The Last Fuck

As I entered the bar thinking of sex, my mind automatically slumped. The bar was full of hot babes, but none of them, wore expressions “I’m easy.” FUCK!
So I decided to sit at the bar, playing the depressed lonely guy shit. It rarely worked and tonight was no exception. At 2:00 am the bar flooded with people emptied and I was f***ed out to find a cub and go home and release myself by jerking off.
I phoned up a cab and I waited on a park bench, sitting there whistling “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” waiting for the public cabbie to pull up. As I did I noticed the usual sluts riding a lucky shithead, to orgasm after orgasm. It was as if the entire world was trying to rub it in saying haha you can’t hook up!
But then that all changed when she walked up to me.
She was capital H hot. Gigantic EE cup jugs and a bubble butt that made looked like a perfect sphere. Her long brunette hair was beautiful and only about 5,4. Her clothes were respectable, but were rumpled and covered in green grass markings. Her eyes were filled with lust and screamed they wanted me.
“Hey, you wanna fuck?”
Straight out too. Nice.
“Suuurre…But weren’t you just humping a guy’s brains out?” I asked, for seconds ago I had just heard two people orgasming. One was definitely male.
“Yeah but that guy was a sissy couldn’t take a real fuck. Unlike your tool; it looks like it can take a hit.”
I stared at my pant and saw that my 9” equipment was begging to be let free.
“Fucking A.”
So she grabbed me by the hand and led me to some bushes of by the old tennis courts. It was quieter over here away from the other bangers. Immediately she was stripping and clawing at my clothes as I was her. In seconds her full red beautiful lips were making a sawing motion over my cock, coaxing for my pent up seed to erupt into her delightful mouth. Her tongue slipped itself into my slit and made the same motion as her mouth in unison. So her tongue was poking at my slit each time her nose went straight to my pubic hairs. I don’t know how I had lasted ten seconds without release. She sure as hell didn’t make it easier as she gave me pleading baby eyes. And just as my testes swelled to the sizes of avocadoes she removed herself and French kissed me, forcing me to taste the outer coating of my powerful manhood.
As she prepared to fuck me she wrapped her long legs around my waist and shoved her rack across my face filling my mouth with her sweet tasting milky mountains. I couldn’t breathe and horror struck me as she humped her cleavage fully into my mouth.
With half of each breast in my mouth I couldn’t scream nor breathe: As my nose was filled with her upper cleavage. I attempted to bite down, but her natural titties were Diamond hard.
She my dick into her warm wet cunt: It was so good. My heart rate increased, causing me to want to breathe causing my panic to overflow. Then a belt was suddenly tightened around the back of my head forcing me deeper into her valley. She had tied her belt around her bust and my head.
I now knew my life was lost, that I had taken my last gulp of air and that this would sure as hell be my last fuck. What the fuck? I thought. If you’re going to die, enjoy it.
So I pushed my missile into the last vagina that would ever encircle it. The feeling of death made it ten times better, made it ten times more erotic. I realised the last fuck she had had would end the same way mine would, with death. I glanced up into her eyes as she smiled evily and coldly at me.
Then her cunt tightened its muscles around me gripping and milking my seed into her wonderful womb, all the cum emptied from my balls. My release had finally come.
My heart rate went through the roof and as I fought to get one last breath she pushed her cleavage until I had every inch inside of my mouth. My jaw snapped and I screamed a silent lustfilled scream.
Then I saw black.
I was dead.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Hot story, very well written too. Something about sex and death that goes so well together!