In law

My wife constantly wanted to go to her parents house. Seems like every weekend we was there, sometimes spending the night . Wife and I were lacking in the "sex" department in out relationship and due to this it seemed like all i though about was sex or anything of that nature. My wife had a older s****r that was the same age as me ...24... often thought about her in ways probably shouldn't have but anyway. We stayed at her parents for the weekend, and as usual I was horny so i took an early shower to curve the urge. In the bathroom I found her s****rs bra hanging on the door. Figured it was hers because my wife and her mom had smaller breast. I played with it, feeling it, smelling it, found myself with a bonor. I started stroking it and wrapping her bra around my hard-on, felt so good knowing it was hers and i was about to ejaculate. I cummed into the cups of her bra, then pouring it out before it soaked in too much, hung it back up and took a shower and went on about my day.
We left and went back home to the work week. As normal my wife wanted to return to her parents once again.
I was kind of scared that maybe her s****r had noticed her bra had been misused , paranoid! Everything was as normal, my wife and her s****r and their mom was going to the store , they all was getting ready and my wife asked me to get her hair iron out of the bathroom. Got up walked threw the kitchen, back the hall toward her mothers room which you have to pass thru to get to the bathroom. Entering into her mothers room i see her mom finishing putting on her bra. Of course i looked at her , didnt stare but noticed her bra! It was the bra i jizzed in last weekend! I quickly got the hair iron out of the bathroom and returned it to my wife and went back and set on the couch. They soon left and i went snooping into her s****rs drawers to find her bras. Found one then went to her mothers room to compare them to make sure what i had seen earlier. Her s****rs was still bigger. I was setting on her moms bed, alone with 2 bras....same as last time i jizzed a big load in to her s****rs bra and into her mothers. Thinking i was crazy afterwards and prob going to get busted i quickly put them up as they was pulling up the driveway.
They came in, put the stuff away they had got and proceeded their normal day. I was setting on the couch and watched as her mom walked into her room. She stopped and stooped down to the floor and said "whats this?". I was in a panic, it was where i had jerked off at! I had dripped cum in the floor and didnt clean up! Oh god! Im thinking. She touches it with her fingers and feels it she says "Oh, must just be my lotion" and wipes it off the floor and rubs it on her arm. Oh my god! I had to quit this crap! I dont see how sperm passed for lotion? Youd think it would be sticky, maybe her lotion has a sticky after feel...idk. But my mother n law had touched my semen and rubbed it on her arm??!!
For some reason this turned me on after the being scared feeling went away, my mother n law has my cum on her! I got another hard-on but i tryed to think of other things but didnt work. They went outside due to the nice weather, so i went to the room we stayed in and got under the covers gona "take a nap". I finished and cleaned up with some tissues and fell asl**p.
I woke up to my mother n law leaving the room. I was kinda confused why was she in here then i realized i had kicked the covers off and my privates were still exposed from earlier! I jumped up put my junk away and my wife walked in laughing. She said to come eat dinner and that her mom had came into wake me up and said that i was half naked.
We ate dinner, was pretty ockward for me due to the days events. I finished and returned to the couch watched tv and went to bed. Next morning my wife woke me up and said she was going to get out cousin and bring him up and that it was early and i could go back to sl**p. She left and i found myself with a hard-on again.
I got myself off again and went back to sl**p.
I woke up startled to see my mother n law standing at the doorway,talked for at least 30-40 seconds and i felt my dick starting to get aroused. I quickly put my had down there to cover up the throbbing of a half limp dick and discovered my penis had fallen out of my boxers! She turned and walked away with what looked like a grin.????! Shes my mother n law! Shes a lot older than me! Wtf?! But for some reason i was turned on, how long had she been standing there? Why?
Later that day i was thinking about that morning. Didnt know if she was looking at my cock or what. Why would she stand there leaning against the doorway with me sl**ping and my penis out for anyone to view? I couldnt be attracted to her shes older and bigger than my wife, or could I? I thought Id push the situation a little.
My wife and her s****r left to take her cousin back, so i figured id go take a shower. Didnt take long and got out, still thinking about everything, id forgot to get a towel to dry off with. I played with myself some and was nervous about asking for a towel from her mom. I jerked some more and i cracked the door and asked her mom if she could get me a towel, seen her get off her bed and go toward the wash room. I was nervous as heck and hard as hell, she came back with a towel and put her arm thru the door holding the towel. I stood there for what seemed forever....i decided it was now or never...i grabbed the door knob and quickly pulled it open. I was standing completely naked in front of my mother n law with a huge hard-on! She was looking down even before id opened the door, she just stood there staring at my hard cock, i flexed my penis couple of times she grinned and looked at me and said "heres your towel" and turned around. I dried myself off, still a hard-on that hurt! What do i do? So freakn horny! I wrapped the towel around me and walked out the door. She was setting on the edge of the bed facing the door with her head down facing her lap. I stopped in front of her and asked if she was ok? She said "yea, sorry for looking at you, a mother n law should never see her son n law naked, im sorry." I told her it was ok that i didnt mind. I stood there and she just sat there, looking at her i felt like what the fuck! I dropped my towel and let my hurting hard-on out and started stroking it. She looked at me like she was upset, i told her it was ok just once. She looked at me and asked "just once?" I set on her drawers and started stroking faster, she continued to watch. I felt like i was going to pass out. Then I felt it, it must have been coming from somewhere down deep! I started to ejaculate i said "Im gona cum!" She looked at me with that grin and continued to set on the edge of the bed.
I felt it traveling all the way up my shaft and then squirt after squirt after squirt i cummed. Feeling totally exhausted I came to my senses and looked down at her still on the edge, except this time she had a lot of my semen mostly in her lap, some on her shirt and one drop on her cheek. I was so embarrassed! I wrapped the towel around myself stood up and she looked at me and took her finger and wiped the drop of semen from her cheek and licked it off of her finger. I though oh my god! She patted my bulge with her hand and said good job. I walked out of her room, looking back she was cleaning up the mess.....with her fingers and tongue !!!!!! So hot!
My wife and her s****r came home we went to bed, got up the next morning ate breakfast and left. I or my mother n law have never spoke of it sense!
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Maybe sometime she will have a chance to give you more.