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Sex Conquers All (An Illustrated Novel)

This is a revisit of an old post of mine. I spent some time and cleaned it up a little. I tried to make the pics and videos match up to the story a little better, and I added quite a few more details that I've remembered since I posted it before. This is the story about a girl I used to work with. Her name was Sallee...

-----I remember the first time Sallee and I ever talked about anything sexual. We used to sit at our own picnic table during our lunch break. Somehow we got to talking about how to get chewing gum out of your hair. Peanut butter was a suggestion we had both heard, but I told... Continue»
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College Days

-----In my second year of college, I lived on the floor that was co-ed. The dorm was usually split 50/50, with the women on the west half of the complex, and the men on the east. But that year, there were more women than men, so they put about 10 or 12 girls on the men's side. It took a while to get used to seeing the girls walk by my room only wearing a towel as they went to and from the women's showers, which were on the other half of the floor.
-----The prettiest of these girls was Sunny. She was, like me, from a small town in the north. Not the same town, but only 50 or 60 miles away from... Continue»
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Educating Katie

-----I work for a company in a small northern town. Our corporate office, however is in the big city; a 7 hour drive away. Occasionally some of us employees have to go to the corporate office for training classes or seminars. Usually, they would have 6 of us employees make the drive in 2 rental cars. Three women from the office in one car and three men from the plant in the other. This trip started out the same way, but towards the end of the week, I was asked to stay an extra day for some additional meetings and training. They told me one of the new office girls would be staying another day a... Continue»
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My 20 Year High School Reunion

I didn't even want to go to the stupid thing...

-----My 20 year reunion was at a small hotel / conference center in the town I grew up in. I debated for 6 months whether I was even going to attend. I wasn't very popular in school, and I didn't really care about most of the people in my class anyway. But at the last minute, I decided to go, and made the 7 hour drive back to my hometown. I parked my truck, went inside to the bar area, and found a table in the corner where I could see if I recognized any of my classmates.
-----Some people I recognized immediately, while others stumped me; I ... Continue»
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