The MacDougal chronicles: The Beginning

February, 13th, 1990 Winnipeg, Manitoba:
Jennifer MacDougal screamed and screamed as her vagina stretched and stretched wider than any cock had made it. Sweat and tears streamed down her face. She hated having the tears. She was a dominatrix, she DID NOT show any signs of weakness. She wasn’t a dominatrix anymore being only 23. She had stopped being a bachelorette slut. Though she had wanted to have a c***d for the past two years and she was not going to let her own selfishness get in the way.
However being an experienced dominatrix she saw things that were unusual for the doctors while a woman was giving birth. She knew this ‘cuz her friend Lucy had had a baby and she had been there. Then the doctors were quite professional. None had shown any signs of arousal or lust. But during the birth of her baby girl (she had seen the video beforehand) the doctors had faces of struggle and lust, along with raging boners. Plus these were the same doctors that Lucy had had.
Jennifer smiled through the pain. Her ass was causing this. Her ass was truly bigger than any woman’s she had ever met. It wasn’t the ass of an obese woman, but it was larger than one. It had the tight shiny skin of a silicone enhanced butt, the size of an obese fat-ass woman, and the air of a natural anal fuck. This made the male doctor’s boners strain against their pants while the women glared jealously at her ass.
A sharp pain in her crotch brought Jennifer crashing back down to reality. Her c***d was exiting. For the next five minutes, Jennifer gave gigantic pushes forcing her newborn c***d. As she lost consciousness she heard the crying of her newborn girl.
Jennifer awoke with the warm flesh of her new c***d in her arms. Her daughter opened her eyes and bawled.
“Shhhhh. Everything’s okay sweetheart, you’ll get to meet Daddy soon.”
Jennifer’s husband Chris would’ve been there only for one problem. He had been in a huge car crash and had severe injuries. None of which fatal, but he was bedridden and couldn’t move from his room.
His daughter had Chris’ eyes and curious manner. The baby was tall which Jennifer assumed she also inherited from her father’s side. She had Jennifer’s ears and mouth. But the best thing was: She had Jennifer’s ass.
An hour later, Jennifer was in a wheelchair, with her newborn c***d in her arms. She was wheeled into Chris’ room. Chris gave his wife a gigantic hug, and then reached out and took his baby girl and stared into his identical eyes. The two looked and the father hugged gently and kissed her forehead. Finally he looked up at his wife, with tears streaming down his cheeks.
“What should we name her?”
“How about Christina?”
“No, how about after my mom? We all liked her.”
“Yeah! Connie’s a good idea.”
“Or how about Jennifer Junior? “
“No. This baby’s gonna be nothing like me. She’s Connie.” Jennifer responded flatly.

April 30th, 1992, Winnipeg, Manitoba:
Chris was working late. Very late. At least that was the cover story. He was really fucking his secretary. He had been for 5 months now. At lunch and when his wife was sl**ping he’d screw her at the motel 5 minutes away.
Tonight while he was shaking his office with his sexy 25 year old secretary, (him being 32) his wife decided to bring him dinner, since he had said his meeting would last until 3 am. As she unlocked the office with Chris’ spare key with her baby in arm (she dare not leave Connie alone) she heard the yelling, the moaning, the screaming, and the banging. She smelled the scent of pussy and cock thick in the air. Jennifer walked silently up the stairs, making sure Connie didn’t stir. She saw the wide open door. Two naked bodies tangled together over a desk. Her husband, screwing Sophie the slutty secretary. Fuming she stormed out silently and drove back home.
As she left the empty parking lot; Chris saw the lights of his wife’s car. He didn’t know it was his wife but he was worried someone had heard the fuck session. Then his worries were wiped by Sophie sucking his cock.
May 5th, 1992, Winnipeg, Manitoba:
Chris’ birthday. He was at work, waiting to get home. He couldn’t wait his wife had agreed to give him an EXTRA special birthday fuck. At four o’clock he sprinted to his car and doubled the speed limit rushing home and stripping into his birthday suit. He ran into his bedroom and lay down. Just as the instructions had told him to do via text from Jennifer.
Jennifer entered Chris looked up and lost his breath. This was the Jennifer from the old days, when she had been a dominatrix. Her stomach was blocked off by black latex dress, but her DD cup jugs were showing easily. He could see her pussy dripping wet and her round succulent ass behind it. It was hypnotic. Each cheek the size of two basketballs-at least, her anus always cleaned to perfection. As she moved forward she opened a drawer sexily and slowly and pulled out a pairs of cuffs and some rope. She handcuffed his hands behind his back and tied his ankles together. Then she reached back into the drawer and pulled out a leather cuff, which she attached to his cock and tightened it.
Chris winced and moaned. “What’s that for baby?”
Jennifer smiled, “Shhhh…It’s for a bigger cumshot. It’ll save up your cum. We’ll both love it.”
Chris was in agony but he agreed. After all, it was his birthday.
Jennifer fiddled with his member, making it turn a deep purple. Finally she sucked its full length (9 inches) to her throat. She sucked for 25 minutes. Every two minutes or so Chris would have an orgasm, but the cuff held strong, retaining the thick liquid that was aching to be set free. Another hour passed and still the cock hadn’t sprung a leak. Though Chris was in obvious agony he dare not speak out. Finally Jennifer ceased round 1 of the torture. She crawled up to Chris and whispered sexily into his ear:
“You wanna lick my pussy? It’s soaking wet right now for you.”
Chris gladly nodded. Jennifer lowered her ass and cunt so it was a millimetre away from her husband’s mouth. He licked and licked, after 30 seconds Jennifer opened her ass cheeks. Chris’s cock had another cumless orgasm. In those cheek laid the darkest and biggest inside of a butt he had ever seen. The interior was black as night and the anus was so inviting. The cheeks were spread wide enough if Jennifer sat down they would engulf his entire head with room for more.
That’s exactly what Jennifer did: She collapsed and let her cheeks slap together with her husband’s head stuck inside. He couldn’t breathe. She rode him again and again. After a minute she left open a crack so her husband could hear her:
“Wha!-Honey I didn’t s-“
But he couldn’t even finish that sentence. His wife pounded her butt onto his mouth. Chris found he could breathe a little air from her anus, but it, made him woozy and brought him ever closer to u*********sness. Then Jennifer raised herself a bit. Chris screamed and begged for mercy. But she slammed her ass down choking his plead short. 2 minutes later, she cracked open another inch of air.
“Again. Why did you fuck your secretary?” Jennifer demanded.
“Honey I’m sorry…”
She dropped down. Literally. Chris was winded. After three minutes this time she raised herself enough to interrogate Chris.
“I don’t want your apologies! I want ANSWERS! WHY. WERE. YOU. FUCKING. YOUR. SECRETARY?!”
Chris knew he couldn’t lie.
“Because I thought you weren’t fucking hard enough.”
Jennifer grinned. Anger was galloping through her but she could have fun now.
“Well is this hard enough for you?” She slammed her ass down. “Or this? Or this?” SLAM! SLAM! SLAM!
They repeated this for two hours. Chris begging for his life, Jennifer slamming her ass cutting his words, and breath short. Chris even tried to buck her off. But a 175 lbs 5,10 woman sitting on his face wasn’t going to budge. Finally Chris gave in. He was too exhausted to even try to curl his toes.
Feeling the energy seeped from her husband, she decided to have add even more fun. Adjusting her bottom so that her cunt was directly over Chris’ spent mouth, Jennifer let loose a piss, while rubbing her pussy over his lips. This way Chris, had to either reduce more of his energy on swallowing both her cum and urine, or choke his way closer to death.
Chris was a fighter: He had proven that when he had had his injuries on Connie’s birthdate, and now; he had withstood 2 hours of choking and being sat on. And he wasn’t going to die yet. Chris lapped up the blend of piss, although it made him gag more. At the end of what seemed an hour of drinking without breathing A little air escaped from the depths of Jennifer’s cunt.
After almost 4 minutes (and hours fighting for it) without air -two of which he had had to lap liquids from his wife’s pussy- stuck in a sweaty tight contracting cage over his head, the air tasted better than any food he had ever tasted. Even though it was only a tiny fraction of filling a breath, Chris gladly inhaled as much as he could.
Jennifer felt her husband inhale. Now she would be the time she would reach her goal the quickest and the most fun: Her goal was to make herself a widow.
It wasn’t the first time she had killed a man by using her gigantic globes; in high school she had been the poster-girl slut. Her mother had made Jennifer a dominatrix. She had been known for fucking after two or three dates. When she had dumped her boyfriend ‘cuz he had turned out to be a homosexual, his b*****r had thought that Jennifer was against gays and decided to teach her a lesson. Jennifer had fought hard. Finally she had managed to try and get away while he was lying on the ground, but the r****t had caught her ankle and she had slipped and her bare ass had fallen onto his head. He had begun to really try to eat her. Literally: Like cannibalism. Jennifer had screamed out and instinctively tightened her cheeks together. Jason (his ironic name) was cut from his airways. Then he began to bite for his life, trying to stop the sheer strength of Jennifer’s ass cheeks destroying his life. The harder he bit the harder Jennifer squeezed. After a minute she realised she had the power. She released her cheeks, and Jason caught his breath, gasping. Then she cut him off with an even sharper squeeze. Then she had squeezed so hard, and for so long that Jason lost consciousness. However she hadn’t moved. Instead she raised her feet under her swallowing Jason’s head so that he was halfway to her stomach. After five minutes, his body jerked violently and she still didn’t move. Then all the muscles released. Semen and piss flew out of his dick, shit from his ass and sweat all over him. Finally Jennifer got up, redressed herself and walked away towards many other ass-killings.
Smiling to herself in the present remembering this wonderful moment she initiated her plan.
Closing her pussy lips, and r****g Chris’ nose up her anus, she sealed the traitor’s mouth and nose for the last time. Chris was wrenched so hard he couldn’t even struggle. Jennifer smiled evilly to herself, as Chris slowly lost consciousness. Then Jennifer humped slightly wetting Chris’ face. After a minute, the familiar death signal arrived: The jerking spasms of each muscle. When it ceased, Jennifer replaced his underpants on his crotch to catch his feces. Then the still fully erect dead dick finally got its release. Jennifer removed the cuff, and sucked so slightly.
The dick was a volcano, and the semen was the magma. It took her 10 gulps to down the drink. She smiled at the taste. Dead cock always tasted better; especially with revenge.
Redressing the carcass, she went into the kitchen, put on a glove and got a butchering knife. Walking back in her latex she felt like the dominatrix she used to be.
She stabbed Chris through the heart, and slit his throat and cut gashes on both his wrists. Then she took one of the pillows, and five of Chris’ belts and tied them around his head; tight enough so that it could cover the suffocation evidence. Then she changed into some running clothes placed Connie in her stroller and went jogging.
On the jog she went to an old patch of trees. There she saw the familiar ditch filled with trash. There she threw away the knife, and the glove. As she turned to head back home and fake the discovery of her husband’s murder. She looked at Connie.
She was smiling like she knew exactly what her mother had done. And yet the smile was proud, giddy, and eager.
“No. This baby’s gonna be nothing like me.”
She had sworn on those words. By that she had meant, that Connie would not have a future like her past. She certainly had the potential, with her ass. Did she want her c***d to be a mirror of her? A dominatrix, who knocked men out and even, killed them. And not with her fists; with her ass. Could she train her daughter at a young age like her mother before her had. And even if she could did she want Connie’s future to revolve around sex and her ass?
Surprisingly, she was torn both ways at that question. So she asked herself; does the world need another me? At first she thought of all the murderers and r****ts. She didn’t want her c***d to be like that. But then she twisted it. She and her daughter could stop those people who took innocent lives. And the guilty ones who cheated on their spouses and mates, did those scums deserve to live? Her answer rang loud and clear, no. Her daughter was to be a slut.
When she got home she screamed and cried (she was a VERY good actress) and then blubbered into the telephone to the cops that her husband was dead. She attended the funeral five days later. The will was given read to her, and she found out (not to her surprise) that she had inherited everything in the name of Christopher Benjamin MacDougal. The next week Jennifer sold the house, and within 5 months she and her soon to be dominatrix daughter were settling in in the great city of Halifax.

January 23, 1995, Halifax, Nova Scotia:
In less than 9 months the average 5 year old, would be stepping into a classroom to learn. This was not the case for Connie MacDougal. Her mother had kept her out to teach her the rules on how to be a dominatrix. It helped that Connie looked and acted two years older than she was.
Connie sat in the living room, waiting for mother to start the “special treat.” When Jennifer arrived she carried two dildos, two butt plugs and countless porn films and magazines.
“Now Connie, these are important for you to learn on how to be a dominatrix.” Jennifer began. “I want you to be one. It isn’t a job. You can do whatever job you want. But with boys and dating you’ll be a dominatrix.”
“What’s a dominatrix Momma?” Little Connie asked innocently.
“Well honey, first you will have to watch one of these DVDs. In them they say words that your friends think are bad words. To them they are, to us they aren’t. Now in these DVDs you are going to this sorta stuff with a boy when you get older and you really like him. Understood?”
Connie nodded, her eyes understanding and focused.
Jennifer pressed play and a couple were banging on the kitchen counter.
“Now Connie, this is called sex. True sex is when a boy sticks his penis up your vagina. A penis is what a boy uses to go pee with. There is also other stuff like right now,” she pointed at the screen. “The girl is sucking the boy’s penis. The boy can also suck the woman’s nipples-these honey (she said seeing Connie’s confused look) and the woman’s vagina, and he can also stick the penis up a woman’s bum.”
At the word ‘bum’ Connie giggles hysterically. Jennifer smiled; it was good her daughter was taking it seriously. She didn’t want her daughter to go around being sex-serious in school.
And the lessons continued for the days, then weeks, then months, then two years. All of them covering things like masturbation with her fingers, with a dildo, with other inanimate objects. Then how to jerk a boy off (using a dildo as practice) how to suck a penis (again with a dildo), how to take a penis in both holes (needles I say dildo?), and the names for everything, cock, dick, pussy, ass etc. This entire time she was being homeschooled.
Finally it would be the most painful thing, ass-biting. When Jennifer would teach her daughter how to face-sit in the future, she would have to withstand the pain of the victim biting her; many a victim had bit Jennifer. Fortunately for her, after three biting incidents her ass cheeks had hardened creating a shield, and harder quicker deaths for the men in the cheeks. Connie was sure to get a few bites. So Jennifer wanted her to be fully prepared. Each day she bit her daughter until she only winced. Her ass had been perfect but now scars lay across her enormous ass. But Jennifer knew a solution:
Jennifer’s used to be scarred like her daughter. But she had gone to a plastic surgeon at age 17. There all the scars had been removed. And she planned to do the same with her daughter.
Jennifer walked up to the doctor’s office: At the desk sat a beautiful receptionist; however she looked Jealous of Jennifer’s perfect globes.
“How may I help you?” The receptionist asked curtly.
“I would like to book an appointment, for my daughter,” Jennifer said. While doing so she motioned to her daughter.
The receptionist smiled at her daughter, but then asked for a moment. She walked off. A minute later she returned with the Doctor.
“Mrs. MacDougal?” The doctor asked.
“Miss MacDougal.”
“Well I’m Dr. Parks, Miss MacDougal please follow me to my office. I would like to speak to you about a problem.”
Jennifer knew something like this would come up. But once more she had a solution. A dominatrix always had a solution.
Jennifer walked down a corridor with Connie jogging to keep up. Jennifer stepped into the doctor’s office. His office had his degree a picture of someone he assumed was his mom, and a photo of a dog on his furnished mahogany desk. The doctor was young but had no signs of surgery on his face.
“Now Miss MacDougal, I believe you wish for your daughter to have plastic surgery. Is that correct?”
Jennifer bobbed her head.
“Well what is the reason for it?”
So Jennifer explained her cover story:
“Well you see, Connie my daughter was playing outside in the sprinkler-with the weather you see-with no clothes on. She loves it that way. But the neighbour’s dog, he often considers our backyard his territory. And he saw Connie as trespassing. So he attacked her. She ran but the dog was able to bite her backside. She had scars, and pains, our medical doctor said the pains were from the scars. The best method to stop the pains would to have the scars removed with plastic surgery. Connie finds it very difficult to sit down right now.”
Connie had been wincing the entire time. It was painful to take a seat.
The doctor’s eyes had drifted to Jennifer’s rump. She hadn’t even stopped but she had taken this as a good thing: If she needed to use her trump card to win.
“Well Miss MacDougal, I’m afraid our policy states that we cannot perform on anyone under the age of 13 unless they would be at a permanent disability. I have seen these things before. The pain will ease over a long time. And that’s not a permanent disability.”
“First of all doctor, please call me Jennifer, Miss MacDougal is far too formal, second of all if sat on your face would you change your mind?”
The doctor spluttered madly. “Wh-wh-at?”
Jennifer just smiled. Her trump card was working.
“Oh come on doctor, I saw you staring at my ass. I know you wanna fuck it. But I don’t want you to fuck it, I wanna sit on you. C’mon.”
“Miss-Jennifer, I-I-I…”I what? What could he say? He briefly considered saying he was full-out gay, when he was bisexual, but no; she had caught him staring at her ass. He decided to go with I’m in a relationship with his boyfriend. But the hesitation Jennifer had pounced on.
“See?” She said seductively while walking slowly around the desk. “You know you want me to sit on you. Come here.”
She hiked her skirt up exposing her bare, shaved pussy and ass. She grabbed hold of the doctor’s necktie and f***ed him on the ground. She wiggled her ass and pussy while descending on her helpless victim. Inches from her throne, Jennifer opened her cheeks slightly, enough to cut his oxygen, but not her signature ‘death spread.’
Touchdown! Dr. Parks was submerged, though nothing compared to those who had breathed their final breaths beneath that ass. She rubbed herself about and sighed, feeling the wonderful power, and great feeling of having a man up her ass.
“See? Isn’t that better?” The doctor couldn’t answer, like all men. He was totally submerged in bliss. She smile and humped gently. Jennifer glanced at his crotch. Sure enough, a pitched tent was growing. It was time for Connie’s first real test.
“Connie go lock the door sweetheart.” Connie jumped up from staring at awe at her mom. When the door was shut, Jennifer looked at Connie once more.
“Now Connie you will be taught how to do this later in your life, but right now you get to suck your first real cock.” Connie’s eye widened. Jennifer hadn’t bothered to whisper. She knew from one of her ex-boyfriends saying her ass was soundproof. “When you do suck it you must do as I told you, rub and lick the balls take all of it in, and tease it okay?” Connie nodded. Now at the end his cock will jerk and twitch and spasm, then he’ll cum. You MUST drink it all. If you don’t like the taste you will later on okay?” Connie nodded again. “Okay go ahead.”
Connie approached the zipper not at all nervously, but with eagerness and speed. She had it out in no time and into her mouth. She wasn’t one to cherish a moment.
Dr. Parks was in a spiral of heaven, the PERFECT ass humping him, giving him just enough air to stay awake, while a 6 year old girl sucked his cock the entire length. Connie licked every side before even kissing the head. Then she sucked the balls and jerked the 7 inch cock. Finally after teasing the prick, she inhaled its length. Fully.
The sucking was forcing Dr. Parks to lose his breath quicker. Underneath the heavenly ass of Jennifer, he was about to pass out, when Connie swallowed her first cum. Connie had managed to swallow it one go which Jennifer found outstanding. Jennifer removed her sweaty ass from her throne, just as the Doctor passed out. She slapped him awake.
“Now doctor, if you give my daughter her surgery, I’ll sit on you once more and you’ll get paid fully. Now isn’t that a wonderful deal.”
The doctor still shell-shocked from the queening could only nod his head.
“Wise choice doctor or you would’ve suffered dearly. And Connie.” Her daughter looked up nervously. “Excellent sucking skills sweetie.”
Connie beamed with pride at these words. The two girls walked out to the receptionist.
“We’d like to book an appointment, please.” Jennifer said as if nothing had happened.
March 12 1195 Halifax, Nova Scotia:
Connie walked out of the office with her ass scar-free.
“Oh Connie it looks wonderful!” Jennifer squealed inside the office. “Does it hurt?”
Connie nodded, “a little. But it’s ok.”
Jennifer hugged her little dominatrix. She turned to the doctor, with a sexy mischievous smile.
“Lie down Dr. Parks, and get your extra payment.”
The doctor did so grinning from ear to ear. Jennifer once more lifted her skirt up and showed the doctor her naked rear and pussy. She spread her cheeks and sat down on one of her thrones. The doctor was cut off from both the outside world and his most valuable necessity. The doctor was caught in the indescribable ass of Jennifer MacDougal. Ass flesh in every direction, light in none, it could make a man feel like he was in heaven, and send him to heaven. After a minute the doctor squirmed for air, but Jennifer did not give it to him. She wouldn’t kill a man who had helped her. Just knock him out. The only time she sat down on a man was for that purpose, and too take his life. Dr. Parks squirmed and pushed at the woman laying above his face, but she kicked his hands away. Finally u*********sness rolled over the doctor. Jennifer sat there for fifteen seconds to insure her victory. Then she hugged her daughter, and the two left the building.
November 15, 1997, Halifax Nova Scotia: Connie was now seven, but had the appearance of a 9 year old girl. Until then she had been homeschooled at a higher level along with her “secret lessons.” Today Connie would go to school for the first time in a grade two years abover her age level. Jennifer would go back to work. She had been employed, as an executive for a trade company. Her résumé had been the best her new boss had seen in ages, and she came highly recommended from her old company, in her ability to get deals done (thanks in large to her ass).
As the two drove to Connie’s new school they rehearsed the story:
“Okay Connie you’re going to act like your innocent today but tomorrow, you’re gonna be fighting back against the bullies. You’ll do your homework and make friends, okay?”
“Yes momma. But what if I like a boy?”
“Then you keep it a secret. When the time comes you can dominate him. Any other questions?”
Connie shook her head and stared out the window. Jennifer was in no way worried. Her daughter had showed tremendous talent at following her footsteps. She had sucked cock, masturbated, jerked a man off, taken dildos in both holes, and done almost everything. She had yet to have sex or facesit.
The two walked to the principal’s office with ten minutes to spare. The principal officially welcomed Connie to the school and there was some paperwork for Jennifer which she signed after a complete read. Then the school bell rang and a tidal wave of students trooped in out of the snow. Jennifer kissed Connie goodbye with words of encouragement, and to remember she was a dominatrix. Then Connie was brought upstairs to her classroom by the principal while Jennifer departed for her first day of work.
9:50 am: Jennifer arrived at her new office and was introduced to her co-workers. Her floor being the executive floor, there were only 7 executives 5 of them girls including her. So most likely her main floor would be the social floor. However of above them were the board of directors, consisting of about 30 people, mostly men. When Jennifer learned this her strategic mind went to work:
The majority of them were men. Assuming the majority were heterosexual, she could fuck her way to the top. And if that didn’t work, she would queen her way to the top. Her mind pictured the possibilities of what she could do to her bosses, and her pussy moistened. Five minutes later, she had to clamp her legs together to stop the liquid dripping to her knees.
Karen one of her co-workers, arrived with a young man behind her. Karen explained that every executive had a secretary. Hers happened to be Amos.
Amos was 25 years old, fresh out of college and had been an intern until he had been offered a paying position. He had gladly accepted though probably not if he knew who he’d be working for.
“Alright I’ll leave you two to get to know each other.” Karen smiled and shut the door to Jennifer’s office. Amos smiled nervously.
Jennifer indicated to the door, “Lock it please Amos, and then take a seat.” Amos did so, while Jennifer examined his file. He was extremely good at working in groups, had excellent writing skills, and planned to become an executive. Then Connie examined, Amos: He was tall around 6,3 and lean. He had the look of a sprinter; she wanted to know two things: Was he gay? And his cock’s length. And she knew just the way to find out both.
On the wall behind her was a mirror with sticky notes all over it. She stood up and pretended to examine one. While being able to see Amos.
Amos’ jaw dropped and his member rose at the sight of Jennifer’s ass. Perfect. Now she knew he was attracted to women and his length was about 8 inches. She turned.
“So Amos, have you ever fucked your boss before?”
Amos was startled by the question but his cock responded eagerly. He shook his head but replied with, “But I’d love to fuck you.”
Jennifer grinned. “But I can’t let you do that, because you will become my slave. Or get fired. You will do all the things normal secretary does, and be my slave. With my co-workers, you will address me as Jennifer, however alone you will address me as Mistress Understood?” Amos gulped and nodded.
“First test. You will lick my pussy while I watch porn, if you move without me saying so, you’ll get transferred, if you lick without me telling you to, you’ll be transferred, fail any part of any test you’ll be transferred. Understood?”
“Yes Mistress.”
“Good Get between my legs.” Jennifer never wore panties; she preferred to tease her slaves. While Amos positioned himself with growing eyes and dick, Jennifer switched on her favourite pornsite, and went to favourites. In all of these videos were dominatrixes facesitting, fucking, anal fucking, BDSM, you name it. Then to make sure she started off on a good note she decided to do some paperwork at the same time.
“Okay, slut, lick my pussy. You better make me cum or you’ll be transferred.” Amos licked away eagerly, while Jennifer alternated between watching and writing. It felt amazing to receive oral sex, while watching porn. Every climax was better, as she threw the poor boy’s helpless face into her flower. After three hours of porn, paperwork and cumming, she stretched her legs. Amos stopped licking.
“Did I say stop?”
“No Mistress. Sorry Mistress.” Amos replaced his mouth to her pussy and licked.
“No stop but keep your mouth there slave. I’m going to pee, I’ll never use the toilet to piss. Only your mouth.” Jennifer let loose her three hours’ worth of piss into Amos’ already soaked mouth. “Okay slave last part of the test. I’m going to ride your face, while ‘til you go to sl**p, if you tap you lose. Ready? Good, lie down.”
Amos did so grinning widely. But his grin disappeared when he felt the sheer experience Jennifer had at facesitting. Amos wanted the job with Jennifer so he dare not touch Jennifer’s thighs. Even when he was seconds from passing out from no break, he did not touch but went into an easy sl**p.
Jennifer smiled and came over Amos. She got up and whispered in his ear; “You passed the test.”
Before waking up her new slave Jennifer had a thought of how her future with Connie could turn out.

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