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PART 1 A girlfriend I have know for a couple of years has a hunk of man that really gets me wet by just seeing him. He is so handsome every woman wants him and in this case, he knows it. Those two have been seeing each other for about 6 months now. They go and do everything together, just as she and I did before he came along. Between us two no man could wedge us apart, no matter the circumstances. Or so I thought. Lately when I call her to make plans she is either with him or on the way to see him. One thing I have noticed is her jealousy and being way too pushy on him. Whenever he is talking to another woman or out of her site for one minute, she'll run up to him and grab a hold of his body and wants some kisses. Its embarrassing to him and to me just to watch her. She was always pretty fun to be with, but now, even he has seen this side of her and its running him off. He has called me several times about what to do about it, but being a her friend and not wanting to get involved with their situation I just told him to be straight with her. Tell her the way her antics are making him fill uneasy and downright not wanting her around so much. Well, they had their talk and now she was pissed off at me for a month! She's mad because he called me for her behavior. Deep down I know he was really calling me to try and hook up. I know his type because I have been there before. Be nice to the gal pals and you can get anything you want. Well one night I was out at a club with some friends and I saw him with another girl. They were dancing and drinking and sitting real close to each other. After about 30 minutes of getting my nerve up, and a few phone pictures later, I walked up to him and asked him to talk privately. He introduced me to his friend. She was just a nieve girl of about twenty. She didn't have a clue about his girlfriend but if she did I don't think it really mattered to a dumb blonder, such as herself. Well he excused himself from her and followed a little behind me. And smiling like a rat eating cheese, he was so full of himself thinking I wanted him just like every other girl. As we got outside in the parking lot he told me my ass looked awfully hot from behind. What stupid kind of line is that, I thought to myself . I was not quite as mad as I thought I would be for catching him cheating, and him trying to hiit on me. I asked him if he and my friend were still seeing each other. He told me just for a booty calls darling just for booty calls. He was smirking when he said it . Well after a few minutes, I said my goodbyes and he said his I'll call ya with that stupid fist thumb pinkie phone hand gesture, Yuck grow up fucker.. Mind you I hadn't seen or talked to my friend in over a month. I thought to myself I ought to go by and see what she says about this. I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news but.......... Well when she opened the door she gave me this "wtf are you doing here" look. She said that I had a lot of nerve coming around. Blah blah blah.. she cussed me out for cheating on her with him and what a friend I turned out to be blah blah blah..I just stood in her doorway listening to her rant and rant for about a two minutes without so much as saying hi. I denied the affair or sneak fucking, as she called it, but she didn't believe me one bit and called me a fucking slut cunt.. A fucking slut cunt? A fucking slut cunt! I never heard that one before. She was seeing red as I burst out laughing and pointing at her, fucking slut cunt you ain't nothing but a fucking slut cunt..LOL...She realized what she said and started laughing to. Soon we were back to our oldselves again after I explained to her it wasn't me who he was cheating on, and all he thought of her was a whisky induced piece of ass. I showed her the pictures I took of him at the bar. She didn't get so riled up to hunt his ass down right there and kill him, with all considering, she was just hrelieved it wasn't me. After we drank and laughed a couple hours she wanted to get back at him. Now I do not hold grudges on exes no matter how much they do suck, but evidently she does. She doesn't get even she gets ahead. So now we get to decide what his punishment should be.
Posted by lilbigal 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Yeah you have a beautiful way of describing things. Keep it up.
2 years ago
Him being you?
2 years ago
I think it should involve leaving him hard, naked and no clothes or car keys....