slumber party part one

To start i'd like to say that i am straight and this was an expirience from my pubecent years. it was my 17 birthday and aftet a long night of bowling and shopping me and 4 of my friends decided to have a sl**pover(and to this day i still have no idea where my parents were). and while we were having our slumber party my b*****r was having over some friends of his own. us both having friends over would immediately declare this night a war, but it didn't officially start until stacy and i went all over the house taking all the movies. thats when it began. i had a crush on my b*****rs friend micheal, olivia had a crush on his other friend steven and stacy had a crush on my b*****r. there were two ways to see into eachothers' bedrooms, the ajoined closets and the second floor patio. after stealing all the movies stacy and i went downstairs to get popcorn and my other friend mikeala went to the bathroom we had olivia and shawna cover the two openings but silly us we forgot to cover the door. so the boys snuck in and stole everything but my father's pornos. we were coming up with a prank when i heard the backing of the closet slide open. i motioned my head toward it so the other girls would understand and play along. i got up and said a bit too loudly "how about we have a clichéd porn style sl**p over but, first we all need a cup pf water to 'accidentally' spill on each other so that we have to take off our clothes and then we'll make out". i heard giggles. i could not believe they were falling for this. we sent olivia to get us 5 extremely large cups of water when she'd finished we hit play on the porn so they couldn't hear what we were doing, then we huddled around my bed so they coudn't see it as i pulled the emergency puke bucket from beneath my bed and poured all of the water in then i went toward the closet and said "we need to wear something we can get wet in" i heard the closet close grabbed the bucket and stepped in i pretended to pull out clothes and walk away, then a few seconds later i hearded it reopen and saw two grinning faces lying on the floor peering in they didn't see me until i dumped the entire bucket on thier heads. they started screaming like little girls and running to the bathroom. i'd been so distacted i didn't realize that micheal wasn't there. i also didn't realize the patio door to my room had been opened. that's when we stared talking about the crushes we had on the boys which was a bad idea.
everything was quiet when we started getting tired, but if i knew my b*****r thats exactly when he would attack. so i volunteered to gaurd the room. i was reading a magazine when i heard a tapping on the door i got up, opened the door a crack a peered out it was micheal and he looked gorgeous somehow he'd gotten even better looking than before and i knew looked good cuz i had changed into my super-short-mini and i wore a tanktop that didn't completely cover my bra which meant he could see a lot of cleevage and a lot of butt. "can i talk to you... off the record" he said "sure" i replied and i led him to my parents' room. him behind me so that he'd be sure to see my pink laced thong that was visible under my high rising skirt. we sat down on the bed and he tried to tear his eyes away from my breasts. "i think it's time you know, i have a crush on you" he said my mouth flew open and i couldnt say anything i wanted to say, instead what came out was this "no way! me too well i don't have a crush on me if i did i would be weird not to say you have bad taste in mm" he cut me off by shoving his lips onto mine. I pulled back "thanks" i said and we continued to kiss we lyed down on the bed without stopping the drawn out kiss. as we lay there i felt micheal's hand running up my thigh, he stopped on my hip, he was trying to be gentle thinking it was my first time but that's not what i wanted. i pulled my thong to the side and began fingering myself i immediately became moist but i wasn't wet enough i pushed down hard on my clit and started slapping my pussy. i scooped up some of my pussy juice and thrust my fingers into his mouth hs sucked them dry. he got the picture and started fingering me. i reached down and stearted rubbing his cock through his jeans it stiffened at my touch i unzipped his pants and started going to work at first just running my hand along it then jerking him off. he sat up and i got on the floor on my knees, i licked the head then all the way down to the base then i took the entire shaft into my mouth, gagging i pulled back then i started blowing him. i tasted his precum and slid off my thong. i was still very wet i had turned around and was about to sit on his dick but suddenly i realized something i hadn't taken 'that pill' today. again the wrong words spilled out of my mouth "i'm a lesbian" i screamed then i sprinted to the bathroom to find my b*****r and steven putting away the shaving cream and holding the plastic wrap and scotch tape "oh no" 'the unscapable' my own prank used against me... to be contiued
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2 years ago
sexy story! dont tease us continue!