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Your mom wants me so bad

I went and visited a coworker who was recently relocated back to town. She had moved in with her mother for the time being. We were in the living room/kitchen talking and her mom was in the shower, when Lizbeth got a phone call so she went into her bedroom to talk. I was looking at f****y pictures hung on the hall walls. When I got to her moms bedroom I could she her reflection in the bathroom mirror. I watched her and kept looking down the hall for Lizbeth to come out of her room. The more I watched her mom the same feelings of getting horny came over me. I knew it was wrong by watching but it made my pussy feel so good. I leaned up against her door frame and rubbed my pussy up and down on it. My head was turning to watch her and Lizbeth back and forth. After about 3 minutes of this nonsense I was close to cumming. I closed my eyes and hunched faster and faster and faster. I wanted to come so bad I couldn't relax as much as I wanted. I was about to have an orgasm but the water turned off. I let out a low sigh as I had to quit w/o her mom seeing me, or so I thought........
Posted by lilbigal 2 years ago
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4 months ago
part 2 please
1 year ago
Don't leave us hanging now! lol
2 years ago
But her mom's water was runnning hot for you? Please, go on...