Take Me Home: is the story of a girl having sex for the first time.I'm a 22 year old Black girl,that stands about 5 feet tall,give or take a inch.I have a small waste and more TITS AND ASS then i want to think about.yes i have heard all of those perverted jokes,like you can see my tits a mile away coming towards you.Or you can see my ass 2 miles away,walking from you.I have 2 Hams behine me,I have 2 Bowling Balls in my back pocket,No i cant carry a case of Beer on my ass,without it Breaking,or my ass can shadow a Midget.My personal favorite is JUNK IN THE TRUNK,What The Fuck,now a Buick Crossover SUV,Ha Ha motherfucker.Anyway when was 17 and a Junior in High School,I met and Fell in love with the Hottest guy in school,he was a Senior.We exchange numbers and quickly became a couple.Mom would not allow dating on a school night,also no calls sfter 10pm.But Saturdays was mine aasuming my room was clean to her satisfaction.I remember the first night he called,i had just took a shower and was in the bed,He said Hello,Shit i love his voice on the phone,i almost bust nut just listening to him.he ask what i wearing,i told him the truth that i was naked,he said oreally,i said yes its too damm hot,to wear clothes.he said i was lucky he was not there,i say why,he said he would do all kinds of nasty things to me,i said do you promised,and laughed.mean while i was fingering my pussy under the covers.and listering to his voice was making me so fucking hot,that i did not realize that i had 2 fingers in cunt which made me cumm on myself.I said to him Shit i got to wash up again you made me cum,damm.the next night same routine,but he asked me a question,Do i suck dick,i said no but i'm willing to learn(never tell a guy you suck dick unless you want a reportation as a COCKSUCKER)So went on our first date 2 weeks after we met.We went to a Waterpark in Vadosta,Ga this was the firts time he saw me in a bathing suit.i hurried in the water,of course my giant tits look like floats or life preserves,he came up behine me and i felt his hardness on my backside.he reached around me and squeeze my titties under the water (oh how i wished he could have TITTIE FUCKED ME right there)so we played in the water for a while,walked around the park,played some games, got something to eat,finally i was ready to leave.he said why,i said i want to play with that thing that was trying to fuck me in the water,lol.i met his mom who was very nice,but she was getting ready for a date.She said make sure you get her home at a decent hour and left,we showered together.and i laid in his arms we kissed,he was squeezing my tits and playing with the nipple.I open my legs so he could explore and find my pussy,i know i was wet from the kiss or maybe the thought that i been waiting for this moment for 3 years to finally have sex.I was stroking his dick and he was fingering me.I started kissing down his body,until i reached the head,i stuck my tongue in the slit to get the precum,i licked around the head,and then down the shaft until i reached his balls,licked one,then other and begin sucking each one in my mouth,came back up the shaft of his dick,and swallowed the head,i went down on him 5 times and and stopped and looked him in the eye and said i am i doing it right?he said Fuck yeah shit dont stop.I was stroking him and tongue just the head,(and had this thought,i have his life in my hands i could make him scream like a girl,or make his toes curl and his buckle,lol)i sucked him a little more,but i was ready him to fuck me.So i reached over and opened a condom and put it on him with a little room at the tip.I laid down and opened my legs,he got between them,i reached between us and guilded him inside me.we kissed and was slow fucking me,i was thinking this feels pretty good,much better than a dildo,this is real dick except for the condom,i am actually having sex for the first time,dont get me wrong,i'm no virgin,shit i been masterbating since i was 14,so this the first dick in me,i'm so excited.and horny as hell.i open my legs as wide as i could,i wanted him to go as deep as he could,i was liking this feeling building up in me,my very being was on fire,my soul felt electicfied.SHIT I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMINGGG,i said and he really started pounding my ass into the bed,i thought we was going to break my back or the back board.we were in a ball of sweat.we kissed passionately,i felt him softening,he easied out of me,but i felt a extra wettness.when he pulled out there was no condom,fuck ,holy shit i jumped up ran to bathroom and pissed the condom out of me lucky me,or maybe not i grabbed the condom out of the toilet and showed him that it had broke,no cum in it,i freaked,TAKE ME HOME this story will continue.
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3 years ago
Excellent start.. reminded me of the days when i use to wonder if she was masturbating while talking on the phone...
3 years ago
it is a good start