Slumber Party Continued

Billy laid there in humiliation. His s****r and his friends had made him cum and tortured him. Meanwhile they took showers and laughed away at the ability to torture him. He could hear them. As aroused as he was he was 100 percent angrier with them. For awakening him and the fetishness of the evening on him.
Having gone for jogs each morning Billy was in pretty decent shape. HE strained against his restraints for ten minutes. Finally the sheets ripped apart. He got up and took the restarint on his balls off. He formed a plan in his head.
"Steal all their panties?" No that would make him seem more addicted to knickers. Then it formed they were all taking showers. Naked bodies. No clothes. If he took all of them he could do something. It wasn't much off a plan but he could work with it.
Putting on a Bob Marley T-Shirt and a pair of running shorts he crept to the first washroom on his floor. The door was open. Probably to torture him with the scent of their pussies and bodies. They were all heaving and giggling at their new "panty slave." There was a corner in front of the door and they had been careless with throwing their dresses and undergarments everywhere. Bonus he could see them but they were d***k with laughter and couldn't see him.
"Probably thought I would just lie on my bed humiliated and covered in cum." HE grinned evilly and snatched up all the clothes.
As he sleeked out of the room silently holding girls clothes with his cum on it he began to get an erection. His cock swelling. Billy took 5 deep breaths and the full hard-on became a semi erect cock. HE made his way to the kitchen and fished out three shopping bags and dumped the clothes into one of them. He moved downstairs to the basement avoiding the bottom two stairs that creaked. HE knew he only had a limited time before the girls came out and found their clothes and panty-slave missing.
He crept down the corridor to the second bathroom. This one was straight and if the door was open they'd see him. Knowing he had to find out if the door was open. Peeking around the bend in the hall he saw (to his relief) the door half open. All the clothes however were d****d over the door.
The floor was carpeted so he made no noise and pressed himself against the wall. Listening to the voices he heard them all but they seemed to be at the far corner of the room where the bathtub was. But he cold see a shadow that was sitting down. On the toilet. 3 feet away from the door. Gulping he peeked through the crack between door and wall.
The girl on the toilet was Angie she was facing away from the door throwing soap bars at he girl and yelling: "Clean that cum off girls! There's another round yet to come!!"
Seizing his chance he snatched all the clothes off the door and ran back to the staircase before almost crashing into the wall as a though that could ruin his plan, jumped into his head.
"Their sl**ping bags. They all have pajamas there." They were all in his s****r's room.
Billy jumped three stairs at a time and raced to his s****r's washroom. He could still hear the shower upstais but how long would he still hear it for?
He raced into the room. HE picked up all the panties and pajamas and launched them into the third bag.
Billy saw a notepad and fountain pen on his s****r's desk. He tore a piece of paper off and scribbled on it:
He made his bed hurriedly and placed the note on it.
HE rushed into his room and grabbed his car keys. He went out the back door off the porch. he opened the trunk to his car and threw the bags inside and locked his car. Then he raced inside the same route he had taken and ent to his room. Where his bad had been was a loose floorboards. He hid the keys under them and stripped down naked. Then Billy walked into the kitchen where his phone was and turned the camera on.
After 5 minutes(seemed like 5 seconds to Billy) the girls downstairs screamed.
Angie's the loudest.
His s****r's followed suit. "HE'S PROBABLY JERKING OF INTO THEM!" She laughed and so did the others. Seconds later the upstairs washroom filled with cries.
Soon the two parties gathered upstairs.
"MINE COST 500$!''
Angie calmed things down: "We'll get him we'll get out clothes back. For now let's put out PJs on."
"Uh Ang I don't think we can do that. He took those too."
The group filled Billy's s****r's room and examined the theft.
They all came out grumbling. And saw the note. Their faces then turned bewildered. Chortling Billy exposed himself also nude.
"Hello ladies."
They all turned and bl**d rushed to their faces in both anger and embarrassment.
For Billy sported a fully erect dick.
The nudes bodies rushed at him but he yelled louder.
"If you want your clothes back you'll do as I say. You saw the note well; fun time!" He smiled like he was about to give them cookies.
Dread dawned on their faces.
His s****r replied hastily, "You can't make us their are twelve of us and 1 of you." The girls nodded and advanced.
Billy continued to smile. "Well yes you will be staying here but if your friends want to explain to their parents why they arrived home looking like 10 dollar whores then they can but by then I'll have duped the clothes somewhere and have driven to my firend's. Or you can all become my fuck toys, and get the same pleasure you gave me."
Horror returned to the faces of the girls. His s****r replied shakily.
"Okay now what?"
Billy grinned. You will tie all your friends up with all the bedsheets Then I tie you up. To my bed and to the dining room table.
Ten minutes later he was fastening the knots on his s****r's wrists.
"OK you are all going to be tortured like I was. ONLY WORSE"
He commenced with the girl farthest from his s****r, Her pussy mound was soaking wet. He began licking it she moaned and cried out and stretched against her restraints.
"I'M GONNA CUM!" Then Billy stopped. HE moved on to the the next girl and placed two fingers inside of her. 3 minutes later she too cried out
"BIIIIIILLLLLLLY!" Which he took for meaning she was gonna cream.
Then he moved on to the nex girl and pumped his dick inside of her. She didn't scream out but her facial expression was easy to read. He removed his cock.
He repeated the pattern, lick, poke, fuck. Until he reached his s****r and she was preparing herself for a fuck. But her b*****r had something else in mind.
He untied her ankles and raised them higher exposing her untouched asshole.
First he licked her and bit her clit. Then when he had tasted her and made her moan. He entered his entire fist into her making her scream in agony while her friends watched on in horror. Then he went into the washroom and got some Vaseline. HE lubed his dick slightly not wanting to save his s****r too much pain. He then walked over with a grin but said nothing. Finally he strutted forward and without breaking stride pumped his dick into her butt.
She screamed out in pain and he pumped harder.Finally Angie said somethng.
Billy grinned at her. "But I'm not you."
Then he fisted his s****r n the ass. Her screams magnified to what felt like 5,000 decibels on his ears. Finally after 3 minutes took out his hand out and pumped his dick in. His s****r's face said it all it was heaven after the fist. finally he was on the verge of cumming. He came out as the semen pumped up his dick. Then he shot it all over his siter's tits and face.
He sighed. "Now that's better isn't it." She just moaned in lust and pain. "I'm going to sl**p in your bed and jerk myself all over your stuff.'Kay?" He turned to the girls. "Night sluts." And turned off the lights and walked to his siter's room, and thought to himself, "This weekend looks so much better."

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great ;) cant wait for more
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More cumming
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Plz more fuckin awesome