a chance meeting and a dramatic escape

Chained a young neko about 18 was brought onto a platform inside an old warehouse building. The young neko charlotte looked around at all the hungry faces that were staring at her. "Damn humans" she muttered under her breath as she looked up at the man that held her chains. "We have a young kitten here for the highest bidder, she will be yours for the taking, but for one night only." said the man into a loudspeaker. Charlotte looked again down at the men below her as they were all screaming numbers like hungry fools. "Another night in hell...." she sighed as she heard the last number called and the auctioneer counted it down and sold her for the night.
Two huge guards walked into her room later on that night and grabbed her chains slipped her collar onto her neck locking it down with a -click-. the men took her by the chains and d**g her off down into a hallway with many rooms, they ended up next to one that charlotte could smell had trees and flowers on the other side of the door, as they opened the door she looked at a young werewolf staring at her he donned a leaf green cloak over what looked like dark black armor with a heavy looking sword at his side. "this is her" the wolf said in a gruff tone that made even the guards flinch at his strong demeanor, the guards nodded released the chains and fled the room looking back at the girl "see ya in the morning kitten.... if your alive in the morning." muttered one and locked the door behind them. Charlotte looked at the wolf in front of her. "Do you speak human?" she said as the wolf started looking around the room it was forest themed with numerous hidden 'novelty' items. he sighed looking back at her "yes I do, names stormy nice to meet you" he said with a smile was he walked to her picking her up he walked her to the bed and laid her down. He kissed her forehead and looked into her eyes. “Want me to go easy one you?" he said touching her cheek. Charlotte was completely taken aback by his soft actions and gentle words that she nodded u*********sly. “Yes please sir I want to enjoy this." she muttered blushing lightly. With a smile he sat up and un-did the buckles on his armor to reveal his grey furred body. Pressing gentle kisses along her neck he caressed her stomach and arms, gently rubbing them soothingly. Taking her he laid her on her stomach and grabbed a bottle off the shelf pouring an amount of an oily liquid that smelled like deep forest mint. Charlotte moaned softly as stormy massaged her sore back with the forest mint, she found the sent soothing as it reminded her of her home in the village. "Hmmm master that feels good" she muttered and purred deeply.

sometime later stormy smiled as he looked up from the massage he gave the kitten, kissing her body he worked his way down her stomach to her pussy giving the outside a few soft licks as he enjoyed her taste he licked the clit a few times watching her squirm some. Charlotte moaned at his tongue having been relaxed and had her mood turned on by his tender touch she felt only teased as his tongue danced around her clit. “Ohh stormy" she cooed and moaned as she rubbed the top of his head. After a short while she arched her back and gasped softly as she started her own pleasure, her juices started to leak out now. Stormy smiled and lapped at the juice that escaped, he slithered his tongue into her and lapped at the juice there too listening to her moans, he looked at her with a desperate look. charlotte smiled and nodded " ok big boy let me have my own fun with you." she purred and switched place with him rubbing his shoulders she licked his chest and stomach making her trail down to his unsheathed member eyes wide she looked at the wolf's penis. “holy hell that’s big" thought as she looked at him his head leaned back. Thanking her gods he did not see her reaction she licked his tip gently at first to let her saliva drip down his shaft. She purred and sucked down as much as she could bobbing her head gently she sucked on him. stormy closed his eyes and relaxed hoping she would not say anything about the size of his member, he closed his eyes as he felt her go to work with her tongue. “Oh man" he moaned relaxing and wallowing in the pleasure slipping down to his back he just laid there. charlotte purred and sucked faster for some time felling his thing twitching some she pulled her mouth off and began licking the tip ferociously while stroking his cock with her other hand, feeling it twitch more she smiled and rubbed harder. “oh god" stormy moaned as he felt his come building so much, he pulled away from her and smiled. “there there enough of that can we play now" he said as he laid her on her back spreading her legs he sighed some. " I’ll take it slow you tell me when you want me faster" he then pushed into her slowly taking her down to his knot that all wolves have, but he did not push her onto the knot instead he pulled back and pushed into her again. “I won’t use the knot till the end when you have come and are ready for a grand finish" he said as he began thrusting slowly into her. Charlotte moaning lightly as closed her eyes feeling him stretch her inside but to her is did not matter, she gripped his shoulders and nuzzled into his neck. “Ok mister wolf” she said with a moan. Stormy smiled and lifted her up till only his tip was inside and set her down again moving inside her he loved her warmth and the wetness she left for him. “ hmmm I think your enjoying this” he said with a smile as he set her on the bed on all fours, he thrust into her softly at first then quickening his pace as he moaned lightly. His pleasure building some he gripped her hips and grit his fangs trying to hold it back. “hold on wolf come with me if it’s going to be grand shall it be for us both” charlotte moaned as she reached between her legs finding the nub of her clit she gasped and moaned as she played with it roughly, squirming under the intense pleasure it brought her along with the werewolf cock pumping into her pussy, finding her orgasm nearing closer and closer she quivered and whimpered. “now… please now!!!” hearing her command he pushed into her fully his knot entering her deeply forcing them to become stuck together, he gasped at the pressure and pleasure coming from his shaft soon it was so much he could not help it he roared and came deep inside her filling every spurt sending torrents of hot seed into her small spot. “ oh god…” he muttered breathlessly listening to her scream in pleasure as she came herself falling to the side he d**g her down with him as his cock was still spilling come into her he murred and held her close. “ there little neko I hope you enjoyed today.” He said as he closed his eyes. Charlotte bit her lip as she felt the fullness of her belly. “So much come I hope I don’t end up with kittens or pups…” she smiled and looked at him. “ I guess it would not be all bad” she thought to herself and nuzzled into his warm fur. Feeling his cock soften as it popped out and spilled his come all over her thigh. “Hmmm so much” she took a finger and took some into her mouth tasting the rich creamy taste of his thick milk. “Hmmm it’s really good” she thought as she looked up at him. “You know I have never had fun with anyone like this I wish I was out of here so I could see the sun again.” She said closing her eyes and drifted off into her thoughts.
Charlotte a young girl was walking around her village looking for her mother, finding her next to the river fishing for supper. Sneaking up on her she held her mother’s waist. “Momma, I found you!” she said happily as she looked up at the older neko woman her old features displaying the wrinkles of happiness. “Oh my dear c***d almost gave me a fright; you will make a good hunter one day.” Her mother said as she pulled out another fish out of the water. “You best be getting back to the village so you can help with the elders again.” With a soft nod charlotte left to the village when she arrived she saw the village was in flames people were all tied up and were being pushed into vehicles in shackles and chains, charlotte turned to run back to her mother when she was struck on the back of the head. Falling to the floor charlotte called to her mother who had wandered into the camp and tried to free her. “Please momma, run away get out of here” she said with a voice that seemed so distant.
Stormy awoke with a soft sigh looking around the room he could smell sex everywhere, with a chuckle he looked down at the neko sl**ping next to him only to have his smiled fade as he seen her tears. “Why is she crying?” he muttered to himself and he remembered her life and sighed looking down at her he sighed. “Hey, neko wake up” he said shaking her shoulders some causing her to wake with a jerk “huh, wha….” She said drowsily looking around. Stormy was up had his armor on and was getting the rest of it together. “I want you to hold onto my chest grip my fur, hold yourself up till we get out of this place.” Charlotte looked at him in disbelief but did as she was told. “Ok and its charlotte not neko.” She said with a sigh as she took in his scent again. Stormy looked out the door and his her with his cloak, the two ran down the hallway and were almost through the auction room when at once an alarm went off he looked at the red light that was going off and on due to the alarm. “Get out and run keep up with me I will protect you” he said as they ran through the building and down the stairs sneaking past guards and other officials of the slave trading office. “Only got to get you outside then your free with me” he said as he drew his sword, taking one mighty swing he knocked out two guards next to a door. Stormy looked through a crack in the door to see that there were no one near the entrance, he opened the door and ran out into the huge room only to see the guards hiding behind the door. He twists around and slashed both of them across the chest watching them fall screaming in pain. Charlotte ran into the room looking at the guards she started thinking this was a bad idea, but before she could say anything, the neko was picked up and tossed outside by the stormy listening to his words. “I’ll hold them off you run and get out of here” she looked back at him. “Come on stormy, don’t do this” she pleaded him. “Get lost cat if you get caught you will never get this chance again, I’ll be fine.” He said turning from the doors to stare down his enemy. A huge b**st that wore a blindfold over its eyes it was like a behemoth huge fangs and arms with large claws. The behemoth sniffed the air and charged at him slashing wildly in the air roaring as he hit the wall. Stormy barely dodged the attack; he ran up to the b**st and slashed the back of its leg only to have his sword bounce off of the creature’s tough skin. “Oh man not good I have to find something to get this thing.” He looked around as he dodged another of the b**st’s attacks, seeing pillars all around the room he ran towards one and rang his sword against it, watching as the creature ran towards him waiting for the last moment he jumped out of the way letting the creature smash the pillar. The pillar shook and fell on top of the creature causing some damage to it. Charlotte watched in awe as she turned and ran away hearing bullets from guns hit the ground behind her, she jumped over the fence and landed on the ground finding the wolfs cloak still on her she ripped off the bottom part of the cloak and wrapped the sliver of fabric around her waist making some makeshift clothing for her. She ran far away from the building and deep into downtown. Stormy had smashed five of the six pillars into the creature leaving it damaged he stood next to the last pillar looking at the neko hop the fence “live free my friend” he said then howled as the creature ran toward him, jumping out of the way he looked back at the creature who stopped right before hitting the pillar, it sniffed the air and turned toward him growling it charged towards him. “ oh man now this thing gets smart.” He dodged it once more only to have his tail caught, it threw him into the wall next to the pillar he crawled behind it and began pushing on the pillar listening to the creatures footsteps as it walks towards him, finally feeling the pillar give a little he pushed harder causing it to fall missing the creature. “Damn it!!!” he growled as he picked up his sword and sighed. “Guess this is it huh, well let’s see if you like the way my sword tastes as it gets shoved down your throat you bastard!!!” he roared and ran towards the creature, stopping only when a huge chunk of rock landed in front of him. “Whoa!!! Close one!!” he looked up seeing the roof was coming down. “hmmm hey big guy!” he yelled as he lured the creature closer to him, he jumped through the creatures legs and out a side door into a hallway before the roof collapsed onto the creature finally killing it. With a sigh stormy looked around walking down the hallway finding his way to a fire exit with no resistance. “Yay a break” he said with a smile. Walking outside he looked at the sun “man nothing like a fight like that to get you happy about life” he said with a smile walking down a road toward the inn he was staying at.

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