Daffy: Master G's orders

This short fourth part of the story brings things nearly up to date for me and explains why the things in part five happened. You're reading this on xhamster and this part deals with things that happened because I'm here. Do not try this at home k**s! Try it in a hotel room or in public, or where your Master orders!

I started really chatting with Master G yesterday morning. We'd swapped a few messages but I always had to run out. I have a few days off now so I decided to really find somebody on the hamster that I could play with. Within a few lines Master G had me figured out. Within half an hour he'd asked for my obedience and I had submitted to him. It was just that easy to take me.

I was naked as I typed (as I am now when I write my stories)to Master G, receiving his direction. He made me change some things on my profile and I did that without thinking twice. He made me post a picture of my slutty cunt (he makes me call it that) and I did it right away. You can see it. Master G made me rub my slutty cunt and cum. I did that for him. I obey!!

Then he dropped the bomb on me: He knew I wanted A). A big cock B). A big BLACK cock. Master G ordered me to have sex with a Big Black Cock immediately; that same day (yesterday)!!! I wanted to. Now I had to do it. It was something I had not gone out on my own and done. I was waiting for this, to be required to act out my fantasy. As I left for the gym and logged off xhamster I promised that I would become a slut for a BBC that same day.

Wow did I obey!
89% (8/1)
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2 years ago
the next
2 years ago
The Dom/Sub relationship can be OHHHHH so rewarding. Glad you found what you needed.

2 years ago
you remind me a lot of my 2 white subs.
2 years ago
I am panting for the next
2 years ago
another one turns to the darkside ;)
2 years ago
When I read all this , I'm really disappointed that I haven't a BLACK Dick!! Mazybe I can spray him in black! :-)
2 years ago
i would rather be ur master
2 years ago
Only 4 stars, because I am jealous and envious of Master G.!!! I want a young slut to dominate in many ways--- especially with BBC's!!!
2 years ago
I am HONORED to have been the start of this for you ,, Maybe you will always look back fondly and whisper a little "Thank YouMaster G"

Master G