My Life as a Perverted Piece of Garbage Pt.02

Chapter Two–My Descent into Perversion
Part One

This story of revenge comes to you through my girlfriend's side of the ex-f****y. Only a shit-kicker town group of people could be responsible for something like this. The main characters are: her ex-b*****r In Law (I'll call him Bill), his born-again ex-wife gorilla (I'll call her Bag) and her gorgeous, wild, young nubile niece (I'll call her Gwynn).

I am still with Midge. I can barely tolerate the woman but until something better comes along I'll take the occasional lame sex. Bill owns and operates a strip club a couple hours north of me. About three years ago his wife divorced him after she turned born-again Christian on him. Bag got his club closed down once and continues to occasionally pester him with picket signs and mailings. Gwynn is one of six c***dren from a born-again f****y (apparently their version of Christianity approved of lots of fornication, beer drinking, and pot smoking). When this started she was s*******n and smoking hot; just way too incredibly hot for the run-down factory town where her f****y lived.

I met Bill for the first time at our Fourth of July party. Even though he was ex-f****y he wasn't welcome in his f****y and just too damned cool to not have at a party with degenerate talk, lots of beer and explosives. Most of the "guys" broke off into the garage away from the women folk. This is where I learned of more Midge's history and Bill's colorful life. I let Bill know I was more of a porno guy, not terribly interested in strippers. I explained my fetishes. I asked about Bag and why Bill let her get away with protesting his club. Bill had considered having her shipped somewhere awful but he had a better plan, though. He had invested lots of time in this plan.

Bill's plan: as soon as Gwynn was legal she would be stripping in his club and prostituting herself to feed a d**g habit.

Such a plan required Bill to plant seeds in the community where Gwynn lived, paying off certain people, and subtly shaping her life from fifty miles away. He did his best to make sure she stayed thin, smoking hot, and not addicted to meth. He even went as far as to get her "boyfriend" in on the act with some cash. One day Bill sent one of his workers to pose as a talent agent and paint the rosiest of future for her and her boyfriend. They could make half a million a year feature dancing and posing for Playboy.

Things went almost perfect. Gwynn failed two classes and wasn't permitted to graduate. Her parents wanted her to get equivalency. She fought them. She was reminded that she didn't need a degree to make a money. She and her boyfriend left and got a place of their own. She fought her boyfriend and her access to weed and other party items slowly disappeared, drying up. The only route out appeared to be that light at the end of a strip club.

That was July.

It was mid October when I got a call from Bill to come help him move some stuff and shoot the shit. Midge wanted to come but Bill said he would come down the Sunday if I would help him Saturday. I would stay at his place. She reluctantly agreed.

When I got to Bill's he immediately drove me to his club. He wanted my help with something but not moving. This was actually the first strip club I had ever been in.

I asked Bill why he was doing this. "Look, you are a good guy and all and you have done some really good things for Midge and she treats you like crap. Right? And you haven't cheated on her have you?"


"Well, not yet at least." He started walking me into his establishment. "I know you like porn, anal, facials, and sick stuff like that; stuff you probably aren't getting at home, maybe never have gotten?"

"A couple times, not much, though."

"Remember that Gwynn chick I told you about?" I remembered. He took some pictures from his suit jacket and handed them to me. "That was her myspace shit. Now, eighteen." Jesus Christ was this chick hot. She was a little thin and not terribly tall or top heavy but the first thing that popped into your head when you saw the pictures was "what a fucking hottie." He took me into his office and there she was waiting there, still just so "fuckin' hot" it was unbelievable. She sat there on his leather couch clad only in black lingerie and looking really nervous and edgy.

"She's all yours."

Bill stayed in the room and ordered Gwynn to take her bottoms off. I couldn't believe what was going down. "C'mon, get goin'" he prompted. "Don't worry, Midge will never hear of this and who gives a shit if she does." I was indecisive because I knew this was wrong. Doing this would cross the line into a world of depravity and vileness that I had begun moving away from. My conscience fought hard but my cock was harder didn't care what I was doing. I stripped off my clothes as Bill rubbed then playfully kneaded and spanked her ass cheeks. As soon as my briefs fell I was erect and throbbing so fiercely it hurt. I walked over and watched as she reluctantly put a condom on me then started to suck my dick.

I totally admit that I am pretty much a loser in the sexual side of things at this point in my life and within seconds it seemed like my heart was punching out of my chest and I was ready to cum. I backed off and started back after a couple of moments. Even through the condom I was ready to burst, hands shaking.

I apologized to Bill but he encouraged me to take my time. I guided her to her feet, bent over standing in front of me as I tried to calm down and use my fingers instead. I motioned my fingers and eyes toward her butt hole waiting for approval from Bill; he shook his head. I slipped a spit moistened finger into her rear.

"No, no. You can't do that" she lightly protested.

"I told you, your ass is mine so it is also his. Don't forget it."

I worked my way up to two fingers. I was going to try a third but Bill shook his head so I continue to work two fingers all the way into the knuckle. I used my other hand to rub her pussy. She was having trouble keeping her balance. I had gone a little soft while I was fingering this perfect ass so I had to stroke myself back to hardness and put the condom back on (what a pain). I spit lubed my wrapped pecker then slowly slid it into her tight asshole.

I couldn't believe what I was doing. I was fucking a smoking hot eighteen year-old up the ass. I was so close to popping I could only bury my dick to the hilt once before pulling out again. I tried relaxing a little bit and alternating fingers to relieve some tension.

I asked Bill "is she clean?"

"You're getting what I got. You want to go bareback?"

"Yeah. Fuck yeah."

I hoped to hell Bill was clean. He was d**g and disease free as far as I knew and since he fucked her I assumed he kept her that way as well (at least the disease part).

I remember my hands shaking like leaves as I wedged my bare dick back up her ass. She was maintaining almost a serene silence throughout the encounter only whimpering occasionally when I went in deep or hard. She was clenching as hard as possible, probably trying to get me off and get out of her ordeal. I ordered her to "ease up, loosen up and take it easy." I was still only able to go one or two strokes before having to pull out and ease up. I was praying to get a good stroke going before I couldn't hold back anymore.

A minute or two passed before I finally got a good stroke going. I was using every trick in the book to keep from shooting: I bit my tongue until I thought I tasted bl**d, I f***ed deep, regular breaths, I pinched myself hard to take my mind off it.

I lasted about five minutes straight before I had to take a break. I sat down on the leather couch and motioned her to get on. She uncomfortably straddled me and eased my dick back up into her ass. She lacked energy, only moving an inch or so. I didn't care. She was just prolonging things by not moving much with my dick balls deep inside her. I got bored in this position so I lifted her aside onto her back with legs in the air, went to my knees then fucked her ass again.

I lost track of time. I was still biting my tongue and pinching myself to avoid ejaculating. I closed my eyes and zoned out. All I remember about that ten or fifteen minutes was the blissful perfect sensation of my penis fucking this teenage whore's perfect ass. The few times I did open my eyes I noticed her zoning out as well. She reduced herself to an orifice and nothing else; no soul. It was then I got the idea to take it a step further. I pulled out, stood on the couch with my dick in front of her face.

"Suck it."

The look on her face was priceless. Her glassy eyes met mine, then lowered, then closed as she frowned and half opened her mouth. I stuck my cock in her mouth and ordered her to "suck". She did, visibly hating every second of it. "Take it all the way, lick it all off." She paused momentarily then sucked the whole thing.

I wasn't watching myself and before I knew it I was built up to the point of no return. I remember pulling out into my hand as I grabbed her hair tightly while sternly ordering "don't move, don't fucking move. Don't fucking move."

I intentionally aimed for her eyes. The first blast rocketed out of my dick into her right eye. The second and remaining shots just covered her left eye with extremely thick, white cum; gluing it shut and almost masking even the thick, black eyeliner she was wearing. I could hear her whimpering under her breath and her foot started tapping on the floor as I kept repeating "don't fucking move" and "don't touch it" over and over again. Her right hand was shaking as she vainly pushed away from me. I strangled every last microscopic drop of semen out of my spent pecker onto her face. The shot in her right eye was about the size of a quarter with an inch long tail. The massive blob once covering her entire left eye had separated; the slimy shiny part still covering her eye and the blob now running down her cheek and into her ear.

She tried raising her arms to her face but I wouldn't let her. I pushed her back on the couch and told her to sit like that for a minute. Just then, Bill surprised the hell out of me. "Take a picture, it lasts longer" he said as he snapped a picture of her plastered face with his camera phone. She sat there tapping her foot on the floor, hands twitching nervously, biting her lip and slowly moving her head back and forth. She was cracking right there.

"Okay, enough. Clean yourself up."

She just started crying while wiping cum off her face with her fingers. I was going to order her to eat the cum but Bill motioned to me with his eyes to say "enough is enough"; she looked broken and used. Bill began to comfort her with kind words and praise while helping her clean herself up and compose herself. She even smiled at one point although it was general happiness that her ordeal with my disgusting perversions (and facade) was over.

We left the room and Bill explained everything to me outside.

"Look, I just wanted to give you and a couple other people a crack at her before I get rid of her."

"Why are you getting rid of her?"

"I got what I wanted. She's made me money here and I've done every sick, twisted thing I can think of to her. When these girls get hooked on crystal or rock it is only a matter of time before they aren't worth maintaining and they don't look good enough to make me money. She is about two weeks from that. I have pictures of her doing black dudes, old dudes, stuffing food in her pussy, getting butt-fucked, pissed on, jerked on, licking asshole. They are going to Bag and all those self-righteous mother fuckers. Fuck'em."

A month has passed since that day of total perversity. I asked Bill about her when we gathered for Thanksgiving dinner. He explained what happens to most dancers he kicks out for d**gs. "Almost all of them end up with a patron they recognize. They use each other until she finds someone that will get them more rock or someone that will let them dance; usually the less classier joints. A few get busted for hookin' and get in that trap. I don't care, really. One guy stopped showing up so we guessed she got him. When they spread their legs there's always someone there to get caught in her trap." He also explained that everybody from their f****y tree has threatened to kill him or have him killed. They picket him almost all the time now.

I have to admit, I felt really, really bad about what I did to Gwynn. I mean it was another fucking human being and she was really an innocent bystander in the fight between Bill and Bag. Bill tried to explain that it was only a matter of time before she was fed into the machine, ground up then spit out. She wasn't totally innocent either. She was more than willing to fuck people over, including f****y, to get what she wanted even if it meant getting pregnant to entrap some guy, writing bad checks, or fraudulent injury claims to get prescription d**gs to sell. He had me take comfort in the fact that 99.999999 percent of the world wasn't like this; it was normal and filled with decent, normal people. But for the other one percent it was war and with all wars there are casualties on both sides. For every whore that gets fed into the machine there is some nice guy getting played or some broad getting paid to do nothing but crank out babies, sucker guys and sit their ass on a couch all day.

True, I guess.

I never got to see the pictures. I would have loved to have the camera phone shot of a near-breakdown Gwynn with her eyes glued shut with my massive, pent-up load of cum.
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3 years ago
the bill gwynn & bag is closer to realy life than you think
3 years ago
sounds like you enjoyed that, being perverted is an art not easily understood or enjoyed by all. I for one have no qaulms with being a perverted fucker who will try anything at least once