic perfume her. He shook a bit, trying to hide the hardon in his pants. He could help but stare.
“ there something in these tits your lost, that you’re looking for or you just a pervert” She Said
She turns him around hard and put his hand on the car. He was surprise at her strength. She started padded him down and lingers around his crotch.
“Well you aint packing anything...least not much of anything” She Said
“Listen this is outrageous…what your name”
“People come me big red up in these parts” She Said
He was turn around.
“What your badge number” He Said
She turned him around and pushed him against the car. Her breast heaved into him.
“Now what do you need that info for…your going to call your big city lawyers on me you little faggot. Let them fight their battles” She Said with a smirked
“Now see here”
She slapped him with the back on her hand hard. It was like getting hit with a hammer.
“I suggest you get in your car...and drive your ass out of my town nigger, because I don’t want your kind around here”
His heart stopped.
“Excuse me…if it wasn’t for that bad or the fact you’re a woman”
She slapped him hard a few times tears coming down his eyes. He never was slapped so hard. She smiled and put her badge down. She winked at him and took off her jacket showing strong muscle arms and tight shirt where her nipples were pointing through. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She squeezed her breast together.
“I am not going to fight you” He Said
“Going to make whupping your monkey ass that much easier. Come on..if you wind making your could put that black cock between this big vanilla tits. Know your guys like that boy. You’re like big booty Texas women…my ass tight and perfect” She said turning around and pulling her pants down a bit “No dents like that fat ass black women you’re probably fuck money. A perfect...superior...white ass. That I know you want to bury your nigger dick in”
“That it” He Said
Red dodges most his punches, moving out of the way. She had training and been in a rumble or two. She punches him hard in the stomach taking his breath away. She then punch him in the k**ney making him staggered
“Bet you never even been in a fight have your city boy” She Said
She followed it with a right hook knocking him out. She smiled and removed his clothes. She saw her had an erection
“Fucking city boys” She said spatting on him
He was awakening with her night stick on his throat. He was on the grass. She held him down with ease and started slapping him senseless. He ass was pressing into his crotch and she slapped. Tears ran down his eyes
“Please no more” He cried
“Shut up koon” She Said
She took off her shirt showing her bare breast and pink nipples. She had a tattoo of two guns by her stomach and confederate flag tat on her back. Her abs were tight, six pack dripping with sweat. Her tits glisten dripping some breast milk down her tits.
“Did I say you with worthy looking at this white tits you stupid monkey. (Slap slap). Hu...these are PEFECTION...what God made them. Perfect creamy white skin, perfect nipples. No dark smooth perfectly white. Not that mud covered tits you use to boy. That why you got that nigger dick so hard. Know your black men think your hit shit cause some of your got big cock. But you only have that to serve. You were bread that way, as a sex toys for white women while their men were away, with real jobs and conquering your savage country. Why you think it was so easy to you think the moment you get rich you go after a white woman. That causes it your duty to serve us nigger”
He was his tearing reflection in her shades.
“Please I turn around”
“To late boy you had your chance to run away but you had to get mouthy didn’t you” She Said “Now I am going to have some fun with”
She rubbed her sweaty breast and then uses it as lubed. She started to stroke his cock with expert skill while pressing the nightstick in his neck. Her hand was soft and warm. She started to suck it swallowing it like it was nothing. Her warm spit drench his cock. She pulled the cock out her mouth making a necklace of pre cum and spit connecting her mouth with his dick. She wiped her mouth
“Taste like Chicken” She laughed
She went back to stroking him.
“Things you should know about men. My f****y owned most of the plantations up here; use to own 100 of slaves. Lost some of it when slavery ended, lost more of it when blacks took some of our jobs. Luckily my f****y knew how to run it out. My daddy was Klansmen...died in Jail cause of some uppity black lawyer. Have 4 s****r and my mom who wearing the rebel flag proudly. Taught me your guys place in life. One time this black guy walked into our bar closing time when I was a teen. He was just passing through, looking for directions and a drink. He was cute, handsome in a Taye Diggs. Strong not weak like you’re sorry ass. Thought he maybe I try to go black see what the fuss was about. I made my move but the guy showed me his ring. Said him and his wife was crashing in a hotel nearby before they go to the honeymoon.” She said stroking faster”
She squeezed Jeff’s taint making him jump
“Well was ready to move on. Then my mom asks me if I liked that boy. Told her shyly yes, expecting to get smack. She wasn’t mad; he said they were there to serves us in multiple ways. I told my mama he was married. She told me to lock the door. I did as my mommy told. The next thing I knew my mamma had cracked a bottle over his head. She started beating him senseless. He was strong but my mama can fight…got all sorts of moves. Not that running up walls gook shit. Just real honest to god brawling, no how to take someone out, make them pain. My f****y all trained to fight in case we got to take up arms again. She stripped that koon naked and took a belt to his ass and back. Seeing that boy strong muscle body gets cracked with a belt. It something about that that made me pussy soaked that it ever been. Wasn’t a virgin not far from it, but never been so turn on at the time. My Mommy knew and gave me a knowing smile. When the boy was beaten down, his will nearly broken. My mamas told me to pull up my skirt and take off my panties. She grabbed the gun she kept under the counter and told the boy to lick my pussy. And licked it he did…those big nigger lips wrapped around my sweet spot was amazing. Boy licked like crazy, tongue going every which where. You be amazing how a little motivation can push you. I lost track on how many times I came. Felt so nasty calling that boy all sorts of name, knowing he couldn’t do shit about it. His face was soaked, squirted even. My mom passed me a bottle of beer and we took turns having him eat us out, and holding the gun. You believe the little monkies cock was rock hard” She laughed
She slipped a finger deep into Jeff’s ass and smothered him with her tits. She felt him cum in her hand harder than he ever have. She laughed sucking it clean, slowly licking it. His cock got hard again. She smiled wiped her hand on his face. She took his cock and pulled down her pants. She slipped him in her pussy and started riding him. Her pussy were strong, wrapping him up in her soaking pussy walls
“Well then we both let stream after stream of pissed in his mouth. Little nigger swallowed it all. Me and my mamma tied him up, took turns riding, sucking and fucking that big nigger dick till both of us was drench in sweat it felt amazing. I was on the pill so didn’t have to worry about having any Koon babies. My mommy taught me how to make a man cum over and over and have multiple climaxes. I learn how to torture a man him so much sexual pleasures that it toruture…to the point of killing him. I could keep him from cumming as long as I wanted to and make him cum as much as I wanted. Swallowed his cum and spat it in his mouth. Then when his cock was all bruise up and worthless my mama gave me this 15 inch strap on. She had one two. We fucked his as raw all night. His wife came looking for him. My mommy said I could take care of that one. ****d that bitch right over the pinball machine...her pussy tasted so sweet. We kept that couple for a week. Doing chores, eating us out, whipping and humiliating them. When we were done we hung them then buried them never to be seen again…OHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT CUMMING” She Said
She picked him up and wrapped his legs around him fucking him against the car. She began sucking his nipples while she held him down.

“Capture many a nigger coming through my town. Soon going to call someone up. They will come up, mess with the GPS and then ride it to the dumpster to get crush, like it never existed. Then going to take you as either my slaves, or sale your ass up. You probably going to be used up and buried somewhere. Going to brand that ass...cause you’re a dumb nigger isn’t that right boy (Slap slap) ISNT IT!!!??”
His arms were hanging down as he was being fucked roughly with the most amazing feeling pussy he ever had

“What are you” She Said
“I’m a dumb fucking nigger….” He cried
“Ohhhhhhh SHIIIIIIT” Jeff screamed
He came and passed out with his face buried into her tits. She laughed and pulled him out. She tied him up and put him in the trunk. Red got dress and went into his car. She called on her phone.
“Got another one…brings the tow trunk. Think I can get a pretty penny for this one” She smirked evily

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