Aman fucking maid Fatima

Due to some function my relatives had to visit the native place for two weeks. I didn't joined them coz of my upcoming semester exams....& they left at next morning...I was little happy as I got full freedom to freakout with my friends & to do party......!!! but at same time was unhappy when my relatives told me about fatima that she would disturb my privacy with her routine works.....!!

But managed my mind with that thought. Next morning I was sl**ping till late when she knocked my door......i was still in sl**p....walked in my boxers & opened the door & again felt on bed for sl**p. she entered with breakfast & kept at table & staring my body...... the moment I saw her that she staring at my body, I just smiled at her & covered my body with blanket.

she had come in a short kurti lucknawi style.....& looking dam sexy in that dress. I went for bath & thinking of her I mastrubated in shower. After my breakfast around 11am I got call from my friends, some with their gf's coming my home for gupshupp & fun n joy. I told fatima to prepare some delicious things for lunch as my friend coming.

She asked me what to prepare...i told "i would love anything u decide...all I want the yummy taste"....i don't waht she understood.....gave a sweet smile & went in kitchen. Around 1pm all my friends came to my place & we all were having funny & naughtty talks.....all singles in gangs & couples at with their partners......around 2pm we start to had our lunch....&

I told Fatima & my friends GF's to serve the plates......and have it for urself too......& we all guys infront of TV watching India Vs Australia one day match.....after finishing our lunch an hour later among all we 3 guys were busy watching the teraffic match,Fatima & a female friendcleaning in kitchen & talking to each other & rest two couples having their in my room & other in guest room...having their love.

Around 5.30pm fatima offered us tea/coffee with some snacks and asked about others...i told to her " apnni duniya mein busy hai...door knock kar awaz de do woh khud le lenge."...she did as I said to her.....& while going to kitchen she blushed looking at me.......& from their onwards most of time she used to give me naughty smile....around 8pm rest pplz joined again...we all had second round of snacks & I went out to see off all.

After an hour I returned home....she agained gave me naughty smile....& said aap ka room bahut kharab ho gaya tha....aap k dost kya kya dekhte aur karte hai....?? I was confused hearing this...i straight went out to my room...found bedsheet changed but my lappi on & porn in pause mode..
I got ashamed...& cursed my friend for keep it in pause mode.....

I went in kitchen and requested fatima not to tell to relatives about whatsoever happen. she just smiled & said....."Aap aur main kuch nahi jante...kuch bhi to nahi hua". I smiled & thanked her. At night she prepared my fav dish for dinner with gajar ka halwa as desert. I told to have dinner together on dinning table....intially she resisted but agreed....

we both had dinner together & had some funny talks on whatsever happen in presence on friends. Later by 11.30pm I went to my room for sl**p but was not feeling sl**py so started watching porn....while watching I didn't came to know when I felt sl**p......after an hour my door was fatima...she said

"Aap kya kar rahe ho aap, bus bhi kijiye dekhna awaz se meri neend tutt gayi..." then I realized I had left tha lappi on....i putt it I sl**p mode by closing its screen.....she smiled at me & went to her 3.30am I woke up as was feeling thirsty....... Being in small boxers I walked to kitchen & opened fridge took water & icecream & closed the door making some sound while closing the door.

Fatima suddenly woke up due to sound and asked ""Kaun hai ?...Kaun hai..?" i went close to her & said "Main hu....pyas lagi thi to pani le raha tha". She replied "Pyas to mujhe bhi lagi hai" I offered her the water bottle....she had water & said "Aman isse meri pyas nahi bujhegi" & smiled.....i asked "Matlab...??" She smiled & with shyness she told "main aap ko pasand karti hu...aur...!!!" she stopped....saying this.

I asked "Aur kya...!!! Aur kya Fatima....!!!" she replied "Aur main aap ko pyar karna chahti thi...Saying this she lowered her face". I smiled & lifted her beautiful face in my palm.....came close to her & placed a kiss on her forhead....Due to shyness she closed her eyes......then I just placed a kiss on her soft pink lips....She liked it but being new she keep silent & let me to do the kiss.

Then I made her stand & lifted in my arms.....She smiled & said "Aman I love u" & placed her head on my chest. I made to my room & make her sit on my sofa & told her just be wait. I went to next room & came with the most softest bed & placed on bed.......She asked "Yeh kiss liye"....i replied "kiss aur kiss ke saath sone k liye". She blushed.

Then I pulled her on bed & grabbed her from behind & made her lie with me on bed with me. Now she was free from any hesigitation. I asked her "Ki kab se yeh pyar umadd raha tha tumhare dil mein". She said "Bahut dino se per kabhi mauka nahi mila aur na kabhi himmaat hui ki aap se keh saku."

I said "Kyu? Kya main itna bura hu kya?" she replied "Nahi ! Nahi aisa nahi hai aap to nahut hi healthy, handsome aur sexy hai, bus darr lagta tha ki kahi aap bura na maan jaye.......aur galti se bhi kisi ko bhi pata chal jata to taubaa ho jati. Aapki baaho mein aane k liye main kab se tadap rahi thi main....aap kya jaano??"

I said "Fatima..!!! Haal yaha bhi kuch aisa hi hai.....Tumhe pata hai tum bahut hi sexy ho aur waise hi tumhara sexy figure hai....jise main bahut admire karta hu..aur tumhare cleavage dekh soch soch kar main kayi baat muthh maarta hu.....tumhe batane aur jatane se darr lagta tum kya sochogi aur mere relatives ko pata chala to ghar mein image kharab hogi & parents k samane bhi."

she blushed "Ok tabhi aap bathroom mein ya apne room mein apna auzaar hilate the.....maine aap ko 2-3 baar dekha hai...aur aaj jab aap ke dost ander pyar kar rahe the unki awazein sunni aur ek ko dekha to meri pyass jaag gayi....aur aaj jab main aap ka room saaf kar rahi thi to pyar karne wali (xxx HD porn movie)

aapke laptop pe dekhi to main meri bhukk aur badh gayi....pata hai mujhe aaj neend nahi aa rahi thi....main aap k room k bahar awaze sunn kar khud ko khush kar rahi thi....jab raha nahi gaya tab aap ko disturb kiya...socha ab bus aaj hi....but jab pani lene aaye to aap ko underwear mein dekh socha ki ab bhi ho aap ko keh k rahungi."

While these conversation...i found she too want the same what I want....we have common have love sex & romance to its extent....& in talks I was flonding her body with my hands & inserted my right hand in her dress & found she was not wearing bra. I was best feeling to play with her soft jelly type boobs like silky milky pots....She too enjoying my touch.....while my rod was hard & now touching her ass.

She said "yeh aap ka auzaar hai"....i smiled & while kissing her neck I said "yeh auzaar nahi tumhara lollypop hai" & she put her hand in my U/wear & starting feeling I got full signal...& I started removing her clothes & if few mins I made her naked..... Now the Sex princess was lying fully naked infront of me.

Nice round Jelly milky boobs.....& pubic hairs on her pink viginal which I call pink flora petals. She too removed my underwear I started playing with her lollypop. I made her on knee & she took her lollypop in her mouth & started licking eating licking perfect chochlate expert licker.

I was njoying every bit of the moment & playing with her soft sily hairs holding her head & after sometime start drilling her mouth with my Hot rod & that she too enjoying. in few mins I released in her mouth which she d***k in one shot. then I started to play with her body pressing,licking her boobs.....& later went down to her pussy....but as I don't like they were creating problems to lick it...

So I started fingering....but she said she is virgin...& she is feeling severe pain. By this time it was 5.15am in morning....i told her to sl**p in my arms holding me tight n be in my arms till we both awake. she obeliged. In morning we both woke up we kissed each other.....& she got up freshened up & I myself and came out in towel.

I went to the kitchen and saw her cooking...I just hugged from back & kissed on her cheeks & neck...& told her to finish & we will go out for some shopping....she asked for what..... I replied "Special hai sawal mat karo bus chalna hai" she said"thik hai".

I took her to Central mall, I bought her few new dresses, some sexy special lingeries.....i said u r special & my love (Sex) Godness.....want to love u..& just love u all the time.......She blushed & said "Aap bade shararti ho....aur bade romantic bhi". we watched a Hindi movie & had our lunch outside only & reached home by 7pm.

I told her to let get a hot shower...She again asked "Kyu?" I got pissed as I was in romantic mood to make love with her in Shower...I angrly replied "Tumahara her baat pe sawal karna zaruri hai.....ya meri koi baat nahi mannani" She smiled & said "maaf kardijiye...ab aap jo bhi kahenege main wahi karugi" & kissed on my lips.

I took her in my arms & took her to bathroom...removed all her clothes & she mine...Ohh wat she was looking naked in water....i don't have exact worlds to express...white milky & sexy angel with me. I made her sit on pot & started to clean her pussy. She asked "yeh kyu"....i said "mujhe yeh jagah bahut pasand hai aur isse main tumhari gore badan jaisa hi chahta hu."

She said "Ab se main iss baat ka khass khayal rakhungi...aur aap hi her baar karenge." When I cleaned her was like pink petals...i started licking her pussy makeing her stand in hot water...I was licking till deep & drinking water.....she was enjoying the act & was moning with pleasure playing with my hair & pressing me deep towards her pussy & moaning

"Ahhh...ahhh.....Ahhhh...Jaan bahut aacha lag raha hai...Aur karo....Aur karo...apni puri jeeb gussa chhat kahao usse". After sometime she released....& the I made her on knee & she started to lick my dick like a lolly was heaven feeling & she was dam expert in few mins I released in her mouth....which she d***k like juice.

After which we played with each other body, kissing cruddling with each hot shower & then in bath tub. After we came out naked & dryed her body with towel & she did mine. I told her to wear the sexy lingeries & be my sex godness & meet me in bedroom. She replied "ji mere sartaaj". Mean while I was in towel...wen in kitchen prepared coffee...a took melted chochlate in bowl, fresh red strawberry & place them in my room.

In means time Fatima came & she was looking Dam dam hot in sexy lingeries...& looking at her my dick turned to hot iron rod...pointing from my towel. looking at this she blushed & said "Dekho mera bachha bechain hai bahar aake mujhe pyar karne ke liye." & she pulled my towel & I was standing naked infront of her. I pushed her on bed & pulled her in my arms, waist and grabbed her closer to me and kissed her on her lips.

She too grabbed me tightly and started kissing me passionately. She was getting more and wilder. She was scratching her nails on my back, biting my lips. We continued kissing for another 10 minutes. I slowly moved my hand on her breasts. I removed her red lace bra and I could get a clear view of her milk jelly pots. I started licking her boobs. fatima was moaning with pleasure.

I took of her bra in one go and then panty in other..... they were the most amazing assets of a women, bare in front of me. I started sucking and kissing them one by one. we both were top less it was getting wilder and wilder sexier atmosphere in my room. It was just sex, love & lust allover.She was moaning loudly.

I sucked them all again for few minutes. She was moaning heavily in pleasure & said "Aman aur karo aur karo.....Aur....Chat Kahao....chodo mujhe...Jaldi & jor jor se chodo mujhe" Hearing this I was surprised & said "Ha jaaneman jo tumhe chahiye woh sab hoga....pehle kuch pehchaan to lo"...

I tried a black saffron piece on her eyes....& told to identify things with lick, smell or touch only....& gve her many things....took time but guessed well....later I made her eat strawberry....& I placed chochlate poured on my dick & told her to guess. She gussed its her lollypop dipped with chochlated..& took in mouth & start licking like experts & I was in seaventh few mins she took out my juice but still licking my dick.

She felt satisfied and so was I. She drank every drop of it and licked my dick completely clean. I pulled her up and made her lie on the bed. Now it was my turn to give her pleasure. I separated her legs and there it was, her beautiful shaved pink vagina. I applied chochlate all over her vagina & inserted my finger and she again started moaning.

It was already wet and dripping liquid. I started licking her and she started moaning loudly. I inserted 2 fingers in her cunt and started moving them. Soon she held my head tightly and had an orgasm. I drank all her liquid.

Now fatima was dying to get more action...& said "Aman ab bardast nahi hota.....chodo mujhe...Ji bhar ke pyar karo....aaj trippat kar do meri chutt ko apne 9 inch ke Lund se". She wanted me to fuck her desperately and my dick was ready for action too. I start rubbing my dick on her vagina and she pleaded my to fuck her, but she grabbed my dick and guided it in her vagina.

The thrust it in her pussy was very tight. She cried loudly in pain. It was an amazing feeling it was so warm inside her. I loved that feeling. I started to move my dick slowly inside her. I was fucking her in missionary position. I grabbed her breasts and started licking them while fucking her. Her nipples were tight and she was moaning loudly. She was shouting similar hindi words.

I started to increase my speed. I told her I was going to cum and she asked me to cum inside her & I did so. In that I fucked her 3 times. Later we grabbed ourself in each others arms and we slept naked in each other’s arms that night till late morning.

For nest 15 days we had lots & lots of love making sex sessions at each corner of home, watched porn, tried every possible positions & hardly we had clothes on our body when we both inside home. It was most memorable days of both of our life. Now we used to make love when ever we used to get chance.

I’ll continue my the story from what happened next. Do write me back with your feedback, in case you liked my story.
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horny guy
1 year ago
Yaar aman I loved your story please confine your story
I feel jealous that such a beautiful girl in your life and you did all
please continue writing your story...
1 year ago
It was friend story my bad about that he post that shit
2 years ago
wtf? why half English half something else?